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tv   President Trump Meets South Korean President at the White House  CSPAN  April 11, 2019 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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book "not that bad: dispatches rom rape culture." our live coverage continues with janet napolitano discussing her book. elder, author of "double standards." be sure to watch our live weekend coverage of the los angeles times festival of hopes, starting at 1:30 p.m. eastern saturday and sunday, on book tv on c-span2. >> the c-span bus is stopping at middle and high schools across the country to present the prizes and awards to the winners .f our studentcam competition
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you can see the top winning entries every morning before washington journal, and watch every winning documentary, along with those honorably mentioned and behind-the-scenes winners, online at president trump met with south korea's president at the white house today. speaking to reporters after their meeting, the president answered questions about the arrest of julian assange and relations with north korea. this is a half-hour. president trump: thank you very much. it's a great honor to have president moon of south korea with us, and a very, very great privilege to have mrs. kim. thank you very much. we hope you enjoy your stay. we are discussing many important things, including north korea,
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the relationships with north korea. i had, in many respects, a very good meeting. we did not fulfill what we wanted to, but in many ways we -- certain things were agreed to. my relationship is very good with, as you know, chairman kim. on that way, we will probably know, but we will be discussing that, discuss trade, military, military purchases. deal ofrea buys a great equipment from us, especially military equipment. [speaking foreign language]
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president trump: we have just recently completed a new and very large trade deal with south korea, and it is just now going into effect. it will very much increased trade both ways between our two countries. it is a very important transaction and something we have an working on for a while. for years, they have been trying to redo it. we have a new deal, and it has been good for both our countries. big difference.
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translator: [speaking korean] pres. trump: president moon and south korea have agreed to purchase a tremendous amount of our military equipment, from jet fighters to missiles to lots of other things. we make the finest equipment in the world by far. we appreciate the purchase. it is a very large purchase. we always appreciate that. ing korean] [speak
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pres. trump: i think i can say that our relationship has never been better. our relationship is on a personal basis, very close. extremelye, likewise close. i think that will continue into the future forever. [speaking korean] pres. trump: so we will be meetings lateral on and throughout the day with different people from different departments and representatives. the president myself will meet with me now in the oval office.
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then we will meet with our groups in the cabinet room. i think it will be a very productive day. that greato tell you progress has been made and a great relationship has been made in north korea. been somebody i have gotten to know very well and respect, and hopefully -- and i really believe that over a period of time, a lot of tremendous things will happen. i think north korea has tremendous potential, and i believe that president moon agrees with that. andill be discussing that even potential further meetings with north korea and kim jong-un. i want to extend my warmest wishes to the people of south korea. and i want to extend my warmest wishes to kim jong-un and the people of north korea.
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i think the relationship has become far different and far better than it was when i first took office. it is a great honor to be with you, mr. president, and thank you very much. [speaking korean]
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[seaking korean]
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translator: mr. president, i would like to thank you for inviting us to the white house and warmly welcoming us. youw the beautiful flowers had sent with a personally signed card. i was really moved by your meticulous sharing, and especially my wife was moved. pres. moon: [speaking korean] translator: in particular, i have two accounts on which i would like to express my
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gratitude to the united states. recently there was a big forest fire inquiry. at the time, the u.s. supported through provisions that helped us about the fire, and a lot of korean people are very grateful for that. pres. trump: thank you. pres. moon: [speaking korean] translator: today is a meaningful day for all the korean people because it marks the centenary anniversary of the establishment of a provisional government of korea. i heard in the senate and house that they introduced a resolution celebrating this momentous day, so i would like
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to thank you for that also. translator: [speaking korean]
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[speaking korean] translator: after you had met singapore, wen witnessed a dramatic turnaround on the korean peninsula, previously because of the nuclear missiles set from north korea. we saw that the military tension had been great, and we were in a very precarious situation. however, since you met chairman kim and initiated diplomacy with him, we saw a significant reduction of military tension on the three and peninsula, and peace has -- on the korean peninsula, and peace has prevailed. and now we believe that you will
