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tv   Vice Pres. Pence at Conservative Political Action Conference  CSPAN  March 2, 2019 6:06am-7:00am EST

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public lands alliance looks at the act passed by congress this week. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern this morning. join the discussion. on c-span's q&a, the u.s. army veteran eileen rivers on her book "the on the call" about three women that went beyond their regular duties to help women in afghanistan and further the mission. >> one experience that she me was that she felt like there were men trying to break her. they had really heavy gear and weapons and they were carrying it on this road march. she pulled her women aside and said, no matter what happens, do not start crying and keep up because i have a feeling they're
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going to try to test us. and that is exactly what happened. nighteen rivers, sunday at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. vice president mike pence spoke at the conservative political action conference being held at national harbor, maryland just outside of washington, d.c. he is introduced by matt schlatter. this is just under one hour. >> that was >> that was fun, huh? that put me in a really good mood. do you even know that is going on your television sets? are you watching that going on? we are so overjoyed that you are here.
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look around this room, standing room only once again. [applause] and you know, we are making here, right now. as you have seen, we have three satellite cpac sites in colorado, california, and in virginia. because this room is simply not big enough to hold all of the people that want to be part of this movement. we have millions of people around the globe who are watching us at this very moment. ever,for the first time both the president and a vice president, to cpac in three consecutive years to thank all of you. ♪ >> and why is that? and why is that?
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it is not a secret. you are the heart and soul of this movement. in mike pence we have a steady, tested, and committed vice president. [applause] >> long before donald trump saw his value and experience, we all knew his true character. his commitment to conservative principles earned him a nearly perfect congressional voting record with the american conservative union. [applause] he's a man of deep faith committed to his family. he's always been in our corner, and we are proud to have him back. -- his back. [applause] >> and that commitment extends
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to his exceptional wife, karen pence. [applause] >> and we are honored to have her join her husband here today. she is a mom, she's a wife, and she's a teacher, and we love our second lady. [applause] >> now, i'm going to do a small commercial. i hope you've all got a copy of our most recent book, reagan and cpac. and in that book the vice president authors a chapter. the vice president writes that it was ronald reagan who first brought me into the conservative movement 40 years ago. ronald reagan is still making an impact on people today. [applause]
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the vice president goes on to say in this chapter that the smart set in washington mocked and dismissed reagan. i guess reagan might've been the first deplorable. [laughter] [applause] >> i have to say that i literally god that when america's purpose and future hangs in the balance we have bold leaders like our vice president. [applause] he honors all of us with his presence. so at this moment i get the privilege to introduce to you the vice president of the united states, mike pence, and karen pence. [applause] ♪
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♪ ♪ [applause]
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>> usa, usa, usa. vp pence: well, thank you, matt. and hello, cpac. [applause] it is great for us to be back at cpac 2019, the largest gathering of conservatives anywhere in america. [applause] vp pence: thanks for coming out. i'm honored to be joined here by thousands of conservatives in our nation's capital, but i also want to give a shout out to all those great conservatives
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watching across this country, especially all of our friends joining us live from lynchburg, virginia, at liberty university. i'll see you in may. [applause] vp pence: and to all of them and to all of you, i bring greetings from a friend of mine. [laughter] restored a man who american leadership at home and abroad, and the man who can't wait to be with you tomorrow. i bring you greetings from the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump.
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[applause] vp pence: you know, it's the greatest honor of my life to serve as vice president. 28 president who gets up every day and fights to keep the promises that he made to the american people. [applause] i mean, think about it. this president promised to get this economy moving again. and what with republican majorities in the congress and in our first two years, president trump has cut more federal red tape than any president in american history. [applause] vp pence: we have unleashed american energy, and now the united states is a largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world.
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[applause] under the president's strong leadership we forge new trade deals that finally put american jobs and american workers first, and with the support of this generation of conservatives president trump signed the largest tax cuts and tax reform in american history. that's promises made and promises kept. [applause] vp pence: we cut taxes across the board for working americans, for american businesses, and we cut out the core of obamacare, the individual mandate is gone. [applause] vp pence: and the results have been amazing. as i stand before you today, the american economy is booming.
