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tv   CSIS Discussion on Russia- China Relations  CSPAN  May 24, 2019 11:05am-11:35am EDT

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pursuant to secti 3 of use resolion89, e hous stndjoned until 2: p.m. on tuesdy,ay 2 2019. announcer: so the house wrapping up a brief session. members are expected to take it up after they return from a memorial day holiday in the house. now we return to live coverage of the discussion on russia-chinese relations. about 20, 20 something. probably it is not that .ufficient quality.difference in
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but this has been quite an issue for a long time. professionals do have links with -- ministry [indiscernible] basically focused to the discourse that the community tries to present. it is the way to go forward. but some direct established links, we still direct them. >> independent consultant. did some analyst here take a
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position what people are doing, more than what people are saying so you introduce what you describe is aged -- strategic side, which is true. what i understand is the number of chinese military participating was relatively small as a percentage. we have professor cashin from no.ia who said the significant thing was not the number of chinese participating but the fact that the russians and chinese have a joint command structure to carry out the exercises, which was unprecedented. here,ce on the other side with the latest edition of the -- the csieport
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shall we say how the japanese and military work together, they have some type of joint command militarys in case the had the situation. you do see a formation taking place on both sides. anna: on russia china relations, i agree. it, thes i understand fact that china participated on othervel that previously countries participated in such .n exercise was important this concern is important. i do not see that justin china.
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there has been no talks about this and the current level of cooperation. if both countries perceive a desire toen maybe a exercise is the companies have not tapped in for example to some closure and permanent actions. it is quite different. this formal,e political decision to make. merges, it isn dependent on the u.s. exports actually and how russia and china perceive the u.s. policy.
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>> thank you. welcome to washington, d.c. bakhtinomment about the wrote project -- wrote project. how did the issues of china and russia converge or diverge specifically in terms of afghanistan? and also that the initiative and arctic and also a canadian resident, so it interests me, in what ways the international waters and russia's ambition to in thea multipolar world say that it has stated it
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ambitions not to specifically propose the united states but to make sure there is balance and it is a polar world. can you comment about the arctic andrs in what ways chinese russian alliance there and further explanation were to ensure a multi-power world? anna: i am not an expert unfortunately. probably, if i may avoid this question. has stepped up its there ispresence and new [indiscernible] play a largero security over here. this i can say for sure.
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, russia would also like to see afghanistan stabilized. sure -- i do not know the details. becameuptick, the policy a new extension, a further extension actually. [indiscernible] we do have here as well, interests. --the convergence he convergence, russia is having on alternative. it is interested in its national water shipping lane.
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losing -- -- has been using is china actually. because [indiscernible] there are a number of concerts that have been using it. china has been the most of this. i do not work on that specifically but as far as i know, russia has been international waterway. position is -- [indiscernible] believes this waterway is deals witheignty and
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legal positions on the arctic. pursued his, it has notion of the neo-art state, neil arctic strategy which is a notion. canada has been adding for previous negotiation -- navigation in the arctic, which is a different interpretation of what should be in the pacific. position is the arctic is close to the united states. it thinks that it should be open waters. russia uses other means in
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accordance with its legal -- [indiscernible] point of no emergence -- convergence -- [indiscernible] the greatest concern has been action concerning the arctic rather than china, actually which is incorporated with russia. >> thank you. ok. just a balance problem. top-down versus bottom-up. there is going to be stable, something other than the -- connection. investment has been a problem as -- ifntioned in pakistan
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you take official numbers that is 10 times more. it might be five times more. china1, -- screaming invested in africa more than russia. enterprisehe average if you count all the subsidies and loans loses 6000% a year. anna: in russia? >> china. what china has been doing, -- has been resonating with muslims . kazakhstan having trouble. the ecology issues in the far east have been getting plagued in the local press. sociologists have been writing about exporting factories to
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russia with chinese management. dimitriose away this pagourtzis focused grouped data, russian values are close the european values been chinese values. is this going to work without some bottom-up addition to the top-down efforts? anna: thank you for the question. it is very important issues you have raised. i was thinking of incorporating a number of them but they were confusing. this has been one of the major problems in russia-china relations, is that our economic what duration and people have been lagging behind the political level. this has always been the case and it is not only the number of trade investments. more the --ly even
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corporations that has been a problem. china has been beheading different countries, including issia so it is not something get specific on china relations. there have been problems. there have been a number of ecological problems. it cannot be used for many years and there is a number of problems with chemical waste. issuehas been also an generally, regional cooperation has not really been well developed between russia and
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china, which is also partly according to our far east. is a kind of backwards region for both countries. .t is far east and the same for china-border regions and that has a comprehensive plan. recently seen new forms of cooperation. now we are finishing building the -- haveacross been in place for those who have been following it for a couple decades. probably we will finish them this year. [indiscernible] we still have problems with crossing the border, which is in that shape. -- bad shape.