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be able to solve this problem through a dialogue. i have to say that this dramatic turnaround we have witnessed is solely down to your strong leadership. pres. trump: thank you very much. pres. moon: [speaking korean] translator: in this sense, the hanoi summit was not disappointment, but part of the process that will lead us to bigger disagreements. [speaking korean] translator: so, the important task we face right now is to
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maintain the momentum of dialogue and also express the thetive outlook regarding third u.s.-north korea summit to the international community, that this will be held in the future. pres. moon: [speaking korean] translator: so, in this regard, i would like to express my high regard for you have continued to express your trust towards german kim, and you have made sure north korea does not deviate. i expressed my gratitude for this. pres. moon: [speaking korean]
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translator: and let me reiterate that the republic of korea is absolutely on the same page when it comes to the end stage of the complete denuclearization of north korea. i can assure you we will remain in great collaboration with the united states. there will be no daylight until we have achieved our ultimate goal. pres. trump: thank you very much. i have to go just one step , who hasnd thank china really helped us a lot at the border. i also want to thank russia, because they have helped us quite a bit more than people think at the border. both china and russia have really been quite good. that does not mean they can't get better, but they have been quite good at the border, and i just want to thank both those countries. as we've said, a lot of progress
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has been made. we will have further dialogue, and i look forward to it. my relationship with chairman kim has been strong. i have a very good relationship with kim jong-un, and i think you'd see that. we will see what happens. hopefully we will end up with a great solution for everybody and ultimately a great solution for the world, because it is about the world. it's more than just this area. frank we, the world is watching. i want to thank you for your leadership. has beenership outstanding, and i look forward to talking about other things also and, in particular, all that equipment you are buying. we like that in the united states, that you buy all our great equipment. thank you very much, and thank you for your great leadership. >> [speaking korean]
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[speaking korean] pres. trump: yes, please. reporter: on the economic project for south and north korea, are you allowing leeway therelaxing sanctions if are more economic projects pursued with north korea? pres. trump: we are discussing humanitarian things right now, and i am ok with that, to be honest. south korea is doing certain things to help out with food and various other things for north korea. we will be discussing different things inside. the relationship is much different than it was two years ago. we remember what that was all about. certainly during the obama administration, when nuclear weapons were being tested often, we are rockets -- where rockets and missiles were being sent up, in many cases over japan.
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we are in a much different situation now. we will be discussing that. reporter: do you still love wikileaks? pres. trump: i know nothing about wikileaks. it's not my thing. i know there is something having to do with julian assange. i have been seeing what has happened with assange, and that will be a determination, i imagine, mostly by the attorney general, who is doing an excellent job. he will make a determination. i know really nothing about him. reporter: what would you like to see happen? pres. trump: i don't really have any opinion. i know the attorney general will be involved in will make a decision. -- and will make a decision. reporter: [inaudible] pres. trump: yes, i think what he said was absolutely true. he was absolutely spying into my camping. inill go a step further --
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my opinion, it was illegal, unprecedented spying, something that should never be allowed to happen in our country again. i think his answer was actually a very accurate one, and a lot of people understand the situation and want to be open to the situation. hard to believe it could have happened, but it did. there was spying in my camping, and his answer was a very accurate one. reporter: is the third summit with chairman kim in mind? pres. trump: it could happen. it is step-by-step. i enjoyed the summit. i enjoyed being with the chairman. it has been productive. it is step-by-step, not going to go fast. if it goes fast, it is not going to be the property of. reporter: a three-way summit with the leaders? pres. trump: that could happen also. that would be largely dependent on chairman kim, because
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president moon will do what is necessary. i know president moon has been fighting this battle for a long time. i consider him a great ally. a lot of good things are happening in the world. our economy is the best it has ever been. our employment numbers are the best they have ever been. we have more people working right now in the united states than we ever have before, almost 160 million people. likewise, south korea is doing very well. and i think our trade deal has helped. two greatting on countries right now and leading two great countries. speak for myself, but i think i can speak for president moon -- we believe north korea , andremendous potential really potential under the leadership of kim jong-un. let's see how it works out. reporter: have you communicated
