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tv   Campaign 2020 Kamala Harris at Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 10, 2019 11:30am-12:16pm EDT

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ease. to ask ave a chance question, speak up. we don't have a microphone in the audience. if you have assigned, please do not raise them during the soapbox. one less reminder i know a lot of you are here for the duration and it -- you do need to take your trash with you. please put your hands together for u.s. senator from california, kamala harris. harris: the iowa state soap rocks. i am excited to be here. this is one of the great american traditions.
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this is about we know about who we are. i want to thank you all and it is great to be with you. only got 20 minutes. i think we all know this is a reflection moment. thatis the moment in time is requiring us each as individuals and collectively to look in america and ask a question. that question being who are we? i think we all know part of the answer to that question is we are better than this. is a moment in time that is requiring us to fight for the best of who we are and fight we will. this is not a new fight for us. we have always been in the
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business of fighting for who we -- our fighting for i ideals. i am a daughter of fighters. mitchents felt when -- when they were in the civil rights. -- movement. they were shouting about justice. they reminded folks of that time articulated in 1776 that we are all equal. that's what inspired me to want to become a lawyer. we are born fighters. mother, myalso by a meter and i -- if you ever our mother you would think she was 10 feet tall.
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she was the kind of parent who would say, you may be the first to do many things. don't you ever let anyone tell you who you are. you tell them who you are. your life should be judged on service to others, not self interest. my mother was tough. if you ever came home come planing about something our , oner would look at you hand probably on a hip and say, well what are you going to do about it? so i decided to run for president of the united states. applause currentlk about the person in the white house. here's a guy who came into
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slogan called make america great again. it is backward thinking. it caused us all to ask back to what? back to the voting rights act, civil rights act? fair housing act? federal -- back before roe v. wade and federal voting rights act? we are not going back. he came into office making all kinds of thomas to folks. everyone from armour's to auto workers. to auto workers. bill benefiting from top 1% and corporations in this country. ,e is so-called trade policy
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born out of his fragile ego in a way that was about unilateral action that has resulted in farmers here in this great state looking at bankruptcy, soybeans writing in bins. hundreds of thousands of auto workers may be out of work the end of the year because of his so-called trade policy. here's the thing. he betrayed a lot of people. this is an election about what we need to do to turn the page. it is also about recognizing that we have to fight for the america we believe in, knowing that we reject that he has provided to be about sowing hate and division. we reject that.
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it is not reflective of who we are. i know it to be true. i know who we are. common so much more in then what separates us. the way i think about it is that three in the morning thought. the thing that wakes you up. us,the vast majority of when we wake up in the middle of the night thinking that thought, it is never through the lens through the party we are registered to vote. when we wake up thinking that thought, it is never through the lens of some simplistic demographic that a pollster put us in. for us, when we wake up thinking withthought, it has to do our personal health, the health payur children and parents,
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the bills by the end of the month, retire with dignity, student loans. help a families can't family member get off of their opioid addiction. the vast majority of us have so much in common. that is part of the strength of who we are as a nation. [applause] page, thist turn the election is about more than that. e got a go.ud let us also think about writing the next chapter, and doing that together. and writing the next chapter based on the america we believe
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in. the america we believe in where you say you should only have to have one job to have a roof over your head and put fluid on the ande -- food on the table have of our families cannot afford a $400 unexpected expense. it is not the america we know. it is not ok that last year 12 million people had to take out a payday that is not the america we believe in. the america we believe in will win the when we election we will change the tax code. for families that make one -- less than $100,000 they would , which6,000 tax credit
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will make all the difference getting to the end of the month. in the america we believe and we will recognize and one of the things that keep people up at night is the education of their children. we will pay teachers their value. america, we are looking at a situation where teachers on average are a 11% less than other professionals. i have met or teachers here and around the country that are working to end three jobs. they are paying for things out of their own pocket to pay school supplies. with the assistance of grandparents and our teachers, we must pay them their value so the america we believe in, the
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first in our nations history federal investment in closing the teacher pay gap. 12,000, $200 a year in many cases that is a year worth of mortgage payments. that means putting a significant debt and student loan debt which is one of the greatest areas for our kids coming out of school. in the america we believe it, our babies, elementary, middle and high school students will not have to go to school and into her drill -- and into were they -- thrill about how need to hide in a closet in the event there is a mass shooter in their school.
