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tv   Discussion on Pro- Israel Lobby Influence on U.S. Policy - Part 3  CSPAN  March 23, 2019 2:54am-3:53am EDT

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next, some of the form of the impact of pro-israel groups of u.s. policy. washington report on middle eastern affairs and the institute for research, hosted the event. -- cohosted the event. >> there she is, ok. to hello, everyone, i hope you will find your seats, you're in for a real treat. i am going to introduce our keynote speaker. i'm just going to start talking and i hope you listen. susan is a highly regarded palestinian author who has written internationally acclaimed bestsellers. in fact, when we announced she would give this keynote address, philip said his wife's reading group agreed her book is the
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best they had ever read. [laughter] [applause] he said i really put her up there with charles dickens. novel was translated into 28 languages. has likewisevel been translated into 26 linkages. her first poetry collection was published by just world books. all of those books are for sale at the middle east books and more booth and on our website. her third novel will be published soon in 2019. she is the daughter of refugees from the 1960 76-day war when her family's land was seized and israel captured what remained of palestine, including jerusalem. raisern in kuwait, between there and jerusalem and in the carolinas, which he completed high school, university, and graduate school majoring in neuroscience.
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she enjoyed a successful career in biomedical sciences before becoming a full-time writer. i first heard her poetry years ago at a convention. as a child who also grew up here and there, always searching for my own homeland, i listened to her poetry and wept. she currently lives in pennsylvania with her daughter, cats, and docks. 2001, she founded playgrounds for palestine, a children's organization dedicated to upholding the right to play for palestinian children to help raise funds to build playgrounds, she has launched a private label all of oil from palestine. you'll find her -- olive oil from houston. -- from palestine. audiences in every country in the world can listen to her voice except in her own homeland.
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in november 2 thousand 18, israeli authorities barred for entry into tel aviv and prevented her from participating in a panel discussion at a literature festival in jerusalem. hourss detained for 32 about many of them spent in an israeli jail cell as she appealed her decision. an israeli court upheld her deportation. please welcome a powerful voice for palestine. [applause] susan: thank you, thank you so much for that generous introduction. it is a really great to be back at the washington report. that wasn institution one of the first sources we had for independent media and it is an honor to be the keynote. see, i hope myto
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clicks still work. [laughter] in this topic, i want to try and examine the nature of israel in the world. is it working? can we get this working? you know, we just read through this -- ran through this. there we go. ok. i'm going to try and prevent a survey of israel from multiple angles that are going to seem disparate and unrelated. they include democracy, nature, global weapons, friendship, and archaeology. most of us in this room
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understand the colonial and apartheid underpinnings of israel, which manifest in the unrelenting daily horrors and indignities for palestinians. on the other hand, some folks see israel as a benevolent place trying to exist with palestinians. i would like to look beyond this kind of contained binary framework. relative only to palestinians because israel is so much more. every country in the world has good and bad elements. but i do think it is possible to pinpoint a kind of general imprint for societies, the way world, andin the also, more important me how they impact the rest of the world. found that the national spending data are useful. when we look at israeli spending we find that it is second only
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to saudi arabia, but other in armsof human rights, spending per capita in the world, exceeding the united states military spending per capita as well as exceeding u.s. military spending as a percent of gdp. i am going to talk about what all this means in real life. but first, i want to touch on the prevailing perception of israel, which has been ,ultivated through sustained multi tiered, multi-pronged public relations campaigns of the present israel as an unfairly maligned modern democracy. one that is advanced socially enlightened, and an asleep innovative best and endlessly innovative. and endlessly innovative.
