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tv   Washington Journal Anita Mc Bride  CSPAN  March 21, 2019 3:12pm-3:44pm EDT

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personal responsibility. what distinguishes this case is the fact that slavery and jim crow were embedded explicitly into the legal structure in the u.s. and were enacted or acted upon on that basis. if there are other types of injustices that have occurred, we frequently have certain types of legal remedies for those. there was no legal remedy for being enslaved. there was no legal remedy for being subjected to segregation or apartheid in the u.s. because those were things written directly into the nation's laws. thank you for your time, theoming up, present from
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two signed an executive order on free speech on college campuses which includes efforts in which college kids the -- colleges could be denied certain federal grants. as we wait for that, a look at the role of melania trump. for congressional studies, also served as the former chief of staff for former first lady laura bush. can you scope out recent developments? guest: one of the most recent was this opportunity she used to convene all the agencies programs funded through the federal government.
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but i found gratifying about that was it was continuing to work of another first lady, laura bush, helping america's youth initiative, after three years led to the executive order signed by president bush on establishing interagency youth working group. trum is nowp using that as a convening power. be best is the initiative she announced in may, 2018 in the rose garden, that this would be her signature initiative that would look at all of the social issues that health children face in our country today. where she can shine a light on programs helping them be the best young people they can be. host: they look at social media,
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opioid use, overall well-being? guest: absolutely. mostlye found is anti-game
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michelle obama seems to have started some good thanks for the bad didn't felt very work out in the schools. the kids were not eating lunches i just because the parents were taking them to the fast food places. i just wanted to make that comment. iq. >> i think you'll find that it is difficult to implement something and the school lunches were controversial. i think over time, that against
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work itself out in people or more mindful of healthy eating. haseverything that you want the success that you want. there are federal dollars that are already appropriated and have for many years. they can shine a light on what makerograms are doing and these travels to cities around the country from coast-to-coast and also, there are a lot of volunteers that exist as well. host: marcus is a north carolina. [dialtone] host: oh marcus is gone.
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caller: we want to help, but we don't use a computer here or have connections on how to contact anyone not using the computer and yes, my heart goes out to the children. they are the future and we need to help them. i totally agree with it. i think she is spot on and again, for people that don't use a computer, what can we do to make contact with people so that we can make an effort to help them? guest: that is a great question. one of the first things to do is see what in the community you are living in, are there
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children's youth centers, afterschool programs, things going on where you could be a volunteer or mentor. you could read to children after school. help children improve literacy. this also extends to helping adults as well. one of the projects barbara bush worked on was adult literacy. she felt like if mothers, who have the lion share of responsibility for their kids, if mothers and fathers are not reading to the level they should be, it is more difficult for their children. there are wonderful adult literacy programs as well. the 30th anniversary of barbara bush's foundation on family literacy. it would be a great place to engage in something like that. host: shirley in baltimore. caller: i would like to talk about school lunches in the government getting involved in
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what our children eat. that is a very bad idea. i don't understand why the mom and the local school district is not deciding what the kids will eat for lunch. i want to remind you, michelle obama did start some kind of program on eating healthy but president obama did not support her, because he made jokes about it all the time. that is not a president who is supporting that program. host: thank you. guest: this starts with what happens in the home, with families and parents and the influence they have on their children. what was important about the initiative that michelle obama
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launched is really helping to bring the dialogue into the national consciousness. over time, it can have an impact. i absolutely agree, we are a country of free will and choices. i remember growing up, it was the moms that cooked lunches in school. that does not happen now. will it underscores the family influence. the government can only do so much. host: harper on twitter saying, "do we even see melania trump." is this a perception issue? guest: it has been an issue i since her first speech, july, 2016, cleveland at the convention where she delivered
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what would otherwise be considered a good speech, where her heart was and her pride in being an american, then the next day she wakes up and there is a complete storm around it because it had been listed. that can make you skittish about getting out there. she also has said from the beginning, november, 2016 after donald trump was elected, she was going to take her time in what she was doing and assemble a staff overtime, perhaps a smaller staff. all of those things are getting a little bit stronger and more streamlined for her. she has a few more people on her staff. she has made visits to seven cities. she has done town halls. she is doing a little more. the speaking in the east room, the state dining room, on a covered event with cabinet secretary's is a great step. host: north carolina, independent line, daniel. caller: i am a christian and as far as donald trump's wife's political doings, all god wants us to do is always do our best. donald trump is the best president we have had since
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ronald reagan. he was the best one in american history. host: ok. guest: i worked for ronald reagan. i would agree, he was one of the best. host: joanne, arizona. caller: good morning. this is why people say c-span is democrat, because you don't show melania trump, her speeches, or when she talked to anyone. you don't let the american people see her. host: we just showed you a bit of a presentation she made. caller: people like me, i am disabled, people want the government doing everything for them, believe me, you don't want to be dependent on the government to live.
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i can't afford c-span2. you only put, i have to pay more to get c-span2 and 3. you are not for the working class. host: i will stop you only because our main channel carries a lot of the presentations we have including the presentations of the former first lady. if you don't have access that way, go to our website at if you type in melania trump, we will show you every event that features the first lady. nancy, queens, new york. caller: hi. i'm calling about the fact that the school lunches, my granddaughter has a pre-existing condition, obesity. they serve the children chocolate milk. why not serve them regular milk? it is like america is addicted
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to sugar. host: this lunch program, -- guest: i am listening to that thinking, the nerve it touched for people. it comes back to comments that were made earlier.
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-- it is it there to say that they will not the same, at least until the full effects of time? quite it does take time. it takes time for the programs you might have helped to launch and have some measurable results, but i think the most important thing is, you can never stop talking about it and stop working towards it. that is why issues that they worked on, that they feel deeply about our important for the country and a need to keep talking about them. one of the comments of one of your earlier comments made about not covering the first lady. it is harder to get attention when you are the first lady because people are more concerned about what the president is doing, which is fair. even the fact we have 15 minutes
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to talk about from today and what she is doing is far better than what the networks are doing. the residence of the -- center for presidential studies. ask for your time. room are live in the east of the white house waiting for president trump, who is set to sign an executive order on free speech on college campuses, in order improving transparency and accountability at colleges and universities. it should get underway shortly, live coverage here on c-span.
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guest: announcer 1: live at the white house, where the president event onled to hold an free speech. this came out of last month's cpac speech, where he cited a conservative activist who was assaulted while recruiting for conservative organizations at the university of california are clay. the wall street journal writes that conservative students also complained that too few professors represent their point therew and as a result, opinions are frequently squelched. hereducation secretary is
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as well as health and human services secretary. in number of students as well.
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announcer 1: reaction ahead of the order from the chairman of the education committee and former education secretary during the george bush's administration of tennessee saying i agree with the administration that colleges data onrovide better student debt that puts skin in the game to reduce student borrowing but i don't want to see congress or the president or the department of anything creating speech codes to define
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what you can say on campus. chair of the education committee saying the u.s. constitution guarantees free speech, federal courts define and enforce it. the department of justice can weigh in. conservatives don't like it when judges try to write laws and they should not like it when legislators were agencies try to rewrite the constitution. part of the statement from lamar alexander, former education secretary, now chair of the education committee in the senate. ♪
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announcer 1: we are waiting for president trump at the gathering in the east room of the white house for an executive order on free speech on college campuses, expected to get underway shortly. treating earlier after 52 years, it is time for
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the united states to recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights. you may hear more about that. prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house on monday and tuesday. ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. ♪


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