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tv   Senate Minority Leader Schumer News Conference  CSPAN  August 1, 2019 1:43pm-2:04pm EDT

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of family. he also said women who working outside the home were avoiding responsibility. i just need to understand, as a woman who has worked my entire career as a primary wage earner and primary caregiver, my second son henry is here. i had him when i was a member of congress. under vice president biden's analysis, is my serving in congress resulting in the deterioration of the family? i just want to know what he meant when he said that. >> that was a long time ago. liveshington journal everyday at 7:00 a.m. eastern. we will take you live to the capital to hear you from democratic leader chuck schumer. thank you for coming. after a stunning rebuke in the midterm elections that delivered
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a historic house majority, leader mitch mcconnell faced a choice. in a newly divided government he could have chosen to work with the democrats to advance legislation where interests align. no one expected him to pass a democratic agenda but congress should be in the business of finding common ground. seven months into this congress we all know that leader mcconnell unfortunately chose a different path. leader mcconnell has turned what used to be the world's greatest -- into a legislative graveyard. to our getomplement nothing done president. from gun safety to climate change, republicans just say no despite the overwhelming consensus of the american people on these issues. controversial,st least partisan issues, violence
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against women, election security , protective security for venezuelan nationals, leader mcconnell said it has been a big, black hole. there has not been a single bill open for amendment all year. not one bill. in the minority, leader mcconnell complained bitterly about the same procedural tactics and that he would run things differently. let me tell you, minority leader mcconnell would be aghast at how majority leader mcconnell is running the senate. recently, there have been a few solitary right spots. agreementa bipartisan to raise domestic spending $10 billion more than defense spending and we permanently reauthorized the 9/11 victims compensation fund. if not for outside pressure, i'm
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not sure the senate would have done either of those. two things actually came the way they did because of democratic efforts and pressure. those a few accomplishments, sadly, were the exception, not the rule. years ofrly three leadership under a republican president, senate republicans' only significant legislative a comp schmidt is a hugely unpopular and unsuccessful tax bill that favors the very wealthy. in three years, senate republicans managed only to tie a two ton anchor, when it comes to taxes, around the next -- around their next in the form of a tax bill. an anchor republicans up and down the ballot will be forced to wear through 2020. that iingle republican can recall campaigned in 2018 on
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the tax bill, it had become such poison. that is their only legislative accomplishment. looking forward, i believe senator mcconnell's legislative graveyard is unsustainable. the american people are fed up with an action while health care costs continue to rise, drug costs do the same. continues tolity steepening as the top 1% garner more and more of the wealth and income in this country. claims 40,000 americans per year. climate change wreaks greater devastation each season and the entire national security intelligence community warns about foreign interference in our upcoming presidential election. these problems are not going to be solved by day-to-day -- these problems are not going to be solved by appropriations alone.
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confirming more far right judges will not make one ounce of improvement in the day-to-day lives of average americans and probably make things worse for most of them. the pressure on leader mcconnell to bring legislation to the floor is growing greater every day. i am not naive. i don't think leader mcconnell will change his behavior overnight. but i do want to make one prediction. i predict that the pressure will continue to mount on republican senators, especially leader mcconnell and they will be forced to join us in taking meaningful action on election security this fall. republicanss where continue to stymie progress, democrats will force the issue. in september, we will be putting republicans on the spot for two votes. one to protect americans with pre-existing conditions and
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another to help middle-class homeowners who have been devastated by the administration's new rules on state and local tax deductions. i want to say one thing about what happened in the senate judiciary morning. instead of working with democrats to solve the root causes of migration from central america, chairman graham and republicans are breaking their committee rules to jam through a partisan bill that would allow president trump to keep children , young children, in cages for a longer amount of time. we cannot and will not support this partisan process or this partisan bill. how fitting, republicans and helpingwork period by president trump continue his un-american, inhumane and highly unpopular immigration policies when it comes to kids at the border. i am ready for your questions.
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right before you came in the president announced he would reimpose tariffs on china heard i wanted to get your thoughts on that. sen. schumer: i haven't seen what he said so i cannot comment on that in general. we have to be tough on china. they have taken advantage of us. america has lost trillions of dollars and millions of jobs because china has not played fair. being tough on china is the right way to be but i have not seen these tariffs. reporter: what kind of progress do you expect to make over the recess period? sen. schumer: there is not a deadline. the closer we get to the next election the harder it is. nancy pelosi and i are united in that we believe -- we talk about this a lot. speaker pelosi and i are united and we believe you need strong labor protections in this bill,
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as well as environmental protections and the undoing of some of the things on prescription drugs. if that does not happen, there will not be a bill. reporter: it was six years and change ago that you guys had a bipartisan bill in the senate. here we are again. what should be done toward the approach on the border? i know you disagree with the graham bill. we should do what is just what you said. the answer to this is comprehensive immigration reform. support,oad bipartisan it dealt in a far more comprehensive way in all the problems we speak of, whether it is border security, what to do with the people here illegally, how to change the existing rules on immigration so we can get
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more people we need in the job ands, high and phd's low-end farmworkers. president trump called me a few months ago and asked what can we do on immigration? i said mr. president, if you look at the language of comprehensive immigration reform, you might find it better than you thought. that is the answer. over the last five years we have learned these piecemeal approaches do not work. republicans -- the intelligence community is doing other things. is's -- are some of these things are stunned? sen. schumer: we want to do something on election security. something, but we want to do something on election security. if leader mcconnell would bring
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something to the floor and we could debated, we are forcing his hand. as you have seen by his reaction, it is having some success because he knows stymie and it is not good for america or the republican party, and quite frankly not very good for him. we are going to keep pushing and my prediction is our relentless pushing for immigration reform will produce results. the -- the intelligence committee would be the first to say there is more than needs to be done. general saidorney they don't have enough money to secure their election machinery from cyber attacks and interference. nine states need paper ballots in case, god forbid, they mess up the election count. we need this. i have not heard one good reason from republicans why they should not do it.
