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tv   Campaign 2020 Pete Buttigieg at Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 13, 2019 8:45pm-9:51pm EDT

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presidential candidates on the campaign trail. your unfiltered view of politics. announcer: democratic presidential candidate the buttigieg attended -- pete buttigieg unattended the software in des moines and delivered remarks, answer questions from reporters, and walked the fairgrounds to meet with attendees. this is one hour and five minutes. [cheers and applause] mr. buttigieg: hello, iowa. what a crowd. i see you in the back. go irish. hello, thank you. thanks for the chance to spend
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time with you. my name is pete buttigieg. they just call me mayor pete. president pete. that has a good ring to it. i'm running for president because i think our country is running out of time. we cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting it to get better. this president represents some serious problems. the biggest problem is the president thinks we are all suckers. we have a country where the gross the messick product is going up, and life expectancy is going down. there will be millions of guns on the streets by 2020, and
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houses will cost half $1 million. we definitely have problems with the president. i'm here to argue this president would not be here if we did not have even bigger problems that motivated our friends to go and burn the house down, and now, the houses on fire and the real question is, what is next? what are we going to do to get this country on the right track? because we cannot go on with four more years of what we have right now. [cheers and applause] i'm running for president because it is time to have someone in the oval office who will stick up for american values, and being serious has real implications. when i put forth a plan on medicare for all, that is out of the belief that it is consistent with our values.
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it is part of what it means to be free, because if you're not free, you do not have health care in this country. i also think you are also not free if politicians tell you yourt to tell you what reproductive choices are going to be in this country. [cheers and applause] mr. buttigieg: or, if they get to tell you who to marry. based on their religion. if we want real freedom in this country, we are going to have to invest in infrastructure. if you can't get clean, safe drinking water. that is freedom, too. this is not just about freedom from regulation, this is about freedom to live the life you are choosing, and freedom comes i way of education, which is why on day one, i will appoint a secretary of education who actually believes in public education. [cheers and applause] my other priority
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as president will be to keep this country safe, and we have to have a serious talk about national security. because we have an administration right now that cut the funds for dealing with violent extremism on our own soil. we all know how that worked out. if you're serious about national security, that means bringing this country together, recognizing that the american flag belongs to all of us, not the confederate flag. and it means we honor the idea that that flag stands for the idea that in this country, you are entitled and obliged to speak up when your leaders are doing wrong and when you do, nobody is going to question your for your loyalty to the republic for which it fans, let alone tell you to go back to where you came from. [cheers and applause] i have an action
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plan to actually do something about violent extremism in this country, by giving homeland security the tools they need and by implementing whatever he american wants, but washington can't deliver, which is common sense gun safety reform. [cheers and applause] if 94% ofieg: americans want background checks and washington still can't get it done, that tells you something is broken. that is why we have to fix our democracy before it is too late. you want to talk about security? let's talk about keeping americans safe from gun violence and climate disruption, which is the challenge of our time. [cheers and applause] but we can't keep this country safe if we are not willing to name and defeat the greatest threats of the 21st century. miss this, the 21st
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century is presenting a completely different set of problems right now, which is not going to get involved with a 17th-century solution, like putting up a wall on the southern border. it is too late. we have to come up with better ideas. at the end of the day, even though we are living in a divided and dark and complicated time, i am filled with hope. i know hope went out of style for a little bit, but i'm here to make the case that we can build the kind of future that we will be proud of. that in 2030, we are going to be able to look back and say that in 2020, we did what it took. you actually did what it took to deliver an economy where the delivered a climate where we are not afraid of what the future is going to be. that we actually deliver an economy and a society where your race has no bearing on your
