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tv   Washington Journal Ben Winston and B.J. Martino  CSPAN  January 27, 2019 5:37pm-6:01pm EST

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[cheers and applause] ♪ >> the uc senator kamala harris liver from oakland, california. the senator will appear live at a townhome in iowa -- town hall in iowa tomorrow. you can watch this rally again today at 6:30 and in prime time. you can also find it on along with other road to the white house event. let's show you a portion of this morning's washington journal. app. we want to welcome our
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strategists this morning. the house about where republicans and senate republicans are now the president has given in for a short-term reopen of the federal government. is there an appetite for another shutdown? guest: it doesn't seem like it among house and senate republicans. this is an opportunity for the house and the senate to begin honest negotiations and reach a conclusion that will provide some level of order security but keep the government open and the nextperating for year until we go into a different cycle. host: this only gets us through the end of september. we are doing this all over in the summer and fall. guest: it's a never ending story. time is a flat circle here in washington. hashis point, the president
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realized that the pressures he are not going to relent. he still needs to have some victory. down in has gone up and terms of its intensity of support. that is one thing they have to keep a close eye on. for him, it's about the base intensity and fighting on this issue is something they are looking for. you are looking at this first capitulation some warning signs from his base about him backing down. he needs to reach some sort of conclusion. there needs to be a compromise on border security. i think he realizes another shutdown is not to his benefit. host: the washington post has a story.
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the speaker emerges triumphant. let me share what he is writing. began withhowdown him questioning her viability, it ended with her winning a major victory. guest: she has been around a long time and knows how the game is played. she knew her hand and she knew the strength of her base and the agreement she made in order to become speaker in the first police -- place. there is a wing of her caucus that were not going to allow her to reach any sort of capitulation on the wall. time, there is going to be some push to reach an honest compromise going into the next three weeks.
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we will see. she is one of the great legislators of our time, in terms of her ability to reinvent yourself and come back and demonstrate a cohesiveness in the majority. host: was this capitulation by the president? guest: i think common sense prevailed. that's not what he was reposing. in some sense, it was capitulation. there's an opportunity for some sort of deal that includes money for border security. -- voters are clearly there should not be a border wall. whether three weeks is enough time or not to reach that agreement, we will see. development a good
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for government. host: agree or disagree? guest: it's an unfortunate amount of time with the government shutdown. this development now allows the opportunity for honest debate. host: this is the headline from the atlantic. the x starbuck ceo could get trump reelected. howard schultz is considering a run for the white house as an independent. guest: i'm not worried yet. he has declared yet. i'm not convinced he will gain much traction or play a real role. we are a long way from 2020. there aren't any signs he can ramp up to real operation and draw support. there is the possibility that he could pull from republicans and donald trump as much from democrats. he is a more physically research
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-- conservative. he does not pull from the democratic base. whether or not he makes a difference, i don't tickets clear yet. i'm not considering him a major factor. host: yahoo! news is reporting that bernie sanders is set to announce his presidential did. it,t: if i had to bet on no. he makes an impact in the field. it's very early in the cycle. 2015, donald trump did not announce until june 2015. we are a long ways out. there are a number of big candidates who could declare. the top-tierng contenders due to his run-in 2016. he certainly has a base of democrats. there are a number of candidates out there. ishink the shape of the race
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going to change a lot over time in a way. host: there is talk that larry considering a bid to challenge the president. what impact would that have if the president faces a challenge them somebody else? guest: i think it has very little outcome. there is a pro trump vote and an anti-trumped vote in the american electorate. time, there is still a large pro trump vote. larry hogan and get into the race and change the discussion and the dialogue coming out of the republican primary. what would have to be concerning for democrats is the prospect of a real independent getting into the race. holds, anyamic
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independent is going to be splitting the anti-trumped vote. it will open the door wider for his reelection in 2020. host: front page of the washington post, his new york and club used illegal labor has done so for a number of years. it's their hypocrisy when you have candidate trump talking about illegal immigrants and the club he owns and operates hired illegal immigrants? isst: the president personally involved in the hiring decisions at his robberies is a bit of a stretch to think he is personally responsible. i do think it's problematic for him going forward in this discussion as the stories come out about hiring at his properties. standpoint,ging
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it's going to be a problem for him on this issue. guest: the more these stories are in the news, these are not things he likes to wake up to and see in the washington post, not that he reads it most likely. host: it's in the new york times and the says he reads that. guest: the failing new york times. it does show hypocrisy on his part and his team's part. it is helpful for democrats politically. host: our phone lines are open. (202) 748-8000 is our line for democrats. (202) 784-8001 is our line for republicans. facebook, join us on we have aligned for independents , (202) 748-8002. guest: you're going to have a lot of posturing, a lot of brinksmanship.
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if the deal is going to happen, it will be at the last minute. i won't be surprised if you start to see a great deal of behind the scenes work done between the house and the senate leadership to construct the ultimate compromise here. public perspective, it's going to be more of the same. host: let's get to your phone calls. raymond is in south carolina. good sunday morning. caller: good morning. i have a question. all is the possibility that of this stuff about opening up the government is just because they realized if they don't open the government, the super bowl cannot come off safely? i think it's making sure the super bowl comes off without a security problem.
