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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  April 11, 2019 3:48am-4:33am EDT

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brett ellis with his book and at 7:00 conservative radio talk show host, larry elder, author of double standards. be sure to watch our coverage of the los angeles times festival of books starting at 1:30 p.m. eastern saturday and sunday on book tv on c-span 2. >> during this week's prime minister's question time in the british house of commons, prime minister may spoke about her discussions with jeremy corbyn over brexit. other topics included the government's plan to regulate technology companies and protect internet users. some members acknowledged the 21st anniversary of the good friday agreement, a piece between the british and irish governments. this took place before the european leaders met on extending the brexit date. >> order. questions for the prime minister.
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>> prime minister. >> thank you. ay i add my congratulations to sara davis and how good it is to see women in a high office. mr. speaker. mr. speaker. the tragedy in 1919 is a shameful scar on british indian history. her majesty the queen said in 1997 it is a distressing example of our past history with india. we deeply regret what happened and what suffering it caused. i'm pleased that today the u.k.-india relationship is one of cooperation and security. making an enormous contribution to british society and i'm sure the whole house twoishes see the u.k.'s relationship with india
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ontinue to flourish. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i fully agree the prime minister when she has repeatedly said we need to -- on the referendum and our condominiums which means leaving the customs unit. the best way to do that rather than deliver a diluted deal which is unrecognizable to many of those who voted to leave is and the british people and the conservative government to make a success of that. >> i believe that the conservative government will make a success of whatever situation is -- but i do believe that actually the best brexit for the u.k. is in an orderly way, to be able to leave with a
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deal and i do want to ensure that brexit does indeed honor the results of the referendum. there are member s of this house who don't want to honor the results of the referendum. i do. >> i'm pleased the prime minister addressed what happened and i think the people in memory of those who lost their lives and the brutality of what happened deserve a full, clear and unequivocal apology. i join you in welcoming i sara davis to her appointment. i'm sure she will be absolutely brilliant. she has done incredibly well. also mr. speaker, i welcome my honorable friend, the new member from newport west is also here today. the successor to the late paul
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flynn. today marks a defining moment in irish history which allowed peace to prevail. it was a great achieve identical. achieving the crucial breakthrough in the peace process which we have to ensure maintains. as we continue to find discussions to on a compromise over a brexit deal that could shape our future economic relationship with europe, protecting jobs and our economy, we should not forget communities across this country that have been abandon tpwhid government in the here and now. official figures show that nine of the 10 most deprived council areas in this country have seen cuts that almost three times the average of any other council. why has the prime minister decided to cut the worst off areas in our country more than the most well off? >> right to reference the 21st
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belfast, an important movement in northern irish history and it has led to the peace we have seen and the actions that were taken by politicians of all parties in this house and elsewhere to ensure that peace was possible and that agreement was possible as well. can i say to the honorable gentleman in relation to the issue of council funding actually councils do have more money available this year. a real increase. the gentleman voted against that money being available. but what we have also done is given them --cil, we worked to have the borrowing cap lifted so they could build more homes. we have done exactly that.
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given them what they wanted. >> jeremy corbyn. >> thank you, the problem is that child poverty is rising. the highest levels of child poverty over 1,000 pounds per household is being taken in funding cuts in the last decade in some of the wealthiest areas of our country they have only lost five pound. honda recently announced 3,500 job cuts. child poverty is over 1/3 higher than ns surry. yet in wind isen they would have they would winden have lost and surry household also see more money from central governments. the prime minister explain while swinden faces cuts while surry gets more money? >> the average spending power per home is over 20% higher than
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the least supplied -- that is conservatives delivering. >> hokelessness is three times higher in swinden than in surry. 2/3 of councils do not have the funding necessary to comply with the homeless reduction action act. the council has lost 640 pounds per household but child poverty has more than doubled the rates in surry. which has seen an increase in funding. does prime minister think areas with the highest levels of child poverty deserve to be facing the largest cutses in their budgets? >> what i think is that members across this house who are concerned about child poverty should take action to ensure we are helping families to get more money into their pocket. government that has
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introduced the national living wage and given low paid workers the highest pay increase and on saturday 32 million house holds will see a tax cut. he should be backing these measures by the government nstead of voting against them. >> under this government, 500,000 more children have gone nto relative poverty and 4,000 -- were handed out to children last year. if it wasn't bad enough, it is about to get rather worse. orrey proposals will make poorer areas even poorer. they are removing the word depriveation from the funding area. in a phrase that george orwell would have been very proud of, they called this the fairer funding formula. areas will lose out even more.
