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tv   President Trump Indian Prime Minister Meet at G7  CSPAN  August 27, 2019 1:41am-2:02am EDT

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saturday starting at 10:00 a.m. our coverage includes author interviews with justice ruth bader ginsburg, david troyer, his book "the heartbeat of wounded knee," sheryl robinson ,, andabout her book thomas malone founding director of the m.i.t. center for collective intelligence, discusses his book "superminds." live saturday at 10:00 a.m. eastern on book tv on c-span, two. announcer: while at the g-7 summit, president trump met with indian prime minister narendra modi. speaking with reporters, the two leaders talked about their meeting, which covered a variety of economic and military security issues. they answered reporters' questions on a number of topics. rters' questions on a number of topics. pres. trump: thank you very
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much. it is great to be with prime minister modi of india. incredible country, incredible man. they just had a tremendous selection the three -- election victory. we are talking about trade. we are talking about military. we are talking about many different things. we had great discussions together last night for dinner. p.m. modi: [speaking foreign language]
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700 million voted. [speaking foreign language] common values. [speaking foreign language]
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thank you. president, can you clarify -- >> it is a very important meeting to me.
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you have had the opportunity, as you know, india is the largest democracy and we vote recently were 700 million indians chose their government. today, i would like to thank the president for his congratulations. statesnd the united share democratic values. whatever contribution we can make in whichever way we have these common values and we work for the children of humanity. we have continuous discussions on these issues. india and the united states, we have been discussing on a continuous basis various
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economic and other issues. on many of these issues, we have welcomed u.s. suggestions. together, we are working on the area of trade. we are making efforts to move forward. the indian community in the has madetes -- states investments over the years. they have taken part actively in the development of the united --tes and the united states [indiscernible] i would like to thank president trump,'s administration, and the people of the united states. >> mr. president, can you clarify your position on kashmir? pres. trump: we spoke last night about kashmir. the prime minister feels he has it under control. they will speak with pakistan. i'm sure they will be able to do something that is very good.
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add?. modi, do you want to p.m. modi: [speaking foreign-language]
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>> between india and pakistan, there are many bilateral issues. [indiscernible] i called him up to congratulate him and i told him that -- [indiscernible] pakistan needs to fight disease, and india, too. we need to fight all the ills facing our two countries. furtherork together to the prospects of the people of our two countries. is the message i keep giving my counterpart in pakistan. we also keep talking about the different bilateral issues between us. >> mr. modi, would you like to have president trump involved in
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negotiating between pakistan and you? p.m. modi: [speaking foreign language] >> india and pakistan have issues of a bilateral nature and -- this isant to thateral and i trust before 1947 when we were one country that even afterwards we can find solutions through discussion. >> mr. president, is that offer on the table? pres. trump: i'm here.
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we have a very good relationship. i think they should do it themselves. they have been doing it for a long time. >> mr. president, the chinese have said today publicly that they are downplaying the significance of the calls? pres. trump: i don't know what you mean by that. low level? the vice premier is low level? what is the position -- [indiscernible] >> the vice premier came out with a significant statement and we have been communicating through intermediaries back and forth. pres. trump: that is not low level. >> understand. agreed. [indiscernible] they said they were not aware of the calls happening. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: at the highest levels. >> thank you, mr. president. >> do you want to clarify the calls? pres. trump: our country is
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doing great. we are doing great. the prime minister just congratulated me. everybody i've met has congratulated us on the job we are doing in the united states with our economy. our economy is phenomenal, the best it has ever been. when the great deals get done, like we did with japan yesterday, we did a tremendous trade deal with japan, and we have others coming, we are negotiating now in earnest with the european union. they want to do that. they want to do that. i do too. when we get these deals done, our country will be transformed. it will be monetarily transformed. it is such a difference between the horrible, horrible one-sided deals we had in the past, and frankly past administrations should be ashamed of themselves for allowing that, but we have many of them. one of them is the usmca, mexico and canada.
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hopefully, that will get voted on very quick weight. everybody wants it to happen. hopefully, we can make that a bipartisan -- we have many great deals that are doing very well, and including china. i think it was necessary to go through this -- you would say a rough patch, but i would say maybe more than a rough patch, but that is ok because we will be paid billions and billions of dollars, and you know that prices have not gone up and there has been no inflation and we have put a lot of money in the treasury. the tens of billions of dollars. i've given a lot of it to the farmers that were hurt. i've been able to give a lot of money, compliments of china, to the farmers that were hurt because we gave them $16 billion and we give them $12 billion the year before. the amount of money that china did not invest to our farmers, give to our farmers. the farmers have been amazing. they are very happy with the job we are doing.