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in just over two years businesses large and small have created 5.3 million new jobs, including over 480,000 good -pain manufacturing jobs that the other side said would never come back. [applause] vp pence: unemployment has hit a 50-year low and more americans are working today than ever before in the history of this country. [applause] the unemployment rate for women has hit a 55 year low and the unemployment rate for asian americans, hispanic americans, and african americans has reached the lowest level ever recorded in american history. [applause]
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and the wages of working americans are rising at a faster pace than they have in more than a decade. under president donald trump, working americans are winning again. the forgotten men and women of america are forgotten no more. [applause] vp pence: everywhere you look, confidence is back, jobs are coming back. in a word, america is back, and we are just getting started. [applause] vp pence: but for all the progress we have made, president trump has no higher priority than the safety and security of the american people, and from the first days of this administration this president has worked to make the strongest military in the history of the world, stronger steel.
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and last year, president trump signed the largest investment in our national defense since the days of ronald reagan. [applause] in our national defense since the days of ronald reagan. [applause] pence: we are modernizing arsenal, updating missile defense and president trump will launch the sixth branch of updating missile defense and president trump will launch the sixth branch of our armed forces, the united states space force. [applause] pence: under under this commander-in-chief, we will make sure that america is as dominant in space as we are on land and air and sea. ,e are rebuilding our military
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we are restoring the arsenal of democracy, and we are once again sailors,r soldiers, airmen, marines and coast guard the resources they need to encompass their mission and come home safe. and we are standing with our men and women veterans and we have restored accountability to the va, we are giving our heroes access to theand world's best hr earned,health care they the choices here. -- that choice is here. [applause] in thise: administration, we are standing brave men and the
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women of law enforcement and we have been giving all those who line thethe thin blue resources and the respect that they deserve everything will day. and that includes the courageous men and women of customs and border protection. who put their lives on the line every single day under this president and this administration. we will never abolish ice. [applause]
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as the president has said many times, if you do not have a border, you do not have a country. since day one of our administration, we have been working to remove dangerous criminals from our streets in record numbers, enforcing our immigration laws and working to secure our border. we've already started to build that wall. [applause] i will make your promise, before we are done, we .re going to build it all,
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we are building it. as the president says, dori about it. make the mistake. -- no mistake. no matter what you hear from the democrats and their allies in the media, we have a crisis at our southern border. it is like nothing we have ever seen before. for the first time ever, the majority of illegal immigrants coming into our country are unaccompanied minors and families. family's that are being asked what it cartels and human traffickers, encouraging to make the long and dangerous journey north. at a great financial price and a great price to themselves. and their safety and well-being. in 2014sident obama said we had a humanitarian crisis in our southern border, 120,000 minors and families
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crossed illegally. last year, there were 145,000. alone,last four months more than 120,000 unaccompanied minors and families have been apprehended in our southern border. -- say itwant to save is a manufactured crisis but the only thing that is manufactured is their outrage. [applause] mr. pence: every day we do not secure our border, we are allowing the crisis to worsen, more lives to be endangered. more people to be exploited. and more drugs to flow into our -- say it is a manufactured crisis but the only thing that is manufactured country. that is why president trump used his authority under the law to declare a national emergency on our southern border.
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but now, now, democrats are trying to stuff the president from exercising the authority congress gave him to address this real crisis. so today, we call on every member of congress to stand up for border security, stop playing politics with the security of the american people and stand with president trump for a stronger and safer america. mr. pence: with his renewed commitment to lawn order, this president has been busy saying art judicial branch.
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president trump has appointed more men and women to our federal courts in the last two years than any administration in art judicial branch. history, and they are all conservative like justice gorsuch and justice brett kavanaugh. history, and they are all conservative like justice gorsuch and justice brett kavanaugh. willare conservatives who uphold the god history, and thee all conservative given liberties enshrined in our constitution like the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, and the amendment right to keep and bear arms. [applause]
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[applause] the freedom of religion isthe ft just enshrined in our constitution. it is enshrined in the hearts of the american people.
