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tv   House Minority Leader Mc Carthy News Conference  CSPAN  May 23, 2019 11:18pm-11:33pm EDT

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president, because we need -- sometimes when we're talking to he agrees, and then, i said one time, who is in charge here then all u agree and of a sudden, something changes. what goes on there? in charge? and he says he's in charge, and may be.t that he and i suspect he may be even yesterday because i don't think that any responsible assistant to the president of the united states would have advised him to do what he did yesterday. it.'s thank you all. *- [inaudible] [inaudible]
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with president trump and other issues facing the house area -- house. >> during his weekly news conference, house minority mccarthy responded to speaker pelosis description of her meeting with president trump. this is about 10 minutes. > i have a real concern with what transpired on the floor this week. it's the same thing we watched that happened last week. there are moments in time that i believe all america becomes proud of this house. those moments in those committees where we find every republican and every democrat ground.mmon we watched that before in energy we looked for ways to lower drug prices. we found three bills that would lowermerica more options, the cost of prescription drugs and it passed the committee
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unanimously. it got to committee, this democrat majority leadership changed the bill. poison pill in it. which it will never become law. today we just witnessed very similar. ways-and-means committee work ogether to find common ground when it came to pensions and others. every republican and every it.ocrat voted for but the special interest actually won out. they changed the bill before it floor.o the we all are familiar with 529 accounts that allow to us save college. our kids but it also allows you to do more. pay for the books, pay for the exams, in the new version. it would also help if you have a disability. but the special interest decided that was wrong. the special interest decided the be removed from the bill. speaker ure why the would treat the chairman of ways-and-means that way or the itself.mmittee when they found a moment in time when they could all come i said before,
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this is not the same democratic party we found in the past. become a new socialist democratic party and there are three things i have learned from of allowing special interest, to remove the idea that could you not help your own be able to save for your education. the democrats wants individuals, not to be the focus of their education funding. and want partisan interest not parents to decide how children should learn and they want the federal government, not have control over their money. when i watch the leadership, of this new socialist democratic party some concern me.y if we're serious about solving problems, i think the actions of were irresponsible. you've had on schedule for a number of weeks to have a follow the president. to talk about infrastructure, to solution.come to a but what do you do right before the meeting?
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you schedule a special conference of the majority to talk about impeachment. walk out to the microphones before, and you claim the covering something up. and that same day, the speaker all republicans' oath to the constitution. irresponsible. this is not a way to govern. will disagree i philosophically, but i would question her oath. and the idea, how long and how we've gone through the investigation, it's time to put that aside. even something as easy, that unite for republicans and of helping parents direct their own children's education, don't we believe that great equalizer regardless of where you come from, give everybody an but they chose special interest over all the members of the committee who
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agreed? that was irresponsible as well. we can do better and the first action we should take to show we better, we should call the house back in. the ould stay here, finish supplemental disaster, and show he american public that we can govern. it shouldn't be leaving this weekend. questions. >> do you think the actions of -- were dent presidential yesterday? >> i think actions of the speaker to call a special did not have a conference that day. it's not scheduled during that day. out a notice to all members to notify them to come, about impeachment. he walked before the microphones and claimed something that with you just spent years showing that it's not true. does she have some information that mueller did not have? f.b.i. agents did not find? rom the hundreds of witnesses
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they went through? this is the same action we found that adam schiff lying to the public for two years. speaker of the united states congress would walk out and claim something true, right before she walks to meet with the president, to me, that's irresponsible. >> the president's comment, even f they did get under his skin, regardless of the motives of the speaker, he's the president, himself and comport get -- on infrastructure? >> he's been working on infrastructure. just had a meeting with all the democrats. he said, yes, let's do infrastructure. back, let's have that other meeting. he did nothing different except exactly what he said he would do. that he would meet and he would come to a solution. house,the speaker of the nancy pelosi, who called a pecial meeting of the entire majority of her party to meet
