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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden at Bakersfield Restaurant in Detroit  CSPAN  August 2, 2019 10:03am-10:15am EDT

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capable of drivinga woman is noo drive. we showed we are able and capable of driving and being in the driver seat of our own destiny by doing this active civil disobedience. >> a woman is not supposed to drive. we showed we are able and capable of driving and being in the driver seat of our own destiny by doing this active civil disobedience. >> watch sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. >> another republican retirement of the u.s. house, congress men from texas. "i have made the decision to not seek reelection for the 23rd constructional district of texas in order to pursue opportunities outside the halls of congress to solve problems between technology and national security. the headline from the hill, congress men will heard is the sixth gop lawmakers in the last two weeks to announce retirement. his congressional district stretches along the u.s.-mexico border between dantonio and el paso. dave wasserman tweets. "huge news for democrats. representative will heard to retire in 2020. he is probably the only republican capable of holding the seat. former vice president joe biden was in detroit following wednesday night's debate. he spoke to supporters. we will bring you both presidential debates hosted by cnn this weekend. will air --t's
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wednesday's debate will air sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. here on c-span. [crowd talking]
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>> how are you, sir? a pleasure to meet you. i thought you did a great job last night. >> i'm 16. [crowd talking] >> a pleasure to meet you.
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>> how are you? good to see you. in my house, mom's rule. [crowd talking] >> you would be such a good president. [crowd talking]
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>> hi, how are you? [crowd talking]
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>> you hear that, mr. mayor? >> mr. mayor, i have got his back. i'm in. i've not 14,000 doors. trust me, i have got your back. >> wow. >> i am ready to help you. >> good for you. [crowd talking]
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[applause] -- [laughter] [crowd talking] >> where is jill? [laughter] [crowd talking] >> oh, yeah. >> labor day weekend? >> god love you. how's it going? [crowd talking]
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>> hey, guys, we are going to give you a shot that way, ok. [crowd talking] the shirt right [crowd talking] >> hey, guys, how are you?
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[crowd talking] >> we are getting everyone over this way. if he could move over this way. could i get you to come over here please? [crowd talking] >> come on, guys. [crowd talking] >> i really need you over here. take a step back. i will move out of your spot. [crowd talking]
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>> thank you so much. we are going to go outside now. [crowd talking] >> about barack, about the president. i'm proud of the job he did. i don't think there's anything he has to apologize for. i think it kind of surprised me, the degree of the criticism. as i've told you before god love , you, you have been covering me a long time now, but this is a marathon, and i feel good. i think we passed the quarter mark and i'm feeling good. >> mr. vice president, you told us in the earliest days of your campaign that you were not going to speak ill of fellow democrats. you were pretty tough last night.


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