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tv   Campaign 2020 Iowa Democratic Wing Ding Event - Part 2  CSPAN  August 12, 2019 4:36am-5:16am EDT

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for you if you've ever felt anyone would stand in front of that plane for them from washington, d.c. i want to stand in front of that plane for america. if we do not have a united america, we can never meet that if challenges abroad or at home. that is our choice. not just to elect the president. but someone to share our nation's sole. where people believe you are accountable to them above party, above any, anything else. thank you very much. [applause] ♪ [cheers]
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>> thank you, clear lake. thank you, iowa. wow. what a reception. you know how to make somebody fel welcome. i'm going to have to keep coming back up here. i'm so glad to be with you. if you haven't been following yet, i'm pete buttigiege, most stick with may oor pete. i think our country is running out of time but it is not too late. we are living in amoment more serious than what trump represents. how does he ever get within cheating distance of the oval office? taht doesn't happen in ordinary times. it happens if we're already in crisis, and we've seen it, living with school shootings and
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climate change. where gdp can go up, stock market goes up, life expetency goes down. something is deeply troubled. it means we are not going to be able to fix it by recycling the same arguments. we have to do something completely different. [applause] i'm excited to be in this part of iowa because this is a great place to remind each other that there's no such thing as a permanently red state or county or precinct. [applause] but we've got to find a new vocabulary, the times call on us to organize around oru values. we break down the idea that values is a conservative idea. especially in our time.
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freedom is not conservative, it's american. today they have prgressive impilcations. [applause] we're the ones ready to secure freedom in a worlde where freedom requires access to healthcare. freedom comes by way of education. [applause] countrynot free in this if you are not able to organize for a good day's pay for a good days work. that is why we stand with organized labor. [applause] and women are not free in this country when their access to reproductive health is being dictated by male politicians. [applause]
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so don't let anybody tell you the other side is the party of freedom. the same thing goes for patriotism. we are going to break that spell that has people thinking the flag belongs on one side of the aisle. attached to myas shoulder when i stepped off that c-17 and afghanistan was not a republican flag, it was an american flag. [applause] symbolizing among other things the idea that we are able and indeed sometimes work wired to be critical of our leadership, and when we do, nobody will question our loyalty to the republic for which it stands, let alone tell us to go back to where we came from. [applause] let's talk about patriotism. let's talk about national security. there is no national security when we don't have racial
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justice, let alone when we have a president who is coddling white nationalists. white nationalism is a national security threat to the country. we have to maim it for what it is and we have to fight. [applause] so is climate disruption, that's a security challenge. so is cybersecurity in the election security and we are not going to meet these challenges with a 17th-century solution like building a wall. we are going to do something different. i have 30 seconds left so let's talk about political strategy. we can't look like we are the party of back to normal. normal wasn't working and that's how we got here. we are not going to win trying to compete with the president because -- i don't know what to call it, a horror show, reality show, a couple other words come to mind that i can't say in polite company, but even when you are winning you are losing, which is why we are going to
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pick up the remote and change the channel. [applause] can i count on you to help us change the channel? can i look to you to help us win, not just the era, but the future of this country? are we willing to do it in the name of our values? we are going to do it together, i promise to be with you every step of the way. thank you. [applause]
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♪ >> hello ha, iowa democrats. here withreat to be all of you. thank you so much for the great work that you have been doing and that you continue to do as we headed to this critical election. it has been a dark week for us in this country. tragedy, andgreat it breaks our heart to see how this country that we love is being torn apart, and it breaks our heart because we care for each other. we care for our fellow americans.
