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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Talks to Media Outside Bakersfield Restaurant in...  CSPAN  August 2, 2019 10:14am-10:31am EDT

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>> thank you so much. we are going to go outside now. [crowd talking] >> about barack, about the president. i'm proud of the job he did. i don't think there's anything he has to apologize for. i think it kind of surprised me, the degree of the criticism. as i've told you before god love , you, you have been covering me a long time now, but this is a marathon, and i feel good. i think we passed the quarter mark and i'm feeling good. >> mr. vice president, you told us in the earliest days of your campaign that you were not going to speak ill of fellow democrats. you were pretty tough last night.
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why the change in strategy? >> because i was responding. i hope the next debate we can talk about how we fix the things that trump has broken not how , barack obama made mistakes. he didn't. he didn't. i want to make it clear that going back 10, 20, 30 years it's a game to make sure that we handle republicans in the election coming up. look folks there are a lot of , things everybody has done in the past, votes that don't have a context today. they are taken out of context. i want to make the point that some of the assertions being made were absolutely -- how can i say it nicely? not true and taken out of context. if they met with a said, they would not have done a lot of things they did. >> do you think your party has
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gone too far to the left? immigration -- joe biden the world has changed : since obama, and here's the deal. this is about the future. this is about taking the same kind of integrity and moving ndime e president's term ended, he was able to focus in ways are not just keeping the car from going over the cliff. and does going into a depression. he was able to focus and he focused on immigration and what he did was serious. he changed the dialogue. he changed the whole question. he changed what was going on. the idea that it's comparable to what this guy is doing is absolutely bizarre. look, this is three years later. the world has changed. president trump has turned it upside down internationally. he has turned it upside down economically. people are hurting badly. there is no response. we faced a different problem 10 years ago when the economy collapsed because of republican policies.
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now we face the problem that the economy and the soul of the country is collapsing because of this presidency. it's a different problem. the same basic principles. we have to be honest, straightforward, and definitive -- authentic about what we are going to do. i look forward to going into detail and explain and deal with the differences we have. they are all good people. here is my plan for health care. what is yours? let's talk about it. >> your party has cngsome of yoc candidate say they want to decriminalize crossing the border illegally. joe biden this isn't about left : or right. i think i represent the party. i think my views are where the vast majority of people are. there are a really -- a lot of really good people that are pushing the envelope and that is good, it's healthy. the idea that they represent the party is today does not comport with who gets elected.
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it does not comport with how we won in 2018. it's a legitimate debate to have. the one thing we have to focus on, the thing i agree with cory on, we have to focus on what it is we can do together. we are so different. every one of the people on that stage has a fundamentally different view than the -- they talk about barack but they have a fundamentally different view than the president of the united states has. let's talk about who is best path forward delete this country. >> are you supportive of the debate stage shrinking going bia candates, and that's a good thing. bu in less than one minute and if you are not asked re
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if you're not -- 30 seconds. you get 15 seconds. that's not a debate. i understand why it has to be that way, but i am looking forward to getting to a place where we can actually exchange ideas. >> can you clarify your position on nafta? house democrats talk about concrete changes. joe biden you asked me what the trump plann had offered. last time there was a proposal that said you have to -- this was a proposal that said you will have to -- this was 20 some years ago. you have to make sure you provide alternatives for people who may be caught in the crossfire. that did not happen. that's a different deal. differently?k to last night, is
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saying joeinstead of i would have said text. i was so focused on making the case for joe, i said joe when i said the number. it was text. you guys printed it 15 times and is getting great results. >> black voter turnout is down in states like michigan. you invoke president obama a lot when you talk about race, but i'm curious how you plan to get obama level turnout in 2020 as a white politician. i have never gotten any fewer votes in an on-year than in on year than any person in delaware, black or white. they know my heart.
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they know me. i think that's why so many are supporting me. i think the black community is no different than any other community in the sense that they are being hurt badly. they are being hurt badly and they want to know someone, first of all, are they telling them the truth? are they laying out what they are going to do, no doubletalk? what are you going to do? secondly, do i believe you know understand me? do i believe you know my heart? i spent my whole career -- i am not a black man, to state the obvious, but i have gone out of my way to understand the best i possibly can what the concerns are. and they are legitimate. you have so many african-american businessmen and women with great potential. liferted off my political trying to deal with redlining at banks. it's still not done. any bank in the black community should have the land in the black community.
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--lend in the black community, period. we should be in a position where we fundamentally change the education system. i laid out a plan in great detail but now -- everybody agrees it's good. i look at what's going on. if you don't have access to education, everything gets backed up. that's what i propose increasing from $15 billion to $45 billion a year for at-risk schools, title i schools. we challenge children poor , black or white cldren, black children hispanic , children, they can do as well on 3, 4 insist and five-year-old having preschool. it is not a choice. we know the numbers. finally a university that does not say the education department's point out if they provide 3, 4, 5-year-olds genuine education they don't increase their chances exponentially.
