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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Talks to Media Outside Bakersfield Restaurant in...  CSPAN  August 2, 2019 10:11pm-10:29pm EDT

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c-span radio app. at 10:30morning eastern on c-span, we will show you the first of two democratic presidential primary debates hosted by cnn. and then the second round of primary debates saturday and sunday at 10:30 eastern on c-span. or listen with the free c-span radio app. democratic presidential candidate and former vice president joe biden campaigned in detroit. he spoke with reporters covering the event. this is about 15 minutes. i am proud to have served with him in the job he did. i do not think there is anything he has to apologize for. , thend of surprised me
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criticism. as i have told you before, it is a marathon. i feel good. we are past the quarter mark and i am feeling good. >> you told us you would not speak ill of a fellow democrat. you are tough on your opponents last night. why the change in strategy? >> i responded. we can the nex debate fix what trump has broken, and not how barack obama made these mistakes. he did not. i want to make it clear that going back 10 to 30 years, it is handleto make sure we republicans in the election. there are a lot of things everybody has done in their past that no longer have context today, taken out of context.
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i want to make the point that some of these assertions that , how can i say it nicely, not true and taken out of context. reporter: do you think your party has gone too far to the left? vice president biden: the world has changed since obama. it is about taking this integrity in moving beyond. by the time the president's tm ended, he was able to focusnpinm going over the cliff and us going into depression, he was able to focus, and he focused on immigration. what he did was serious, he changed the dialogue, change the question, change what is going
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on, and the idea that it is comparable to what this guy is doing is bizarre. this is three years later. the world has changed. president trump has turned it upside down internationally. he has turned it upside down economically. people are hurting badly. we faced a different problem 10 and almost collapsed because of republican policies. now we face the problem that the economy and the soul of the country is collapsing because of this president. same basic principles. we have to be honest, straightforward, and authentic about what we will do. i look forward to going into theil to explain differences we have. they are all good people. is my plan for health care, what is yours, let's talk about it. reporter: do you think your party is moving too far to the left?
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it is notdent biden: about moving left or right. i think i represent the party. i think my views is where the vast majority of the democratic party are. a lot of good people got elected your pushing the envelope. but the idea that they represent what the party is today does not comport with who gets elected or how we won in 2018. it is a totally legitimate debate to have. the one thing we have to focus on and that i agree with corey on is let's focus on what we can do together. everyone on that stage has a view --tally different they talk about barack -- but they have a fundamentally different view from the president of the united states. let's argue who has the best path forward to lead the country
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to greatness. reporter: are you supportive of the debate stage shrinking going forward? vice president biden: i am supportive of having a debate, not one minute of assertions. there are 20 candidates and that is a good thing. but the idea that we do not have a chance to explain our policies in less than one minute, you are not asked a direct question, you and then 15ds, seconds to intervene. that is not a debate. i understand why it has to be that way, but i look forward to where we can exchange ideas. can you clarify your position on nafta? vice president biden: you asked planether or not trump's has faltered.
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as long as i got to make sure they are written in stone. they must be imposed. last time there was a proposal yearsaid -- this was 20 ago -- you have to make sure you provide for alternatives. that did not happen. it is a different deal. going back to last night, is there anything you would do differently? i wouldsident biden: have said text. i was focused on making the and i shouldjoe have said text. you printed it 15 times, that is getting results. reporter: black voter turnout is
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down in michigan. how do you plan to get obama level turnout in 2020 as a white politician? vice president biden: i have run in a state that has the eight largest black population in the country. , i have and on year gotten more votes than anybody in delaware black or white. i come from a community, they know my heart and know me, and that is why they are supporting me. i think the black immunity is no different from any other community in the sense that they are being hurt hadley. -- they are being hurt badly. what are you going to do? do i believe you understand me? do i believe you know my heart? i spent my whole career -- i am not a black man to say the obvious -- but i have gone out
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of my way to understand the best i possibly can what their concerns are. you have so many african-american businessmen and women with great potential. i started off my political life trying to redline banks, it is still not done. in the black community should have to lend to the black community. we should be in a position where we change the way the education a plani look at what is going of you do not have access to education, everything gets back up. from $15hy i proposed billion to $45 billion for schools. it has to be spent. we challenged children black or hispanic children, they