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it breaks our heart to see that we have a president in the white house who is abusing his power, who is misusing his position to stoke fear, to stoke racism, to stoke bigotry, all for his own personal, selfish, political game. it breaks my heart, because this is not who we are. this is not who we are as americans. this is not who we are as a country. it is important for us during these times when we are feeling such despair, when we feel that all hope sometimes is lost, to remember who we are in the values and principles that bind us together in this country. the values and principles enshrined in our constitution. that remind us we are all created equal. but we all are guaranteed these freedoms, the right to life,
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liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. dangerousing the consequences of where these divisive paths takes us, and we are choosing to stand firmly in those values that unite us, as we have built this path forward, recognizing that, yes, our country is far from perfect. we still have a lot of work to do. but when we focus on this unifying principle, what we in hawaii call the spirit of aloha, this is that path forward. it means so much more than hello and goodbye, as some of you may be familiar. what it really means is love and respect and a recognition that we are all connected, that we are all children of god, we are all brothers and sisters, regardless of the color of our skin or where we come from or who we love or how we worship or if we worship. [applause]
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it is in this spirit that i am asking and offering to lead as your president and commander-in-chief. it is in this spirit that we together can stand united and lift our voices for each other, inspired by this unifying spirit of love toward that more perfect union that we always strive for. it is in this spirit that we can bring about the kind of systemic change that we need to see, to make sure that every sick american in this country is able to get the quality health care they need and deserve. it is in this spirit we can bring about the kind of change we need to protect our planet, to address climate change, make sure that each of us has clean water to drink, and clean air to breathe. things that are essential to every single one of us. we can bring about criminal justice reform, comprehensive immigration reform, deal with the great challenges of our time when we stand together and against anyone who seeks to divide us, because this has
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happened for far too long, and we the people have suffered as a result. andnt to take a moment recognize the veterans who are here in the room, anyone who has a military family member. would you mind standing for a second and letting us thank you for your service? thank you for your sacrifice. [applause] embody -- thank you so much. you embody what it means to put service above self. what it experiences, means to see the diverse fabric of this country come together in the uniform that we wear, united with that singular focus on putting service above self, putting the interest of our country and the american people above all else. as veterans we also know the cost of war, and as your president and commander-in-chief, i commit to ending these wasteful regime change wars, making it so that not a single more of our
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sisterss and lose their lives in this counterproductive war, and instead focus on using our resources on serving the needs of our people right here at home. we've got to get our priorities straight in this country. i'm grateful for the opportunity to be here. for more information, visit my website. i look forward to seeing you back here soon. thank you so much. have a great night. aloha. aloha. [applause] ♪
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you, thee got to tell reason why i love iowa is because you know how to fight and you know how to win campaign, and who is going to be seeking in this annex election? he's going to do it. and what about teresa greasy a? is she going to be in the u.s. senate in 2020? yes, she is. and thank you for sending cindy and abby. they have made such a difference already. i had ao tell you, grandmother who loved politics. she was a woman who never went to college, a secretary in our state legislature. she spent the next two generations organizing women to get involved in politics, to find doors to knock on, make phone calls. -- i wasign experience about 11 years old, and a hot
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campaign headquarters were everyone is stuffing envelopes. the ladies were wearing sleeveless dresses, and as this 11-year-old girl, i am mesmerized by their arms, jiggling, jiggling, jiggling. in my mind, i'm thinking, i just want to be like them someday. jiggly arms for everybody. so my grandmother taught me a lot of things. the one thing she taught me, the one thing she taught me is that nothing is impossible, nothing is impossible if you are willing to put your mind to it, if you are willing to work hard and never give up, and i learned that lesson from her. so if you want to get something done in washington, just tell me it's impossible, and i promise you i will get it done. that is what i've done every step of my career. when i first ran for congress in 2006, everyone said it was impossible. they told you could never win new york's 20, i said i can
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raise the money. he said you can't win. there is more cows than democrats, you just can't win. but sure enough, we won, and again, by a 24 point margin. and readw to win places and blue places and purple places. i met with the man who was serving in our military -- she was willing to die for our country, but he was told every day he had to lie about who he was and who he loved. i went to democrats and said we need to repeal don't ask don't tell, and they said why are you doing this now? it is so inconvenient. i said when our rights ever convenient? you do it because it is the right thing to do. so i stood up to the pentagon and be repealed it. not impossible. i met with 9/11 first or ponderous they said they needed help care.
