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tv   Daniel Newhauser  CSPAN  March 30, 2019 5:36am-5:48am EDT

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you saw in michigan -- if they would reported. many thousands of people outside of the arena, that arena was asked and it was tremendous love in that arena. look what is happening with michigan and ohio and pennsylvania and so many places, you look at what is going on, places. many different new hampshire i have reports of something we did in new hampshire. ofare the hottest country the world economically and that is going to stay that way for a long time to come. thank you very much. daniel neuhauser reports on congress. he joins us for a look at the week ahead. let's start with senate rule changes.
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we could see significant change in the u.s. senate. what is mitch mcconnell attempting to do? >> mcconnell wants to change the senate rules to limit the amount of time that it would take to debate judges, not number these to be judges or subcabinet positions. this would not apply to the supreme court. mcconnell wants to limit debate ,rom 30 hours to two hours which would speed up how many nominees pres. trump: get to the senate. seven approved three dozen nominees. why does mitch mcconnell this change is necessary? sec: spencer: there are two things -- guest: there are two things going on. mitch mcconnell thinks there have not been enough nominees approved. he has accused democrats of
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obstruction. side, somer observers believe this is an attempt to go nuclear, to set up a vote on the entire nuclear option. mitch mcconnell need 60 votes to approve this rules change which he may not get because he would be democrats to vote with the. -- him. they have directed they are going to change the rules of the mean theyirely to would only need 50 votes to get nominees through. he would need 50 votes to get that done and that might not happen, but he has a better chance of that that a 60 vote threshold. host: how are senate democrats
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respond big? -- responding? guest: chuck schumer has accused of dust mitch mcconnell of hypocrisy, saying would mcconnell is it the minority he cares about minority rights but now that he is it the majority he was to throttle the minorities ability to have any say. i do not expect this is going to be handled amicably. this is going to be a huge deal. in the house they're set to take up the reauthorization of the violence against women act. why does it need to be the -- reauthorized? guest: this is a law that tries eliminate domestic violence by setting up a grant program
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programsunding for that handles domestic violets issues. february. in year-endmes part of a spending package of republic of the democrats get together a vote on a bill. it expired at the end of last year over disagreements about how to handle not just the spell but other issues. the problem is, for republicans democrats added gun-control and the to the bill republicans and nra are opposed. host: let me break up your tweet. the nre will issue test and are --ill issue ask
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who want political cover to vote against the bill. why did he need that? this is a dicey issue every year when this comes up. it is called the violence against women act. if you vote against that, the political ads right themselves. last time, democrats inserted provisions that would extent the anti-domestic violets issues to undocumented immigrants to and otherr women categories of people republicans disagree with. it became a heated political didn'tnd republicans back down to some degree. democrats are trying to do this with that control. they have added it red flag provisions which would make it possible for authorities to
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confiscate is for people who have been convicted of stalking or domestic violets. the nra says this is mr. peter stocking or vista leader -- to violets. that gives some republicans who are forced to make a politically dicey vote against the violence against women act or four gun-control enabler -- in a bore -- more comfortable position. members on howg .hey vote on this bill republican members could go to the district and say i voted against the act but it is not because of the violence against women portion, it is because of god's. -- guns.
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daniel neuhauser, thanks for your time. c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up, allison klein discusses the cap administration's proposed budget cup 42020 and education policy. efforts toenkins on ratify the equal rights amendment. and the less be talks about -- make it less the docs about americans trust in government. announcer: former texas lawmaker beto o'rourke kicks off his presidential bid live.
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and of the three c-span radio app. announcer: on american history tv, world war ii navajo code talkers and they look back at the 1979 island nuclear power at 2:00 p.m.ay eastern cup the first of six interviews with global world war ii navajo code talkers used their native-language to communicate operational plants. it to the navajo code talkers compelled to use their language and they devised it of a scheme in such a way it played a role of confusing the editor be -- emnemy.
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announcer: the 40th anniversary of the three-mile nuclear power point accident near pennsylvania, consider the most serious united states. walker and samuel acting director of the nuclear safety project, and would live in.- admitted lies --edmund lyman. please stay indoors with your windows closed. >> the people of middletown, pennsylvania lived in fear of an entity they -- enemy they could that see. ones, tv was three giant networks and pbs.
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then a small network rolled out a big idea. let viewers decide on their own what was important. c-span opened the doors to washington policymaking for all to see, bringing you unfiltered content from congress and beyond. this was true people power. in the 40 years since, the landscape has changed. away.asting has given c-span's big idea is more relevant today than ever. television, online, c-span is your unfiltered view of government so you can make up your own mind. the supreme court heard oral arguments, a case
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congressional district gerrymandering. a lower district court world north carolina's existing maps were unconstitutional and ordered. -- new maps. >> oral argument case 18422, rucho verse common cause, mr. clement. >> mr. chief justice and may it please the court. is not a of failure lack of judicial imagination or a lack of claims that the particular map before the court was the most extreme ever. rather the root cause of this failure is the basic decision of the framers to give responsibility for congressional districting to political actors. the framers consciously cho


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