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tv   Army Col. Kathryn A. Spletstoser News Conference on Gen. Hyten  CSPAN  August 4, 2019 5:35pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> army colonel kathryn splats splestoser held a
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hearing into her allegations. this is 20 minutes.
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perfect unblemished 28 your record. contrary to what he said in there, he was enamored with it. and it was not of a down. had been promoted early. he mentioned the white house fella's expense i also had a number of wonderful opportunities that the army afforded me so to sit there and say that i was an average officer that he somehow made a number when officer and wanted to make a multi star general. it was then sadly toxic, after i turned down for sexual favors. and after he sexually assaulted me. as you will grasp. public not the court of opinion. this is a court of what is the fact that are in the actual.
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to say that there is nothing there is false. i can also address the other things in the roy. they say they've gone overnight a 6000 doc missed no they did not. most of the emailed in question were on the classified networks that the secret and top-secret levels. there was no classified to this are light. and no one has been afforded the opportunity to review those emails with the appropriate class locations. this includes my attorney hugh should about access to them. they also did not include all the unclassified emails because they only talk to a number of people including a closed session, who had never seen several ml's referred to that were clearly in the unclassified system. i find it interesting that all of the tasks and phone messages also disappeared when funds are upgraded. notwithstanding all of those things, the reality is that we are not talking about winning a case in a court of law. you're talking about a promotion to be the second-highest military officer in the united
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states of america. one who can answer simple questions on sexual assault orth policy. or how we handle it. and one who failed to treat a subordinate under his command with dignity and respect. when that is his mantra every day. so i'll just tell you this. what we saw there today was applico spectacle. at the expense of an innocent victim who has never lied on anything. who has a perfect and unblemished record and who general hite himself stated in the evaluation he gave me, my ethics and integrity are above reproach i cannot say the same about him. with that, i will take a couple of questions. >> you want to test my publicly to all of this? >> want to? i do not want to be here now. i do not want any of this this is frightening. i think it's important that the rest of the senate hear the facts of the case and it's
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important for the american people to understand that nobody has made a false accusation against general john hyson. everything i said in that outline was corroborated. most of the step he claims were corroborated, the fact of the matter is you're not really being told the truth when people say the air force did a great investigation. this is the illusion of prosecution from day one. had this been handled properly, due to the high nature of it which nobody appeared to know how to do upfront, they could have turned this law enforcement medication over to the fbi, ncis or civ, and you would've had a fair process and impartial process. you did not have that. >> why do you think there were some senators who may have had one or two to what you are saying to the questions. col. spletstoser: i wanted to
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handle that an open hearing but we discussed in private. nobody talks about the factor they talk about make accusations against and innocent victim and just assume that she is lying or made this up. there is no evidence of that. that is one of the key findings that you not understand. even though i was the subject of the investigation as the victim. there is no evidence anywhere and never will be that i'm lying. because i'm not. i'm telling the truth. >> wounded soldier that may believe, what did you make of that? col. spletstoser: i found it incredibly disrespectful and uninformed. and i'm also disappointed. dr. willis had the opportunity to do a lot of right things and part of the process as a victim i should've been afforded the opportunity to talk to her, to provide my input in person, where she could have asked any of those questions. i think it is disrespectful that neither she -- that she or anyone else what insinuate that
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a combat injured soldier with the combat injuries is somehow making something up that makes this really a slippery path to get into. fromre you surprised air general mix sally and her support? col. spletstoser: no, nothing surprised me that this would be prayed i am disappointed that i am- senate -- disappointed that senator mcsally did not reach out to me to get the facts. i think she did not review all the facts. if she did, she may have an opinion. but the fact of matter is i hate people are unwilling to look me in the eye and have a professional discussion on the facts. frankly that offer still stands. i would left me with her. thehat is your message to senators on that committee? what you want them to know? col. spletstoser: . i would say that you saw some at he testified today who is not qualified to be the vice chair of the joint chiefs of staff. are all the things you have yet you're great its base, your
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graded acquisition, you know a lot about nuclear command-and-control. but you clearly lack the ability to lead as a four start, basic people level issues, or an understanding of what personnel policies are in the department of defense that you serve, and are asking to be the second highest rank in person on. >> you argue that the air force did not run a fairness to get to this. sask gave it the consideration that it was due? if it goes out of committee, we go to other senate offices and continued telling these allegations? col. spletstoser: i think everybody can review that now. i have a job today. i do not know that that make a lot of sense. i think what make more sense as potentially having a public testimony where all the other usders -- senators can hear because they should not be tried in the court of public opinion. that is the sad fact. had this done right -- had this