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enough, we went and we knocked on every door, we lifted up their voices. we made the 9/11 health and safety bill permanent. not impossible. [applause] so the only question iowa asks me, the only question is can you be president trump? yes, we can. it is not impossible. we will beat him at the ballot box. president trump has dumb some of the worst things i can imagine. he has divided us, spews hate and division everywhere he goes, he has separated and divided this country in a way -- we need a president who was brave. we need a president who will take on the battles no one else will. we need a president who will bring congress together to pass the green new deal, but a price on carbon, get health care as a right and not a privilege, take on the nra, and end gun violence in this country.
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these are not impossible. we will together defeat trump and get this done, because that is who we are, and iowa democrats will defeat trump. god bless you. [applause] ♪ [applause] >> everyone, there are a lot of wonderful people, a lot of vips,
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but i want to introduce you first to the most important vip in my life. lane.e of 25 years, sure [applause] this room whon cares about mental health care, she has made her business to break down the stigma that is keeping people from getting the mental health care they need. we have to fix that in america. we have to fix that and iowa, don't we? and i want to introduce you to a recent college graduate, my son dante. [applause] you don't mind if i'm a proud papa for a moment, do you? state, a that new york debate champion/ weapon a few days ago because he helped prepare me before i went on sean hannity's show.
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i was able to put him in his lease because i had a good coach. thank you, dante. to do some quick audience participation -- first, look around the room, people are making a difference, agents of change, helping their communities in this party. you deserve a round of applause. [applause] and a little more audience participation. let's be clear about who we are as democrats. who we are, who we are not. are we the party of working people? are we the party of labor unions? are we the party of the equality? are we the party of change? are we the party of big donors? are we the party of big corporations? are we the party of the status well? ok, i agree with you.
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and this is what we have to do. democrats have to be clear that we are working people and we are going to make change in this country. i believe it, because i run the nation's largest. when i became mayor i said we are going to make a lot of changes for everyday people. they said it could not be done. time and time again, i heard they would never amount to anything. but we gave pre-k to every single child for you new york's. that we got the $15 minimum wage for working people. we got paid. then we went further, because we have hundreds of thousands of people with no health insurance, so now in new york we guarantee health care for anyone who does not have insurance. [applause] and one more thing, for all the hard-working people, we are going to do something that should have been done in america, the only country in the world that doesn't guarantee people any time off. we passed a law this year
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guaranteeing two weeks paid vacation for every working person, that should be all over america, shouldn't it? pre-k for our children all over america, $15 minimum wage. these are the changes we need. i know change can happen. i'm running for president because i've seen change. i know it can happen. but my friends, i worn caution, because there's a lot of voices of conventional wisdom that are telling us don't be too bold. don't sound like you want to rock the boat too much. if you turn on the tv, the commentators will say the only way we win is if we don't sound like we are trying to do too much for people. doesn't make sense to me. we don't need just a little change, we need mental health services for everyone, every family who needs it. we need hospitals to be kept open. rural iowa needs schools to be kept open, meets pre-k for the children.
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rural iowa needs universal health care, because people are not going to get these things unless there's universal health care. when we are bold, we inspire people, we move people. they don't come out to vote because they hear a nice, bland message, do they? they come out to vote when they hear passion and they believe change can happen, and that's the party we need to be. i want to say something controversial. beat,n we are all here to he told working people he was going to change their lives, he said he would break the status quo. he said he was going to rock the boat, and he rocked it a little too far, i think we all would agree. but he got people stirred because he said would change. we need to be the party that says things will change. we can do that. we can do that. and i will finish with this. i want to say this as a new yorker.
