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>> this weekend, book tv will be festival ofe tucson books from the grounds of the university of arizona. starting saturday at noon eastern, rick wilson with his from toucheshing dies." and shane broward with his book, "american prison." worstndianapolis, the story see disaster in u.s. history and the 50 year fight to exonerate an innocent man." and the book "from the frontier to the border wall and the mind of america." our live coverage continues starting at three clock p.m. eastern with a journalist and his book "parkland, birth of a movement." and the author of "golden handcuffs, the secret history of
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trumps women," and "growing up in america's secret desert." watch our live coverage of the book festival on c-span2. this weekend on book tv. author and political commentator heather mcdonald and former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe. sunday at noon eastern on in-depth with our live conversation with heather mcdonald. she will take your calls, facebook questions, and tweets on several of her books including the burden of bad ideas, the war on cops and most recently, the diversity delusion. sunday at 9:00 p.m. on "afterwards." andrew mccabe discussing his threat."e he is interviewed by new york times reporter adam goldman.
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>> i spend a lot of time thinking about the decisions and the reason and how we thought about those issues at the time and with the benefit of hindsight, i tried to be honest in my own reassessment of did we get it right or did we not? the biggest issues there are jim's announcement, jim comey's announcement in july about our conclusion of the case, in a public way that departed from jim's decision in october to notify congress about the reopening of the case because the emails on the anthony weiner laptop. i agreed with jim's decision to announce the cases we did in july. in retrospect, i think that we probably got that wrong. >> watch book tv this weekend on c-span2. and the acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney is seapac. at
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we will ring that to you live. some of the conference from earlier today before that. >> good morning, cpac. thank you so much for inviting me to spain. movie,alism were a socialism would be friday the 13th. because it seems to always stock college coeds who all think that the death and violence is a scary story that never happened and they are so convinced that it will never happen to them that they mock the old person, the one person in town who saw it first hand, they call him crazy, a not who still believes in ghost stories. and then they are all dead.
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and then jason, his body disappears and only the old guy who saw it coming saw that the body is gone and we have sequel after sequel, it happens time and again in movie theater after movie theater and country after country. make a mistake. stop trying to hook up in some cabin in the woods and prepare isause jason is coming, he right behind you and this time, he is coming with a hammer and a sickle. a lot of people think them a craddick socialism is just a new coat of paint on the old fdr democratic policies, but let me column, a quote from a a craddick socialism explained by a democratic-socialist. the author writes, "there is
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truth in the long run, democratic socialists want to end capitalism." we have traced the call, it is coming from inside the house. and the senate. from the column, "many observers see groups like dsa pushing for policies like medicare for all and decide we must be some thing like new deal liberals who are confused about the meaning of socialism, but that is not true, medicare for all is an instructive example, medicare , thatl is not socialism would nationalize the insurance, not the whole system but democratic socialists ultimately want something more like the british national health service, so why are they going for that question mark we could ask ourselves why are they going for medicare for all women were talking about obamacare?
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because we currently do not have the support to push for and win such an ambitious program, social democratic reforms like medicare for all in the eyes of long, uneventhe process of building that support individually overthrowing capitalism." philosophy of the candidates, the democrats are now saying are the future of the party and the future of america. today, we must dismiss two fallacies, the first one is that work.lism does not the second, is that socialism does not work. let me be the first to tell you. socialism does indeed work. and fact, it works perfectly as designed every single time. we have been having this debate for 170 years now. we look at socialism and say, look, it does not work, look at
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the poor and starving people, look at the piles of dead bodies. and they say, capitalism does not work, look at the fat rich people, look at the inequality. yes. we have to look at the goals of both. the goal of socialism is equality for all. the equality of outcome. ,he goal of socialism is that the goal of capitalism being the opposite must be the opposite. yes, they of outcome, precise and natural result of the free market, capitalism is the inequality of outcomes or to put it another way, capitalism acknowledges and encourages marriage. withoutot have marriage any quality. if you want to get rid of inequality you must get rid of marriage. safeguards the
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promise and hope of inequality. this is why we all studied in school. why we worked so hard to get in a because we knew if we had in a, even if others had a d or an avenue, what it meant for us is the promise of bettering our own lives and our own prospects. it is why we worked hard, it is why many of us get up every morning, why we strive to create or invent, not just to better our world but to better ourselves and our station. that is the promise and the hope of inequality. with socialism, it does not matter how hard you work, how inventive you are, everyone and everything is equally miserable. in a free-market society, there can never be equality, and that is ok. mean is it is the
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greatest system ever to be devised by man to lift entire continents out of equal misery and poverty. capitalism has made the world, yes, more unequal, but we have done it by lifting billions of people out of poverty, and yet, there still remains -- [applause] >> there still remains a pocket of people who are miserable because the free market has not gotten there yet. but it will. but while there are people in misery, the rate of children dying because of capitalism, children dying before the age of five has dropped by over half. yet, 70% of the people believe that health care and poverty has gotten worse. why is that?