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with kim jong-un in the last few weeks? pres. trump: i don't want to comment on that, but we have a very good relationship. reporter: [indiscernible] i am not concerned about anything, because frankly there was no collusion and no obstruction. we never did anything wrong. the people who did something wrong were the other side. it is a disgrace, what happened, and it should never happen to a president again. you are lucky i happened to be the president, because a lot of other presidents would have reacted much differently. theare very lucky i was president during this scam, during the russian hoax, as i call it. no, i am not concerned at all. bottom line, the result is no collusion, no instruction. that's the way it is. i know a lot of people were disappointed, but they knew the real answer. when the democrats go backstage and sit and talk, they left,
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because they know it is all a big scam, a big hoax. it's called politics, but this is dirty politics, and this is actually treason. it is a very bad thing that people have done. i hope that law enforcement takes it up, because if they don't, they are doing a great disservice to our country. go ahead. reporter: [inaudible] no, we are talking about long-term. our relationship with south korea is extraordinary, and we only think in terms of long-term with south korea. yes, sir. reporter: [speaking korean] translator: how much do you support my president's push for economic concessions, which
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include a joint a degree in industrial complex? intra-korean industrial complex? pres. trump: at the time, i have great support for north korea. china, japan, the u.s., a lot of countries will be helping. i think russia will help. i think a lot of countries will help when the right deal is made in with the nuclear weapons are gone. i just think that north korea has potential as great as i have ever seen. they have an unbelievable sea onn, surrounded by two sides. and on the other side, russia, china, and over here, south korea. they have magnificent land. it has tremendous potential. [speaking korean]
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translator: if north korea , willly submits a roadmap the two presidents discusse the issue at the summi today -- discuss the issue at the summit today? pres. trump: that is a very prime topic for our meeting today. reporter: is your position still that sanctions should stay in place on north korea until there is denuclearization? or are you willing to consider easing sanctions to keep the top going -- the talks going? pres. trump: no, we want sanctions to remain in place. i have the option to increase them. i did not want to do that because of my relationship with kim jong-un.
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a couple of weeks ago, i held it back. but i think that sanctions are right now at a level that is fair, and i believe something significant is going to happen. we could always increase them, but i did not want to do that at this time. reporter: would you accept a smaller deal to keep the process going? pres. trump: i would have to see what the deal is. things could happen. you could work them out step-by-step, pieces. at this moment, we are talking about a big deal. the big deal is nuclear weapons. thank you very much, everybody. thank you, thank you. you know, there are 15 players capable of winning, and i guess you could say there are a lot more than that. i don't think a field at the masters has ever been this deep. the field has never been so
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deep. but always phil and tiger, dustin. you have so many great players, but they were just saying they are younger, stronger. they've never hit the ball this long, this accurately. the whole thing is pretty incredible. the field is very deep. i think it is going to be a great masters. thank you very much, everybody. [indiscernible chatter] >> the only thing we have to fear is spirit self. -- fear itself. --ask not what you can do what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your
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country. knocked these buildings down will hear all of us. announcer: c-span's latest book, ,"he presidents provides interviews with noted presidential historians. explore the life events that shaped our leaders, challenges they faced, and legacies may have left behind. published by public affairs, c-span's "the presidents" will be on shelves april 23, but you can preorder your copy as a hardcover or e-book today at, or wherever books are sold. journal," "washington live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. friday morning, a discussion of the two main elements of the
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mueller report, collusion and obstruction of justice, with two former federal prosecutors. former republican congressman john rutherford joins us to talk border security and news of the day. be sure to watch live at 7:00 eastern friday morning. join the discussion. >> barbara bush had finally had enough. she took offense at it. at her doorre asking questions about it, which was not true. that was just giving nancy reagan heartburn. she said to nancy reagan, don't you ever call me again. she hung up. >> this week, on q&a, usa today
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susan page onef her biography of barbara bush, a matriarch. >> at the very beginning, she said you will never see my diaries. her diaries are kept at the bush library, but they are not available for public view until 35 years after her death. i understood that and thought she was unlikely to let me see her diaries. at the end of the fifth interview, she said you can see my diaries. and that was an incredible gift. >> sunday night, at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. all this month on c-span, we will feature the winners of our studentcam documentary competition, middle and high school students created videos answering the question what does it mean to be american? our second prize high school central winner is


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