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because they think of russia interferes it will benefit them? is it because they are afraid of president trump who has a childish view that if he admits there was russian interference it makes is election illegitimate? who knows? reporter: understanding you are on the same page with speaker pelosi on the impeachment issue, is there any threshold you would proceedingsachment should start without nancy pelosi coming out and saying it is time to do it? sen. schumer: i speak with nancy pelosi three times a day and i think we have the same view. let's get all of the facts and then make decisions. reporter: a bunch of democratic presidential candidates have criticized the record of president obama and these debates. is that appropriate? sen. schumer: i'm not going to comment on what they said. president obama is a very
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popular figure in american today because he did a really good job. did he accomplish everything? no. if you compare the obama administration to this administration it is night and day. reporter: does the political populist change that more than half of house democrats are calling for an impeachment inquiry? sen. schumer: everyone is going to do what he or she thinks is appropriate. speaker pelosi is handling this appropriately. you reject the piecemeal approach on immigration, i want to clarify -- sen. schumer: i am against lindsey graham's bill. i can't imagine the house accepting any appropriations process with that bill in it.
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let's go comprehensive. took a graham in 2013 lot of political grief and showed a lot of courage -- it is interesting. it was the last major bipartisan approach on immigration and it was the most comprehensive and would have been the most successful. let's go back to it. radcliffe for dni -- sen. schumer: going back to my old days. concerns there are that he padded his resume. sen. schumer: i don't know the details about the padding of the resume. when i saw this man at the hearing, i said this reminds me of general flynn when i saw him on tv before a mass of people
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saying lock her up. i said something's wrong here. a three-star general or a congressman should not be acting the way he is. he strikes me as extremely unqualified in every way. this is serious. this is about war and peace. if we don't have a dni who speaks truth to power, the first is able to come up with an unbiased view of what they say and in an unvarnished way can tell the president, we are in a much more dangerous world. i could hardly think of a worse choice than him, patting the resume or not. reporter: you have painted a fairly bleak picture of the senate right now. a senate potentially broken. if you could put on your , is that making it difficult to attract candidates?
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is the climate here impacting your ability to attract candidates? sen. schumer: we have great candidates. if you look at the candidates we have they are fabulous in state after state. they are not your traditional old-time politicians. the majority of our candidates are women, many are veterans. many have unique backgrounds, brought up on a farm, created a new business that was successful. we are excited about our candidates and we are excited about 20/20. reporter: there are two governors running for president. sen. schumer: i think the candidates we have are as good as any traditional politicians in this day and age. reporter: do you expect all 12 appropriations bills to pass? sen. schumer: i hope acr won't be necessary -- i hope they cr won't be necessary. we are hopeful -- neither side
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wants a cr. the republicans have an impetus, we have an impetus because we feel so strongly that with these globalizationke and technology in the middle class, they need some help from a strong force. that is us. i am hopeful we can get this done. reporter: given the no poison for agreement in the legislation, how do you think democrats and republicans will work toward some of the more controversial issues in the spending bill? sen. schumer: some are poison pills, some are not in hopefully we can work all of these out. last question. reporter: do you support the drug price legislation of senator wyden and senator
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grassley? sen. schumer: i think is a good step but it does not go far enough. we democrats will caucus and we think unless we get a vote on negotiation of drug prices, which is far more sweeping that was done there despite senator wyden's find efforts, if we don't get a vote on sabotage, we are not going to let a republican friends get away with improving drug price issues modestly along the edges and continue to sabotage the health care system. it would be wrong. before these bills come to the floor, we are going to ask for votes on those amendments. thank you, everyone, and have a good break. [laughter]
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[chatter] >> coming up, a discussion on economic threats facing the u.s. is live from the hudson institute at 3:00 p.m. eastern. president trump holds a campaign rally this evening in cincinnati. we will have live coverage at 7:00 eastern and online at you can listen with the free c-span radio app. at 10:30ay morning eastern on c-span, we will show you the first of two democratic residential primary debates detroit. sunday morning at 10:30 eastern, the second round of presidential primary debates. saturday and sunday at 10:30
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a.m. eastern on c-span, or listen with the free c-span radio app. this weekend on book tv, saturday at 7:45 eastern, in his option,ook, the public the author talks about the effectiveness and government involvement in promoting opportunity and equality. >> a public option for broadband go along way in addressing the challenges of access. this is not a pie in the sky idea. hadtanooga, tennessee has one gigabyte download internet, extremely fast internet as a public option since 2010. more than 100,000 people and businesses take advantage of the public option. >> sunday at noon, in-depth is live with lee edwards. eastern, and author
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talks about his first-hand account of the far right movement and its origin in his latest book, the new right. >> there is no agreement across the subculture other than who the enemy is. there are those that favor the authoritarian police state, there are those who are anarchists, there are those who are internationalist. those who are america first, very proud americans who want to get the country back. you will have little agreement other than who you are against. >> watch tv every weekend on c-span2. it is our spotlight on magazine segment on washington journal. joining us from los angeles is a senior staff writer with rolling stone, stephen rodrick with an extensive pie


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