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cable news will obsess over a plane crash for months but the life-saving improvement of life before the age of five to has been made since 1990 is the equivalent of a -- averting 27 [inaudible] but the lives saved just too few are -- a few improvements made in medicine in the last decade alone is the equivalent of erasing every gun murder, every 630related death for over years. and yet, you never hear about it, all we hear about is how capitalism is causing inequality.
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while socialism is making everyone accepts the elites in venezuela, equally starving and desperate, the free market is busy quietly bringing clean water and electricity to the remotest and poorest parts of the world. we have been having the wrong debate. we have left -- let them control and frame this discussion and cast shame on capitalism by pointing at inequality. they are judging a system that has flaws that works by comparing it to a system that has never worked and never existed. at some point,se the left has come to believe the great myths about us and our species, to them, mankind is a virus. to them, masculinity is toxic and femininity is weakness. to them, the world is perfect if we could just get rid of man.
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theit all comes from inescapable reality of our free market, the one thing that is absolute proof of our property, the inequality of outcomes, but the promise of fluid inequality is why people came to america in the first place, we did not come here to escape from the rich, we came here to escape the system that doomed us to poverty and our children to poverty. it is the recognition that inequality is a fact of nature but through marriage and equal justice. you can change your status and create a better future for your children, they say they seek equality because it would be more fair, but here is the truth, the trick of the language that has been used for two bank centuries, socialism is about equality. but it is not about fairness.
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capitalism is not about equality. are itsness and justice objectives. when it comes to economics, equality and fairness are not synonyms. the stated goal of socialism is to achieve equality for all come a the true goal of capitalism is to achieve liberty and justice for all. and that is why the left does not like our pledge of allegiance, that and god. it is an observable truth that the quality does not exist in nature. it does not exist in beehives or tails of peacocks. equality does not exist in man. if you don't believe me, go ahead, challenge lebron james to a game of one-on-one. challenge kasparov to a game of chess.
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challenge ben shapiro to a debate, anything. equality is not our natural state. one incredible awesome thing about each of us is that we are all unique individuals endowed by a creator with our own set of superpowers, skills and talents. >> [applause] >> we all have our own weaknesses and challenges, and thank god, or this would be a very boring world. you were blessed to be born in america, where we all have the opportunity to first lift ourselves out of misery and poverty, and then voluntarily help the rest of the world. there is nothing wrong with you. there is nothing wrong with your desire to achieve, your desire to work hard, to compete, and yes, to win.
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there is nothing wrong with your expectation to be rewarded for your work, and then do enjoy those rewards as you cepheid -- as you see fit, which may include helping the less fortunate. you are the only one that has the power to write your own story. your destiny is your journey to make. here is the truth that made america great. andmen are created equal endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, and among them are like, liberty -- life, liberty, and property. no matter what government edicts are passed, that cannot be taken away from you. it cannot be taken away by fascists, a tour authoritarians -- authoritarians, socialists. slavery by majority vote is still slavery.
