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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  July 4, 2019 7:37pm-8:04pm EDT

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administration's measures. and then, the recent supreme court decision regarding partisan gerrymandering and efforts to push for nationwide ranked choice voting. watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern friday morning. host gallup has been asking this question since-- either extremer very proud to be americans marks the lowest response rate. here is how it broke down. those who said they were extremely proud of, 45% of respondents. this is the second consecutive year that finding is below the 50% level. 25% saying they are very proud, .8% saying moderately proud 3% saying they are not at all proud. here is how the chart breaks
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down historically from the gallup released earlier this week. the top line, those who said they were extremely or very proud, the numbers have declined. the same for those saying they are extremely proud. the highest readings for extremely proud, 69% and 70% -- 2002 and 2003 2004 after the 9/11 attacks. fewer than -- expressed extreme pride in being american. the breakdown split by both partisan lines and age lines. here it is on the partisan side, republicans in the june response, 76% saying they are extremely proud to be an american. 41% of independents answering that way. when it comes to the generational gap, 18 to
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answered they18% were extremely proud. toreased again for 50 64-year-olds to 57%. saying last month they are extremely proud to be americans. we are asking for your response, your reaction to those numbers. phone lines this morning, democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. as you are calling in, president trump spoke about pride in america when he attended the air force academy graduation ceremonies act at the end of may. here is a bit of what the president had to say. [video clip] >> each of you is graduating at a truly incredible time for our country. our country is doing well. our country is respected again. [applause]
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we are respected again and we ,re reawakening american pride american confidence, and american greatness. you know that. these gentlemen know it, i will tell you right now. thank you very much. they give very much, that is really nice. we are restoring the fundamental principle our first obligation and highest loyalty is to the american citizen. no longer will we sacrifice america's interest to any foreign power. we don't do that anymore. host: that was president trump at the air force academy. we want to hear your reaction to this gallup survey on american pride, hitting a new low in their response rate. the number -- a number of
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american saying they are extremely proud to be americans, less than 50%. the second consecutive year it happened. jane out of tennessee, a democrat. your reaction to those findings. caller: yes. . am not very proud at all wannabea dictator, a king and i am not very proud at all today. host: when is the last time you were proud to be an american? least 18t has been at years. host: why 18 years? caller: i said 8 or 10 years. host: why 8 or 10 years? caller: there has been so much corruption and discourse that i just haven't felt very proud. host: north carolina, rob is an
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independent. happy: good morning and fourth of july. it looks like you all will have a clear day for celebrations. my opinion on why american pride has gone down, it kind of reflects something the other gentleman said. in the last 4 to 8 to 10 years the way politicians actually try to win elections is they divide us amongst our differences in religion, race, sexual preference, income level. it is more of an identity politics that they are forcing different sectors of our society different by those four or 5 thinks i mentioned so they can divide us and manipulate us for our vote. i think this is also caused
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because we have a permanent political class in washington that is career politicians seem to get in there and they are wealthy, they have to be to run for politics. when a get out -- when they get out, they are multimillionaires and it would be better if they took the major problems they want to deal with. democrats, republicans, and one or two independents in the house and senate, they do not work on the problems that need to be solved because they make more money from lobbyists and donors if they stay divided and kick the can down the road. i think the american public is not stupid and they see what is happening. completely directly caused us to be less proud of our nation and our government. host: outside of the american political system, are there any other american institutions you take pride in? caller: i think some of our
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our o-lineng, like manufacturing that produced planes and electronics is based out of the united states, even people that produce high quality food products and wine and beer and spirits, there has been a renovation and revival in a lot of those and we have microbreweries now. we have organic farmers and i am proud about that. what i am not proud of is it seems like because of the identity politics cards that have been played in the last number of years, i don't know if you can sense it, but when you get out in public, maybe not so much in washington, but out here in the hinterlands, all of us walking around looking suspicious and slightly angry at one another and this is very bad for our political discourse.
