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tv   Washington Journal Daniel Lippman Craig Gilbert  CSPAN  April 27, 2019 6:15pm-6:25pm EDT

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in my black tie. host: thank you, daniel. we appreciate you helping us out this morning. guest: thank you. host: you can see the white house correspondents association's dinner on c-span tonight, live at 9:30 p.m. eastern time. instead of being at the white house correspondents association's dinner, donald trump will be going to green bay, wisconsin, to hold a rally. on the phone, we have craig bureau, the washington chief for the milwaukee journal sentinel about what he expects for tonight's dinner. good morning. caller: good morning. host: instead of being at the washington correspondents dinner, president trump is coming to milwaukee, i mean green bay, wisconsin, to hold a rally. what to expect president trump to say? guest: i think it will be a typical trump campaign rally.
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this is his first reelection rally in wisconsin, which was a key state for him. it helped push him over the top. part of this is theatrical. a battleground region like green bay, i'm sure you will see him play off of that. i think it is good to be a classic trump campaign rally. host: why wisconsin? what makes wisconsin so important in 2020? guest: it is important for both parties. it is probably more important for democrats because wisconsin is a state that has been voting democratic since the 1980's. when donald trump flipped those states, that was his margin for victory. if the democrats can win back those states and nothing else on the map changes, they will win the white house in 2020.
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wisconsin is at the epicenter of this looming campaign. it is a state that has been close for a long time. it was not close during the obama years, but three of the last five presidential elections have been decided by less than one point. it is competitive. there is a lot of change going on in wisconsin. the republican gains in the rural areas have been offset by the democratic gains in the urban and inner suburbs. it has been a standoff. host: do we have any indication now which way wisconsin is leaning in the 2020 election? is it a tossup? guest: i think it is truly a tossup. i have been talking to a lot of smart people in both parties about this. the psychology of the state is interesting within the political world because both sides have had some really uplifting victories and some really
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painful defeats. wearinessind of a war an and and -- and acknowledgment that they have both been disappointed. everybody is prepared for a brutal slaw, a fierce battle different from 2016 because people thought wisconsin would vote democratic. the democrats did not really campaign in the state. hillary clinton did not come during the general election. now everybody is prepared. everyone is going in with their eyes open that this could go either way. that is why you see the democrats holding their convention in wisconsin in milwaukee. it reminds me of 2004 when wisconsin was a top three or four state of the bush and kerry campaign. that drove turn out to an extreme level.
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host: when president trump turns up tonight, will there be any prominent republican politicians with him? will we see former speaker paul ryan, the former governor on stage with the president? guest: you will not see paul ryan. i'm not sure who is going to be there, but what is interesting is you don't have the same leadership in the republican party as you did in 2016. there was a group that was known as the big three in wisconsin, which was the governor, scott soaringbriefly presidential candidacy that was eclipsed by donald trump. you had reince priebus, who had been the state republican chair and then the national republican chair. these three people brought a lot of money into wisconsin, provided leadership, helped to motivate the
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republican party. we have a democratic governor now because scott walker lost his reelection campaign in 2018 when the states want to the democrats in the midterms. paul ryan is gone. white priebus became house chief of staff, and now he is gone from that job. these changes have some bearing on 2020, you don't have those national republican figures from wisconsin in the party, active in office anymore. host: democrats are also coming to the state in 2020. they are holding their democratic national convention in milwaukee. what is the state of play for democrats in wisconsin now? guest: we are seeing early visits from the people running for the democratic nomination. i think the decision to hold the convention in milwaukee, the
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other contenders were miami and houston. wisconsin became the obvious choice for some of the reasons we have been talking about. it is such a critical state. it is a blue wall state. it sends the signal that democrats are going to be laser focused on the industrial midwest, the blue wall states, blue-collar voters. that is certainly the message that democrats are trying to send. wisconsin is certainly winnable for them. they won it seven times in a row before donald trump came along. by lessrump only won than a percentage point. it will not take much to tip this state to one party or the other. it is a huge priority for democrats. i don't think there is any scenario in which they could win the electoral college without
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wisconsin in 2020. host: do any of the democratic presidential contenders hold a particular advantage in wisconsin right now? guest: you know, it is going to be -- the wisconsin primary comes so late in the process in april. it will be significant if the race is not been decided because it is by itself, a big hole in the calendar. stature, joe biden has like he does in other states. bernie sanders is the guy who won wisconsin primary against hillary clinton in 2016. but one of the 72 counties in the state. bernie sanders does have that. everything else is open-ended. we will have to see as the race plays out by the time he gets to wisconsin. in terms of the general
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election, wisconsin is a state with a big segment of blue-collar, white voters. appeal forre is some a populist candidate, but it has been voting for democrats pretty frequently since ronald reagan. barack obama was particularly popular. the fact that donald trump wno it -- won it tells you how much the state swings. host: we would like to thank craig gilbert of the "milwaukee journal >> both the president's's rall and the dinner are live tonight on c-span. the president will be in green bay, wisconsin, live at 8:00 p.m. it will be the 18th rally has held in that state, the third in green bay since he first began
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his race for president in 2015. the historian and author headlines white house correspondents' dinner. it is also online and you can listen on our free radio app. the white house did not release a weekly address from the president. senator martin heinrich gave the democratic address discussing the mueller report and its impact. >> president donald trump has lost the trust of the nation he swore to protect and defend. as the special counsel robert mueller's report lays out in painstaking detail, there is rampant criminality surrounding president trump's campaign administration. during the course of the investigation, the special counsel's team in dyed it or got guilty pleas from 34 individuals and three companies.


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