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been done right, general hite and would not be a confirmation hearing today. he would be at up a lemon or hearing. an article 32 b call it in the army -- an article 32 hearing. a preliminary hearing. for charges of sexual assault. messages [indiscernible] it says thatoser: every general officer or every flag officer is above the law and that they will not be treated the same as everybody else. you heard m people said oh we follow the process and we do not think it was necessary to suspend his clearance. look. their whole host of department of defense and air force instructions and regulations, that actually require a lot of adjudication be done prior to actually -- at a minimum none of those things were done. none of that stuff was entered into the databases. like a criminal invest in ancient. so all of that should have been done hasn't been done still has
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not been done. it would be nice to know who made the decision to just get him a free pass. i mean you have to understand it came up. nuclear command-and-control this country transfer from the strat come commander to the president and back down. you have a guy who has been under felony sexual assault investigation since the middle of april. and his been allowed to continue in command with a lot of none of the things that should happen in the process if you will that the department has laid out for itself, its own regulations, none of that was followed. it just wasn't. thatre you disappointed the female democratic senators that i previously come out against [indiscernible] in military have not? col. spletstoser: my understanding is that they would love to show up. but as you note several of them are running for office. i think the timing of the hearing in the rush to get this all the way through so fast is
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more telling than anything. >> have you heard from them? ?his morning i col. spletstoser: no i have not. >> senator gillibrand was among those, before this hearing [indiscernible] col. spletstoser: i don't think that is a binary. it is not either the colonel's position -- the commander's position or. [indiscernible] having said that there is no way that i would not automatically prefer charges to go to a 32 in order to protect myself as a commander, and to ensure that due process occurred. so i think that there are several policy options that should be available but, in essence, i think this case literally proves senator gillibrand's point. adjusted. like to, what would you see done differently in this
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process moving forward, in terms of victims of sexual assault in the military, actually being case and having their [indiscernible] col. spletstoser: this tells every sexual assault survivor victim whatever you want to call it that they need not reported that they will not be taken seriously. their own character, despite having a flawless record, will always be questioned. that they will be the ones investigated. that they will not see justice. and hey, in the end, senior officers are allowed to sexily assault people and we will just give them a promotion instead. >> what are your own future plans the military? col. spletstoser: i plan to retire at the end of the year. >> house that been influenced by this? col. spletstoser: it is not. the reality is, and this is also provided on the roi. on the morning of the attack, the last attack at ragan, i had already informed general
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heightened that i was going to tire in fairly short order. general hyten that i was going to retire in short order. that was not my dream. i was not opposed to it. i felt like after 28 years as an enlisted nco and officer, who has done for combat deployments at least, i felt i have done the best i can do. i have run my race, and i wanted to go on to other things and serve in other ways. you put forth the release of the report unredacted? col. spletstoser: yes. made one comment about nonsexual charges. that?o you to col. spletstoser: i do not know what he was saying.
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i find that when interesting. because i don't recall making the complaints against anybody. i know that i probably did a whistleblower complaint. i know that in my appeal process for this, the general called it an initiation investigation to ask the question himself. the manner in which he handled it. to say that i will be making 34 so claims against him, that is , completely not true. it would be interesting to see where we got that interesting information. >> nobody on the panel reached out to yucca col. spletstoser: they did not. you.t told what they asked is the same answer i gave. >> did any of those numbers he ran down sound familiar to you? [indiscernible] i think hestoser: said to against the deputy commander. and i do not read, making any against the deputy commander. i think the way they do
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investigations, they do different things and multiple -- and they open multiple cases on the same investigations. so there may be some issues like that. general heightened done the same thing to anyone else? col. spletstoser: i do not know whether he has done it to anyone else. the other reason i'm even here today because i had a moral responsibility to at least tell the truth. to ensure that he does not get the opportunity to do it to someone else and the next four years as vice chair. >> did you tell anyone and that time it happened? col. spletstoser: no. i meant that ragan defense forum. there are muscle instances before that. that was the most -- i met the ragan defense forum. that was the most egregious. i was scared. mortified. frankly i thought a lot of his come on where high school ash, college like, sophomoric. i thought i could make it to the end. i did not think he would keep
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doing it for. of time, he stopped doing anything agree just. was something that happened at the end. at the ragan forum. people want to make this a partisan issue or plug a statement. but i will tell you, somebody that has almost been raped that evening, was devastated as a human being. and i was scared. and it was a horrible position to be end, when everybody to include secretary wilson, secretary shanahan, general miller, half the senators in there, maybe not half, the international media were at the reagan defense forum.