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can the prime minister explain why she wans to give less funding to the most deprived arts of our country? s are that's not what we have doing. what we are doing is ensuring that we have a fairer funding formula. we are also ensuring we're putting more money and making more money available for local authorities to spend. let's just see what we see from council after council up and down the country. if people want to ensure they have good local services and are paying less income tax, that's what they see under conservative council. if you want to pay less, vote conservative. controls th is when local councils, households pay an average of 350 pounds less. the average council tax and
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labor and dwelling couple areas s 1169 compared to 1520 in torrey council areas. this society of chief executives called the fair funding formula decision perverse and even before this new formula kicks in, councils are losing out now. a conservative council leader said earlier this year, we are really, really really short of money. i mean there is no money. for him to run his services. what does the prime minister say to local authorities struggling to make ends meet while her government continues to underfund the services that they deliver? >> difficult decisions to living within our means. why did we have to do that? we had to do that because -- by the last labor government.
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>> the choice made to impose austerity on local government has -- the worst in every one of our communities across the ountry since 2010, 50 pence of every pound has been stripped interest local her tos by her government. that is the reality of what life is like for those trying to deliver services. mr. speaker, the evidence is clear. the torries have abandoned communities across the country. they have left towns and cities to fend for themselves after nine years of vindictive, damaging austerity. 1,000 fewer -- one of the greatest achieve identicals of the last government. 760 fewer youths centers and a social care system in absolute crisis. child poverty is up. violent crime is up and home
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homelessness is up. this government, mr. speaker, stands for tax cuts for richest. minister nowe admit that far from tackling these injustices, her government's cruel and unfair policies have pushed councils to the brink and left those just about managing, not being able to manage it all> ? that is her legacy. >> i am proud to lead a government that has seen more doctors,indoors, more more jobs, lower unemployment, lower taxes and conservatives delivering across the country for everyone. what would we see under the labor government? destroying our defenses, abandoning our allies, fewer
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opportunities and higher taxes for everyone. that is the labor future. we will never let it happen. >> internet -- >> some argue for completely free markets and self-regulation by big business. this can lead to harmful content and extreme views promoted. the tech giants who act as publishers, who show that they will in fact without regulation -- where the prime minister joined me in welcoming the publication of the white paper and support the leveling of the playing field between print and broadcast media and tech giants? you my honorable friend, she has raised an important point that matters to people up and down this country. the internet can be brilliant in providing information and connecting people across the world. for too long companies have not done enough to protect users,
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especially young people from harmful content. that is not good enough. we are putting a legal duty of care on internet companies to keep people safe. i would like to congratulate the culture secretary and the home secretary for the work they have done. online companies start taking responsibility for platforms and restore public trust in technology. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the anniversary of the good friday agreement today, ending the violence in northern ireland, bring a for all of us living in the u.k. brexit threatens to undermine that, to drag us out of the most successful peace project in history, the european union. what a tragedy. weekpeaker, it is now one since talks begin between the tory government and the labour party.
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i want to ask the prime minister, at any point during these talks, has a second referendum been offered on the government side of the negotiating table? yes or no? >> my position on the second recommend h -- the second referendum has not changed. the house has rejected it twice. when we come to a deal, we have to ensure legislation goes through this house. it may be that there are those who wish to press the issue as legislation goes through. my position has not changed. >> very simple question, mr. speaker. as a referendum been offered? yes or no? in ae can't have faith, backroom deal cooked up by leaders who do not possess the ingredients to hold their parties together, never mind these islands together. scotland won't be forced to accept what these parties are preparing to serve.