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they claim to be one year away from actually curing cancer. propagated through international media is typically not merely an exaggeration of s buty, or even just is oftenpin, -- or even just spin, it is usually far from reality. israel'scle touted plans as unprecedented ingenuity in the region, using language that comports with the on opposition but israel is a miracle that made the desert bloom. the reality could not be further from that. implicit lies in the title and subtitle alone -- first, arab nations in the gulf have
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been using dissemination technology for the past 50 years. but more important, it is a little known fact that ramallah's annual rainfall exceeds london's rainfall. jerusalem's rainfall is nearly on par with london's, loss, it sunnier. the point is that palestine isn't and never was dry, desert or baron. barren. a detailedover of book of all the ways that israel altered thely landscape of palestine. it is a monumentally depressing read. i don't have time to go into the turbo details, but i will briefly touch on water. as article describes israel a quote "galvanized civilization
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that created water from nothing s, where a few miles away, what are disappeared and crumbled."n in fact, in its first year of occupanc, israel started diversion water projects to serve israeli settlements, in conflict with the local terrain and which set the stage for a multitude of environmental disasters all across palestine. one example among many of israel's destruction of palestine's international water system is one of the rivers, renamed by israel. it was a vigorous coastal river described in an 1891 travel guide as quote "a roaring river that zigzags until falling into the sea. ls andwer turns mil
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small fish can be caught and it." decade of israelis management of palestine's water, this river was reduced to a trickle of sewage, its water siphon and replaced with a toxic sludge of industrial and , which inollutants 1987, 8 through the lungs and vital organs of athletes, when an bridge fell and they fell into the river. one of israel's first water projects, when it conquered the was to divertine as much water as possible from the jordan river once it gained access. pushed syria and jordan to follow suit to preserve their own regional water and decades later, water levels are so low, the jordan river can no longer replenish the dead sea.
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this coupled with israel's evaporation on to extract minerals and other industrial activities has created an environmental disaster never before seen in palestine. it has become cliche to say that the dead sea is dying. in the 1950's, israel drink palestine through the wetlands, a original biodiversity treasure, in order to establish two settlements. hundreds of such colonial projects have greatly denigrated the rich biological and geographical diversity that once thrived in that terrain where three continents meet. some of the fish and birds to spread by this project were found nowhere else in the world, and have since gone extinct. this is to say nothing of the way that the land has been scarred and disfigured. hilltops decapitated for rapacious settlements. millions of fast-growing
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planted to destroy palestinian villages only for these non-native trees to be andcted by the land massive forest fires, leaving scorched earth on hundreds of thousands of acres. that is to say nothing of the systematic ways in which israel uproots all of trees and other fruit bearing trees that sustain palestinian families. are countless such examples and systematic ways in which israel has devastated nature. sometimes in ways that cannot be undone. and although israel's role as a destroyer of palestinian society overshadows their environmental israel should nonetheless be counted among the world's polluters, decimeters of trees, and spoilers of nature. i want to turn now to -- ecimators of trees and
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spoilers of nature. israel leads the world in several niche surveillance and suppression tactics. byis well known and admitted israel he weapons manufacturers that they test their weapons on palestinians. and gaza is their biggest laboratory. lee, ofg to the darrell the university of chicago, gaza is the "place where israel tests technicals management, searching an optimal balance between maximum control over territory and minimum responsibility for its non-jewish population." israel is earlier but right there with saudi arabia, leading the world in military spending per capita. other countries like the united states, russia and china are not
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far behind. but where a n.a.s.a. in a difference emerges is with military exports. -- where an extraordinary difference emerges is with military experts. data shows that israel is anywhere from the fourth to the ,ighth largest exporter of arms and this depends on the year and the currency examined. i should point out, however, these data are likely gross underestimation's because israel doesn't actually report its arms deals. many of which occur through covert deals, via independent hustlers, often retired israeli military generals. given israel is listed among exporters of arms was far bigger populations and far bigger economies, i looked for data to and ixports per capita came up mostly empty-handed, to
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my surprise. be out therea must somewhere, but i couldn't find it. so i put on my old scientist and that a station hat and did this cap -- i put my old scientist on.statistician hat and i concluded myself. for years 2010-2018, from the stockholm international peace research institute, it compiles data on arms transfers and conflicts around the world. using excel functions, i matched those data up with the world's population database for corresponding years from the world bank. then, using simple arithmetic ical committed and graft arms exportso determine arms per capita for all the countries in the database. what i found is that israel
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these the entire world in arms huge marginen by a every single year between with the exception of 2011, in which sweden, strangely, was not an neck-and-neck with them. one of israel's biggest military hardware niches is it drones. exports of global drone come from israel. the united states is in second place, with less than 24%. the attractiveness of israeli arms is that they boast of being combat tested. hermes point, israel's
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900, which was still in the testing phase when it was used against civilians in gaza in 2014. a mere three weeks after that onslaught in gaza, that murdered 2200 people and maimed tens of thousands more, israel held a "israelade show called in whichsystems 2014," the hermes 900 was all the rage for its so-called performance in gaza. that as sold in 2014, israel used drones to kill at least 840 assault inn that 2014, israel used drones to kill people. 840 israel is using a series of new drugs called the cyclone riot control drone system. it is being used to spray aerosol and guess substances from the sky.