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health or wealth or your experience in law enforcement. [cheers and applause] i will be able to do my kids that once upon a time, there was this thing called mass shootings, but we came together and do it what it took to make sure that the not happen anymore in this country. [cheers and applause] mr. buttigieg: we can do that. we can build a country that we are proud of and a future that we are proud of, but it starts with recognizing that the presidency and the campaign is not about him. we are not going to win going on his show. let's face it, pretty much everybody in our party at least global for anybody that can be this president. -- will vote for anybody that can be this president. don't let them tell you we will beat this president and go back to normal. we have to build a future that is better than the past. and i would say the best way to begin with the
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leadership that is the opposite of what we have now. that is where i come in. i don't want this to be all monologues. any questions out there? yes, sir? the question is about foreign policy and would we reenter the transpacific ownership. i think the time has passed for that and i don't like how it would have overruled the american economy to protect workers and environmental standards. the solution is also to not close ourselves off to the rest of the world. if we really want to be china, -- beat china, we need to invest
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in our roads, bridges, and schools. we want to stay ahead of china, we have to engage with the rest of the world and you can either resent the rest of the world or you can lead the rest of the world, but you cannot do both. i'm ready to have america lead before it is too late. yes, ma'am? what's that? i can't say no to that. of course, i will ride the slide with your son. i don't know what it means, but i will do it. thank you. yes, ma'am? >> half a million people in the u.s. -- the question is,
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what will we do about cancer? this is an example where we come together as a country to face a tremendous challenge. cancer took my father earlier this year. so, this is personal, and it is personal for all of us. we are in the same boat. i'm sorry. what we know is that we could be investing more nationally in health care in the battle against cancer. diagnosis,ill have a far too many americans are one cancer diagnosis away from total ruin. we are lucky because my dad was on medicare. we did not have to worry about whether our family was going to be destroyed financially. we were free to worry about what is right medically for our family. i want every american to have that same freedom. that is why we have to get coverage for everybody. in college, any advice for them? mr. buttigieg: advice for teenagers entering college.
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what you want to talk about? anything. all right. well, one thing you have to know is dish soap and hand soap is pretty much the same thing. it took me a while to figure that out. you're right, that's better advice. please vote. but more than that, this is really important and this is how our organizing is going to work here in iowa and across the country. i'm sure you have friends and you talk about your futures, but they don't believe that voting matters, and they don't believe it is worth it. they will be more likely to respond to you urging them to get involved than anyone on television telling them to do it. this is really important. so please, if you care about the future of this country, and the longer you are planning to be here, the more you have at out studenting
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the national with debt, if you care about this stuff, which i know you do, you have to call others to be a part of it with you. because our views are popular. it is just that we don't always vote. change that, and everything else changes with it. good luck in your studies. yes, ma'am? >> how will we protect a woman's right to choose? mr. buttigieg: how will we protect a woman's right to choose? i will make sure we have legislation that response when states try to act to take that right away. the right to choose can be gone by 2030 if we do not act. i will not let this happen as president. write up here. -- right up here.
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--what are your hopes mr. buttigieg: the question is about special education. idea, a legislation that requires resources go to those with disabilities in our school system, except it is not fully funded. it is not getting the job done. we need to fully fund it and get rid of the sub minimum wage so we are showing respect for workers, and regardless of ability, you are treated well and the marketplace. and across our system, we have to properly fund our public schools so they have the resources to deal with special education and the basics. this is our future. we are not doing ourselves any favors by going cheap on public education, and that is why it will be such an important priority for us. >> what about mitch mcconnell? mr. buttigieg: what about mitch mcconnell? there are so many directions we could take that. so, here's the thing. i've worked with a lot of
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republicans in my life, and in indiana, i would not get much done if i did not know how to work with republicans. in order to work across the aisle, there has to be good faith. and the senate majority leader is not acting in good faith. the fact that he said in 2016, on oneld never vote thing, then in 2020, he does it. there's two ways to answer the question. the second best answer is we are going to box them out because our views are popular and i will fly air force one into the home of any senator who is blocking our agenda to raise wages, to protect health care, to improve family leave and racial equality in this country, things he american people want done. gun safety. thend the voters that senators are not speaking for them, but the best answer is for mitch mcconnell to not be the majority leader anymore.
