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tv   Campaign 2020 Amy Klobuchar at Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 11, 2019 11:34am-12:16pm EDT

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rights. it's so good for my wife to hear those stories with me on the trail and for us to share those so when i'm away she knows what i'm doing and is reminded about why we are all doing this is a family and i think that has been really great and great to have brady around unfortunately i haven't had a lot of time with him. we are having a lot of fun. ryan, thankssman for being with us, thanks for stopping a what -- thanks for stopping by the c-span bus. [applause] sen. klobuchar: this is something. thank you. i am amy klobuchar where we can say we can see iowa from our
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porch. there have been some comparisons made. i'm not going to say which one is better but i will say i'm very look -- very much looking forward to your butter cows. we will see how it compares to the milky way in the revolving dairy bus of the incenses. i asked her what she does when she is out of the fair. she says they bring it home and use it in the corn -- as acorn fast. i have been all around iowa on a 20-county tour. it is a little bit warmer than it was when i announced my candidacy in that blizzard. i thought it would be good to show that i have grit and i had
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four inches of snow on my head hairdresser became an icon. but i wanted to make a coin to on the mississippi river that it is time to cross the river of our divide. . to get to a higher plane. two days ago i thought that is the same flag flying over el paso. flag flyingsame over dayton. what unites us is so much stronger than what divides us. no stir president, after charlottesville there were not two sides when the other side was the ku klux klan and a white supremacist. out there ineen the small town, i have been
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really surprised. not just democrats but people have come up, regular people have come up to me and started talking about gun safety. i think it is very important that we have these conversations in places like iowa. across the who sat president after parkland. these proposals i think it any of them hurt my uncle in the deer stand? they do not. these are proposals that make sense. nine times he promised that he would get universal background checks done. the next day he met with the nra and he folded. president, i will
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not fold. when i make promises i keep them. won in the reddest of congressional districts. and i think it's important to have a candidate from the midwest right now. someone who doesn't just have a bunch of policies written on a piece of paper but someone who is looking out for rural america. i think that kids that grow up in rural america should be able to live in rural america. i think we need to bridge this divide between rural and urban and make sure that people who live in these metropolitan areas can understand that food doesn't magically show up on their table
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. we don't need a president who is treating our rural farmers like poker chips and a bankrupt casino. that's what's happening now and as your president i will not let that happen. to theans standing up big oil companies and it also means standing up to the oil companies so that you do not grant them waivers behind closed doors. weaking of climate change, have to make the argument that it is also an economic issue when we have seen a 50% increase in the cost of home insurance. that is a basic argument that we can make. it will cost people money if we don't do something about it now.
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i said it -- i stood there with fran and i looked through her binoculars at the house. she said we will retire in this house, but now that whole kitchen is submerged in water. this house has the first century. i said there is a river right here. .he said, that is the road she said the river is 2.5 miles away and the river has never come this close before. we have the answers right here. we can sign ourselves back into the international climate change agreement. we can bring black the -- bring back the clean power standards.
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program in the farm bill. checked, iowai believes in silence -- science or you would not have given us norman. the one who believed in science enough to feed the world. care, weomes to health have to bring those prices down. i will work with you to stop the of medicaid in this state. there are only 54 mental health in the state of iowa.
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i'm talking about it because it's what i'm hearing about from you. we cannot do any of this if we cannot win. dot of what i have tried to and i know that maybe i haven't had a viral moment, but what i've tried to do is to not take it to the other democrats. part of what you have to do is to vet the candidates. not go for the richest candidates, or the one who has the biggest pot of money. you vetted candidates that were unknown before. who were theecide best candidates to move forward. i am asking you to do that. getting record is things done. i have passed over 100 bills
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where i am deleting democrat. i think that matters. matters.hings done i have won every race every time going back to elementary school where my slogan was all the way with amy k. you know in this state there are moderate republicans and independent watching those debates and they are thinking they are tired of donald trump. they don't like a president where when he is on tv and the kids are watching they have to turn it off because they don't know what kind of words will come out of his mouth. i think it's important that we make the point that there is so much more that unifies us then divides us.
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but also that he has made promises that he hasn't capped. he promised on fox news he would bring pharmaceutical prices down so low to make your head spin. it will make your head spin to know that over 2000 of them have gone up and doubled digits. i have been taking on pharma since i got to washington. allow the bill that would 43 million seniors to negotiate the price is under medicare and bring those prices down. lead the bill with senator grassley. senator kaine and i previously did a bill together that says let's bring in less expensive like from other countries canada. let's not pay for delay.
