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tv   President Trump Remarks on European Union Trade Relations  CSPAN  August 2, 2019 9:54pm-10:11pm EDT

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china. out of that many billions, we are giving it to the farmers, because they have been targeted by china. the farmers come out totally whole, so you interviewed the wrong farmer. trump announced an agreement to export hormone free beef from the united states to european markets. joining the president were percentages from the european union, the cattle industry, and u.s. government, according -- including trade representative robert lighthizer. [chatter]
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[laughter] thank you very: everybody, we appreciate it. a wonderful day, and a wonderful deal for a lot of people. today we are signing a breakthrough agreement that will make it easier to export american beef into the european union. we have been under negotiations for quite a while and our beef farmers we did not think were being treated fair, but the eu stepped up, and we appreciate it and we have great representatives here with us today. this is a tremendous victory for american farmers, ranchers, and european consumers. american beef is considered the best in the world. we are delighted to be joined
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today by ambassador robert lighthizer, deputy secretary of agriculture, the european union's ambassador to the united states, and the representative of the presidency of the council of the eu. i want to thank senator john hoeven my friend for being here. good job, john. along with the president of the national cattlemen's beef association, jennifer houston. and the president and ceo of the united states meat exports federation, dan hallstrom. congratulation the agreement we signed will lower trade barriers in europe and expand access for american farmers and ranchers. in year one, beef exports to the eu will increase by 46%.
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over seven years, they will increase by another 90%. in total, the duty-free exports will rise from $150 million to $420 million, an increase of 180 percent. my administration is standing up for ranchers and farmers like never before. we are protecting our farmers. we are doing it in many ways, including with china. you may have read a little bit about china lately. agricultural products and exports have increased more than $10 billion and beef imports have increased 31%. in another major win we opened the japanese market to u.s. beef and markets in tunisia, morocco, and australia. i think you are pretty happy about that. you have not seen that before, not with your other presidents, you haven't. we are reducing burdensome regulations that unfairly impact
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agricultural producers. when our farmers became victims of unjustified retaliatory tariffs from china and other countries we provided $28 billion over two years in relief. they were targeted and we took care of our farmers and ranchers and i signed a historic farm which provides farmers with certainty and the kind of certainty they need while supporting increased agricultural exports. the agreement that we are about to sign keeps one more promise to the great patriots of american agriculture. these are indeed patriots, they are always targeted first by other countries to take advantage of the u.s. they are the first to be targeted, but we take that target off their back. opening markets for our farmers is more than an industry, it is about a way of life. generations of hard work, passion, and dedication have gone into making america the largest producer of high quality
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beef anywhere in the world by far. we love our farmers and ranchers and with this announcement we take one more step in giving them the level playing field that they have been looking for for many years. you folks know that. they want a level playing field, that is all they want. nobody can beat them. i want to thank you for being here and i would like to invite a very great gentlemen, friend of mine and someone who has done a fantastic job for our country, ambassador lighthizer, to say a few words and we will follow that up with some of the high officials from the european union. thank you very much. >> thank you for being here today and for your leadership in making trade policy work better for all americans but particularly our farmers and ranchers. i am pleased to be joined by the deputy chief mission of the embassy of finland.
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the eu member state that holds the presidency of the council of the european union, and ambassador stavros and the ambassador from the eu. this agreement will nearly triple the duty-free access of american ranchers to high-quality beef in europe. initial estimates indicate the u.s. beef will grow by over $270 million a year once the agreement is fully implemented. with this new exclusive, country specific quota american ranchers have a guaranteed market share. we look forward to the eu approving this agreement expeditiously. >> mr. president and ladies and gentlemen. i am honored to be one of the signatories of this agreement.
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this provides a solution. let me underline the negotiations were in good spirit and it is a great example of how the trade system can work for trade disputes. with this agreement we reaffirm commitment [inaudible] to the trade agenda and a new faith in the eu-u.s. relationship. the agreements will be sent to the european parliament and we hope to obtain [inaudible] i would like to highlight the strength of eu trade relations with the u.s. is a priority of the presidency. i would like to thank those
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negotiators on both sides. thank you very much. pres. trump: thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, today is about delivering real positive tangible results of the transatlantic trade relationship, the strongest biggest relationship in the world. mr. president, last year you said you wanted more, you wanted to strengthen this relationship for the benefit of all americans and in this spirit we are here signing this agreement. it can more than double the beef exports of u.s. farmers to the eu. this is a great day for american farmers and european consumers.