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for theear to be used first time in the great march of no return. the company that makes the cyclone claims on their websites to be a leading supplier for the police in the united states and both that their product claims are based on practical field experience. this is what it looked like. [video clip] susan: so what happens after these death and suppression technologies are developed and tested on the bodies, psyches and spirits of the palestinians? the route its short history, israel has been one of the most
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dependable suppliers of weapons to pariah regimes. whereally in situations weapons embargoes were put in place due to severe human rights abuses. the ones i am going to show you were revealed in specific investigations, especially those by two israeli human rights activists. in south sudan's civil
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>> and training serbian forces. subpoenaed the israeli supreme court with concrete evidence of this, including the someone who is at the
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trial of the icc for war crimes. hey had his diary, in which catalogued all the training and weapons transfer to them. israel's high court rejected the petition, arguing that the classifying documents exposing israel's role in the bosnian genocide would harm israeli interests. injury, israelo is now engaged in revising the history of this genocide. israel supplied weapons to serbia while it was known they were committing genocide. and while there was a u.n. embargo in place. israel's high court covered it all up. , we know israel continue to transfer weapons to the burmese army long after they were accused of committing war rape,, including murder, torture and the burning of
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villages that left thousands dead and at least 700,000 displaced. israel was selling arms to myanmar well after the european union and the united states imposed an arms embargo on the country. activists addition to the israeli high court to stop these weapons sales but the ruling was kept classified. we know that israel continued to supply armored land and water vehicles and artillery to the burmese military. once again, israel supplied arms to myanmar when it was known they were committing ethnic cleansing and while there was a u.n. embargo in place, and the high court helps to cover it up and enable it. rwanda, in the
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1990's, jim and the horrific genocide, an estimated one million men and women and children were massacred in the space of 100 days. it is said to be the fastest pace of genocide in human history. andel provided the grenades emanation that made it all possible. , petitioningists the israeli high court to declassify the arms transfers, quoted the israeli arm dealer rwanda said -- i am actually a doctor -- in pride, saying that in supplying those weapons, he helped the victims die quickly. ruled's high court that the details of those arms deals would remain a secret, again, claiming it would harm israeli interests to reveal the extent of those arms transfers. so, again, israel supplied rw
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anda where weapons while it was known that a genocide was taking place and while there was a you and arms embargo in place. israel's high court helps to cover it up. adding insult to injury, israel backed a move at the u n by historyto rewritew the of this particular genocideanda as a larger quid pro quo -- genocide as a larger quid pro thewith paul kagame, to president, to take deported asylum seekers, deported from israel. cover of an explosive book when it was theished in 2010, detailing never before known at of cooperation between israel and the apartheid government of south africa. israel was south africa's closest ally, it's most
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important arms supplier, and eventually, it's only friend in the world of the could no longer look the other way from the crimes of apartheid. the coordination between the two countries was unprecedented. the respective intelligence chiefs held regular meetings, sharing information, training and surveillance. they gave unfettered access to each other's military tactics, missions and intelligence. their relationship was actually deeper than mere trade and coordination. moral had a spiritual and of entity the apartheid government in south africa, which was articulated in the 1980's by the israeli chief of staff, who said, referring to blacks in south africa -- that gain control over the white minority just like the arabs here want to gain control over us.