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it would help to nominate someone with coattails who comes from the middle of the country and can speak to these concerns in plain english. when we do, it will be tempted put an end to the the question is about criminal justice reform. which we need urgently because for to many americans, the system is not delivering justice at all. cut incarceration by half in this country and i've got up went to do it using clemency powers are working with states, ending incarceration as a response to drug possession and when we legalize marijuana, which we ought to do, we ought to have a expungement for people whose incarceration is doing more harm than the original offense did. creating whole generations of kids who have experienced the incarceration of a parent which is a devastating experience to
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have. we have to put in and to their being people in this country who stand to make money when more are incarcerated which is why we have to and private prisons. yes, sir. >> [inaudible] pete: election security. if you stop and think about it, as powerful as our government is, the reason that the government works for us in -- and the other way around is your vote. not your gun. if they take our democracy away from us, i the time anyone reaches for the gun, it is too late. we have got to secure our elections. there is a bill pending to do just that and mitch mcconnell killed it. because they are embarrassed to admit this is a problem because they benefited from it. this is not one where we can it, we havecs into to secure our elections. there is technological stuff we have to do with the biggest step is to use the security toolkit of the country.
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that means cyber, diplomatic and economic responses to create such a penalty for ever messing with our elections again that rush or any other country would not think of doing it next time around. >> [inaudible] mr. buttigieg: we are -- and if theay that education is pathway to prosperity we cannot allow you to -- it to crush you with the burden of debt. -- right now it is almost impossible to access. we have a lot of these for-profit colleges that specialize in going after veterans and many of which do not deliver. , we shouldat do not
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eliminate that debt because they have turned the department of education into a predatory lender. we have to make college more affordable on the front end. that is why we need to bring down shared tuition and link it up to inflation so they don't have to go back to congress every time. i worked to make sure that low and middle income students are able to graduate debt-free and get on with their careers. yes, ma'am. >> what would you do about dark money and would you try to [inaudible] i will take the second question first, i will put that to the group at the end. the other question is about dark money, slightly more heavy topic. this is not a democracy as long as dollars can outvote people. citizens united was a disaster for this country and we need reform. around darkforms money we can do right now as part is -- part of hr one, it died in the senate.
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that we should implement immediately and it is the case that if it is really true under this constitution we cannot have common sense campaign finance that is really true. time for a constitutional amendment. to clear this up once and for all that money is not the same thing as speech and corporations do not have the same political souls as human beings like you and me. don't tell me we cannot do that. we had more than 25 constitutional amendments in this country. we had one constitutional amendment in this country so you could not i beer. mindsat we changed our and changed it back. don't tell me we cannot and a thoughtful constitutional remedy to secure our democracy so that it works for all of us. [applause] mr. buttigieg: the other airstion she had is what f food in my supposed to -- am i going to try question mark you leave it -- to conviction.
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crowd.ask the chop" "pork the turkeyld go for leg? turkey is in the minority, got it. what is that? craft beer, sounds pretty good. i am still on the clock. someone said fried oreos. well, i promise to sample as much as i can and offer a thoughtful assessment of fair food afterwards because i am looking forward to conducting the research. i am getting the impression that our time is about up. all right. if you believe in our vision i our website. to we are holding a fantastic team
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on the ground. will not go onwe his show and play his game, we will change the channel completely. can i look to you for help in doing that? i am so glad he got to see you. i will see you on the trail. let's when together. thank you. folks in the back, thanks very much. appreciate it. thank you.
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>> to stand for freedom and democracy. the idea with hong kong was abuzz to be one country, two systems but that is not wait that is what we are seeing. we need to call for a straight on the part of authorities and speaking to the aspirations of the people in hong kong who are seeking freedom and we should be there for them at a moment when america has been withdrawing from the world. we need to be a clear moral voice.