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we're looking in other areas of progress in soybeans, exports have seen a massive increase over the past year. energy exports have seen a boost and shipments, fortifying security and diversity and we are working on many other things. negotiating including standards. i mentioned standards because for us it is a highlight of the fact that trade is not just about money, it is about values, about making sure that high standards are used and upheld to deal with unfair competition. as we are dealing with fair competition, there are countries around the world that are not simply exporting cheap, subsidized products. they are trying to export pour --cheap labor standards and poor
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environmental standards and the agreement we signed shows we can solve problems and his partners in the spirit of this partnership, we can try to shape the world that is based on strong open values and strong, open rules. thank you, it is a great honor to be here. i asked for a hat. [laughter] they told me i don't deserv. i have not earned it yet, they said. >> thank you, mr. president. this is what our ranchers and farmers are after. these are the kind of agreements that make a difference. that is what this is about. this is about access to markets. we produce the highest quality beef anywhere in the world. they have great hats but they have great cattle, they do a great job. our ranchers are the best in the world. when we get access to markets, they can go to town and talk to
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outcompete anybody anywhere. whether it is ranchers or farmers are livestock or crops, and this is the kind of agreement we need. i want to express appreciation to the ustr and ambassador and the whole team. they are working hard on behalf of agrulture you know about the assistance they are providing. that assistance is because our farmers and ranchers have been targeted by china and other countries. the administration and usda is standing up for farmers, they are negotiating these kinds of agreements. i am anxious to see what they can do with japan and we have got to get the u.s. nca. we need the house to bring it up. the senate is ready to go. we are ready to pass it with a bipartisan vote. each of the steps are critically important for farmers and on behalf of all of us in the senate that work in agriculture,
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this is what we want. these kind of agreements, tripling what we can put into the beef we can export to europe under this agreement between the u.s. and europe. congratulations and on behalf of agriculture, thank you. >> this is a great day for -- thank you. plenty of america's cattle men and cattle women and thanks to you and your trade team for your diligence. it has been difficult for us to get access to the eu because of some nontariff and restrictive tariff trade practices and we want them to enjoy the high-quality beef that our american farmers and ranchers produce everywhere that is enjoyed by the rest of the world and we are excited that our european families and thank you to all that will be able to enjoy that high-quality beef. thank you for your support of america's farmers and ranchers and to your trade team.
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and to you all, thank you. >> that was unexpected. thank you, mr. president. i am president of the cattlemen's beef association. i am a rancher from california. i am fifth-generation, i have a seventh generation family on the ranch and we will benefit from the new agreement with the eu and so we are thankful. thank you to the eu and thank you, mr. president. pres. trump: congratulations. please. >> thank you, mr. president, i am dan hallstrom, president and ceo of the u.s. meat export federation. on behalf of our members in a -- in agriculture and beef producers especially, we would like to say thank you. this is an honor and a great day for us with our eu friends for expanded access and we do
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appreciate everything the president and administration is doing on behalf of the farmers of america, so thank you. >> thank you. deputy secretary of agriculture. i want to express my appreciation and our appreciation on behalf of all u.s. farmers arranges for the leadership of you, for making it a priority to stand up and fight for market access for producers. this is a great day to celebrate, and we look forward to more wins like this. thank you. [camera shutters]
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[applause] pres. trump: congratulations. >> thank you, mr. president. pres. trump: we agreed to pay a 25% tariff on all mercedes-benz and bmw coming into our nation. i'm only kidding. congratulations. best beef in the world. thank you, everybody. >> [inaudible]
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reporter: mr. president, how are you prepared for retaliation? watch our exclusive interview with trump as he reflects on his first two point five years in office, including the raising of the debt ceiling. >> the european union is doing poorly, china is doing poorly, other countries are not doing well. we are the hottest country in the world. military,strong stronger after this last budget. there he soon i will be able to cut back. we had to rebuild our military. presidentrview with trump saturday at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span, watch anytime online on
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