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and oneall these issues make it- is unless we more viable and forms that would not force anti-china interactions, we do not have these relations that much stable and that much beneficial to each other as we would like them to be. sphere is the one that has been lagging behind. [indiscernible] has not emerged yet. on how to make this more efficient, on how to implement all of the -- to what has been
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doing on the -- and to tackle corruption here. businessmen also have somewhat changed in the last year and in terms of course regional cooperation. there have been new interests for those people have not really exited russia. a lot of chinese run back to -- it was notsia economically stable. those who have stayed -- well, see -- culture, for example in regards to from russia to china.
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corporation can .ake place find these issues. it is one of the things that russia and china need to work better on on the russian side. we have 10 minutes left. let's take a couple questions. let's start with you. >> thank you. we were thinking in terms of possible cooperation points for balkansnd china, in the -- [indiscernible] format. we see this conflict as china and the region that has been a -- influence. we see cooperation where china, russia implicitly agree to let
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china be fast and let china have this new nationalism in the western balkans. thank you. so, south eastern europe, western balkans. stephen, i will get you next. about nine years ago, when the new start treaty was signed, caleb groff and other officials said the next treaty would only be negotiated if china was in the room. now we are beginning to talk to be theance control chinese indicated they will not participate and what we hear from russia is silence. what has changed and why? >> and then the lady in front of me. remarkableu for your , open-ended forms session.
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with the -- project in iceland and i just came back from china, from the polar belt and road initiative of which there are 600-800 people there. like iceland likes to bridge dimensions, i believe there is room to -- powers on the planet. ising said that, my question -- you mentioned you started with the issue of norms and standards and how that might evolve. we can talk about it in the arctic context. there is an enormous amount of trade going on and will go on further in terms of natural resources, development and infrastructure development financed by china and welcomed by russia as i understand it. has two icebreakers capable container ships and russia has its rules of the road
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to becoming more russian flag navigability questions. the issue that has been brought up of international versus -- is china going to ultimately agree with the united states in terms of the characterization, legal characterization of the waters over/across canada and russia? at what point do you see russia and china's interests converging and what standards would apply? europe, andtern norms control in the arctic. >> 16 plus one and central that we needuess -- what is the level and nature of the ties of russia and its conflict and whether russia
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has a big economic presence and what has political relations here? europe does not have much links with russia. [indiscernible] one of the things we could take is a concentration here. russia makes note of what china has been doing in these states. resources have an economic presence that are kind of limited. there will be one of the conflicts were russia's presence has been going. and basically russia -- whatever
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china does with the states. russia -- well, what china is doing -- there are no real resources to put up here in this region. and -- what actions [indiscernible] russia is trying to do what it can. this should be part of the picture. russia is interested in how to save russia and euro economic relations. and the economic partnership it has with many countries in the european union.
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could -- the neal arms treaty? as i understand, russia has chinased the topic with the-- how have we not seen -- until the chinese part? talks with china -- step with chinese partners. on.crisis is going russia is going forward to. [indiscernible] i do not see that. russia would criticize china in not joining the treaty although russia would like to update new arms control and regime -- as
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far as i am concerts. our military experts also to be part of the foreman. so i guess this is the picture that we have now and russia , russiave -- well thinks that it would be better for everyone if we negotiates but ate arms control this stage there is nothing we can really do. action we canar do now basically. and the last thing about the standards in the arctic -- this is an adjusting question because china -- has grown and china would like to step up its presence and even if you look at the maps, you will see this is
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one of the same shipping lanes. china on the way that it needs to have cooperation that russia wants to have somewhat developed or not derailed. needs to -- russia somewhat cooperation. and we are either in agreement norms.ills in the on legal issues of the arctic, we can see from the stress that -- russia strategy, we do have a diversions here in terms of legal interpretation in terms of china's activity in the arctic.
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i am not against sure that this -- amid the curators. [indiscernible] it is not that the two eyes see eye to eye with each other. canada's interests have grown one of the news [indiscernible] that starts to be a major role to be a major wrote peter. these sources should be commonly developed resources. as well as in other
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regions, we say cooperations -- between the diversions and competition from below the surface as well. here china needs corporations and chinese investments -- basically the -- will try not to attack a nice this. there will be different positions in the arctic specifically. but trying to do something on the ground. china is refusing russia. but yeah. >> we are at our ending time so we have to leave the room but i want to thank you all for coming.
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[applause] >> it is memorial day weekend.
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dialogue]e finishing up our live coverage, looking at russia-chinese relations. if you missed any of our live broadcast, it will be available online shortly. international n


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