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mentioned the need to not have mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader. [inaudible] some of the other presidential hopefuls who are being asked to consider running [inaudible] mr. buttigieg: i will not weigh in on what my competitors ought to do other than to say we have to win back the senate. as a candidate it will be my focus as a nominee to do everything i can to bring in the senate majority. the next president will be [inaudible] >> [inaudible] as they heavily supported trump in the last election. mr. buttigieg: rural america is beginning to see the ways that they are being neglected by this administration. everything from policies that have eviscerated the soy industry here to secretary of agriculture who says farmers are whiners and you realize they don't actually care. andt of talk about workers
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[inaudible] rural america is hurting right now. farm income down half of what it was five years ago and the policies are making it work. we may not be able to win everybody over but i believe in campaigning as we will be doing in the next few days. especially because we have a plan to help grow jobs and grow population and grow infrastructure that will make sure rural america can succeed going forward. can you explain how that will work? >> the idea of a immunity renewal based on my experience in my region where we realize we job growthjust a strategy but a population growth strategy and in iowa some of the areas that seem to be really encouraging growth in rural parts of the state are places like storm like that have embraced immigration as a way to grow.
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this is a proposal that will encourage communities that -- if they choose to come together, apply for an allocation of renewal that will allow people to be in this country provided they commit to being part of one of these communities for some time and it allows us to grow population which is often as necessary as growing jobs, that goes hand-in-hand with growing jobs. if we want to strengthen numeral america in a time that it is string out into communities. >> [inaudible] think that undermines the idea that they are [inaudible] and not impacting american consumers? mr. buttigieg: they are saying one thing but even this trump white house knows that if the american people are paying for these tariffs, a tariff is a tax and that taxes paid by americans. we are standing to lose more than a hundred bucks per household as a consequence of
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these tariffs. we are going to feel this, this will hurt in our pocket books at home. the fact he does not want that ahead of christmas shows he is doing harm to american consumers. adult thing trying to time it for his political benefit will make much of a difference in the long run. >> [inaudible] what is your reaction? mr. buttigieg: we are talking about people who have paid into the system and one more effort to divide america. around the issue of immigration. if this administration were serious about immigration reform they could get it through washington in a month or less. the american people are clear on what we want. we want a pathway to citizenship, protections for dreamers, reform of the system and the right measures for border security. that compromise is there. one chamber -- it is passed by one chamber to be killed by the other. we could have reform and move on. the white house finds this issue
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more useful unsolved so we can be divided for the political benefit than if they actually did something. youf elected would [inaudible] of the golan heights? mr. buttigieg: there are legitimate israeli concerns. i would have in that situation have this be part of a negotiated discussion and the upsetting thing about what was done with the golan heights, there was an intervention in israeli domestic policy. the president used u.s. foreign-policy to put his thumb on the scale for right-wing allies within israeli domestic politics. this is the wrong basis for a policy. we can talk about any of the hot button issues in the middle east. when i am president we will do politics or on u.s. israeli politics but based on what is best for the security of the israeli, palestinian, and american people. >> would you keep it?
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>> i will not make any declarations other than to say on my watch it would not have come about as part of these rate -- intervention of israeli politics. >> on gun control, what can congress do right now, there is a lot of talk about what -- [inaudible] here is the crazy thing, there is a background check waiting for the senate to do something. they could take it up for a vote in the -- at least they would achieve something. either the senate is serious or it is not. i hold that as the senators are in this recess at home meeting their constituents they continue to hear loud and clear that the american people expect and demand action on everything from background checks to assault rifles to countering violent extremism. >> [inaudible] mr. buttigieg: no.