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, like the white minority in south africa must prevent them from gaining control over us." just two months after israel rolled out the red carpet for the south african president in 1976, schoolchildren took to the streets to demonstrate against an imposed racist curriculum. the white south african police mowed them down with weapons supplied by israel. what shocked the world further from the smoke was to finally learn about israel had offered to provide the apartheid government with nuclear arms as .ar back as 1975 israel tried to prevent the declassification of the postapartheid government documents, but they were unsuccessful. and it became clear that israel did indeed lead to the nuclear armament of the apartheid
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disarmedhich luckily, voluntarily following the fall of apartheid. one more thing worth noting. israeli the former olmert,inister, ehud warned that his country could one day -- face a struggle for face a struggle for equal rights, and once that happens, israel is finished. [laughter] [applause] susan: there are so many more israeli of subterfuge in the world. i will quickly rattle through a few of these examples without going into detail for the sake of time. but just know that in every one
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of these instances, and this is rosaa complete list, of sub firms sales, occurred to bolster oppressive regimes and training of mercenaries to facilitate -- orate israel continued supplying arms to the repressive white colonial regime in modern-day zimbabwe after u.s. tensions were imposed in 1967. israel armed and supported portugal against national liberation movements in the former colonies of mozambique and angola, and guinea-bissau. israel funded and trained in the military repression of anti-colonial uprisings and or dictatorships in the ivory coast, central african republic, then in, togo, uganda, nigeria somalia. israel fund all sides of the ain't gonna let civil war at different times over 40 years. they used to this tactic in
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other places to fuel and arm, or to divide and conquer africa. israel armed and trained elite zaire now the democratic republic of congo, bolstering the total role of seseseko, following the assassination of patrice lumumba. israel armed the dictatorship of nicaragua. following the democratic election of the sandinistas, israel funneled arms to the brutal nicaraguan contras and was embroiled in what was known as the iran-contra affair. they likewise sold arms to guatemalan death squads as all as in el salvador and honduras. pinochet'sring horrific dictatorship, to rafael
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during his dictatorship over the dominican republic, to the terrorist argentinian who of the 1970's. in many of these places, israel also sold technology to track political activist and monitor funds. they did the same thing in the philippines during the fortinet marcos era and in indonesia suharto. repressive there are now supplying weapons to the accused were criminal leader of the philippines, rodrigo duterte. in cameroon, israeli generals provided training in arms to protect a dictator who has been political dissidents, disappearing, fascinating and torturing activists. they are doing the same thing in the oil-rich it could toil ,inny, -- equatorial guinea suppressing political dissent and facilitating the siphoning
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of that nation's resources to enrich its rulers, and u.s. and israeli corporations, while the people languish in abject poverty. israel also provided countries wares andations withware training for political dissent. in the united states, there is widespread training of u.s. police departments. the export of israel's brutal tactics to the united states has been so alarming that jewish voice for peace launched a dedicated campaign called "deadly exchange" to fight against it and bring awareness. over 200 police and security agencies across the united states have gone to israel for training, and i think these are
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just the ones funded by one zionist -- the mastech scientist agency, where they are both brainwashed against agency and obstructed in ruthless military tactics. c the impacts of this u.s.ration between domestic police departments and the occupation of the military came to light after the ferguson uprising, in which robocop police showed up in military gear to suppress unarmed peaceful protesters. theurned out that ferguson police department have gone on one of these training junkets in israel. also known is that the incident of the police shooting in 2016 thelice, texas, in which police chief, david brown, sent in a robot packed with explosives to kill the suspect. it was a kind of remote suicide bomber, if you will. apparently the first known time
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that police dispatched a robot to kill a suspect on u.s. soil rather than attempting apprehension or negotiating surrender. as it turned out, that police chief had been on a 10 day so-called antiterrorism training in israel. lastly come on this point, this is something that was touched on earlier, the recent revelation intelligencey companies -- israeli intelligence companies have been spying on u.s. citizens, not to s rolen these companies' in tempering in the u.s. election of 2016, as the robert mueller investigation has revealed. now, i want to move on to friendships and alliances. despite claiming to be the guardians and protectors of jews everywhere, israel actually has