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why did we have to have that drill? to which our sponsors, because there are supposed to leader in washington dc who has failed to have the courage to reject the takee, either you want to everyone's guns away, fine if you want to go hunting, but we need reasonable gun safety laws in this country, including universal that ground checks and the assault weapons ban. [applause] inthe america we believe mitch mcconnell doesn't call us back to vote on a bill, i will give the united states congress 100 days to pull their act together on this and put a bill
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on my desk for signature. if they do not i am prepared to take executive action to put in place a comprehensive back ground check requirement, to require the atf to take the license of gun dealers who violate the law. it is time to take action. in we america we believe will agree that access to health care should be a right of everyone and not a privilege to those who can afford it. we will put in place knowing this is one of the things that keeps people up at night, we will put in place a medicare for all plan which i have most which will offer everyone health care , so theregard to cost will be no deductibles or co-pays and you will still have
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access to a public or private plan and expand service and benefits. we know that this is a human rights issue and a civil rights issue, a moral issue and we must do better. in the america we believe in, we will agree that one of the issues that keeps us up at night is the security of our homeland. we need to have a commander in chief who understands how great it concerning themselves with the safety and security of the nation as opposed to the current commander ofchief, who on the issue the fact of russia's interference in the election of the president of the united states preferred to take the word of the russian president
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over the word of the american intelligence community. who prefer to take the word of a north korean dictator over the word of the american intelligence community that on the subject of a journalist who was assassinated, a journalist with american credentials, prefer to take the word of the saudi prince over the word of the american intelligence community. we need a new commander in she's. ]applause all say this. i know that a lot of us over the beentwo years, we have wondering how is this going to turn out and what is happening.
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trying to figure it all out. here's the thing i want to remind all our friends. in our march towards 2020, let us remember that one of the greatest strip strengths about who we are as a nation and ap is we are our very nature aspirational. we are a nation that was founded on noble ideas to the ideals that were present when we wrote the constitution, and all of its amendments, and the bill of rights and the declaration of independence. those words we spoke in 1776, that we are all equal and to be treated that way.
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are clear i --eyed. are, wength of who we always fight to get there. so fight we will. and fight we must. fight that iss a born out of optimism. this is a fight that is born out of knowing what can be and ,elieving in what can be unburdened by what has been. this is a fight that is not only more the soul of the country, this is a fight out of love of country. [applause] this is a fight we will win.
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thank you, iowa. thank you. applause] i got a couple minutes. august 28 is the anniversary -- what are you going to do as a ?andidate i am uniquely qualified to get the job done. you uniquely qualified to march through and smashed down trump's bloody wall? >> to get through and turned the next age we need to be able to successfully prosecute the cast
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four more years of donald trump and i think it will take a prosecutor to do that. let's look at the evidence. attacks roles that benefits the , who here paid no taxes last year? let's talk about the trade policy that is resulting in direct harm to working families. let's talk about a policy that is putting a beast in cages and separating children from their -- putting children in cages. let's talk about a failure to recognize that our farmers and here knows it. climate change is real, it is caused by human behaviors which can be changed.
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it rep presents -- represents a threat and we can do something about it. the current occupant of the white house who is pushing climate fiction, but here in iowa you guys are a leader in here. 40% of your electricity comes from renewable energy. inslee's line. he says turbines don't cause cancer, they cost jobs. to prosecute able the case against him. the pundits will talk about and compare and i think overly 2020.e 2016 to 2020 will not be 2016.
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i call it a rap sheet. that is a lot of evidence has spoken to the american people who know that those who lead in him were betrayed, who know that we expect that the person who occupies that most precious see, we are a byernment for the people, the people and of the people. we expect that the president will always know that when he has this microphone in her hand it is a powerful force and must be used not to beat people down but to lift people up. that is who we are. and so my time is up. thank you. applause]d
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you are looking at pictures from the iowa state fair. approaching noon here in the east. we are waiting for senator kamala harris. we have 22 candidates speaking over the next week and a half. it began on thursday with vice president joe biden and steve will look, nine candidates will be speaking today.