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i'm really, really sorry you got to know donald trump. i'm really sorry about it. but this new yorker is happy to get rid of him or you. thank you. god bless you all. [applause] ♪ >> it's been wonderful to hear all my fellow candidates who are here this afternoon. and i have agreed with more than
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them than i disagreed with. but i also think we need to face facts. we've been saying these things, and we lost last time. we've been promoting these same political values, and we've been losing congressional seats too often, losing senatorial seats too often. i want to talk to you about the transformation we need in this country that will only happen if we have a transformation in politics, and if we embrace a more transformational vision. i read an interview with jared kushner, and he said he had been in a mcdonald's with his father-in-law, and he told his father-in-law there are so many angry people out there, we could harness all that anger, and we could make you president. and i thought to myself when i read that, there are so many good people out there and decent people, loving people out there, we could harness all that and change the world. [applause]
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the american people are good people. they are loving people. but the american people's goodness and love has not been channeled through american politics in a way that it should be and for a long time. and the only way we're going to do that is if we get way more deep and way more real, because love tells the truth. we have an enemy here that is more than one political candidate. we have collectivized fear, bigotry, racism, islamophobia, anti-semitism. there are more that love than hate, but those who hate hate with seriousness and they are politicized. the only way you are going to be at big lies is with big truth. the democratic party is only going to win this election and our future if we start telling some big truths that too often we have not told. the truth is, years ago, we started acquiescing to an
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economic system that has corrupted our government, that said short-term profits came before the advocacy for the people of the united states, for the people of the world, and the planet on which we stand. too often, democrats have been proposing policies that help us assuage the pain. democrats need to challenge those forces that make that pain inevitable. we cannot do that if we are making the money from those health insurance companies and taking money from big pharma and from the gun manufacturers, from oil and gas, taking money from chemical companies, taking money from the defense contractors. ladies and gentlemen, people can smell it. people can smell it.
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that's the problem. donald trump did not win just because a few people were so passionate about donald trump. and if he wins again, it will not just be because of a few people who were so passionate about donald trump. he won last time, and if he wins again, he would win again because of so many people that didn't vote. that's why those of us who are not from careers entrenched within that system have something very important to bring. we have not taken for-profit donations. we are not from the system. i am not prosecuting a case against donald trump. i am prosecuting a case against the system that delivered donald trump. it is that level of truth telling that is going to win this election. otherwise, we might win. but even if we beat him, those same forces will be back in 2022 and 2024. we need to rise up and be real about the sea of suffering and millions of american children. we need to be real about the fact a military-industrial complex does more to determine our national security agenda than waging peace. and only two people on this
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campaign are talking about this. we're both girls. ladies and gentlemen, get real and the democrats will win. thank you! [applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stage former hud secretary julian castro. mr. castro: good evening. it's great to be here in north iowa. i want to thank everybody for
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hosting us here at the wing ding. your reputation precedes you. look, i want to spend five minutes talking to you about the country i believe we need to become. we know the country that we have been and that we are. if we were to go around this room, i have no doubt that, in each of your families, you can tell a story of hard work or the kind of values that unite us. love of country, of faith, of family, of basic compassion and respect for other people, that together have made ours the greatest nation on this planet. the events of the last week reminded us that it is not a foregone conclusion that we're going to keep getting better. i'm running for president because i feel blessed with the opportunity i've had in the united states. and i want to make sure that everybody can have that same opportunity. i grew up with my grandmother that had come from mexico when she was seven years old as an orphan, worked as a maid, raised
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my mom as a single parent. my brother and i, we're twins, by the way, he says the way to tell us apart is that i'm a minute uglier than he is, which is not true. we are proud products of the public schools in texas. [applause] we both had a chance to go from stanford and then harvard law school together because i can't get rid of him, and then become the first in our families to become professionals as attorneys and go into public service. i had a chance to serve as mayor of my hometown of san antonio, the seventh largest city in the country. and then secretary of hud under barack obama. [applause] i'm running for president because i believe we need to move forward as one nation, with one destiny.
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and that destiny for our beautiful country in the years to come is to be the smartest, the healthiest, the fairest, and the most prosperous nation on earth. the smartest, healthiest, fairest, most prosperous. if we are going to be the smartest it means universal pre-k for three and four-year-olds, improving k-12 education, paying teachers what they deserve, reducing class sizes, making sure special-needs children get the education they deserve, reinvesting and trade programs in our high schools, and tuition free public state universities, community colleges, and job training certification programs because jobs require more knowledge and more skill than ever before. it means reimagining the justice system if we're going to be a fairer nation, cast bail reforms, making sure we have greater accountability and transparency in police departments so you are treated the same no matter who you are. it means passing the equality
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act so you can't be discriminated against no matter your sexual orientation or gender. and passing the equal rights amendment, and making sure women get people pay for equal work. it means protecting a woman's right to choose when it's under assault right now. [applause] if we're going to be the healthiest, it means changing the health care system to one where everybody gets health care. that we build off of medicare and we make sure that it's not the profit motive of big pharmaceuticals and big insurance companies, but care for people that ensures they get the medication they need. if we're going to be the most prosperous nation on earth, it has to mean prosperity for everybody, for urban america and rural americans. it means raising the american minimum wage to $15 an hour, investing in the ability to organize labor unions so they can ensure people get compensated well for the hard work that they do.