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>> [applause] glenn: you're the only ones that can take away your rights through poor choices. even then you have the right of redemption to begin again, to pull yourself out of the mud and reach again for the heavens. capitalism has its flaws, especially now that it has lost its moorings. the free market and justice must always be blindfolded, being bla ck or poor, white, rich, left, right, it should neither save you nor condemn you. my chme by the content of aracter, not the color of my skin or the color of my hat. >> [applause]
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glenn: we are americans. we will change the world for the better once again. when we look to a bright future and realize that it is precisely the system of any quality of outcomes coupled with individual compassion and empathy that made america great. and it is still the conservative movement embrace of our human anure, ou human nature and economic system that incentivizes achievement. ours is a system that respects ingenuity and liberty, ours is the system that generates prosperity for mankind. socialism aims to make mankind what we are not and can never be. it works to achieve a state of being that does not exist in the natural world, and does it the only way it can, by making us
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all equally enslaved, equally poor, and all equally dead. we are americans. humility, and without any more hesitation, we must stand up and declare that we are conservatives in the tradition of washington and lincoln and reagan and we must stand for the bill of rights, which grants each of us liberty. we must stand for the rich and for the poor. we will stand for those who have always been here and those as sisters -- those ancestors that came on the mayflower. we salute those legally coming here today. their success is our success. and it will come because we stand for blind and equal
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justice, and we stand for the glorious promise of the natural inequality of outcomes for mankind. god bless. >> [applause] ♪ ♪ >> minorities have been used in this country. all of that changes today. the left isd out using us to secure votes and to keep themselves in power and keep themselves rich. >> conservative values resonate with people here. >> we hit the home run. we were born and raised in america. the majority of people in the world would trade places with us if they could. >> the land of liberty.
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>> minorities do not belong to the left. we belong to nobody but ourselves and god. >> no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied. >> we are separating ourselves from the victim narrative. >> the democratic party has dictated who we are. >> you don't have to think a certain way just because you look a certain way. >> it is not racism keeping us out of the american dream, it is the lie we have been told. >> we have a president willing to do it. >> they are turning us into single issue voters, and they will never take our vote. >> this is our official declaration of independence from the left. this is the beginning of the revolution. we are going to save america. >> [applause] of theemind america fierce urgency of now.
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now is the time. ♪ gentlemen am a please welcome director of communications at turning point usa, kansas owen -- candace owens. ♪ [applause] candace: thank you guys. it is such an honor to be here. i think it starts at the beginning. two years ago, i thought the le ft championed minority vote voices. i thought the left championed women and wanted to give us a platform. then i publicly declared myself a conservative and found out the
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hard way that is not exactly true. if you are a minority in this country and don't subscribe to your emotions, if you want to have intellectual discussions and have a debate, there is no place for you on the left. you will be rejected. they will actively trying to destroy you in the way they have tried to destroy me over the last two years. many of you who followed my political transformation started on youtube, with just an idea that maybe conservative principles might be an alternative for the black community. i questioned at the time, is it possible a man that was loved by the media, donald j. trump, loved by black america? every hip-hop song wanted to be like trump. beyonce and jay-z were sitting poolside at mar-a-lago. barack obama said the american dream is to be like trump. is it possible within 24 hours
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of declaring his political candidacy of the white house, racist sexist?d was that really possible? i said, there is no way that is possible. i started asking myself some other questions. how on earth is it possible that a party that instituted slavery, jim crow laws, racial terrorism and the kkk, has the black vote? how is it possible? we gave up culture. that is how the left was able to do this. we gave up culture. >> [applause] candace: over the course of the last 50 and 60 years, it seems we have given up influencing pop-culture altogether on the right. to a certain degree, that is completely understandable. there isn't a climate more
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hostile to conservative principles than the entertainment industries. we see that when joy behar mocks the vice president for being faithful to his wife. she mocks the vice president for saying he loves jesus christ. you certainly aren't going to win any accolades in hollywood if you write a script and the protagonist is a part of the nuclear family unit. in fact, you will be chased out of hollywood if you start to perpetuate conservative principles. that is because the left have festeded, infected, and in culture at every single layer. >> [applause] candace: this is why kamala harris, who will never be president of the united states, is talking about tupac and big gie music which never came out,
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which she claims she smoked marijuana to in college. she thinks black people are stupid and the way she will appeal to us is saying "i smoke pot and listen to hip-hop music." how insulting is that? this is why hillary clinton, who is still not the president of the united states -- >> [cheers] candace: great. this is why she offered my community hot sauce. hot sauce as a reason to vote for her. she offered us hot sauce, jay-z and a beyonce concert. the left never talks about policies, because their policies have failed black america for the last 60 years. >> [applause] candace: the truth is that the left and the democrats never ever ever want to fix black
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america, because they stump on our issues year after year. they fix our -- if issues, they would not be able to keep calling the other side racist. they want black america to stay broken. they want u to continue to give us handouts and not hand ups. >> [applause] candace: never in a million years, the left predicts, donald j. trump. i will tell you what they did not predict, a minority awakening. they never thought they could never lose the black vote. they have taken our vote for granted for so long. >> [applause] candace: but things are starting to change, and i will tell you the magic secret, how i have been able to transform so many hearts and minds in the minority community. the secret is i simply tell them the truth.
