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tv   Campaign 2020 Steve Bullock at Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 9, 2019 11:11am-11:30am EDT

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asas a gun owner myself, someone who has had to lower the flag nine times for the las vegas shooting, as someone who has a child who during the first week of school had to learn where to go if there was an active shooter, gun owners want to make sure families are cap safe. the majority of gunowners believe in universal background checks. -- if we could ever get the nra out of this, because what they do -- when i was
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growing up it was a hunting and gun safety organization. up, the vaststand majority of republican gunowners think we should have universal background checks. >> how do you catch enough attention to build a campaign? goes to mybody website, that will help. late, onlypposedly 10 weeks ago because i have a job to do. we had to get health care reauthorized. when it comes to getting health care for 100,000 montanans, it is the easiest decision i made. i will get out, talk to people in iowa and people across the country.
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to win back places we have lost. you can get meaningful and progressive things done. i think i offer something that cannot only bring democrats together but when this election. >> is there a donor requirement? elections are about talking to people. right now, some campaigns are spending $80 on line to get a one dollar donor. that is not what these elections are about. recognize every other time, it really is these early states that make a big deal. >> what would you do differently? allrade is a big issue across the country.
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when farmers here are planting soybeans and losing money for every single acre they plant, or were they say to me -- not me telling them -- a payment from the federal government is not going to get us the market share back that we lost. i think donald trump has taken the america first thing -- at the same time he is increasing tariffs, it will hit every american. china is lowering tariffs for the rest of the world. we have to be tough on china but we cannot do it alone. i would bring in the global community and say our biggest focus is on tech. let's fight about tech and make sure china cannot steal our tech but make sure we keep open markets. we loseme he tweets hundreds of thousands of dollars. this president does not represent their needs. he is representing himself. day thatid with every
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passes -- is there something problematic about the other democratic candidates? every day challenges are not being addressed. they don't listen to people fighting about what happened 40 years ago. they don't want empty promises. years tos years and get to where we are with obamacare, which was the biggest step in health care cents medicare and medicaid. are talking about repealing and replacing it. now democrats say we have to start from square one. people don't want that taken away from them. i want to make sure when we talk about -- the biggest problem in immigration is donald trump. he is ripping our country apart
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and ripping families apart. but we don't have to chase everything he does. i met people here in iowa, yes we should protect dreamers and have a path to citizenship. yes we should have secure borders but not by building a wall. you should not have to say because of what donald trump has done, repeal a 90 year law. have 100,000 people showing up at the board right now. is obama's former homeland security person. let's talk about things that impact people's lives every day. let's not have just an academic discussion. it is problematic in that ice
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used to go after those who committed significant crimes. i don't want to spend the next year and a half reacting to donald trump and i don't think most of america does. wet they want to know is if can have a sane and thoughtful immigration system. the president on monday said we have to speak with one voice when it comes to racism, bigotry and white supremacy. hesaid that on a monday, does not act like got the last tune half years and can't even make it one day between el paso and dayton without continuing to divide people. i think we should expect more. on these quattro congresswomen he has attacked, do you think it could help -- on these 4 congresswomen he has attacked -- could help democrats? >> he is using race to divide us. we should stand up, we should
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condemn it. of thesame time all media and everyone else spent two and a half weeks talking about these tweets. the justice department was in federal court trying to rip away coverage for pre-existing conditions for everyone in this country. betsy devos was trying to privatize public education. she appointed someone to the bureau of land management wants to privatize public land. let's make sure we don't make the same mistake of 2016 as candidates and the media. condemn what he does and look at all of the other things we have done the do not improve other people's lives. i would say there are white supremacists who think donald
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trump has their back. i would say he does continue to use race, gender and geography to divide our country. beingd say the language used with what happened in richmond for -- richmond, virginia, that is not how leaders should act. once you have all of your people go to my website, it will be easy. stage to be on the debate , but we are six months out and i do think iowans take it seriously. it is a solemn responsibility to have. at the end of the day, this big field will not be narrowed down
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soon, it will be narrowed down by the voters of iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada. i will do everything i can to get there. that does not mean i will be running around to raise money. i will be talking to voters in iowa. think we should have voluntary -- let'sand i think look at this as a public health issue. help talk about iowa and new hampshire shrinking the field? >> iowans take this very seriously and that is where i will be. i did not write the rules.
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i did not see what the shooter said. at thiswe need to look as a public health issue. as a hunter, i have never met a hunter that said he needs a bump stock. thate never met a hunter said -- >> he said in 2018 that medicare for all is a good idea. was he wrong? problem with
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conversations about great ideas. when we talk about medicare, it took a long time to cover people with disabilities under 65. aca that wentil the closed the doughnut hole for prescription drug prices. take another 65 years to get to where we were today. is best way to go about it to disrupt what would be 180 million people. i think we can make health care affordable. fair food, i just got here. i hope when my family arrives that you are not with me and i am going to eat everything fried. thank you for being with me today. >> what is your favorite? >> corndog.
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>> i like deep-fried oreos. [laughter]
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>> thank you for the good work you do. [chatter]
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>> do you think the el paso shooter should have the right to vote from prison? >> i do not. >> people are worried whether they are going to lose their farm and their hospital. how do we invest in climate
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change? how do you get republicans and democrats to talk? it doesn't matter how good your policy is if you can't get the dose go sides to talk together. work withhas had to republicans to get things done. i tried to build relationships with my republican legislators. i actually go out in the community. just going to spent time in washington dc, i spent as much time in kentucky. i am having fun on the trail. >> it is just getting started. >> thank you. 178 days. you have to come through on a sunday and have a big policy discussion. we are heading over there,
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governor. climate change, we have to address it. >> i am so excited. [chatter] >> just some of the moments yesterday from the iowa state fair. candidates including steve bullock and former vice president joe biden. there are five candidates speaking at the state fair and tomorrow there will be eight. we will have all of it live on
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c-span. some news on our speaker coming up, businessman andrew yang has qualified for the abc debate. nine candidates have reached the threshold so far, getting 2% of the polls and the donor threshold to qualify for the debate in houston, texas. the iowa state fair dates back to the 1850's and over one million people are expected to attend. it is famous for corndogs and everything fried. here are the sights and sounds from the fairgrounds. andrew yang will speak for about 20 minutes and then take some questions live on c-span.


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