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offbig pharma companies pay the generics to keep their product off the market. they win and we lose. economic agenda for this country. workforce forhe the jobs that are available tomorrow not yesterday. this is also about immigration reform. standseveryone out there on the shoulders of immigrants iowa oneed workers in our fat -- factories and on our farms and hospitals. i was at a nursing home yesterday and they talked about the shortage of mental health professionals. they are talking about letting people from other countries be able to stay here. we need comprehensive immigration reform, we need to stop using immigrants as pawns.
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diminish america, they are america. that is a voice from the heartland. the last thing that i want to say before i take a few questions is this -- change starts right here . think of the presidential candidates who have come through on the stage and have gone on to do amazing angst for our country. jimmy carter. bill clinton. barack obama. you have a big burden on your shoulders. do you know what iowa gave us? iowa gave us the movement where you took on those monopolies. ar.buch iowa gave us norman more log -- norman borlaug. the us the woman who sat at drugstore and they refused to
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serve her because she was black, she said i'm not moving off of this. iowa gave us these incredible candidates who are taking on the world and changing the house. that would be abby and cindy and rita and jd. that is what you have given us. country and you are giving again. he's governs from fear. he makes people afraid. he says things on twitter, most of the time he's not follow-through. but he makes people afraid. he is afraid himself. he is afraid of the nra. that is why he did not put commonsense gun legislation in place. he is afraid of science. when i announced in the middle of that blizzard he actually tweeted out and said that, made fun of me for announcing in the middle of a blizzard and talked about climate change. and he called me snow woman. i thought that was actually pretty good. so i tweeted back, donald trump
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the science is on my side. and i would like to see how your hair would fare in a blizzard. i actually think we need to use a little humor against this guy. he governs from fear. he's afraid of the science. he's afraid of the future. he's afraid of people having equal seats at the table and economic opportunity, so he goes after them. he is afraid of the working class having the same economic opportunity as the wealthy. he passes that tax bill that added a trillion dollars in debt. a trillion dollars in debt and set our country backward. he is afraid of women. and our rights. he is afraid of that. and most of all he is afraid of a woman in the white house. [applause] we, we are not afraid of that. so i ask you today, everyone gathered at this beautiful fair, i ask you to join us. and to join me at as i said i do not come from a lot of money. nor does my husband.
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he grew up with six boys and mobile home. we do not come from that money. but we do come from a strong tradition of grassroots politics. of tom harkin and the guy who was his best friend in this senate, paul wellstone, who we miss so much. paul always said that politics including here at places like this, is about one thing. it is about improving people's lives. and when you believe that, everything else melts away. so let's go out there and let's win this, and please join our effort, we are going to win this. we are going to win this. ok. questions?
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>> i have to pick someone in purple because the vikings, prince. >> as you know alzheimer's affects everyone including my grandparents and someone in your family as well. at 19, i joined the 16 million americans who are caregivers for people with alzheimer's. if you are elected what would you do to tackle alzheimer's as a politician? klobuchar: the question is about alzheimer's. and i'm actually shocked this is not come up in the debate. so abc, who is doing the next debate, listen up. it is a great question. by 2050, 14 million americans are forecast to have all timers. it is the most expensive disease in the country. it is the most expensive disease in the country. and yes, we are not making the progress that i think we should make. people come up. there caregivers in the sandwich generation taking care of their kids and their parents at the same time. and i have my own experience with this. my dad is in the memory care unit. i've seen those incredible caretakers there for him all the time. but it is really hard for people, especially those taking care of people at home. as someone is there physically
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but month by month by month, they are farther away with their minds. so the solution, the solution is to put the money in the funding into research. to make sure we are looking at prevention as well as treatment. we are getting all kinds of new information all the time. and the solution is making sure that we have long-term care that works for people. so let me give you one idea. that is this. whether people have alzheimer's or not, they're worried about long-term care. we have to keep medicaid strong. we are seeing a doubling of our senior population. which is great. the other day 70 called at silver tsunami people said that was to mean so i'm calling it the silver surge. your singing doubling of that
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population. we need to make it easier for people to get long-term care insurance and also long-term care. also keep medicaid strong in the end. a lot of families know what i'm talking about here. wealthy people set up things called trust funds for their kids and what we take ones that are over $500,000. that is a lot. right now they do not get taxed when they make money if you can imagine. if you tax those when they make money, it is called appreciation. you literally bring in hundreds of billions of dollars. why do we use that money to care for long-term care to put incentives in place to buy long-term care insurance and make it less expensive and help our seniors ok. next. [applause] >> after what happened in georgia i'm a little worried. i'm wondering what your doing to protect the right to vote? klobuchar: the right to vote and democracy. this is fundamental to everything you're hearing if you come to the soapbox today. people have to have the right to vote. that is what our founding fathers fought for. this means to be making it easier, not harder, for people to vote. this is not a democratic issue
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with a big d, it is a small d issue. it is for everyone, independents, republicans. i would make sure my bill passes that registers every kid eligible to vote when they turn 18. so you stop messing around with all this stuff. i would make sure you work on the voting rights act. so you stop messing around with all this stuff. stop this gerrymandering. right now we need to protect our right to vote from foreign countries. i have the bipartisan bill that says we should have backup paper ballots in the states that do not have them. and you know who that? the white house gut-punched me. the white house counsel called and stops that bill from going to the floor.