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we cannot disagree anymore and have civil conversations. we side up in things like charlottesville and portland. some of our younger people lose hope that they want to commit suicide and take a bunch of people with them, that is very depressing. host: rob talking about some of the other institutions outside the political system he takes pride in. the gallup survey questioned responders to the survey about 8 u.s.fic aspects of government and society asking if they were proud or extremely proud of those institutions. if you zoom in on this chart, strong majorities expressing pride in 6 of the 8 areas. american scientific achievements, 91% saying that makes them proud. u.s. military -- american
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culture and arts, economic achievement, 75%. sporting achievements, 73% and diversity in race and ethnic background and religion, 72% saying that aspect of america makes them proud. 37% saying the american health and welfare system makes them proud and 32% saying the american political system makes them proud. 68% saying it does not. a republican out of new york, good morning. caller: good morning. i have a few points and please don't cut me off, first of all. i am extremely proud to be an american. being spit onr is and called a baby killer and those were not republicans, those were democrats. those same democrats with liberal arts degrees and
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teaching certificates are the ones that have brainwashed younger generations with this social justice nonsense. it is no big surprise to me the younger people are not part of this country because they have been brainwashed. as far as colin cap nick goes -- ick, he had a privileged life. i cannot believe this guy. goes for nike canceling those sneakers, i will producty another nike in my life. i am extremely proud of the political system because we finally had somebody that came to the gunfight with a gun and he -- his name is donald trump. he did not take the crap from the left. he put the courts back where they should be, not like sotomayor who thinks her decision should be based on her
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life experiences instead of the constitution of the united states. host: that is matt out of new york. you mentioned colin cabinet, he .s the topic of a recent column colin cap and if, -- colin kaepernick, megan trump, what can they teach us about the state of american patriotism? being american and patriotic means confronting problems that, to her, bring american -- america to shame. an exhibit of military tanks, u.s. navy blue angels and other aircraft and trump's presence. trump believes real patriots should celebrate america's success rather than focusing on her shortcomings or problems because they figure patriotism
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is about unbending respect. .erhaps that should be expected patriotism, after all, is a somewhat ambiguous term. to make it better, even during the fourth of july, that is left up to interpretation. speaking of the president's event today on the national mall, we will talk more about it . you can watch it on c-span. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. you can listen to it on the three c-span radio app. taking your calls as we talk about pride in america, that finding from gallup that american pride has hit a new low. bill out of pennsylvania is next. good morning. caller: hello. host: hi, bill. caller: i am proud to be an american. land of the free, home of the
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brave. i am ashamed to have a president like trump. i am very upset about what he is doing to our fourth of july today with his militaristic political and narcissistic display. i will be traveling from hissylvania to protest corruption of the fourth of july, but i am proud to be an american. host: is this part of a coordinated event you are doing and where do you plan to protest? caller: i know there are going to be protests. i am traveling by myself. i feel so strongly about this. i am going to wear a t-shirt with a message because i don't think we are allowed to carry signs anymore. host: what is the message, bill? tanks forreworks not the fourth of july. on the back it is going to say
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"we don't need to mimic north korea." host: have you ever participated in a political protest before? caller: yes, i have, quite a few. the march against violence. the vietnam war demonstrations in 1970, 1971. by the way, it wasn't the soldiers who were wrong, it was the leaders. host: why do you think it is important to participate in these protests? caller: because you have to speak up. i think president trump is making our country into something it has never been in so many ways and you have to speak up. host: one of our earlier callers said the weather seems to look good, but forecasts for this afternoon among possible thunderstorms and a weather alert day in washington, d.c.
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we will see if and how that impacts tonight's events. coverage gets underway at 6:00 p.m. west virginia, independent. caller: good morning, john. happy fourth of july to all america and i am a very proud west and and proud american and i will say this, those polls with those graphs you are showing with all the percentages of the people of where they stand in this country of being proud or not, i know a lot of people and i have a lot of friends. none of us are ever included in any of these polls. know when i have ever talked to has been included in these polls . clearly they are skewed, so i don't put a lot of thought into those. host: what are your thoughts about american pride? caller: american pride? country cann any you stand up and say what we say
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to the people we elect into office? where else can you say the things we say about our president? also, where do you have the freedom and go out and protest any and all things you don't agree with. it doesn't matter what it is, you cannot do a lot of the stuff we do here in this country. the pride we have, our military, they are strong. what trump is doing today, he is celebrating our military. for people who want to say he is changing into north korea, he is not. he is proud of our military, too, and trying to show it. host: this poll we are talking about conducted june 3 through 15th by the gallup organization. adults replying to that pole they happen -- poll
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they have been conducting since back on 2001 and their findings this year, american pride hitting a new low. cornelius is next out of louisiana. republican, good morning. caller: good morning, john, and happy fourth of july to everyone out there. i want to salute c-span for showing all this stuff. you are showing what the real truth is about america. democrats and republicans and independents making this country great. i was a military police officer, so i served the country for 15 1994 in the979 to louisiana army national guard. a lot of times the military had not been treated right, like that vietnam vet who called in earlier and the guy from pennsylvania can go protest and stuff, that is why we have the freedoms we have.