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exponentially. tell me. what are we arguing about? we can pay for all of this. we don't have the go and spend $30 trillion or billions and billions. we can do it for another $35 billion a year. just in education. we should make sure every single solitary child is qualified. and people coming back to school because they've lost a job. everybody laughs about -- i'm not going to go there. but the point is there is a real obs w about this fourth industrial revolution. iabout it for six years. people are deathly afraid. all of you press people, you are in jeopardy. gil world is changing you. you have a totally different deal. youre a print newspaper,
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hang on. hang on. i don't expect you to agree with >> what do you see being your biggest challenge in this state? >> i can win michigan. they know me. i have worked my whole life for the middle class. i understand it. i know what's going on. i promise you, if i get the nomination, i will win michigan. i promise you that. i will win pennsylvania. i will win ohio. i will win the state he got 72,000 extra votes into give himself an election. it is not that there is a great migration to him. it did not occur. we are talking about 72,500 and votes in three states that changed. otherwise, hillary clinton would be president with over 3 million votes. >> do you think you drew a sharp enough contrast with the more
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liberal elements of the democratic party? >> it is not more moderate. for my entire career in the senate, i was never listed below one of the 25 most liberal people in the senate. i wish you guys had called me a moderate when i was running for reelection back in delaware. here is the deal. there's nothing like what obama had done with obamacare. nothing. no president had come close and they tried and they tried. seven presidents did this guy did an incredible thing. in addition to that he covered 100 million people who had pre-existing conditions. on theird kids to stay parents's policies until they were 26 years old. he covered 20 million more people.
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i will get it done this time because the people have realized what it's about. what about veterans? one of the things my wife and michelle did, because veterans were being left behind in so many ways, we need more psychiatric nurses. i carry a card with me that has my schedule on it. every day i have my staff check with the defense department, how many people died. how many people died or were wounded in these wars? because everyone one of them left behind a community. every one of those fallen angels left behind. and we owe them. 6678 have died so far. here is the thing not told. we have 300,000 people coming home from afghanistan with post-traumatic stress.
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we have more people committing suicide's that are veterans than getting killed in battle. we need to care for them. that's why when i was a senator i changed the law that people no longer had to prove the circumstance that they in fact that their immune system was compromised. it's proven it happened to you and you get coverage. the same as what i did when the president agreed we had so many people coming back with brain injuries because of concussions. more amputees and brain injuries than any war i am aware of on a percentage basis. here is the deal. now all you have to prove is that you are in an area with concussion and you have something wrong and you are covered. we have to do a lot more. i got to go, guys. to see youcrats want match up with elizabeth warren. >> i am proud to have played a part. >> is president obama joining
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you next time? >> saturday morning on c-span, the first of two democratic primary debates in detroit hosted by cnn. sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. eastern, the second by the presidential primary debates. saturday and sunday at 10:30 a.m. eastern on c-span,, or listen with the free c-span radio app. >> this weekend on american history tv, saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on lectures and history, comparisons between abraham lincoln and andrew johnson on the constitution. >> you look at the cartoon. it's a very different impression of what people thought of johnson and the constitution at the time. not that he was a defender but he did not understand the constitution. he was acting as unconstitutional. >> sunday at 6:00 on american
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artifacts, a preview of the 19th minute exhibit at the national archives. >> women in new jersey, america's first voters beginning in 1776 when new jersey became a state. constitution made no discussingsex when voting qualifications, only a property requirement. women who owned enough properly -- property, not all women in new jersey, could and did vote in elections at the local, state and national level. >> at 8:00 p.m. on the presidency, john farrell talks about nixon's early life and career. >> 1947 into 1948, he campaigned for the marshall club. every rotary club, chamber of commerce, vfw and american legion hall. every crowd that would take him. judgment,em his best
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not his obedience. he convinced them. when the party primaries were held in california in 1948, richard nixon did not just win the republican nomination, he won the democratic nomination. he wagered everything and carried the day. he ran unopposed in his first reelection campaign. >> explore our nations pass on american history tv on c-span3. >> this afternoon a look at ways the u.s. can work towards a limiting weapons of mass destruction in the middle east, with her marks from assistant for international security and nonproliferation christopher ford. that is live at 1:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. later, the u.s.-japanese alliance. former leaders of the u.s. and japanese militaries talk about some of the global security challenges the countries face. live coverage of the center for strategic and international
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studies at 2:30 p.m. eastern. you can follow our coverage online at, and with the free c-span radio app. president trump held a campaign rally in cincinnati last night. we will show you a portion of this event until health -- house comes in for a short pro forma session. we will then return to the rally after the session.


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