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a tweet from president trump i was annoyed by the lack of cameras inside the hospitals paso.ton and el i told my people not to let them in. never has the press been more in accurate, in -- unfair or corrupt. that from the president this view from therial state fair in des moines, iowa. there are two events going on. there is also a gun safety event by michael bloomberg. website atr
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17 presidential candidates are in attendance at the event. candidates also in clear lake, iowa. we will continue to watch the scene. expected tois is join, chance for the senator to take the reporters questions. many of the candidates have left the area and have left to enjoy some of these ride of foods to enjoy. it is one of the largest and the oldest in the country. the democratic candidates for presidency is a must stop. c-span's live coverage continues.
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>> i think the frequencies are good. i never change them. levels are good? we are good.
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>> typically the candidates have left the political soap talks and moved to the stakeout for borders. there is a bit of a delay. we will continue to monitor her movements and when she enters
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the area where she takes reporters questions we will take it to you live. the caucuses are in february of next year. to 1976, when the winner of the iowa caucus that year was not of the above with jimmy carter coming in second. i will played a pivotal role since then. minutes, in about 15 ohio congressman kim ryan and .ollowed by amy klobuchar later this afternoon, kirsten gillibran. john hickenlooper after that and senator elizabeth moran -- war and.
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we will talk about 2020 politics and what has been happening does fox, at 9:00 eastern time. time. 4:00 for those of you on the west coast. it is streamed on the web at, and on the free c-span radio app. we have been talking about the iowa state fair with about 450 acres of land. you can see the skyline in the center of your screen. this is an aerial view. we have been talking about another event taking place in des moines. put against gun violence, together by former new york mayor michael bloomberg. there are 17 candidates at that event. we are streaming that live on the candidates last night in clear lake, iowa. more candidates tomorrow at the iowa state fair, including bill weld. he is trying to get the republican nomination challenging president trump. he will also appear on a call-in
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show after his appearance. later in the afternoon, tom steyer will be thinkin -- speaking. he entered the 2020 field to make sure he is on the stage in houston, texas when the abc debate takes place. senator michael bennet, senator bernie sanders and bill de blasio. it looks like there is some movement with senator kamala harris leaving building. we will watch the scene from the iowa state fair. [crowd talking] [laughter] [crowd talking]
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>> where are you? >> we are good. >> [indiscernible] i'm curious what exec it of action -- executive action [indiscernible] sen. harris: we have done an analysis of it. them is the authority to be concerned about what passes through commerce. we have done the legal research on it. i'm not concerned. i'm sure there will be challenges. policytom line is our and -- preparedness to take executive action distracted
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because i am fed up. congress has done nothing. even at this most latest tragedy, while it may bring people back, we may do some things and these baby steps, people don't have time for this. we keep having tragedy after tragedy. somebody asked me, maybe this tragedy will spur some action. this tragedy is as tragic as each one we have seen. there has been no action over the last -- years. i'm prepared to take executive action and actually do something. i believe and i'm confident it will have constitutional-- >> do you believe the president is a white supremacist? [indiscernible] do you have any plans? --. harris: let me the c tell you the concern i have with that question. it begins and ends with a question and the answer to that,
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as opposed to recognizing the long history in united states of this as an issue. the issue of hate. i is a prosecutor handled hate crimes. as the attorney general running the california department of justice i would publish hate crime reports every year. this is not new in america. hate is not new. hate that takes the form of racism, anti-says a schism -- anti-semitism, homophobia, islamophobia is not new. i will not participate in a conversation that symbolize this issue without recognizing the history, the truth about it, and recognizing it happened before this guy was in the white house, it will continue after this guy is in the white house. he is stoking the flames of hate, no question about that. if are going to have this conversation, let's have it in a meaningful way. when we have seen everything from what's happened in powell
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way to the synagogue to charlottesville, to what happened in el paso, we should all be having a conversation and partly looking in the mirror to say where have we been on this and what are we prepared to do. as you say -- would this: unlike administration has done, and i have been talking about this for months, they shut down the resources on domestic terrorism. they just shut it down. in terms of putting resources and support into it and acknowledging it is real and it must be treated as what it is, domestic terrorism. immediately i would completely reform that priority. it's about the microphone the president of the united states has, which in a profound way
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informs -- about an issue. a perception about an issue like race. or religion, or sexual orientation, and then just go down the list. used the very has precious tool of that microphone in a way that has been about defiling the power of the office of the president of the united states. and highly irresponsible obviously. >> there is a very enthusiastic crowd here. i know not everything is about the polls. it's early. you have the lead in iowa. how you make up more ground on vice president biden and senator warren? sen. harris: i love being in iowa. --h time i come i really do i gain a lot from it. i gain perspective from it.