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as did mitch mcconnell. guess what? they are getting a lot of grief right now. i need you to put up the heat. and it is hot enough here to continue that grace. and let me end this with our democracy. our march started the day after that inauguration, when millions of people including in this town peacefully marched across the country. the next day, 6000 women signed up to run for office. we are on this march together. where on day nine with that mean-spirited muslim order that came out, guess what? people spontaneously showed up at the airports to protest. on day 100, my favorite march, the march for science. my favorite sign, what we want, science? when do we want it? after peer review. then trying to kick people off their insurance. and we won. then those incredible victories. the guy new jersey who said he wanted women to be home in time to make dinner the day of the women's march. he ended up losing to an african-american woman. [applause] then we end in 2018, we take
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back the house of representatives thanks to iowa turning it into the people's house. we have got to win in 202020. keep marching. join us. thank you, state fair. [cheering] [applause]
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[indistinct conversations] >> thank you. klobuchar: i'm a candidate for anyone that wants to see a president that is going to govern with integrity. i have had, including yesterday in waverley, two voters come up and say they voted for trump and they were looking at me seriously. i try to treat people with respect even if i do not agree with everything they say. you're never going to agree with everything your candidate says, as much as groups active in the primary want that to be the case. you are going to have a candidate that is not in your mind, perfect. you have to look at whether they're going to be able to get things done. whether they going to be able to bring in those voters that voted for barack obama and donald
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trump. and it is estimated that up to 10% of people. that makes a big difference. the fact we have someone from the midwest. there only three of us now, running from the midwest, who can win wisconsin or my mom was born. who can win michigan. the last message i had vice president biden and i were tied at the top winning by a points. can win in states like iowa. my argument is that you want to bring people into the party and at least to both free for president. that has got to be part of our strategy. maybe it does not sound cool on the debate stage. but i think democrats are discerning enough to understand that. klobuchar: interesting question. the epstein case. i understand investigation has been undertaken. i think that investigation should occur.
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i don't understand why, when somebody is on suicide watch, they are able to commit suicide. mostly, i think that there will be further lawsuits and other things to figure out. i think there should be lawsuits and other things to figure out exactly what went on here. this was a sex trafficking scheme. and i have been a leader on sex trafficking. and i think you have to get all the facts. the bad guy died. but i think there were other bad people involved in this as well. and i think we have to for the sake of the victims, we have to get to the bottom of it. whether that involves a senate hearing or not. it could, but right now we need an investigation. >> all-star game? klobuchar: we hosted, in d.c.? >> do you think it is disingenuous in the campaign some of those running ahead of you when they talk about these bold health care plans?