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>> [inaudible] president how would you deal with the potential [inaudible] mr. buttigieg: no one wants to see escalation between nuclear neighbors and south asia and it is one more example of how the world needs a u.s. today that is credible, that is respected and that can help ensure that there is some kind of arrangement that is going to lead to peace. what is happening right now is provocative, it is destabilizing, and it is not good news for the region or the world. when the u.s. and hers into these conversations, we need to be perceived as an honest broker and our fundamental interest is in peace and security. -- a security for south asia. >> [inaudible] i believe we can
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and should participate in trade diplomacy if it is to the benefit of american workers. too often, that is not the case. i come from a part of the country that was told, goal always trade deals, the pie will get eger and everyone will be better off. we did not get a piece of it. that is why there is such anger. it does not mean we need to close off our economy. we have to deliver for workers and while we're at it -- it is not worth it. it is different than what we have seen in recent years. thank you. >> [inaudible] thank >> [inaudible]
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>> i have been working really hard [inaudible] mr. buttigieg: appreciate it. good luck. >> [inaudible] [indistinct conversations]
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>> thank you for a challenging that. -- acknowledging that. [indistinct conversations]
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mr. buttigieg: thank you. [indistinct conversations] >> thank you for answering my question. [inaudible] [indistinct conversations]
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mr. buttigieg: should i try it? thanks for the advice. fornd wanted to thank you the positive dialogue you promote and being a good role model. mr. buttigieg: thank you. that is our goal. [inaudible] mr. buttigieg: thank you for being out there for our country, i appreciate it. >> thank you.
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[indistinct conversations] >> thank you.
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[indistinct conversations] mr. buttigieg: here is what i've noticed, very rural and conservative error -- areas [inaudible] thanks for a much. -- very much. [indistinct conversations] >> thanks for your answer on the
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cancer question. mr. buttigieg: thanks for raising that. [inaudible] i think it does change the way we look at things versus when it is [inaudible] thank you. [indistinct conversations]
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>> would you be willing to commend [inaudible] certainly, i: agree with the idea. >> would you commit to being the first president and history to be in support of gay marriage? >> i am your biggest fan. [inaudible] [indistinct conversations]
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>> can ask a question? [inaudible] [indistinct conversations]
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mr. buttigieg: it is an example of taking action. the ideas we have a problem and do something about it. [inaudible] >> question for you. i am -- one of the things that is offering me [inaudible] that [inaudible]
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how does that align with your vision [inaudible] mr. buttigieg: i find that driving are traveling by train is not enough to get us across the country to all the voters. [inaudible] [indistinct conversations]
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thank nice meeting you. >> we will have -- go appear. -- up here.
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>> we are big fans. mr. buttigieg: thank you, i appreciate it.
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>> i came when you were at franklin middle school. mr. buttigieg: that was really special. >> here we go. i'm so excited. and thank you. i have a son in the reserves. i have a son who just came out of the academy. mr. buttigieg: thank you. [inaudible] >> one of my sons came back from his second deployment. [inaudible]
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i felt good about that one, yes. yeah, thank you. [inaudible] >> the campaign is very important. regardless of the outcome, you are doing great. mr. buttigieg: thank you.
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>> hi! we love you! thank you so much! nice to have a genuine face. appreciate it. thank you. [indistinct conversations] [indistinct conversations]
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[indistinct conversations] mr. buttigieg: thank you.
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[indistinct conversations] hello.tigieg: thank you. thanks for wearing the shirt. >> sarah with an "h". mr. buttigieg: i almost wrote down with an "h". [laughter] mr. buttigieg: thank you so much. you are too kind. too kind. [indistinct conversations]
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mr. buttigieg: i appreciate it. that you like what you see. >> thank you. mr. buttigieg: thanks. >> hi, paul. mr. buttigieg: paul. lead the way. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [indistinct conversations]
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>> campaign 2020. watch our live coverage of the presidential candidates on the trail and make up your in mind. c-span's campaign 2020, your unfiltered view of politics. >> earlier today, president trump travel to western pennsylvania and delivered remarks at a petrochemical complex near pittsburgh. this is one hour 10 minutes. >> ♪


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