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tv   Democrats- Weekly Address Jeff Merkley D-OR  CSPAN  July 20, 2019 6:17pm-6:23pm EDT

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watch "washington journal" live sunday at 7:00. join the discussion. announcer 2: "washington journal" mugs are available in the new online store. go to check out the journal mugs and look at all of the products. the white house did not release a weekly address. senator jeff merkley gave the democratic address. he talks about climate change. sen. merkley: hi, i am senator jeff merkley. i am in the home state of oregon which is a mecca of outdoor activity. it has some of the most gorgeous streams where i grew up hiking. my beloved state is in trouble, and the reason is carbon pollution from fossil fuels driving climate chaos. the pollution is hitting hard our forests, farms and fishing,
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the pillars of our rural economy . to understand the size of the problem, i invite you to do an exercise with me. hold your breath for three seconds. take the breath in. exhale. well done. longsre you just had near as 33%-- in your lungs more carbon in it than when i was born. that is a massive change in a single human lifetime. our planet has never seen such a dramatic change in such a short time. each and every molecule in carbon is trapping heat. in oregon that means longer fire seasons with fiercer fires dementing -- damaging the timber economy. health at businesses. the mountain snowpack melts earlier, diminishing water for trout and salmon streams. it means damage to the oyster
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industry from polluted ocean waters. report scanned last year, one from the trunk administration and-- trump administration the other from the international panel on climate change, and they tell us the same thing. warming is accelerating faster than we anticipated and poses enormous challenges. we don't need scientific reports to know there is a problem, because the facts are in front of us on the ground. more powerful hurricanes in the southeast united states. tornadoes and torrential 500 year floods in the heartland. more lyme disease in northwest -- northwest u.s., and devastating sea level rise and mega-storms around the world. the challenge is immediate and severe. if we do nothing, we condemn our children and grandchildren to suffer greater and greater difficulties, so we have to act,
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living boldly and urgently to cut through renewable energy. opposition from senate republicans have blocked bold climate action in congress. leadership,ell's the senate has become a legislative graveyard for climate action. the local governments have been stepping up to meet the challenge. over 100 cities have committed a renewable100% electricity and six have met the goal already. others are working on the additional challenges of transportation and buildings, replacing fossil furnaces with heat pumps, insulating buildings, improving bike and transit systems, electric lines, city cars and buses. 'o learn more, senate democrats special committee on the crisis invited mayors from five cities across america including
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portland, oregon, to testify this week how they are rising to the challenge. they shared valuable information we hope other cities and governments will take in mind as they craft climate goals and legislation. as we rebuild the energy economy, we will create millions of jobs, but we need to make sure many of the jobs go to .ommunities often left behind frontline urban communities, fossil fuel communities and rural and the industrialized -- not industrialized communities. they need to be paying good paying jobs. i introduced new legislation to do that. the good jobs for 21st century energy act would drive development of american clean energy and infrastructure and technology by giving tax credits to companies that meet pro-worker standards including apprenticeships.
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carbon pollution and climate chaos are making things worse in oregon, in america and the world. it is time for america to lead at home and abroad to turn things around. the american innovation and determination to put a man on the world, tackle on it chaos -- climate chaos. we must take this a fight that brings us together, not one that tears us apart. as we take on this challenge, we can and will save our farming, forest and fishing industries. we will restore american leadership in the world. we will improve the urban and rural residents, and we will lift the fortunes of many american families by generating stable, good paying jobs. we need all hands on deck to meet this challenge, the largest, scariest challenge humankind has ever faced. but it is a challenge we can and must rise to meet and create
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millions of good paying jobs in doing so. so i invite you to do -- give it some thought and i hope you will join us in this essential, important fight. >> kyle cheney is congress political reporter. he joins us to talk about special counsel robert mueller. remind us, how did we get to this point? kyle: democrats have been trying to get special counselor molar in front -- robert mueller in front to talk for months. it was a lot of closed-door behind-the-scenes negotiations to secure a very painstaking ly fought over, limited hearing with him in public. and they think that hearing directly from robert mueller himself will help the american people in a way that they


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