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and it means a tax code that rewards not the wealthy and big corporations, but people who have to work for a living, and investing in affordable housing. it means reforming our immigration system to fix it so we can harness the potential of immigrants in our country. and also addressing the most existential threat to our country, which is climate change. my first executive order, if i'm elected president, would be to rejoin the paris climate accord, and follow that up with investment in the green new deal to create jobs and protect our planet. our hope is that you will be great ambassadors for our campaign for those that support me. stay tuned to i believe in the months to come, we can get stronger and stronger and we can win the iowa caucus on february 3 and say no to donald trump on january 2021.
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thank you. thank you very much. [applause] ♪ >> welcome to the stage ohio tim ryan.tive ryan: thank you so much. it's great to be in iowa. first, let me say, we've just returned from a trip to louisville, kentucky. after what we saw in el paso, and what we experienced in dayton, ohio, last week, we put
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a caravan together with moms demand action and myself -- [applause] and we went through ohio and we picked up moms, and we went down to louisville, kentucky, where mitch mcconnell lives. [applause] [booing] and we took the fight to his backyard, telling him that we need gun reform in the united states of america, and we need it now. [applause] we need it now. people are dying on the streets of this country, getting killed by weapons that were made for battlefields, not neighborhoods in places like dayton, ohio. [applause] the number one obligation that we have as elected officials, whether you're a councilman or a
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congressman or a president, is to keep the people of this country safe. in this country, we'll never be safe until we get these weapons of war off the streets of the united states of america. i pledge to you that we will get this done finally in the united states of america. [applause] but we also have to secure our economy. i come from northeast ohio. 75% of the american people still live paycheck-to-paycheck. it's time for us to double union membership in the united states of america so we can rebuild the middle class. [applause] i want us to win the economy of the future, build electric vehicles and solar panels and wind turbines right here in the united states of america. that's how we rebuild the middle class. there's going to be 10 million
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electric vehicles made in the next 10 years. i want at least half of those made in the united states. and i want those to go to rural america. i want them to go to the old steel country, old coal, old textile countries, where these communities have fallen behind for the last 30 years. we're going to get that done. we will win the new economy. i promise you that. [applause] i want us to secure our kids' education. that's why in my education proposal, for k-12, and making sure there's a mental health counselor in every school in the united states that needs one. i want to make sure there's trauma informed care, social and emotional learning, afterschool, summer school. we've got to start taking care of our kids. they need us. [applause] we are not going to address and secure our safety through climate change if we don't -- if
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we only convert our economy over to wind and solar. i am making a proposal for us to convert our industrial agriculture system over to a regenerative, sustainable, agriculture system in the united states. let's start sequestering carbon in our own earth so that we can preserve our kids' future, and we will set up teams to make sure that we implement regenerative agriculture, so that we can be drought resistant, flood resistant, and we can start to heal our planet. we've got a lot of work to do. but i'm in a fighting mood. i'm irish. [laughter] vice president biden, i'm irish. you know the old irish saying? is this a private fight or can anybody get into it? [laughter] i'm going to tell you a quick story. we were down at the muhammad ali
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center in louisville. there is this great story. he was walking down the street in kentucky. someone said champ, i saw you fight when i was a kid. he said, yeah? the kid said you got knocked down in the third round. the champ said it was not my fight. he said no i remember. my dad took me. you got knocked down in the third round. the champ said it wasn't my fight. i've never been knocked down. i'm either up or i'm getting up. democrats are not getting knocked down. we're either up or getting up. you're either up or getting up. america has never ever been knocked down. we're either up or we're getting up. thank you, iowa! [applause] ♪


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