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there is certainly momentum in our campaign. we have 65 staff in iowa. race are people in this who had national profiles for many years. i'm still introducing myself to people. it is a process. with each step we take we are gaining ground and building momentum. the fbi is investigating jeffrey epstein's suicide. how do victims get justice? sen. harris: i actually have tracked that when i was in attorney general. there are a lot of issues to and pack. -- unpack. we will see what the circumstances are. i have no inside information about it. when we are talking about what we are doing in prisons, there is a lot of reform that is needed. that relates to everything i have worked on -- solitary
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confinement of not only adults women [noarcerated audio] women are shackled during pregnancy and childbirth. there is a lot of work to do across the board in terms of oversight and accountability. weill say on that subject also have to understand this administration has really supported private prisons. when i'm elected i will shut them down. i will shut down private detention centers. we never want to be in the business of having the united totes taxpayer dollars owed an industry whose business model is about profiting up the incarceration of other human beings, including what i saw a note to homestead, florida. a private detention center that currently houses 2700 children in a private detention facility. that means your taxpayer dollars
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are going to fund the profit of the incarceration of children. >> [indiscernible] what is your solution? sen. harris: a number of things. let's talk about the state of affairs. where donald trump has conducted trade policy by tweet. he came to iowa making all kinds of promises to farmers. he has betrayed them. in a unilateral way clearly without considering the harm that would result from what he market tost cut off a our farmers they have been cultivating for over a decade. now they are looking at bankruptcy with soybeans riding in bins. on the issue of trade, let's step back for a moment and remember [no audio]
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you are trading with somebody else. usually there are a few parties involved. we have to conduct policy in a way that acknowledges there are many relationships in many folks at play. i will conduct trade policy in a way that understands the levers we have with our allies around the world. two, trade policy will always be about protecting american workers in protecting our environment, and having those as part of our priorities. it is for that reason and somebody others i am not in favor of what i call nafta 2.0. iowa spent president obama to the white house [indiscernible] what is your plan [indiscernible] sen. harris: i will spend my time in iowa and work on earning the support of every iowan. my agenda, which i call the 3:00 a.m. agenda is born out of my
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fundamental belief that the vast majority of us have so much more in common and that people want a president it was a problem-solving president. the problems are the problems that keep them up at night, that wake them up. that's why i call it the 3:00 a.m. agenda. that's about health, keeping a job, getting through the end of the month and paying the bills, it's about children and education, issues like trade. these are my priorities. i know they speak to the vast majority of us, regardless of the party you are registered to vote. >> one more right there. do you believe all merchants -- walmart should stop selling guns? do support a congressional investigation into the suicide? sen. harris: i don't know enough to comment on that. i just heard about it. on the issue of walmart, yeah,
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they should stop selling guns. we need background checks. let's start with that. we need people to be, as i've said, responsible and await they are selling them. it is not about everyone stop selling guns, but we need to have checks and balances. part of that is we need background checks. if they participate in background checks, fine. right now they are not. [crowd talking] >> that was from senator kamala harris, a number of questions on the breaking story this morning. the apparent suicide of jeffrey epstein. 66 years old, found dead this morning and questions to senator harris about his suicide and what it means for the case.
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it is breaking news so she did not with the comment too much in terms of what it all means. we are live from the des moines, iowa -- the iowa state fair in des moines. a couple of miles from downtown des moines. coming up in a minute you will hear from ohio congressman tim ryan, who will also join us later this afternoon for a call-in program. we will be joined by former colorado governor john hickenlooper, and if it works out with the schedule, senator kiersten gillibrand. on her website at, 17 candidates across town at a separate event focused on gun safety in light of the shootings in el paso and dayton. live coverage continues here on c-span and on c-span radio. >> welcome to the iowa state
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fair, the des moines register political soapbox. we are moving towards the mid point of nine candidates today. just a few tiny ground rules and must to be heard this speech before. let's be iowa nice. don't yell at the candidates or heckle. if you have signs, keep them down so everybody can hear. when you leave please take your trash with you. ado, we haveer ohio congressman tim ryan. [applause] rep. ryan: thank you so much. thank you. how are you doing? riff about whole health food and i don't know if this is the place to give that speech. it's a pleasure to speed date here with you today. really appreciate it. if you want a second date, go to timry


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