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there is no such good thing as a good brexit. as a good tory-labor brexit deal. the prime minister must recognize the difference between what she believes is duty but what we see as delusion. her final days as prime minister -- will she accept the eu offer of a long extension? thisnly choice is to put back to the people? i have made my position clear. can i say to the right honorable gentlemen, it is difficult for many of us in this house hear week after week that the u.k. should stay in the eu when scottish independence would have meant taking scotland out of the european union? >> here here. >> taking pressure off efforts
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to reuse, recycle and reduce waste. will the government strengthen its bid to host 2020 u.n. climate change conference by putting a moratorium on new incineration gas applications including the one in my constituency? >> thank you for raising the issue and highlighting the fact that we are bidding to host. the issue of incineration is crucial for local areas. we want to maximize waste sent to recycling rather to incineration and landfills. it continues to play an important role in reducing rubbish. we welcome work to drive down waste further. if wider policies don't deliver
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our ambitions in the future, including recycling rates, we will consider the instruction of attacks on incineration awakes incineration rates. >> charlie foster, one of my young constituents, age seven, has got cystic fibrosis. attacks, sorry, it is like breathing from a straw. i have never tried the test but i'm going to when i get back to my constituency. these young people are suffering very badly because of a drug. it has not been licensed. increase for these kids and it stops them being sent straight to the
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hospital. try and get this drug across the line and give these kids, like charlie foster, quality of life. our thoughtsll, are with charlie and his family and we recognize the significant concerns there are in relation to this access to this drug. 11th of march, a meeting with the company, and they discussed how best to reach a deal so people with cystic fibrosis can benefit as soon as possible. in march and they continue discussions. i will ensure this is brought before the department of health. >> select committee, local governments produced an excellent report on reform. with the doubling of ground
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rents, outrageous charges and the absolute scandal of developers selling freehold's without even contacting leaseholders, this market is broken. does my right honorable friend agree with me, that we cannot rely on codes? we need legislation in this house to restore fairness. thank theirst of all committee for their report and my friend for the way he has championed issues around housing ? his act is already having an effect on reduction. we have committed to reduce ground rent on future leases. current leaseholders, we have been working with the industry to get existing leases with ground rent changed to better deals. there is a right of first refusal when selling. we are considering introducing a right of first refusal for house
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lessees as well. we considered a range of changes, charges facing freehold's, including permission fees and in what circumstances they are justified and whether banned.uld be cap or we are carefully considering the report. my honorable friend is right. if we believe the market is not working properly, we should act to deal with that. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the prime minister will be aware of the investigation last week into the extent of the involvement of the british marital or personnel in the -- british military personnel in the war in yemen. bae, carried out 95% of operations for bombing raids, including the one that killed 40 schoolchildren in august last year. where the government act now to
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review arms licenses to saudi arabia and the british complicity in these bombings? we have one of the toughest regimes in relation to the export of arms across the world. she references the situation in yemen. we are clear that cannot go on. four years since the beginning of this devastating conflict. there needs to be settlement. we need to work with the u.n. special envoy. the parties have made specific progress to an agreement -- phase one of the reemployment of forces. we encourage all parties to honor the agreements made in stockholm. 717 million pounds, we are backing the coalition -- that has been abolished by the u.n., is there the request of the government of yemen. we have been backing the peace
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process. we will continue to do so and provide humanitarian support to the people of yemen. >> thank you, mr. speaker. pounds perceive 4350 annum for their education. their counterparts in hackney receive 50% more at 6590. these huge regional differences in funding for schools are leading to real problems in structure to supporting -- shropshire. when will this conservative government tackle the huge differences in regional funding for schools? >> we are working to improve education, regardless of what part of the country they live in or what their back on does. we are putting more funding into schools through 2020. extraently announced an
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250 million for the high needs budget together with extra money being put in for children with special education needs. the funding formula and distribution of funds -- the new national funding formula is about disturbing funds more fairly and historically underfunded schools will receive the biggest increases, up to 6% and to through the formula, allocating additional funding to smaller remote schools in rural communities. we recognize the need. speaker, 2010, child poverty had been continuously falling in preston for 16 years. children, nearly 8000 kids are living in poverty. food banks are overrun. what is accelerating this demand, the rollout of universal
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credit from july of last year? can i ask the prime minister, when is she going to scrap universal credit? the way to ensure we develop a sustainable solution to poverty is a strong economy and welfare system that helps people into work. that is what universal credit does. 2000 more people in work as a result. is, a child growing up in a home where all the adults work is around five times less likely to be in poverty then a home where no one works. we are making sure we encourage people into the workplace, there are more jobs out there, more people in work, a record number of people in employment. work is the best route out of poverty. >> on monday, a constituent contacted me to tell me three men armed with a knife had tried
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to rob his 15-year-old son as he walked from a friend's home. there was frustration that police stations are closing. to keep our young people, is in it time the mayor of london reverse his decision to close the london suburbs? >> she is absolutely right. the decision on the closure of stations across london are a matter for the mayor of london. year, one million pounds extra available to the police. metropolitan police receiving up to 2.7 billion pounds of funding, increase from last year. we will always ensure police have the power and resources they need. it is important people recognize the responsibility of crime commissioners about the decisions they take. in london, that is the labor mayor of london. >> that would be unwise of me to
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mention any hotels in the highlands this week. in my constituency, we have a skill pool second to none. as i continue to decommission, it is vital we redeploy skills to the maximum benefit of the local economy and the u.k. economy. can the prime minister give me assurance that the government will work closely with the development of local trade unions and the nuclear decommissioning authority to make sure redeployment of skills actually happens to the benefit of the u.k.? >> i recognize, this must be a time of concern. it is important that we recognize skills being developed there, and we take every opportunity to put these to the benefit of local people and the united kingdom. we welcome the restoration and support of the staff, through
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the transition into other employment. space, a growing industry, which the gentleman has recognized, or in energy. committedabsolutely to supporting the region and staff affected. we will continuing -- we will continue to work with the authority during this time. access for all programs championed by this conservative government is helping more disabled, elderly people access our stations with greater -- after my campaign in southport, the hillside station was a successful recipient of funding. for the prime minister do more in this area so more stations across the country give access for all?