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courted some of the world's most notorious anti-semites, as long as they support israel's occupation and buy their arms. the south african prime minister and mentioned earlier was a not naziathize or -- was a z sympathizer previously imprisoned by the british for his ties to a militia. -- when herubbing visited israel, rabin heaped praise on him. -- bolsonaro of brazil send to present spokelitical opponents,
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favorably of torture, lamented that the brazilian cavalry was not as efficient as the americans, who exterminated the indians, and he said he would rather see his on die in a car crash rather than here he was gay. israel has developed ties with him. israel has also been arming and training neo-nazis in the ukraine. israel, likewise, opened its primeto anti-semitic minister of hungary, victor or orban, praised the dictatorship that is that it over the mass murder of jews, and uses anti-semitic tropes to demonize george soros. in december, netanyahu even met with him to negotiate the opening of a revisionist holocaust museum in budapest which basically exonerates hungary's role in europe's holocaust. netanyahu signed a joint
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declaration with the right wing polish prime minister mor avyetsky, which likewise went poland -- likewise wiped clean poland's role in the holocaust and rewrites the history to say that it actually helped free nancy's. thisurse, there is card-carrying anti-semite but israel embraces. netanyahu went so far as to make excuses for hitler's, claiming in 2015 that hillary was not the monster we all thought he was, rather that he was a palestinian him to who convinced actually kill european jews. [laughter] luckily, netanyahu will cross the line with that one and european leaders and historians him atogether to give file card.
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the last bit i want to touch on briefly has to do with the way israel's rewriting of history is rubbing the world of archaeological treasures and history that belongs not only to palestinians but to all of humanity. palestine is already an exceptional place. while it already has an indigenous population that formed their over millennia, palestine holds the history that belongs to all people of monotheistic faiths. inception, israel has worked tirelessly to erase the footprints of the many civilizations, religions and peoples who existed in that land before, during and after jewish presence in the land. the existence of so many aurches and mosques are particular irritant to israel, and it has worked in earnest to
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destroy, does a control them from the beginning of their control over the land. ,mmediately after the naqba israel began a campaign of destroying israeli villages it had just the populated, including tearing down mosques and churches, some of which were centuries old and of great religious and historic significance. like this mosque in jerusalem, that was built by one of n's sons. in places where new jewish inhabitants took over palestinian towns, non-jewish have beenworship turned into nightclubs, animal pens, restaurants, brothels, and the like. made mosques were inaccessible, declared closed military zones, leaving them derelict. when the islamic movement once helped a group of internal a fund toet up restore their mosque in 2000, it
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was bulldozed overnight in still unexplained circumstances. increasingly, jewish militias are randomizing and burning churches and mosques without any consequence to the perpetrators. in 2010, the u.s. state stated thateported "non-jewish holy sites in israel do not enjoy legal protection because of the government is not recognized him as officially holy sites." after jewish settlers torched a mosque in 2012, the chief of staff admitted in a radio interview that there was no interest in catching the culprits. he said, "if we wanted, we could catch them. and when we want to, we will." part and parcel of israel's erasure of history, they have also targeted non-jewish cemeteries. ,he ancient muslim cemetery
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which includes graveyards by prominent muslim scholars, generals and companions of the prophet mohammed, peace be upon him, was destroyed to build a museum by the california-based wiesenthal center. in 2008, over 100 skeletons were unearthed and tossed aside during excavations for the work.uction throughout palestine, in places where israel has developed jewish cities, muslim and christian cemeteries were simply over. and buil built television diversity, built over a palestinian village, desecrated a graveyard and built a dormitory over it -- tel aviv university. lastly, i want to briefly touch on the ways israel has weaponize archaeology. on the pretense of digging for history, it has consecrated and damaged whole palestinian neighborhoods.