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klobuchar: i think they're putting ideas out there. and i love discussing ideas. what i'm doing is putting my own ideas out there. i was one of the first people to make a very strong case for the public option, whether be medicaid or medicare. you can actually do it both ways. that would help bring down the cost of health care. i also think it is doable. but that is not really reason. i think it is the best policy to pursue right now. these are policy debates. the point i made out there, it is still the case that what unifies us is stronger than what divides us. this guy, what we are having this debate was assigned to have. but while we are having this debate, rarely anyone stood up and i had little chance to do it, stood up and say well we are debating this in good faith, this guy is trying to dismantle the affordable care act, and
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kick people off of their insurance for pre-existing conditions. that is exactly what is happening right now with his justice department and the state of texas. while we are debating, what we should be doing when it comes to foreign relations, he has made these promises that he is going to keep us safer and then withdrew us from the iran agreement. where iran is now exceeding the cap to enriched uranium. you have a guy who has lied - they documented - over 10,000 times. it's good to have someone who is being straight with people. i am being straight with them and i believe these ideas were talking about. but the things i'm proposing we could actually get done. this is not as one of the reasons i put out the hundred day plan. it has a hundred things we could get done without congress. their legal things.
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i think people are going to want a change of tone. that is why fdr did his first hundred days. yes, there was a crisis going on. but there was also a crisis of confidence. right now there's a crisis of confidence in our democracy. we need to show people that we are going to have a change in tone, and we are going to come together as one country. >> what is your message to farmers struggling the ongoing trade war with china? as president how would you address the issue? klobuchar: the first thing is it does not have to be this bad. has gotten us to a point because he is not going back to the negotiating table, where he is using our farmers like poker chips and one of his bankrupt casinos. as you know he likes to do a lot of debt financing, and he is starting to do this to our country. that is another subject for another day that i hope you talk about in the debate. when it comes to farmers, yes. china is about actor in all this and with their currency manipulation. with their subsidization of industries. with their stealing of intellectual property. we know that. but i think you need to use a targeted approach.
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and not use a meat cleaver, or a tweet cleaver. i've seen this in my work in my own state. there was horrible steel dumping from china. so at the end of the obama administration we took on with new legislation. that stiffened our resolve and our ability to go after it. then i brought denis mcdonough to northern minnesota. he met with the steelworkers and mine owners and realized we were basically leading jobs in these iron ore mines that are key to the steel for cars. were closing down. so what they did was targeted enforcement. strong enforcement, targeted enforcement. with some tariffs that were targeted. and guess what? those mines started opening up again. they opened up the end of the obama administration and continued into the trump administration. just throwing a bunch of money
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at our farmers, course they're going to take it. but i had a guy crying at a meeting in minnesota. i closed the door. sobbing, a soybean farmer. he said this farm has been in my family for generations. i have a moral obligation to carry on the family farm. it is not enough that i just get a bunch of money from sonny perdue. it is not enough. i want to be able to sell my goods to market. i want to be able to sell and market my soybeans. and the problem he pointed out to me through the tears, is that these contracts that the other countries are getting now, they're not just for one-shot deals. and iowa knows this. they're long-term contracts. so it is going to make it very hard for them to get a toehold in that market again. so my argument is, get back to the negotiating table and work with our allies. >> should walmart stop selling guns that led to the shooting? klobuchar: she asked if walmart should stop selling guns. my hometown store of target has stopped selling guns. i think walmart is selling more
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limited guns over the last two years. but i think they should. and more on that subject is, i have worked so hard to close that boyfriend loophole. and i think those words do not do it justice. what this bill is, and i wrote it and read it and it has now passed in the house thanks to debbie dingell and her work on that violence gets women act. so people understand it, people convicted of a serious crime of domestic abuse, if it is involving their husband or wife, or someone they live with, then they cannot get a gun. but if they are convicted of serious domestic abuse with a girlfriend, then they can go out and get whatever gun they want. homicides involve victims who are all friends. that is what the boyfriend
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loophole is. that bill is sitting on mitch mcconnell's doorstep. what i have heard in rural iowa on the 20 county tour, not just from democrats, just when i walked on the street. if that is any indication, i think there will be huge pressure on the republicans to at least let those bills come up for a vote. i would also add in as a republican house republican house member from dayton now supports, banning military weapons. as well as the magazine limits. the fact that is not going to change peoples minds as they the horror of the people in the walmart trapped, and the ordinary courage of people shielding their babies and saving their babies lives by getting killed themselves.
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and the ordinary courage of those police officers showing up in one minute. that we do not have the courage in washington to pass this. the thing that will stick in their mind is that one guy was able to get a gun and high-powered magazines to the point that he killed nine people in 30 seconds. and i want to see donald trump on a debate stage, after sitting across from him in the white house and having a promise he was going to do all the stuff on guns. and i want to see his face when you say, so that guy about that guy should have that gun him and we should be selling those kinds of high-powered magazines? so even when the police show up in one minute, nine people still get killed? because in most situations, the cops are not going to be able to be there in one minute. and it would've been so much worse. that is true. but he should not of had those guns to begin with. >> broader, bring back, [indiscernible] foreign policy -- you know foreign policy probably better than anybody. klobuchar: thank you.