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[applause] mr. pence: life is winning in america once again but for all the progress we're making, tragically, at the very moment that more americans than ever life,bracing the right to members of the democratic party are embracing a radical agenda of abortion on demand. in state legislatures across the country, democrats have endorsed late-term abortion. the democratic governor of for
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jeanette openly defends infanticide -- of virginia members of the democratic party are embracing a radical agenda of abortion on demand. infanticide -- of virginia openly defends infanticide. [indiscernible] voted against a bill that would prevent would prevent newborn babies who survived failed abortions from being killed.
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vice president pence: since the world has witnessed under this president these last two years, we will stand strong in the world stage. we will approach every challenge with our eyes wide open. president trump deals with the world as it is, not as we wish it would be.
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the truth is that effort for peace is nowhere more evident than in the progress we have india and the pacific the last two years. it is remarkable to think that when i stood at this podium two years ago, north korea was engaged in regular nuclear tests , launching missiles over japan. threatening the united states and our allies. ,aced with this threat president trump rallied the world around an unprecedented pressure campaign and the world has witnessed the results. no more nuclear testing, no more missiles being fired, our hostages are home, and karen and i had the privilege to be present in hawaii as the remains of our fallen korean war heroes began to be returned to american soil. thanks to president donald trump our boys are finally coming home. [applause]
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last night, president trump returned from a second historic inmit with north korea vietnam and is the president said, it was a productive two days and discussions between teams will continue. as president trump said as he departed, sometimes you have to walk. [applause] vice pres. pence: and i can to show after decades of failure with north korea come under president's leadership, america will not repeat the mistakes of the past. we will keep seeking peace, but for the sake of our security, for the sake of the people of the korean peninsula, president trump will stand firm until we
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achieve the complete denuclearization of north korea. [applause] vice pres. pence: in just two years under this president's leadership from the world stage to here at home, just in case you haven't noticed, america is winning again. [cheers and applause] vice pres. pence: i don't know about the rest of you, but i'm not getting tired of it. [cheers and applause] vice pres. pence: but to keep on winning, my fellow conservatives, we have a choice to make in the next 20 months. will we reelected president who is making america great again for four more years? [cheers and applause] vice pres. pence: or will we let the democrats take america on a
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hard left turn and lose all the gains that we have fought so hard for? [booing] vice pres. pence: you know, america was founded on a simple idea. and that idea is freedom. [applause] vice pres. pence: but over my lifetime, the support for liberty, a strong national defense, free enterprise, in alienable rights has principally full to our party into this movement. democrats openly advocate an economic system that has impoverished millions of people around the world. under the guise of medicare for all and a green new deal, democrats are embracing the same tired economic theories that have impoverished nations and stifled the liberties of millions over the past century. that system is socialism.
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remarkably, a leading candidate for the democratic presidential nomination is an avowed socialist. it is not just him. bernie has been joined by a chorus of candidates and newly elected officials who have papered over the failed policies of socialism with bumper sticker slogans and slick social media campaigns. what they are actually offering is just more of the same. more taxes, more spending, more government, and less freedom. it was freedom, not socialism that gave us the most prosperous economy and history of the world. [applause] vice pres. pence: it was freedom, not socialism that ended slavery, won two world wars, and stands today as the beacon of hope for all the world. [applause] vice pres. pence: it was
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freedom, not socialism that is moving us beyond the prejudices of the past to create a more perfect union and extend the blessings of liberty to every american, regardless of race or creed or color. it was freedom. [applause] vice pres. pence: and it was freedom, not socialism that gave us the highest quality of life, the cleanest environments on earth, improved the health and well-being of millions around the world, it was freedom. what medicare for all really means is quality health care for none. [laughter] vice pres. pence: the only thing green about the so-called green new deal is how much green is going to cost taxpayers if these people ever pass it into law. [applause] vice pres. pence: you know, margaret thatcher probably said
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it best. the trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money. [loud cheering] ise pres. pence: the truth we want to make poor people richer, they want to make rich people poorer. we want to make poverty more rare, they want to make poverty more comfortable. [laughter] vice pres. pence: that is the choice we face today, men and women, between freedom and socialism, between personal responsibility and government dependence. where freedom encourages investment, socialism stifles growth. where freedom welcomes diversity, socialism demands conformity. as president said in his state of the union address, america was founded on liberty and independence and not government coercion, domination, and control. [applause] the momentpence:
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america becomes a socialist country is the moment that america ceases to be america. [applause] vice pres. pence: as the president said 24 days ago, so we must say with one voice, america will never be a socialist country. [cheers and applause] [chanting "usa!"] vice pres. pence: we know where socialism leads. you want socialism? just look at venezuela. venezuela was once one of the richest and most vibrant democracies in the western hemisphere, but under maduro's socialist rule it has become one
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of the poorest and most despot it. today, more than nine out of 10 people live in poverty in that once rich country. more than 3 million venezuelans have abandoned their homes and fled the brutality of the maduro regime. but the struggle in venezuela is between dictatorship and democracy. the struggle in venezuela is between socialism and freedom. as i told world leaders in colombia just this week, nicolas maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power and nicolas maduro must go. [loud cheers and applause] vice pres. pence: the truth is venezuela needs what america has. venezuela needs freedom. [applause] vice pres. pence: freedom is
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about enabling people to live their lives as they see fit, not government control. freedom produces more and better goods than any system in any other place and time in american world history. freedom is more generous, more helpful, and more humane than any other social or economic model ever attempted, because it is the only philosophy that respects the dignity and worth of every single life, and sees every man, woman, and child as made in the image of god. [applause] vice pres. pence: that is freedom. that is our heritage. [applause] and freedomence: works. this is what we believe. this is who we are. but this is the choice we face. in the next 20 months. cpac, we'vewomen of got work to do. i came here to say thanks.
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to look back over the shoulder to make sure you knew just how much we accomplished with this president and with your support in just two short years. but now, we have more to look forward to. [applause] but now, weence: have more work to do. just as we did in 2016, 20 months from now, the american people are going to face a choice once again. two years ago in poland, president trump declared, "the fundamental question of our time is whether the west has the will to survive." , we musther here today ask our movement the same question. as the president went on to say that date in his words, "do we
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have the confidence in our values to defend them? do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization?" room,g out across this looking out across this great movement, i know we do. >> [cheers and applause] vice pres. pence: we have the strength. we have the determination. we have the courage to stand for freedom. because i have faith, faith in the american people, that if we go out and speak freedom to the people of this nation every day in the next 20 months, if we lay out a vision for a boundless
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american future based on timeless american principles, if we lay out a choice between freedom and socialism, the american people will choose freedom every single time. >> [applause] vice pres. pence: president and i both know that if we hold the banner of freedom high, if we put into practice the words of scripture inscribed on the liberty bell, to proclaim liberty throughout all the land and under all the inhabitants thereof, the american people will rally to us again. we will keep on winning. we will keep on growing. we will preserve freedom for this generation and the next.
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as you go from this place, go with confidence. confidence that you have a president that is fighting every day for the ideals and values that are at the heart of american greatness. confidence in the goodness of the american people and the rightness of our cause, and confidence that if we ask for the blessings of him who established this miracle of democracy on these shores so long ago, that we cannot fail. for where the spirit of the lord is, there is liberty, so freedom always wins. >> [applause] vice pres. pence: men and women of cpac, it is great to be with you today. times a wasting.
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i leave here with renewed confidence if we do all we can between now and november 2020 to hold up freedom, to defend our values, and with president donald trump in the white house, with more conservatives elected to our nation's capital and statehouses across this nation, and with god's help, we will make america safe again. we will make america more prosperous than ever before. and to borrow a phrase from a friend of mine, we will make america great again. thank you very much. god bless you and god bless united states of america. ♪
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♪ >> c-span where history unfolds
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daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and today, we continue to bring you congress, coverage of the white house, the supreme publicand published -- policy events in washington, d.c. and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> today on c-span, "washington later, livenext and coverage of president trump at the conservative political action conference and bernie sanders launches his presidential campaign. in about an hour, the national chair of the young americans for discussesrant strobl, important issues to conservatives. and later steven she


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