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this one in east jerusalem is an example, where israel has anfiscated land belonging to palestinian family and evicted over 6000 palestinians. .t was never about archaeology we know that there are planning to build a so-called national park in the area, a kind of jewish disneyland. the authorities have destroyed several archaeological sites and antiquities as a result of this dig, including a cemetery dating caliphate, abassid and relics dating back to the canaanite era. it is not for the love of archaeology or history. in fact, israel routinely destroys insurance cities on earth by archaeologists, so long as they have nothing to do with jewish history. the first thing they did when they conquered palestine in
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1967, was to demolish the entire moroccan neighborhood that was over 800 years old, displacing palestinians. israel has engaged in such massive destruction of antiquities consistently and systematically. another example shown here is the recent find of a 1200-year-old mixed village of a while off and christians who together. archaeologists got a chance to take photos and record some of the relics, but the site is said to be bulldozed for development. again, these are all just surface surveys of hidden realities. israel aretions of much more vast, deeper and far-reaching. but my hope is that what i have presented here today will expand the view from israel as an apartheid nation, suppressing
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the indigenous palestine population, to a deeper understanding of israel as a violence,ce of plunder, paranoia, surveillance, ,greed, or, suppression ecological destruction, erasure of history, the forceful transfer of wealth from the week to the powerful, and the entrenchment of the supremacist ideologies that set human hierarchies in cast. no matter how many gay pride marches they hold, or how many eurovisions they host, no matter how good their national orchestra makes you feel when the tour the world, or how palestinian citizens are given a symbolic vote, no matter how much green-washing, pink-washing, or white-washing there is in mainstream media, the way israel exists in the world is ultimately
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antithetical to life in the party. not just the palestinians, but to all people who struggle against tyranny, oppression, white supremacy and ecological destruction. the situation is the higher and that -- the situation is dire and desperate for families and palestine. the agreement reality of our compatriots daily lives and the dimming of our future and our homeland is or by israel's push to ban -- jerusalem. moving over perhaps the last frontier in palestine. but i don't want to and on such a hopeless note because despite everything, there is so much to celebrate, so much to encourage our continued struggle and much tents or hope. inspire hope.h to in fact, i believe israel's
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escalation of the ongoing ethnic cleansing is in many ways a desperate though contra productive response to the growing international repudiation of them, including by young jews, whose moral comcast is not guided by zionism. the conversation is changing here and around the world. palestine is the single issue leftist movements and parties globally. the democratic party in the u.s. come of the women's march, the labour party in the u.k., increasingly, we are not alone. points of intersection with liberation movements around the world are being filled with reciprocal solidarity. importantly, our people on the front lines have not given up and they continue every day to fight and insist on life. in the bigger picture of what it by historical examples,
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palestine actually follows time-tested trajectories of liberation. difficult and bloody as these paths always are, i believe that ultimately, restoration to our 80 isnd to liberty and our only collective destiny . thank you. [applause] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> would have a lot of questions. susan: ok. >> what role has israel played ?n the war in syria susan: did you hear the question? it is, what role has israel
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played in a war in syria? thanlly, there are more one year and report detailing israeli armed transfers -- arms transfers to the so-called rebels, who are a hodgepodge of folks come up most of whom aren't even syrian, and they do include militias from al qaeda. they also know that these ssad fighters have been getting medical treatment in israel in addition to their arms. they have definitely been bolstering and supporting the civil war from day one. what is the relationship between isis and israel in the destruction of antiquities? what ishe question is,
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the relationship between isis and israel in the destruction of antiquities? they both destroy antiquities. [laughter] susan: i don't think there are colluding necessarily in the destruction of antiquities, but isis, they are both anti-culture. important buddhist up important buddhist statues, and israel has been systematically erasing the presence of many civilizations, especially of islamic cousins on the land. >> is an israeli company involved in building our wall, and using israeli materials? susan: i have read that, actually. i think a simple google search will show there are several israeli companies, and i'm not
