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tv   Woodstock Music Festival Historic Site  CSPAN  August 16, 2019 3:14pm-3:24pm EDT

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the shows are good. i know what to ask. >> what is the legacy of woodstock? >> the legacy is in 500 years when they forgot about the beatles, if there are people still living, they were members this event. time magazine made woodstock number two of the top events of mankind when they said it was the greatest peaceful man-made event in history of all mankind and it was second to man landing on the moon. legacy of artie kornfeld is what? >> that i am sitting with you right now. 45 years later. >> i am so thrilled. >> i hope what i do next year will be my legacy. yeah. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. original planers
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was to have it in woodstock which is 60 miles north east of here. woodstock, new york was a bohemian community and a lot of musicians lived there often on including bob dylan, the band, richie havens, van morrison, the organizers called their company woodstock ventures and they started looking for a place for their festival. they could not find a place in woodstock that was large enough. they found a property that might was down thehich road from woodstock but that fell through and out of desperation they found in middletown,ark near new york and it was very flat, kind of an interesting land, but it had good transportation access. they started building, they started advertising, the built artistses, they had
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creating art installations and everything was going smoothly until the locals caught wind of what they were doing and it was not going to be a 50,000 person folk festival after all, what they were promised. jimi hendrix had been booked and non-folk bands were hooked -- were booked very prominently and the town rewrote its laws to outlaw the festival. that left woodstock ventures with about four weeks to find another location. that is when they came in contact with max. bethel, dairy farmer in 90 matt -- 90 miles northwest of new york city. when woodstock ventures approached him in july of 1969 and ask if he had any property that might be suitable for a rock festival, when he showed them a couple of pieces of land
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and when they came to this property which was one of his hay fields, he grew off cell phone on this hill, woodstock ventures partners noticed it was a natural bowl. it was a perfect ship, perfect size for the type of rock festival they wanted to have and on the spot they made a deal with max to lease his property for the rest of the month so that they could move their rock , new yorkrom wallkill to bethel and the rest is history. bethel is like it was in 1969. the roads -- road system has not been upgraded very much and the economy is still very rural. left bethelam shortly after woodstock, they moved to florida and soon after he died, the property went to a woman by the name of june and she kept the property ever
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cultural and in the mid-1990's, she put the property up for sale gary setal man, alan up a foundation and purchased recognizede woodstock was a big part of this region's history and worthy of bethelration and created woods center for the arts which has an outdoor performance pavilion for a world-class museum and the historic site itself. bethel woodson at is to inspire people through the follow at least the 1960's ofles of the peace, brotherhood, acceptance. i think the people that come here can feel that just by walking the grounds, they feel that vibe.
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>> sunday morning on "washington journal" a cover station on the history of woodstock. we will talk about the three day music festival in upstate new york that attracted nearly half a million people. mr. farmer is author of the book , "the age of great dreams: america in the 1960's." here on c-span and american history tv. >> tonight on c-span, it is a senate aging committee hearing on robo call fraud. among the witnesses, a woman whose grandmother wired thousands of dollars to scam artists. here's a preview. targetedndmother was and pursued not stop by your ring of fraudsters. over time these individuals used creative and cunning tactics to gain her trust.
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they told her she had won a large cash prize and all she needed to do was pay the taxes and fees. i first realized my grandmother was a victim of elder fraud by the last conversation i had with her. reliving that phone call is very painful. she explained that she needed $6,000 wired to her as soon as possible. her forceful tone and desperation was very exciting. i could hear the panic in her voice and she was very, very afraid. this phone call set off many red everyone here grew extremely concerned about her financial situation. we do not know of a single time in her entire life where she ever borrowed money from an individual. my father informs me that he had wired her a thousand dollars the
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week prior and he assured me he was trying to find out what was happening. he mentioned his fears that someone was scamming her but because she was so desperate and -- e center the $6,000 she wanted anyway. sadly, she died less than a week later. it pains me to talk about my grandmother's horrific death because she chose to take her own life. it is extremely hard to imagine a loved one committing suicide, but she did. because these individuals prayed on her and on her good heart, her golden years, and the last chapter of her life was taken from her.
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it is clear to us that the circumstances that led to her death were caused by these criminals. can see this entire senate aging committee hearing on robo call fraud tonight on c-span at 8:00 p.m. eastern. c-span2,v tonight on recent book fairs and festivals. justine bateman on her latest book, fame, the hijacking of reality. weeknights we are featuring american history tv programs as a preview of what is available every weekend on c-span three. tonight the focus is on world war ii. we'll hear from karen cabana about food rationing during the war and innovations that led to modern-day processed food create watch american history tv tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3.
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>> for four years c-span has been providing america unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events from washington, d.c. and around the country. so you can make up your own mind. created by cable in 1979, c-span is brought to you by or local cable or satellite provider. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. >> former defense secretary robert gates, nbc news correspondent andrea mitchell and journalist robin wright talk about global challenges to democracy. this is from a recent forum on the future of representative democracy hold it -- posted by the college of william and mary. it is over one hour.


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