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the truth is on our side as conservatives. one, america is not a racist country. >> [applause] candace: the people that continue to tell us that have a vested interest in racism. in fact, they are actively importing nigerians to come do racist acts in this country a la jussie smollett, right? this is maga country? no, this is your prison cell. i hope you rot in it jussie. >> [applause] two, e: truth number abortion is murder. >> [applause] candace: i ask myself all the time, why does it seem to you that progressive policies always lead to progressive results in
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the black community? it is amazing, isn't it? we need abortion. we have black women representing 6% to 7% of the population, yet we account for 40% of the abortions performed in this country. we have a sick and twisted governor andrew cuomo celebrating you can rip infants from their mother's womb at nine months. that is sickening what we are talking about. who is that going to impact the most? in new york city, more black babies are aborted than born lives. a hard-hitting truth is that the most unsafe place for a black child, not on the streets, not when they see a police officer, it is in their mother's womb. more than half of the black population -- the black population would be double today if it wasn't for abortion.
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how is that for a progressive policy? the left needs god. >> [applause] candace: truth number three, racially motivated police brutality is a myth. it's simply a myth. >> [applause] candace: father absence is not. the number one issue facing black america is fathers have been removed from the home. it is they have been incentivizing father absence. when the single motherhood rate jumps from 22% in the 1960's to a whopping 74% today, we have a problem. it is a problem the left does not want to talk about. it is a destruction and breakdown of the family.
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>> [applause] candace: truth number four, there are 3.6 million black children living below the poverty line. there are 4 million hispanic children that live below the poverty line, and yet democrats want us to put illegals first. i say no thank you. i say build the wall. >> [applause] [chanting "build the wall"] candace: it's actually income principle what has happened to the black community over the last 60 years. i say i don't want a green new deal, i want a black new deal. >> [applause] news,e: and the good alexandria ocasio-cortez, is that doesn't cost $93 trillion.
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first and foremost, stop selling us our own oppression. stop taking away our self-confidence by telling us that we can't because of racism, because of slavery. i have never been a slave in this country. stop telling us to obsess over our past when we should be obsessing over our future and the potential we have. >> [applause] candace: stop having a culture which tells us we should want to be hip-hop artists and basketball players, when we should want to be doctors and lawyers. >> [applause] candace: we need to stop idolizing people like lebron james and start idolizing people like dr. condoleezza rice and dr. ben carson. >> [applause] give us school choice. that would be nice.
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stop murdering our offspring. >> some of the cpac meeting from earlier today. we take you live for remarks by the acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney. >> taking advantage of the jet lag. that's not fair. mulvaney, know mick because this guy had a nearly perfect acu congressional voting record. what is it like to have, as the chief of staff to the president, such a strong conservative? i bet it makes us all feel great. i've got the chief in a perfect position, because as you said, you are a bit sleep deprived and jetlagged. you have done it before. how is that? that's pretty cool. he wanted to be here with all of you. she just came back from a pretty important trip.


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