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tv   Campaign 2020 Rep. Seth Moulton Ends Campaign  CSPAN  August 23, 2019 9:43pm-9:53pm EDT

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c-span two. campaign 20, watch our live coverage of the presidential candidates and make up your own mind. c-span's campaign 2020, your unfiltered view of politics. on friday, massachusetts representative seth moulton became the latest democratic president to drop out of the 2020 race. at the the announcement democratic national committee meeting in san francisco. >> hello dnc. thank you so much for having meet today and all you do. i have only been in this race since april. i was one of the last candidates to get in. more proud of what our team has accomplished. we have been challenging donald trump where he is weakest.
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as commander-in-chief. showing this country that democrats are the party of making america strong overseas and safe here at home. to takebeen running back patriotism from the republican party. we all know in this room, true patriotism is not hugging the flag. like donald trump likes to do. it is fighting for what the flag represents. [applause] we have put forward the most ambitious call to national service in a generation. young all 33 million americans to consider serving here at home to tackle the biggest challenges of today, like climate change. helped me faceas a few of my own fears. for the first time in my life i talk publicly about dealing with
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post-traumatic stress from my combat tours in iraq. about how i sought help for post-traumatic stress. help that has made me a better public servant. a better husband, and a better father. our team put forward a plan that will end the stigma around mental health. that kept every presidential candidate before me from talking about mental health struggles themselves. honest abouto be the challenges that we face. i'm so proud of what we have done. today i want you to use this opportunity to announce that i am ending my campaign for president. is not ending the way i hoped. i'm leaving this race knowing
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that we raised issues that are vitally important to the american people and our future. i could not have done any of this without my amazing wife and daughter behind me. i couldn't have done it without my extraordinary team, who worked incredibly hard for a long shot candidate because they believed in me and our mission like they believe in our country. i definitely could not done it without everyone who supported me and came out to events and donated and volunteered for this campaign all across the country. each of you reminds me everywhere and every day of what truly makes america great. heart,e bottom of my thank you. [applause] while this is the end of my campaign it is certainly not the end of our effort.
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i will once again be running for districtin the sixth of massachusetts. i cannot wait to get back at it. i will be relaunching my organization which helped take back the house last cycle by electing 21 service driven democrats in tough districts across america. [applause] to work with all of you to keep the house, flipped the senate, and win back state houses across the country next november. are justn ballot races as important as presidential. all, i will be asss off fory whoever wins our nomination for 2020. [applause]
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donald trump is going to be harder to beat than most people think. we can and must beat him. our country, values, and future depend on it. determine we need to who our strongest nominee will be. we cannot be distracted by the latest outrage on twitter or reality show politics of the day. we need to stay grounded in what it is going to take to win the trust of voters. even disaffected republicans and bring the country together around the hateful politics of donald trump. you could be a democrat or republican or independent, as an american you know that we are better than this. we are going to prove it at the ballot box in 2020. before i go, i want to say one more thing. my mentor in college once said
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hope is the stuff that gets us through and beyond when the worst that can happen happens. often times in these past couple of years and even the past couple of weeks, it has felt like the worst that could happen in america has happened. when i traveled the country over the last several months, i found hope. i found hope in veterans that i met who are working to end the stigma around mental health by sharing stories for the first time. i found hope in kids who are walking out of school demanding progress on climate change and guns. i found hope in the teachers and reporters who are striking for basic pay. i found hope in women who are marching for basic respect. amazinghope in the talented group of leaders we have running for president. i find hope here in this room.
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rooms like this across america where democrats are banding together to beat donald trump and all of the republicans who do his bidding. to fight for who we are. the men and women i served with , in the midst of war many of us disagreed with. against.poke out we were fighting for each other. we had each other's backs. the same thing on this campaign. we believed in our values so much that we were willing to fight for them. people like that are doing it across america. i see americans from all backgrounds, races, religions, standing up and fighting for values because they believe in our country, even when it lets them down. especially when it lets them down.
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that is when the country needs us most. we have a lot of work to do. some tough months ahead of us. we can do this. in the up tomorrow america that we make. i'm so proud to be making it better with all of you. thank you very much. [applause] ♪ presidentialratic candidate amy klobuchar attends a party in nashua, new hampshire. on c-span, online, or listen live on the free c-span radio app.
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wake of the recent shootings in el paso, texas and dayton, ohio, the house judiciary committee will return early from summer recess to mark up gun violence prevention bills which include banding high capacity ammunition magazines, restricting firearms from those who deemed to be a risk to themselves and those who have been convicted of hate crimes from purchasing a gun. live coverage begins wednesday, september 4 at 10:00 a.m. toyou are on the go, listen live coverage using the c-span radio app. -83000 for democrats and 202-748-8002 for independents and 202-748-8001 for republicans. amy rosenberg


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