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eventually, they are going to be one of the biggest beneficiaries. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: say it. >> did you make it to the climate discussion? pres. trump: that is going to be our next session. we have not had it. >> you have a message? pres. trump: no, i want clean air and clean water. right now, we are having the cleanest air and cleanest water on the planet. that is what i want. absolutely clean air and clean water. >> [indiscernible] clarifyg if you could what you meant about the talk. calls,rump: we have had we have had calls at the highest level. the vice-chairman put out a statement -- saying that he wants to make a deal. i think it is a very good word used, calm. not a word i use that often, but it is a good word to use.
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it is one of the reasons it is a great country. i think that that message also helps with respect to hong kong. i really do. i think it makes it easier for hong kong. i think that president xi will do something with hong kong. i really think that message is a good message with respect to what the ultimate outcome is in hong kong. very, very positive message. and we appreciated it. we appreciated it. what else? anything else? >> mr. president, your latest calls on pulling out of the wto, and if you do, can i also asked mr. modi, what would your response be to that in terms of how it would affect india's free-trade agreement? pres. trump: we have not been happy with the wto. [indiscernible] billions of dollars. we are winning cases now. we are being treated more fairly
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with the wto. foreigni: [speaking language] pres. trump: he actually speaks very good english. he just does not want to talk. [laughter] >> [indiscernible] we will communicate -- [laughter] russia has recently said they have no intention of asking to be readmitted to the g7. pres. trump: i wouldn't expect they would ask. why would he ask? no, it is something we discussed. it is part of the discussion. i would be inclined to say yes and so what others and some probably wouldn't. it is just a discussion.
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i would think he would not do that because he is a proud man. he would not ask. if something would happen, he would be asked, and i'm sure he would say yes to that. >> do you have any indication from them that they would accept? pres. trump: i think it was a very good discussion. it accept? >> i think it was a limited discussion. i think it would be appropriate, it would be good for russia, good for everybody this would be a positive but it is just a discussion. i think a lot of the new people like the idea. reporter: what would be your message to the american people on what is your biggest achievement at the g7? pres. trump: have had a lot of achievements and with her minister modi. we are doing a lot of trade with india.
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obviously, the trade deal is another biggest trade deal and it reflects greatly on our farmers. all the excess corn china didn't take, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of corn and he is buying., japan is buying all of that from us. goodo think we had a very -- the stories bear no resemblance to what is taking place. you saw me with chancellor merkel, with all the others. we had a relationship that is great. in addition, we had other nations like india and others, australia came in. , and if people came in tell you, it has been total unity. there has been no fights or arguments, the has been no anything. hadas been great unity we
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honestly, the papers have not recorded. be the mostat would common ground combat climate change? pres. trump: i think the fact we are all getting along so well is one of the big things from this. we have good relationships and we are doing a lot about a lot. referringwhen you are earlier to [indiscernible] to -- did you mean to say there was a call last night or was there no call last night? pres. trump: last night and before last night, numerous. they want to get something done, i have been saying that for a long time. and why wouldn't they? they have lost millions of jobs, their supply chains are being hurt. chains, you can get
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them back once they are gone. china is run by a really great leader. he wants to do something. they lost over 3 million jobs in a short period of time. a lot of companies have left china and are leaving china. i could have told you that without talking, but we are talking. if we don't make a deal, i would like to see u.s. companies these china. if we make a deal, i would like to see them stay there. reporter: you have a timeline for afghanistan? pres. trump: no timeline, no rush. we are really a peacekeeping force more than anything. i said we would win that war in a short. of time, but i am not looking to kill 10 million people. we are working along with the taliban, the government and other people and will see what happens.
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what time is it? thank you. we will be doing a news conference later on. if you need one, do you need one? i can't imagine any other questions. you have got a great leader right here. >> would you allow him to have nuclear weapons? >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. c-span's "washington journal." live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. will discussng, we campaign 2020 and u.s. immigration policy starting with "washington post immigration reporter maria sick any. johnson. and jessica vaughn of the center
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for immigration studies. watch c-span's "washington journal." join the discussion. >> hi, i'm david rubenstein. i have the privilege of serving as the cochair of the national book festival. this is open to all people in the united states or anybody who wants to come to washington on labor day weekend at the washington convention center. , pleaseannot make it read about this and learn about this through book tv on c-span two. they are going to do extensive coverage of the national book festival. they do a terrific job of letting you know what is going on even if you can't be there. in the wake of the recent shootings in el paso, texas and dayton, ohio, the house judiciary committee will return early to mark up three gun violence prevention bills
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which include banning high-capacity ammunition magazines, restricting firearms from those deemed to be a risk to themselves, and preventing individuals convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes from purchasing a gun. live coverage begins wednesday, september 4 at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span and if you are on the go, listen to live coverage using the free c-span radio app. next, former government officials talk about the future of representative democracy and relations between the executive and legislative wrenches. -- legislative ranches. -- branches. speakers include former white house adviser karl rove, former house majority leader eric cantor, and george allen of virginia. virginia. hosted by the college of william and mary, this is about one hour and 15 minutes. ♪ [applause]


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