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tv   U.S. House of Representatives GOP Leader Mc Carthy on 1st 100 days of 116th...  CSPAN  April 10, 2019 10:47pm-10:58pm EDT

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>> at the very beginning, she said you will never see my diaries. her diaries are kept at the bush library, but they are not available for public view until 35 years after her death. that, and itood thought she was unlikely to let me see her diaries. and at the end of this interview , she said, and you can see my diaries. and that was an incredible gift. that sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. >> house minority leader kevin mccarthy spoke on the house floor about the first 100 days of the 116 congress under democratic leadership. this is about 10 minutes. are rise to ask a simple yet important question. the question more and more americans are beginning to ask.
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what have the democrats done with their majority? day friday marks the 100th for new democrat but geordie. 100 days of democrat disappointment. today, we were supposed to democrat show budget, but speaker pelosi pulled it. so we are here, debating another bill that is dead on arrival in the senate. the numbers speak for themselves. at this point, in the last congress, republicans have passed 141 bills out of committee and 132 out of the house. we all believe in accountability , so what do the numbers say now? by contrast, democrats have passed 68 bills out of committee and 97 out of the house. considerably fewer bills out of this house than before. but think about this, democrats have passed more bills out of the house than they have out of
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the committee. so much more doing the job of the people's house. no, it's whatever leadership decides. madam speaker, we have been lectured countless times by speaker la lowsy over the years. -- pelosi over the years. you-all know the comments, show us your budget, show us your values. it hasn't been said once, it's been said hundreds of times. show us your budget, show us your values. the speaker and i have disagreements, but i agree that passing a budget is the fundamental responsibility of the majority. but that's not what we're doing today. unfortunately, it looks like we'll never know the true values of this majority because there is no budget. mr. speaker, the problem goes beyond the democrats' lack of results. as the majority the democrats have focused on three principles above all else --
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resolutions, radicalism, and resistance. one in five votes in this house that was taken since the end of january were nonbinding messaging resolutions. just last week we wasted time debating a symbolic resolution on health care. imagine for a moment if we had instead spent 1/5 of our time actually working to lower premiums, expand choice, or improve quality. imagine all that he we could have achieved. right now we have a humanitarian crisis along our southern border. what if we spent 1/5 of our time working to improve border security? and fix the loopholes in our immigration system. nope. the speaker, democrats would rather consider another nonbinding resolution.
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i have never known anybody that has ran for office that was asked to make sure you go to congress to waste their time on votes that do not matter. they send us here to deliver solutions, not resolutions. mr. speaker, the american people deserve better. perhaps the democrat majority is so focused on resolutions because they don't want the american people to understand the consequences of their radical extremist policies. as the "wall street journal" wrote, democrats are embracing policies that include government control of ever larger chunks of the private american economy. as i like to say, if you like the welfare state, you'll love the democrat agenda. take the green new deal, under the guise of fighting climate change, it will lead to government control over nearly
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very element of our lives. what wouldn't it do? make housing more available or energy more affordable for hardworking families. how about medicare for all? how do you like one-size-fits-all health care system where government bureaucrats not consumers decide what benefits you are going to receive. more than democrats in the majority have co-sponsored this bill. not only do they support it, they crave it to come to the floor. what would it do? it would end private insurance. that means 158 million americans would lose their insurance. and everybody on medicare advantage, gone. that's what they worked on the first 100 days. your doctor? gone. your hospital? gone. your health care plan? gone.
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on issue after issue democrats seem to have but one solution, more spending, more bureaucracy, and more government control. mr. speaker, the american public deserves better. finally, you can can learn a lot about this majority by seeing the bills they refuse to consider these first 100 days. after spending weeks unwilling to condemn anti-semitic remarks, you would think house democrats would rush to schedule real legislation. we have a bill sitting at the speaker's desk right now that would take concrete steps to counter the growing boycott, divestment in sanction movement against our greatest ally in the middle east, israel. you would think that, but that would be wrong. you would think that after the virginia governor made comments
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that seemed to support infanticide, house democrats would rush to schedule the born alive abortion survivor protection act. remember, this bill simply ensures that all babies, regardless of when they are born, receive the medical care they deserve as human beings. yet, for the 31st time, no exaggerations, 31 times we have asked on this floor for unanimous consent to bring that bill up. democrats have refused. that's what they spent 100 days on. they refuse to defend newborns from infanticide because they are beholden to the most extreme factions of their own party. mr. speaker, the american people deserve better. the only unifying theme of the democrats' 100 days have been their nonstop resistance to president trump.
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for two years democrats insisted that the president colluded with russia to win the 2016 election. their own chairman, the house intel committee, the one who is supposed to see and protect us told the american public in 2017 that there was more than circumstantial evidence to prove it. yet when the mueller report found no evidence of collusion, democrats refused to accept the conclusion and refused to do anything to adam schiff who had lied to the american public for the last two years. they didn't apologize for misleading the public, either. no, without missing a beat and aided by the liberal media, they simply opened up new investigations. that's what they did for their 100 days. who pays for these endless investigations? you. the hardworking taxpayer.
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the democrats are happy to continue to run you up the tab and never bring a budget to the floor to show you your values. mr. speaker, the american public deserves better. today the democrats are leaving for their member retreat and then a two week spring break. let's hope they come back with more than a tan. let's hope they come back with a new game plan. let's hope they come back ready to work for the common good, not simply to appease their extremist radical base. we are ready and eager to work with democrats. work with y to democrats for our border and our infrastructure. we are ready to work with democrats to lower the cost of prescription drugs and address the oipped crisis. we stand ready to work with anyone to solve problems across
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our country faces. in the next 100 days and beyond. after 100 days, please, mr. speaker, let's get to >> all of this month on c-span, we will feature the winners of our studentcam documentary competition. middle and high school students created videos answering the question what does it mean to be , american? aresecond place winners from mansfield, texas, where c-span is available through spectrum. their winning entry is titled, till we reach that day. american citizen can be characterized as multiple opinions of belief. being an american is composed of extremely diverse and cultural


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