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tv   President Trump Brazilian President Bolsonaro Hold News Conference  CSPAN  March 19, 2019 2:19pm-2:48pm EDT

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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> president trump joining the first lady for an update on the initiative to stop opioid abuse. later, the president participating in the ceremonial swearing-in as the u.s. circus judge for the district -- circuit judge for the district of columbia. next we are going to show you the news conference that just wrapped up in the rose garden. >> thank you very much everyone. pres. trump: thank you very much everyone. thank you. today i am thrilled to welcome
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president will snarl of brazil for hit -- president bolsonaro of brazil for his first to the white house. youant to congratulate on your tremendous election victory. last october, it was an incredible feat and really, and truly an incredible challenge and the end result was something that the whole world was talking about. will have athat we fantastic working relationship. views that are similar and we feel very true to each other on trade. i think brazil's relationship with the united states because of our friendship is better than it has ever been by far. i want to congratulate you on your recovery from a truly horrible ordeal.
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recovery,incredible and the people of your country know it. the great bravery you have shown , the tremendous bravery. the american and brazilian people have been united by shared values, including and enduring a love of faith, family, and country. the united states was the first nation to recognize brazil's independence in 1822. in the second world war, priscilla was the only south american country to contribute troops to the allied war effort. states andunited brazil are two of the largest mockers sees and economies and the western hemisphere. we are in close agreement about the incredible opportunities and challenges facing our region, and we have a truly historic chance to forge stronger ties between our two great nations.
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this afternoon, the president and i discussed many of our mutual priorities including ennis whaler. brazil -- including ennis whaler . brazil has been focused on helping them declare -- reclaim their democracy. brazil was one of the first nations to recognize its legitimate in term president -- president, juan guaido. i want to express our profound latitude to president bolsonaro and all the brazilian people in the efforts to provide humanitarian aid, and thank you for allowing the united states assistance and massive aid on the brazilian border, and people have been incredible. and have beenuld really happy to feed thousands and thousands of starving
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venezuelans. the venezuelan people have appreciated it. if the maduro forces would step great it could be a truly and successful humanitarian project. we call on members on the venezuelan military to end their support for maduro, who is really nothing more than a cuban puppet, and finally set their people free. areunited states and brazil united in support of the long-suffering people of cuba and nicaragua, the twilight hour of socialism has arrived in our , itsphere and, hopefully has also arrived that twilight hour in our great country, which is doing better than it has ever done economically. the last thing we want in the
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united states is socialism. bolsonaro, i will tell you that we will be consulting and talking a lot, and we will be working on all of our problems and assets. we are making tremendous strides. we had a great meeting today. i i told president bolsonaro, intend to designate brazil as a major non-nato ally, or even possibly if you start thinking it, may a nato ally. i have to talk to a lot of people. it would greatly advance security and cooperation between our countries. our nations are working together to protect our people from terrorism, transnational crime, and drugs, and weapon trafficking. also human trafficking, which has been something that has come
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to the forefront of crime. we look forward to an even deeper partnership and working together. in our meetings, we discussed the strong economic ties between our nations rounded and the principles of ernest and reciprocity. president bolsonaro and i have committed to reducing trade barriers, facilitating investment and supporting investment across a range of industries particularly energy, agriculture, and technology. the president's vision for freeing the private sector and opening the economy is the right way for brazil to achieve strong economic growth and are great countries are ready to go when that table is flat and free. to improve our business relationships, we have reside -- we have revived the ceo forum and started a new u.s.-brazil energy forum.