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>> can i congratulate my honorable friend on the successful campaign he ran to get access at hillside station? we need to make sure we continue this program, ensuring we are able to open up routes for disabled people, ensuring they have access to stations. we are moving closer to a transport sector truly acceptable. changes at hillside is an example. if the program continues to be delivered, transport will make further funding provisions in due course. we are providing extra opportunities for disabled people. 900,000 more disabled people now in the workplace, accessing improving, and the campaign of ,y honorable friend and others has been an important part of that. >> wishing the honorable gentlemen a happy birthday. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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year, where rent is due for people who pay weekly basis. 52 universal credit payments this year. this is a problem. confirme prime minister she recognizes this problem and will act to ensure people don't need to find a next or week or an extraebt because -- week or go into debt? out, no worth pointing year contains 53 weeks. cover some days in the subsequent year. the following months only have four payment dates. the claimant will be overpaid for housing. the shortfall immediately recovered. it is about the way in which the days fall and make sure the system works. >> mr. speaker, if the prime
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minister is seeking a year-long extension to brexit, does she not recognize that of course would cost over one billion pounds a month to the british taxpayer? does she not agree that that funding would be better spent on tackling crime, funding schools and tax cuts for my constituents and those up and down the country? the extension i wrote to donald tusk last week, endorsed by parliament last night -- can i also say to my honorable friend, we could have been outside the eu by now if we managed to get the deal through. i'm continuing to work to ensure we can deliver brexit and can do that in a way that works for people across this country.
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what would the prime minister post is her governments greatest achievement? the brexit shambles? record numbers using food banks? the smallest army since waterloo? >> i will tell the honorable gentlemen what i am proud of. we have seen more people in work than ever before. tax cuts for 32 million people. wages rising. the deficit following. debt coming down. we are restoring this company. finances. that builds a brighter future for all constituents. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i would like to see more women on the boards of big business. for the prime minister join me in congratulating ruth carney, recently appointed, first female
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chair they have ever had, and hopefully they will improve the company's fortunes? >> can i think my honorable friend. i'm happy to congratulate ruth for that role. the government has done a lot since 2010 to see more women on the boards of companies. the greatest diversity on boards, the better the companies will do. >> for the prime minister's visit to brussels, i have light reading for her. police funding from the government. -- funding isly going down, not up. which you study this carefully and come back to this house and give an updated statement about what is really happening to police? >> can i say to the honorable gentlemen, we have been protecting police funding since
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2015. this financial year, this financial year, nearly one billion pounds extra available to police and we have indeed put extra money into police. extrascretary announced going into areas dealing with knife crime. the prime minister earlier made reference to diaspora. which you agree with me that it should be commended that despite comprising 4% of u.k. population they contribute 10% taxes to the treasury? >> can i say to my honorable friend, i am happy to welcome their contribution, that they are making to our country. he has reference the economic country through taxes. many of them are running
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businesses, employing people up and down the country successfully, successfully exporting from this country and supporting our economy. they also play an important role in our society. i am very happy to welcome that and congratulate them on it. >> carolina lucas. >> thank you, mr. speaker. this friday, young people will again be calling for urgent action on the climate emergency. so far every party leader except the prime minister has agreed to meet members of this extraordinary uprising. following a speech at dabo's, and a meeting with pope francis, a 16-year-old from sweden, who has fought this uprising, will visit parliament on the 23rd of april. my question is simple. where the prime minister agreed to meet greta and hear from the young people? i do that, and this gives me
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an opportunity to congratulate a school in my own constituency that has won five green flag awards in the last 10 years. everyear, got the first green heart hero award. thear young people often on issue of climate change. this government has a fine record on climate change. one day the honorable lady will stand up in this house and welcome the efforts. you very much, mr. speaker. is it this governments firm commitment to negotiate an independent state no later than december 2020? friend has been consistently campaigning on this. i know it is of great importance. we remain committed to establish