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the preeminent conservative forum in our nation. fox news was there for the next day. the national security advisor was there. to somebody who really respected reagan, and served and a republican administration, i knew the value of that place. and i was not going to cause what would have been perceived as [indiscernible] by coming out and doing that publicly. but in hindsight, i should have. we would not have been here today. a lot of people what is probably been ruined from that though. but then general heightened - hyten would probably been held accountable. and probably would have been sitting in jail. announcer: congressional reaction to the el paso and dayton shootings continues to be. jackie spear who was shot during the 1978 johnstown shooting in guyana says stop the carnage,
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ban assault weapons, buy back the ones in ownership, ban high-capacity magazines. settle majority leader mcconnell, the self named rim reaper, called the senate back in session. speaker pelosi called the house back in session. let's pass the assault weapon ban. senator susan collins of maine to this, the vast majority of patients -- americans care deeply about their friends, family, neighbors. we have united in the wake of tragedies in the past. we can do so again to stop this violence. parrot tweets from his colleague john cornyn of texas, we have made progress improving the broken background check system, improving access to mental health treatment, by hardening soft targets like our schools. enhancing training for law enforcement and mental health professionals. but we need to keep trying. focusing on law-abiding citizens , exercising their constitutional rights. solves nothing. we need to treat these crimes as problems to be solved, rather than once to be exploited for partisan, again.
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more now from ohio senator sherrod brown and conger's been well heard at texas, gets on cbs this morning. >> we wake up to grief -- on cbssman will heard this morning. >> mitch mcconnell should bring us back into session on monday we could fly back into washington on monday morning. we could pass the background check bill could fly back and be home for dinner. the president needs to sign this bill. we know what to do. we know the background checks works. we know the ban on assault weapons works. it was bipartisan. it expired. we have not renewed it. those the first two things we should do. it could finally put the country on the right path on gun violence.
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>> the house passed a background piece of legislation. i was one of eight republicans that joined in that. we should have be presenting guns in the hands of people that should not have them. that is pretty straightforward. there are other things we should look at his well-paid white is an young man from the suburbs think this is the way he should do something? that is a trend we have seen so many times? i have learned in working with law enforcement and federal law enforcement over the last couple of days on this issue. that federal law enforcement is prevented from searching a publicmedia website, the facing stuff about particular threats. that is something you do not need legislation to fix. when you look at the sequence of this attack in el paso, and eventually in ohio. is there information sharing that could be improved between the federal government and local law enforcement?
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private security in these facilities have the training to do a suspicious activity report? if they are doing suspicious activity report, where does that information go. announcer: c-span has 22 any coverage of the iowa state presidential candidates at the iowa state fair starting with montana government nursing bullock and joe biden. friday we are live at 10:00 a.m. eastern with former hud secretary hooley and later former cast -- and later beto o'rourke. saturday were alive attended, a.m. eastern with governor jay inslee. senator, let harris. senator amy klobuchar. senator kirsten gillibrand. senator elizabeth warren. and senator cory booker. watch the 2020 president of candidates live at the iowa state fair. starting thursday on c-span. watch anytime online at or listen live from wherever you are on the go using the free
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c-span radio app >> friday, living loop, of radio free asia talks about programming. new eastern on c-span. -- read for asia and china. announcer: for 40 years, c-span has provided america with unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events in washington, d.c., and around the country. created by cable in 1979, c-span is brought to you by your local cable or satellite provider. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. years,as changed in 40 but today that ideas more relevant than ever it. on television and online, c-span is your unfiltered view of government. so you can make up your own mind. brought to you as a public service by your cable or satellite provider. announcer: here's what is coming up on c-span. next our interview with president trump. after that, reactions the mass shootings in el paso and in
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ohio. q&a begins at eight. saudia arabian and women's rights activist talks about her book, daring to drive, a saudi women's awakening, about her decision to channel the saudi governments down on female drivers. >> i've loved every minute of it . the biggest frustration is the way the media covers me. the way the media covers this agenda.


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