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aspirationsrazil's to join organizations for economic cooperation and development, a laudable goal and one that will make its status as a developing and developed country. we hope that all of us will be able to work together, all nations. i am pleased to announce that over 20 years of talks, the finalizing a technology safeguards agreement to allow u.s. companies to conduct space launches from brazil. it is an incredible location when you study and see it. we will not go into it now, but because of the location, tremendous amounts of money will be saved. to put it simply, the flights are shorter. brazil's proximity to the equator makes it an ideal launch location. my administration is committed to reviving america's proud
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legacy in space. we are working together with everybody on space force and we are grateful for brazil's partnership. thank you again for the honor of your visit today, and a strong and thriving friendship between the united states and brazil is essential to the future of security and prosperity. it has been a wonderful time getting to know you, you are doing a fantastic job, you brought the country together and i look forward to working with you in a close relationship of many years to come. thank you very much. pres. bolsonaro: your excellency. president of the united states of america, my cabinet ministers, members of the delegations joining us today,
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both from brazil and from the u.s., ladies and gentlemen, and professionals, and other guests. thank you very much, president trump for your warm hospitality. it is an honor to be in washington for my first bilateral trip since i was elected president of presale. i would like to invite you to precipitate this visit, because you will be very welcome by the brazilian people. admired the united states of america, and this has just increased as you took office. the meeting today restores an old traditional partnership and starts a new chapter of cooperation in the united states. and againvisited
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decided to promote matters that were honor order of business for decades. overcome and explore the best attentional between brazil and the united states. it is fair to say that brazil reforms that are not un-american. the reforms have changed zale into a more trip -- brazil into a more attractive country. changingoroughly business environment. ascensionrt to the ofl be clearly a gesture mutual understanding, which will be emblematic of the close ties we aspire to. the private sector of both countries should remain a
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high-profile player, and that is why we have decided to restore the ceo forum between presale and the u.s.. we will attach priority of the relaunching of energy with an effort of oil, gas, and other sources. the brazilian government has granted full exemption to u.s. nationals with further encouraging tourism. worke space cooperation front, we have signed a safeguard agreement that will area. the launch military operation has expanded as we seek out partnerships. innovation can be expected to take on an increasing role as part of our agenda. we will launch an innovation form between brazil and the
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u.s.. efforts to tackle terrorism and organized crime as a matter of utmost urgency. we have decided to strengthen our bilateral security forum and do more against drug trafficking. inare establishing democracy venezuela is a shared interest. the regime in venezuela is part of a broader international coalition. conquered our latin american region. however, by democratic means, we were able to rid ourselves of it. brazil and the united states stand side-by-side in their efforts to ensure liberty and respect the traditional family lifestyles and respect to god, against the politically correct attitudes and against fake news. drawing inspiration from ronald
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reagan, i wish to bring to brazil his administration style ,s summarized in the following people should say what the government should do and not the other way around. the united states changed in 2017, and brazil has started to change. we stand against it to the ultimate benefit of the two nations. we want to have a great america and a great brazil. may i voice my admiration and recognition to president donald trump on this beautiful day where we feel the promising alliance between the two most promising and largest democracies in the western mosquito. -- god bless brazil and the united states of america. [applause] pres. trump: i will take a couple of preston's -- of questions. roberta, please. >> thank you very much.
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, you did the tough sanctions and sent the aid, but it seems like maduro is no closer to leaving. i am wondering if you are getting worried about losing momentum and how long are you being told is this going to take? pres. bolsonaro: i am -- pres. trump: i am not being told any specific time. they have been there a long time. at some point, i would imagine things will change. we have not done the tough sanctions yet, and we can. all options are open. we have not done the toughest of sanctions. we have done right down the middle, but we can go a lot tougher if we need to do that. it is a very sad thing. anythingt looking for other than taking care of a lot of people starving and dying in the streets. this was one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and all of a sudden it is stricken,
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poverty-stricken, no food, no water, no air, no anything. no power for a long time last week. that will break down again because it is held together by thread. it is very sad to see. >> mask president bolsonaro? the idea of to allowing a u.s. base or u.s. military personnel or military presence in zale to's provide -- in brazil to provide support to venezuela and is that something you talked about today? pres. bolsonaro: we have discussed the possibility of ally andcoming a great extra nato. that foodwe requested was sent through the capital
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through or -- our friends from america so that humanitarian aid was provided to venezuela. this is where we stand. it is as much is possible that we can do together to sort out the issue of the venezuelan dictatorship. zillow be more than willing to take -- brazil will be more than ready to take freedom and democracy to that country. nowadays, people are starving to violence,suffering lack of medication, there is something terrible going on in there. we need to put an end to this issue, which is present to the whole world. pervasivebase of -- to the whole world. hello, from bloomberg.