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fairer fishing policies. the deal would leave the common fisheries policy providing the u.k. with full control of waters as an independent coastal state., mr. the department of work and pensions replies ministerial credites -- "universal should not be pencils out-of-pocket," despite evidence showing 2.5 million pounds, including 640,000 pounds of additional administrative costs, they still have no offer from her government. they are doing a runner. every school in the highlands is bearing the cost of universal credit. isn't it time her government paid their bills? him to the importance of the system, which is bringing
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in 2000 more people into work. 700,000 people getting money they were entitled to that they were not receiving before. universal credit is helping people into work. >> neil o'brien. constituents,, my the terrible condition of spinal muscular atrophy. he desperately needs a life-changing drug available in many other countries. i know the secretary is working on this to create a new route for this important drug so my constituents can get the lifesaving treatment they need. >> an important issue. important we make sure patients are getting access to cost-efficient medicines, at a price fair and making best use of resources. that is the independent system we have to review the evidence.
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i understand there is a revised submission and a meeting of the independent appraisals committee took place early march considering those recommendations. sc is clear everybody at dh recognizes the significant of this drug but we need to make sure provisions are taken on the basis of clinical aspects together with cost-effectiveness . >> richard burden. >> when industries took over gkn last year, they promised ministers they would back british manufacturers and would not reduce the company's defense capacity without permission of government. last week, gkn announced they intend to close the kings norton plant, which makes civilian and military aircraft. will the prime minister tell gkn
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it expects the company to abide by the spirit and letter of the undertakings of melrose last year? i wasould like to say, not aware of the particular issue. if i may, i will look into that and respond in writing. >> thank you. order. >> today, eu leaders offer to extend brexit deadline until october 31. the president of the european council says he will take the offer to theresa may for approval from the u.k. government. this comes after prime minister may requested extension to delay brexit until june 30. journal,'s washington live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up.
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congressmanublican fred upton will join us to discuss health care and the green new deal. then, the forthcoming release of the redacted robert mueller report. westbrook talks about major u.s. banks. watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern this morning. join the discussion. >> thursday on the c-span networks, agriculture secretary sonny perdue testifies before a senate appropriations subcommittee about the proposed 2020 budget for his agency, live on c-span. on c-span2, the senate works on u.s. district court in executive nominations. shanahan,, patrick heather wilson and general joseph dunford testify about
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establishing the u.s. space >> barbara bush had finally had enough. they were out of the white house. she did not need to bite her tongue anymore. she said that she took offense at it, that reporters were at her door asking questions about it, that was not true. that was just assigned to give nancy reagan a little heart -- said -- heartburn and she said to nancy reagan, don't ever call me again. >> susan page on her biography of barbara bush, the matriarch. >> she said, you will never see my diaries. her diaries are kept at the bush library but they are not
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available for public view until 35 years after her death. i understood that and i thought she was unlikely to let me see her diaries. in the intimacy of the interview she said, you can see my diaries. that was an incredible gift. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. >> book tv has live we can coverage of the los angeles times festival of box from the campus of the university -- book's from the campus of the university of california gay with heroxanne book "not that bad." "dose0, beth macy with sick." coverage continues featuring
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the former homeland security secretary. -- actor justine bateman with "fame." "doubleer, author of standards." be sure to watch our live at 1:30 p.m.rting eastern saturday and sunday, but tv on c-span two. house minority leader kevin mccarthy spoke on the house floor about the first 100 days of the 116th congress under democratic leadership. this is about 10 minutes. mccarthy: i rise to ask a simple yet important question. the question more and more americans are beginning to ask.


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