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you have all of these people from the same people. host: is it about the super bowl? guest: i do think the color has a point in that the shutdown it doubled the length of the shutdown in 2013. , americans felt the impact of this. polling showed that one quarter of the american people were affected by the shutdown. there were people who were not getting paid, many people that get back pay. onn laguardia was closed friday, people really felt that and saw that.
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orther it's the super bowl not, people were feeling the impact more and more which pressured lawmakers into a short-term deal. host: how about doing things that make sense? electronic surveillance, more security at ports of entry including airports. problems in the countries that people are fleeing from. guest: the idea of a comprehensive border security strategy has been something that voters have been supportive of, even before we begin to address the larger situation of what to do about those in this country illegally and how we reform the process. that theye told us want to understand how we are going to approach comprehensive border security. whether it be security at ports border,orts, along the
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along our coastlines, that's what they want. you still have the majority today that says we need to address this. that is part of the problem. part of the solution is going to be doing it in a comprehensive way. other countries, we were just our nationvenezuela, and others have an interest in making sure there are stable regimes in central and south america. host: deborah is in ohio. good morning. you are on the republican line. go ahead. caller: i just had a comment in the question. changedars ago, they the law that you have to get a passport to go to different countries. they do background checks. now -- you can come over here, but you don't
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have to have a passport to come here anymore. why can't everybody do it legally? do a background check. then let them come over here. i don't have a problem that. host: what do you mean? passportto present a or document. caller: correct. they are sneaking over the wall. four years ago, i lost my son to drugs. they came here to ohio. dayton is like a ghost sitting out. a lot of people left here. they left because of the drugs, the immigrants, they are bringing the drugs. we have one of the biggest drug problems right here.
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my son was one of those. we are sorry about your loss. that has been part of the debate. guest: again, we are sorry for your loss. the drug epidemic has hit america very hard. it is something that legislators are working tirelessly to address. when it comes to some of the the responsention, some people might give is a lot of the people that are trying to come to the united states may not have the passports or popular documentation because they are coming from lower income places where they are fleeing gang violence or drug violence. they may not have the ability to get a passport and come here legally. we will go to michael in
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california. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. good morning. i was wondering as holsters if you could speak to the media.ization of social there was a documentary on hbo about what happened in england with brexit. it appears that robert mercer and steve bannon capitalized on this function of social media. they brought it to the united states. couldwondering if you speak to what is going to happen in the 2020 election? is this going to continue, especially with russia and china getting involved. could this be a problem for the election? thank you. review, thatl
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deadline for brexit is also looming. the brexithave deadline, our shutdown, a lot of things are going on nationally and internationally. the suspicion of social media, i think our nation and others have taken steps to begin to figure in what happened in 2016 and 2018. the brexit vote affected the social media discussion. they were driving misinformation online. it's not going to get rid of social media in 2020. for many of us in the political profession and those who are interested in the national discourse, we've got to figure out how we can elevate the discussion and continue to have a civil discussion. they lend themselves to
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argumentation and bring it down to the lowest common denominator. i think there will be a live discussion about making a more civil space online and how we can have honest discussions. host: our sunday roundtable with two strategists. you are next, joining us from denver, colorado. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. andthat you have a democrat republican strategist, as we approach the 2020 residential election, people start to declare. let's suppose that something party, something that happened to what happened with the republicans when you have 15 people vying for the
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nomination. thest can't see differentiation between 15 different democrats who might be standing on a debate stage because we all have the same basic ideas about our political future in the country. that's just going to be the tree all against trump as they come out against them. could they speak a little bit too how the democratic candidates will be able to differentiate themselves going forward? thank you for taking my call. host: if there are 14 or 15? guest: i think you may see more than 15. four orll ready at five. how do you will the field from ?5 down to one
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as much as we hate this long nomination process, voters don't like having to pay to politics for full two years. slowly helps narrow the field of candidates from the 2015 from a wide field down to one candidate. the debates are going to be a major part of that. the democrats are doing something a little bit different in how they set up the debates. stage, weee 15 on one will have different candidates and then narrow it down. there is a long way to go. it's too early to become handicap in the field. there is a lot that voters need to learn about these candidates. some of the major candidates, kamala harris, better work is thinking about it.
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40% of americans have never heard his name. that is something we tend to forget. primary voters know him very well or no senator harris very well. there is a long way to go in terms of these >> at 6:30, california senator, harris kicks off her 2020 presidential bid at a rally in oakland. with janets at 8:00 levy with the biography of babe ruth, and prime minister's questions follows at 9:00. florida has six new members in its congressional delegation for the 116th congress.
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. florida has 116 members or 116 congress. eoters elected rick scott to th u.s. senate. coming off two terms, senator stryt was a health care indu executive, running a company that operated hospitals around country. and donna shalala was ce cted to the house, sin serving in the clinton administration, she's opinion president of the university of clinton foundation. and her father was shot and killed. al nonprofits loc before joining the dministration of florida international university. wo florida republicans also joined the house. oss spano was an attorney in private practice and congressman
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greg stubby started in the army advocate general corps serving three years in iraq and elected to florida state house and state senate. leaders.ess, new c-span.t all on iew included v before president trump announced government d the shut down. >> our guests is representative adam smith of washington a member of the arm armed services committee. thank you. for being with. yo thank


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