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impeachment on a grounds we can't find and to and claim icrophone something that's not true by a speaker of the united states irresponsible.'s yes. >> do you agree that the president shouldn't be working and other ucture bills while democrats are investigating? >> look, i know what the focused on and wanting to do. what the president wants to usmca.on is get think for a moment what the riteria of people laid out to actually vote. the president negotiated with canada and mexico and came to an agreement. he met with both sides of the house. there were ideas of what people they needed done. democrats laid out something almost impossible for the president to do. asked that mexico would change their own labor laws. something that the president in, or the a vote ability to do, and you know what happened? place.ook they also requested that the president take away the steel
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and mexico.anada those two milestones have been set so i think president has done a lot. let's make the economy stronger. we're in an economy that's been last 50 gest in the years. we can be even stronger. >> do you think congress is can't get a deal done? >> i have real concerns about this new democrat socialist party. the idea that they change bills that leadership picks in they come em after out of committee unanimously, me one problem they have solved. ame me one item that they have focused on. the one item they focused on is the impeachment of the president. aren't n the facts there. and it even comes down to the chairman ou watch nadler, when he was running to become chairman, you know what his campaign mroorm for democrats to vote for him? that he would be the best impeachment. that's what he put and sent to all the democratic members of forthey should vote for him
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chairman. you know what? we're beyond that. the mueller report answered that we should move on. i think the majority is broken can't go. committee --ican [inaudible] >> i haven't seen it yet. to support thers -- [inaudible] -- rape, incest, do ically, psychological -- you agree with that position? >> i haven't read any of those talking points. in my i've been clear position. my position happens to be the ame as ronald reagan, the same as president trump. i'm pro-life. precious gift t god gives us is life. that's what i've been voting on been at's what i've fighting for. i'm also concerned about what i see on the other side, idea that
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a child survives an abortion, what would the democrats want to have happen? child die. the infanticide of it. the idea that new york is actually moved there. the governor of virginia has said that. petition discharge sitting in the house. that's the one mechanism that if got 218 votes, or 218 signatures, could you have a vote on the floor to stop that. think in this country today, they we would even have do.ave that vote but we today marks the 50th day on this floor that we've asked for consent to bring that bill up to protect that child, an abortion, ived that they can still live. concerning., is >> yes. >> house judiciary passed immigration bills, and it's slated for -- vote in june. you going to instruct your conference to vote one way or another? >> i haven't seen the bills.
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look at rence will them. we think, we believe we have a very big crisis. all of america understands we have a crisis on the border. even the "new york times" wrote editorial about the crisis on the border. the only individuals in this do not believe we have a crisis on the border happen to be those democrats serving in congress. of the parts of the hang-up of getting a disaster funding aking sure the for part of what individuals is happening along this border today. crisis. the "new york times" even said that funding should come forward. have ain, the democrats withheld the ability to make happen. >> do you believe the basic idea of protecting dreamers -- >> i believe our overall system is broken and that's why last congress, we brought two different floor, ion bills to the but not one democrat voted for it. this is a problem. border.t to secure our we've got to solve the challenge. make sure this land is the land
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and continues to be that. and i think it will be an overall bill that immigration get done.can yes? >> you know the president well. wants the house -- is ach him because that something that sounds false or is that, in fact, president's goal. irresponsible for the speaker to even say. remember what office she has. the ber what position speaker is in the line, to become president. kind of hat conversation is irresponsible. she knows better than that. she knows the president does not want that. she knows the president wanted to work on an infrastructure to make this economy continue to be strong. the president didn't have a meeting of a bunch of members of congress to talk about impeachment. speaker did. the president didn't go to a icrophone and claim that speaker pelosi was covering something up. the speaker did.
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for the idea to continue to public to the american is irresponsible. >> yes? >> would there have been support infrastructure package had that discussion moved of the on your side aisle? >> we would see what the plan would be but there is a desire. be amazed at e to this new socialist democratic party. you have both sides agreeing in committee, unanimously, the leadership not the bill t's that hits the floor. just like with prescription rugs, when we all agreed, the prices would come down, the options would be greater, they pill it in, just like in ways and means, every republican and every democrat, could save arent money, even if you have a disabled child to help with 12 ifeducation, k through you're home schooled or others but the special interest said no removed that ey portion of the bill. so i question if this leadership ver even wants to solve a
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problem. i wish you all very good memorial day and please remember the ultimate sacrifice. >> president trump also talked about the wednesday meeting with speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck chumer during a white house event announcing a $16 billion aid package for farmers. q&acomments came during the session with reporters. this is just over 45 minutes. *- [background talking] [cameras clicking]


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