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sure if -- donald trump has publicly praised israel's wall. bidsw that they did put in , so i don't know if they're actually involved in building it. i also read that they are possibly involved in the surveillance, providing some of the surveillance equipment for the wall. of any idea what percentage police in the u.s. a shooting blacks, who were trained by israel here or there? susan: that is a good question. it is actually one i have been get information on, especially in our city in philadelphia. that,am not the expert on i think the most reliable place at this point is jewish ways for peace, the deadly exchange program that i mentioned earlier
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. oiay have been filing f applications in many cities. how manya bit stunning people, how many police policeents, and not just departments, also places like university security. all these major universities have been sending their security departments to israel, which is really scary, because campuses is where a lot of activism takes place. can pronounce of these villages better than i. susan: in 1950 seven, israelis uprooted about 10000 and demolished three villages. one of them became a settler the other two became
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a park called canada park. do you have any information on these villages? i don't, sorry. >> can you talk about is really agribusiness and destruction of ,alestinian heritage agricultural heritage? susan: this is relevant to the first that i talked about regarding the destruction of palestine's water system. in his early propaganda campaigns, israel was sort of trying to create the "new jews," who was going to be the agrarian person, farming the land. built into the zionist ideology ing the land, and so forth. they sigh fund and its ordinary -- they siphoned next ordinary amount of water to have this
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appearance of agricultural success, even though agriculture was a tiny portion of their gdp. so there was there is the environmental destruction part ,f it, and the other part is the israeli agricultural sector employs its laborers from palestinians, palestinian farmers whose land has been confiscated, so they are forced to become day laborers, very low-wage day laborers. they also employ children. there were reports last year of child labor, and a lot of illnesses having to children from the pesticides that are used. , the there is the issue other end of that is a toxic israel, not just from
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the agricultural sector, but from all sectors, industrial and domestic usage. waste gets dumped into palestinian towns. because israel's environmental the 67ds don't apply to territories, all these industries take their toxic waste and dump it in palestinian and they give desperate people who are living in poverty kels and end up completely decimating the area and causing a lot of illnesses among local inhabitants. dump -- settlements dump their untreated sewage into palestinian towns. and this is a huge problem. it is destroying the water
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table, too. together.tied palestinians -- israel is trying in so many ways to uproot palestinian's, creating come making their towns into garbage dumps is one of the multitude of ways. the agricultural business is part and parcel of our. place interns in congressional offices, and is there a way of getting american interns into their offices? susan: i don't have the specific data on that common sense would tell me that yes, they probably do. i am sure there are arab american interns, there has to be, interns from all walks of life in all districts. tell us how you
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started your leg runs for palestine, and how did you do it? susan: thank you for asking that, whoever asked that question. , my daughters ago was a toddler and playgrounds were a huge part of our lives. i went back to palestine about an eight -- after an 18 year absence, and the lack of playgrounds was hugely visible to me because it was such a big part of our lives. when i came back, i decided that we needed to build playgrounds. as i often do with a lot of things in my life, i don't i amy think -- i don't -- not a planner and i sort of jump into things ha headlong. disaster butult in this time he turned out to be a
3:51 am
wonderful project. you got our first playground donated and we got the palestine and we built it. a lot of my amazing, wonderful friends joined the board. we are an all volunteer group of mostly women with the exception of one man. we are all volunteers. this is a labor of love for us. we raise money throughout the years and whatever we have, we use it to build playgrounds. we also support summer camps and , skateonal programs camps and other recreational activities. and also, if you guys haven't seen the olive oil, i need to plug this or our board is going to kill me, we are selling olive oil. we finally have our own private label olive oil called ida, the
3:52 am
feminine form of "return." ands organic, fair trade, all the proceeds go to the organization. >> thank you very much. susan: thank you. thank you for having me. [applause] >> you can go by some during the next break. [chatter] >> all right. good afternoon, everyone. thanks for sticking with us through a long day. he will get started here with another important topic of discussion, and that is legislative efforts to help palestinians, especially innocent palestinian cre


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