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he says i know foreign policy better than anybody. >> isn't there a risk that the party is leaning so far to the left that you are. klobuchar: i have not looked at her agriculture policy. mine is not just based on paper but based on three farm bills. and taking grief from my colleagues when they did not vote for other farm bills. and having to deal with defending biofuels, which i still think is a very necessary part of our energy future. and having to defend that what a bunch of people from urban areas were pouncing on it and trying to bring it down. my experience on this and what you will see in my policy is a continuation of the current farm bill and improving it. i'm someone that actually back when i first got to the senate, you can check this out. in my first two years advocated for some payment limits. because i did not like the fact that there was money from the farm program not going to iowa, but instead going to the beverly hills 90210 area code. true fact. so i advocated for some payment limits.
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i lost because of, in the words of the new york times and the washington post that commended me in their editorials, 22 rice farmers in arkansas. but i ended up winning in the end because limits were put into place. you need limits to make sure the money goes where it should be but you also want to keep the entrepreneurial spirit of our farmers. you want to have a safety net which is what we have a crop insurance. we had major problems with the dairy program we are now fixing. want to ward off one of the major threats to agriculture which is the kind of diseases that were brought in. that is why senator cornyn and i put in a vaccine bank which just passed in that last farm bill. no one is talking about this. this is what we saw with h1n1 and avian flu and huff and mouth disease.
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foreign countries who do not want to have competitive american products use these things as an excuse, even if they are dangerous or not. that is another trade issue we have to deal with. so do i think having someone at the top of the ticket that actually knows these things is good for our country? yes. and i hope that as the months go by and we have more debate, that it is going to start to be appreciated. it is not just people who talk the talk now. it is the work they have done. it is whether or not they're able to get through that gridlock of congress. and past things. and make a difference and pass things. and make a difference. i look forward to the small debate stage so i can speak to the economic agenda. and how i'm a stark contrast to the guy with the white house who stokes fears to make himself look better. and he does not care if he does not look better to most americans. he is just doing it too stoke up his base and he is just doing it
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to create divides. and to get on programs like yours. i'm so glad you asked me about actual issues. thank you. >> thank you. [indistinct conversations] >> we had 9 people killed in 30 seconds. you can mess around with your nra talking points. know bakley what an -- i know
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exactly what an assault rifle is. >> i think you know very well that i come from a proud hunting state. wherever she is. we have a lot of people who are hunters. kind ofthem with these weapons -- they don't care. if you want to use nra talking points. you don't have a right to have a gun. there are many people who practice gun safety and who hunt, but that does not mean that you have to have magazines -- and the words of the republican congressman who endorsed the assault weapons ban after these people were murdered. you don't have to have military style weapons to hunt.
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>> [inaudible] sen. klobuchar: you got it? >> don't trample her. sen. klobuchar: i would like the debates to focus on bread-and-butter issues. i think it would be good if we got it down to five or six candidates. to allow each candidate to answer straightforward questions. then we can debate the merits of
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our policies. noted -- people were just trying to pick people against each -- two pit people against each other. aboutbates were differences of opinion. sometimes that is what the debate was. for background checks or any of that? >> he said it to my face. --as like three feet away and the next day he met with the nra. i really want to get this done. what can the president do if he really wanted to get background checks done? he is waiting for public opinion to act.
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what he could do is call his friend mitch mcconnell on speed get this done or promise you will get it done or call the senate back and let's vote on it. he chose not to do that. but wait at the republican party been run in the senate, donald trump says jump and they say how high? based on my personal experience with my bill, i am making the social media companies tell me where the ads are. donald trump is running that senate for mitch mcconnell. make mitchrump can mcconnell hold that bill up for a vote. he is waiting to see what public opinion is, and then he will have the nra come up and ask him those types of people.
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i want them asking about what is an assault weapon. it looks exactly like the weapon that was used to kill nine innocent people in 30 seconds. >> [inaudible] yesterday, senator amy klobuchar and today a cloudy rainy day where governor bill weld is beginning now the political so -- soapbox. weld: i almost ran for president


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