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can do as well as anybody else given a chance. we know the numbers. we have great universities. the education department's point out three years old to five getting education will increase their chances exponentially. what are we arguing about? we can pay for all of this. we do not have to spend their to trillion dollars. -- we do not have to spend $30 trillion. every solitarye child who is qualified, and people coming back to school because they lost their jobs. there is a real concern on the part of people who have jobs
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this fourth industrial revolution. i have been speaking about it for six years. people are afraid. you press people are in jeopardy, i am not joking. you are joking but look at what is happening to you. the digital world is changing, you have a different view if you're a print newspaper. it is changing. reporter: what do you see as your biggest challenge in this state? vice president biden: i can win michigan. they know me, i come from the middle class, i know what is going on. i promise you, if i get the nomination, i will win michigan, i promise you that. i will win pennsylvania, i will win ohio. i will win these states that he
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got 72,000 votes to get the election. it is not just migration to him. we are talking about 72,500 votes in three states, otherwise hillary clinton would be president with a margin of over 3 million votes. reporter: do you think you drew enough of a sharp contrast with the liberal elements of the democratic party? would you say your plan is more moderate? vice president biden: it is not more moderate. below one ofisted the most 25 liberal people in the senate. i wished you had called me moderate when i ran for reelection in delaware. there is nothing moderate about what barack did and obamacare. no president had come close. they tried and tried, seven
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presidents. this guy did an incredible thing. covered a hundred million people who had pre-existing conditions. he allow kids to stay on their parents policy until they are 26 years old. he covered 20 million more people. we tried to get the medicare option added to my we could not get it done. i will get it done because people have realized what it is about, they have figured it out. what about veterans? one of the things my wife and michelle did, is veterans are being left behind in so many ways. 75,000 another psychiatric nurses. i carry a card with me, it has my schedule on it. every day i have the staff check how many people have died or wounded in these wars. everyone left behind a community
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. every fallen angel, we owed them. is over 6000 that have died. people coming0 home from afghanistan, iraq and the middle east with posttraumatic stress. we have more people committing suicide, veterans, than getting killed in battle. we need to care for them. that is why when i was a senator, i changed the laws thing anybody exposed to acid rain no longer had to prove the circumstance that their immune system is compromised. to you, andpened you get coverage. the same i did when the president agreed when we said with so many people coming back with brain injuries because of the concussions, more than in any war on a percentage basis.
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now, all you have to prove is you were in an area where there were concussions, and you get covered. we have to do a lot more. i have to go. reporter: is president obama going to be joining you? >> c-span's "washington journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up saturday morning, the latest data breach and what protections are in place for consumers. with the consumer program director with the u.s. interest research group. and a look at the recent rate cut with economic correspondent had a long. -- heather long.
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be sure to watch "washington journal," live at 7:00 a.m. eastern. and look for podcast week on "washington journal" on monday, we will talk with larry o'connor. producer of the new york times the daily will join us. on wednesday mark leon goldberg. on thursday, chris stirewalt. briney.riday jennifer join the discussion. watch our exclusive interview with donald trump as he reflects on his first 2.5 years in office, including the raising of the debt ceiling. >> you look at the european union, it is doing poorly. china is doing poorly. we are the hottest country in
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the world with great economics. we have a strong military. then at some point i will cut back, but we had to rebuild the military. an interview with president trump saturday at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. watch anytime online on this weekend on american history tv, saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern, comparisons between abraham lincoln and andrew johnson on the constitution. >> you look at the whole cartoon. ofis a different impression what people thought of johnson and the constitution. not that he was a defender, but that he did not understand constitution. anwas acting in unconstitutional way. >> sunday at 6:00 p.m..
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>> women in new jersey who were america's first voters beginning in 1776 when new jersey became a state, the new jersey state constitution made no mention of sex when discussing voting qualifications. it only had a property requirement. ,omen who owned enough property not all women, could and did vote in elections at the local, state, and national level. >> at 8:00 p.m. on the presidency, early life and career. he campaigned for the marshall plan. he went to every rotary club, every chamber of commerce and american legion hall. he owed them his best judgment, not his
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obedience. and he convinced them. parties were held, richard nixon did not just win of republican nomination, he won the democratic nomination. passed on our nations american history tv every weekend on c-span3. >> the house will be in order. c-span has been providing unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events from washington, d.c. and around the country so you can make up your own mind. created by cable in 1979, c-span is brought to you by of local and satellite provider.


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