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without the military fighting for freedom, we would not have a fourth of july. iam a trump supporter and happen to be an african-american trump supporter. i was a democrat a few years back, but i left the democratic party because they have turned against the country, to me. a lot of democrats voting for trump. don't think democrats did not vote for trump. we need to honor our military because that is what made this country free, the military. thank you, john, god bless c-span, look forward to the fourth of july and fireworks and stuff. host: you mentioned showing a lot of stuff on c-span. one of the things we have been showing is the ongoing road to the white house and last night, kamala harris was in iowa at an event talking about this issue of america and american pride. here is a bit of what she had to say. [video clip]
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>> tomorrow we will celebrate our nation's independence. we will reflect on the fact that we are a nation who derives its greatest strength from the fact by our our very nature, very nature, we are aspirational . we are a nation that was founded on noble ideals, the ideals that were present when we wrote the constitution of the united states and all of its amendments and the bill of rights and the declaration of independence and those words we spoke in 1776 that we are all equal and should be treated that way. we are aspirational's. -- aspirational. we are also clear eyed. we have not reached those ideals, but the strength of who we are is we fight to get there and so, fight we will and fight
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we must and let's be clear, this is a fight that is born out of optimism. this is a fight that is born out of seeing and knowing what can be and believing in that, unburdened by what has been. this is a fight that is born not only of knowing we must fight for the soul of our country, but a fight born out of love of country and this is a fight, therefore, for our america and the america we believe in. host: senator kamala harris in des moines, iowa, yesterday. our coverage of the road to the white house 2020 continues today. joe biden and jill biden will be in marshalltown, iowa, for the fourth of july coverage of that getting at 2:30 p.m. on c-span and you can listen to it on the free radio app. back to your phone calls on this
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gallup poll on american pride. out of greenville, north carolina, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning, john. thank you for taking my call. as long as mitch mcconnell is the majority leader in the senate and donald is our president, i will be embarrassed and ashamed to be an american. host: when were you last proud to be an american? caller: when obama was president. corruptionhave any in his administration, he demonstrated that he was a loving husband and father. i felt safe. i am 82 years old. host: is pride in america based solely on who occupies the white
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house for you? caller: yes, absolutely. i have never seen anything like this in my lifetime. i know politicians have their ups and downs and some are good and some are bad, but i have never seen anything as disturbing as donald trump. int: this is dante california, independent. good morning. caller: good morning, sir. how are you? host: doing well. caller: i am just a college student and i feel growing up i was taught so many things. i was taught in terms of like the discovery of america, christopher columbus. i was taught that america did things for the good of the world for liberty, justice, whatever. when i look on the news and i
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see and hear how much violence we have done in the name of our country and in the name of our values, it saddens me and i think that has caused many people in my generation to be against military or possibly against forms of violence or traditional american values. host: have you ever had a conversation with an older american about how you feel, this generational divide has developed? caller: of course. i have elderly grandparents and great-grandparents and when discussing politics, we have definitely compared in terms of -- diversity, for instance. my generation, we grew up with a much larger population with distinct values to where we had to learn differently. our education is different.
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our society is different and i think because our society is completely different, the way we are going about doing things in terms of our political system is not going to work for people my age and people who grew up in that climate, so change has to take place. host: the gallup survey talked about the 8 different aspects of u.s. government and society they polled people on and whether they make them proud, how do you feel about american economic achievements? does that make you proud or no? caller: i would be proud of the economic achievement if i knew and if i was proud of the individuals that receive it. unfortunately, 3 individuals hold roughly 50% or more of all the economic wealth in the u.s.. while we are doing well as a only doing well for a very select group of
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people. you have to take it with a grain of salt. host: does that apply for the american health and welfare system? take pride in it. caller: no, i don't. not at all. debatingthat we are about universal health care and we cannot even have a conversation with individuals about what is good for everyone, what is best in terms of society is upsetting because democrats don't want to listen, republicans don't want to listen and unfortunately that has become the norm to where so many people do not want to be engaged in politics at all. it is not worth it. i think, as some previous colors focus oned, we need to uniting, not necessarily caring about political parties and party lines, but instead
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focusing on what is best for the nation and how the united states can be a global leader. washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. friday morning we talk with michael cannon about the cato institute about health care in the u.s., including proposals by democratic presidential candidates, and trump administration measures. and rob richie of fair vote discusses the supreme court decision regarding artisan gerrymandering -- for to push for nationwide ranked choice voting. watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on friday morning. join the discussion. or -- former speechwriters for president clinton and obama and former first lady michelle


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