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tv   Newsmakers David Mc Intosh  CSPAN  August 18, 2019 1:46am-1:51am EDT

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at campaign 2020 and the future of the republican party. with henry olson of the ethics and public policy center. university of kansas history professor david farber, on the 50th anniversary of woodstock heard and the counterculture of the 19 60's. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal, live at 7:00 a.m. eastern sunday morning. join the discussion. announcer: tomorrow on newsmakers, david mcintosh, president of the club for growth, talks about the cause for recent stock market volatility and president trump's trade policy. >> what is happening i think that is causing a lot of that volatility in the marketplace, is the president's strategy with china has required that we impose significant tariffs on china. those are ultimately cost to the american people. at one point, i think he articulated it, we are doing
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well now so let me use this tool. i understand that tariffs may be a little drag on the economy. but now is the time to do it. because in the end, we are going to get a better trade agreement, and both sides will benefit. to have itneed try both ways? this past week he delayed implement think tariffs saying he did not want consumers to have to pay them. >> right. which i think is saying, recognizing that the tariffs are a drag now on economic growth. they are i wouldn't say small drag. they are not as significant as other things could be like higher taxes or more regulation. the it really means is window is narrowing for when we have to get the new trade agreement. when that happens, i think you see another boost to economic growth. in for the cycle we are a number of years because you have certainty basically in the
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world economy about trade with united states. and i'm axley confident the president is able to deliver on that. the'm actually confident president is able to deliver on that. and that's taken the chinese, basically called him on it, and said we think you have to have an agreement in name but we do not have to give you any substantive concessions. audible, yetled an i'm not going to sign an agreement that means nothing in reality. if we have an agreement there has to be a real concession. china, by the way is hurting worse than united states. now they are more patients. they are dictatorship. they can last into the neck election cycle. it is also possible -- the next election cycle. it is also possible they will get to the point where they see it as a win-win to meet us partway. >> would you say today the united states is winning the trade war? >> i think it is on the table that china needs to consider
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basically accepting intellectual property rights, changing some of their fund mental business models. they are saying no right now. in the end is clearly on the table for something they are going to have to concede something on. that is a win. we are still in the middle of the back-and-forth negotiation. there's no clear winner one way or the other. the possibility of getting a very good trade agreement is still there. announcer: newsmakers with club for growth president david mcintosh. tomorrow on c-span. congress is in recess for the month of august and members are back in their districts. here's what a few of them are doing this weekend. oklahoma senator james lankford tweeted this.
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congressman tim walberg of michigan tweets. and on wednesday, democratic representative rashida tlaib of michigan participated in a town hall meeting on health care, hosted by community organizers in highland park, michigan. this is one hour and 45 minutes. >> now this is a serious question we have to address. we have panelists today that are going to talk about this specific issue. the question of what do we do for folks that need long-term care? what do we do with our seniors that want to live at home but maybe need just a littlbi


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