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i would like to know if the u.s. actually has a military intervention in venezuela, what is the position of brazil? pres. bolsonaro: if you speak, they are no longer strategic, therefore the reserved issues which may be discussed, if they have not yet, will not become public, evidently. candidate, when a asked another candidate what he would do to fight the islamic state, he said if i say i will no longer be able to beat it. it is a manager -- it is a matter of strategy. everything we discussed here will be honored, certain pieces of information may not be debated publicly. , regardingt trump the military intervention, you think about the possibility of fighting venezuela to remove
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maduro from power? pres. trump: as i said, all options are open. i think of all possibilities. we will see what happens. i see in the audience, the son of the president who has been fantastic. the job you have done during a tough period of time is fantastic. your father appreciates it. i can tell you. fantastic job. the daily caller. >> two questions. first on the 2020 election. there are a growing number of candidates who have endorsed the idea of adding seats to the supreme court. is that something you agree with or not? pres. trump: i would not entertain it. the only reason is that they want to try and catch up. if they cannot catch up through the ballot box and want to try doing it in a different way. we would have no interest in that. it will not happen for six
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years. >> another question on social media. you tweeted in support of congressman nunez's suit against twitter. this is part of a larger discussion of making social media companies liable for the content on their platform which they are not currently. is that an idea or law that you would support? pres. trump: we have to do something. i have millions of followers on twitter, and it is different than it used to be. things are happening, names are taken off. people are not getting through. it seems to be that if they are conservative, republicans, or in a certain group there is big discrimination. i see it on twitter, and facebook. i really focus more on the one platform. i have many different platforms, i guess we have almost 60 million on twitter, and if you
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add them all up it is way over 100 million people. i get to see what is going on, and it is not good. collusion word loosely, and i will tell you that there is collusion with respect to that because something has to be going on. the back office statements made by executives of the various companies and you see the level of hatred that they have for a certain group of people that happen to be in the election, won you say that is unfair. something is happening with those groups of folks running facebook, google, and twitter. i think we have to get the bottom of it. it is collusive and fair to say that we have to do something about it. if we do not, the incredible thing is that we can win an election, and have such a stacked deck which includes
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networks, frankly. if you look at the news and newscasts. i call it fake news. i am proud to hear the president use the term fake news. if you look what is happening with the networks and with different shows and, it is hard to believe that we will win. it shows that the people are smart and will get it. they go through all of that whatever it is, and in the end they pull the right level -- lever. it is a dangerous situation. i agree that something has to be looked at closely. another question on the 2020 election. a number of the democrats were running to replace the president have considered socialist ideas. your spoken critically of that. if a candidate who embraced how wouldwould win, it affect your relationship with
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the united states? pres. trump: it is -- pres. bolsonaro: it is an internal affair, but i do believe that donald trump will be reelected fully. this was the same with what happened to me. i think everyone will repeat their vote in america. every day, more and more people who are proud to socialism and communism will be opening their minds to the reality, and you can see the border with venezuela and brazil was recently closed, not for brazilians were pro-socialism venezuela, but venezuelans who are pro-democracy would go into brazil. president,: mr. thanks you very much.
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you want to go? go ahead. this will be the killer of all time. u.s. is not supporting the entry of brazil into the oecb, and will you be supporting it? pres. trump: we will be supporting and will have a great relationship and so many different ways. that is just something that we will be doing in honor of the president and brazil. we will be asking for things, but not necessarily to do with that. we will have a fair relationship. thank you.naro: does the united states expect the influence of china into brazil? yesterday it was mentioned that it would incentivize relationships with china.
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what would you say? pres. bolsonaro: brazil is going to keep on making as much business with as many pot -- countries as possible. businesses will be in the ideology that it used to be. we are also following this objective for the good of our people. pres. bolsonaro: thank you very much -- pres. trump: thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank you very much. >> another round of talks next week. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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later in the day wednesday, jerome powell hold a news conference as the federal reserve board meets. that is 2:00 p.m. eastern and live on c-span. it's hard to believe that it has been 40 years since the creation of c-span. i just want to take a couple of second-tier to thank a lot of people for how we got here. whot with the viewers popularized this and spent time watching the government make
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laws, discuss issues and frankly, give us an opportunity to find out how interested americans are in civic affairs. secondly, need to thank the upgress because they opened the house of representatives to television and because of that we were able to put together c-span. the house of representatives to third, and probably will support , executives creating cable television systems back in the years we started. there's no federal money in anse networks that we have
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-- and creating a public affairs network. those individuals stopped long to say let's try something unique and different that does not make money for us, but provides a service. viewers, the united states congress and our cable television industry executives who made this one of the more unique places in television after 40 years of service. >> congress is in recess next week. said they willer vote on an override terminating the national emergency declaration on border security.
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on can see it live here c-span. later in the week, senate lawmakers will take on the resolution of support for the green new deal. there's live coverage on c-span2. benjamin netanyahu's rivals have decided to run against him on a joint ticket. the center yesterday hosted a discussion looking at that election. this is an hour and a half. muchlcome and thank you so for turning out. i think the saddest suggests two things. one, the importance of public and the importance of the speaker.


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