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tv   Campaign 2020 Sen. Bernie Sanders in Louisville KY  CSPAN  August 27, 2019 8:48pm-9:33pm EDT

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announcer: campaign 2020, watch our live coverage of the presidential candidates on the campaign trail, and make up your own mind. c-span's campaign 2020. your unfiltered view of politics. 2020 democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders held a rally sunday afternoon in kentucky, the home state of leader mitch mcconnell. senator sanders called on leader mcconnell to allow debate on gun legislation as well as election security and the minimum wage bill on the senate floor. this is about 45 minutes.
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♪ [cheering] [crowd chanting "bernie"] senator sanders: louisville, thank you! let me thank relic for their great music. let me think aaron bridges for his remarks, richard becker for his union organizing work, robert bell for the great work he is doing, and let me thank your great member of the united states congress, john yarmuth.
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let me thank all of you not only for being here today, but for the support you gave me during the last campaign. [cheers and applause] sanders: in 2016, we were not expected to do well in kentucky. turns out that we came within a few votes of winning, and i'm very grateful for your support, and this time around, we're not gonna come within a few votes of winning, we're gonna win. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: not only are we gonna win here in kentucky, we're gonna win the democratic nomination, and we're going to defeat donald trump. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: the reason i am
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here in louisville today is not just to ask for your political support. i am here as a united states senator to ask mitch mcconnell, the majority leader in the u.s. senate, to do the right thing. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: and that is to stop using his office to simply represent the wealthy and the powerful and billionaire campaign contributors -- [cheers and applause] senator sanders: -- but to start representing the working families of kentucky and the united states. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: and here is -- here is the simple truth. at a time of massive income and wealth inequality, when three people now own more wealth than
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the bottom half of america, when the top 1% owns more wealth than the bottom 92% -- when large corporations are earning record-breaking profits, and ceo's make 300 times more than their workers -- [crowd booing] senator sanders: it is not the billionaire class that needs help today, it is the working class. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: senator mcconnell, take a look around you, take a look at kentucky, take a look at america and tell your wealthy campaign contributors that enough is
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enough. they can't have it all. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: today, in kentucky, in vermont, and throughout our country, half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck. and i come from a family and grew up in a household that lived paycheck to paycheck, and i know a little bit about that, and that means that if you get sick, or a family member ends up in the hospital, you're worried about how you're gonna pay that bill. and if your car breaks down, and you can't get to work and you can't get to work and get a paycheck, you can't get a paycheck and feed your family. that's living paycheck to paycheck. and today, in america, we got 87 million people who either have
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no health insurance at all or who are underinsured. and we got millions of people in kentucky, vermont, and around this country who cannot afford the prescription drugs they need to stay alive or to ease their pain. here in kentucky and in vermont and throughout this country, we have hundreds of thousands of bright, young people who cannot afford to go to college or are leaving school deeply in debt, and tonight, we're gonna have a half a million americans sleeping out on the street. -- streets. so today, here in louisville, i say to senator mcconnell, stop worrying about your billionaire friends, they're doing just fine. [cheers and applause]
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senator sanders: start worrying about the working families of your state and around this country who are struggling to keep their heads above water. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: today, i say here, in kentucky, to senator mcconnell, stop blocking legislation from coming to the floor of the senate. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: now, if you want to, senator mcconnell, you could vote against that legislation, but we live in a democracy, and the senate is entitled to a debate, and the american people are entitled to the vote. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: the truth is that there is no state in this country, including vermont, where working people and low-income people are not
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struggling. but the crisis facing the working class of this country is especially acute right here in kentucky, where 10 out of the 25 poorest counties in america are located. hear that, senator mcconnell? 10 out of the 25 poorest counties in this country are located right here, in your state. stop turning your back on your constituents. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: we're talking about counties where 30% to 40% of people are living in poverty, where many thousands of residents and senior citizens are trying to get by on 10, 15, $15,000, $20,000 a
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year. we're talking about a state here in kentucky where over 22% of the children are living in poverty, where more than a -- 190,000 workers are earning extremely low wages and we're -- and where over half a million people are trying to get by on $15 an hour. senator mcconnell, listen to the pain of those people. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: brothers and sisters, i don't have to tell anyone here that we are living at a pivotal moment in american history right now. our country faces more challenges and more crises than at any time in the modern history of our country. i am talking about a growth in
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oligarchy. i am talking about a disastrous citizens' united supreme court decision pushed by senator mcconnell which allows billionaires to spend huge amounts of money to buy elections. [crowd booing] senator sanders: i am talking about a presidency which is moving this country toward authoritarianism. . this this country and i am the crisis of climate change. talking about a dysfunctional health care system. and with 30,000 americans die every year. ecause they don't get to a doctor on time. broken talking about a
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criminal justice system. a broken immigration system. senior about millions of citizens who are unable to dignity and housing cation crisis. a immediate for women to control bodies.wn for talking about the need pun safety legislation and protect the to of our elections. those are just some of the issues out there that the
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merican people are crying out debated. mitch mcconnell is obstructing and obstructing and obstructing. so today we're here to say as loudly and clearly as we can, cconnell.m enough is enough.
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stop the obstruction and blocking the senate from raise the tion to minimum wage. iolence in america. workers this kentucky throughout america. care.arantee health as a human right. billionaires from buying electricity. day, you have the right to come back from kentucky and tell
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people why you voted the way you did. but you don't have the right to stop democrat ti in the united states is that and you don't have the right to to affect the vote on the issues of cting the working people this country. are the guts to debate the issues. in the ichest country history of the world it's m-- ceptable that bill millions of workers are forced jobs just to put food on the table and pay the
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bills. it's not radical to say in america if you live 40 hours a week, you should not live in poverty. a job should lift learns out of poverty. poverty. them in and let me be clear. 7.25 an hour federal minimum a starvation minimum st raise our
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wage. living wage, to at $15.t good news is seven states ted to raise vo ur.imum wage to $15 an ho and the house of representatives that i wanted to read federal to $15 an hour. now.hat where we are the u.s. house has done the
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e ght thing and millions ar to do ther the senate right thing. they've refused to pill that bill up on the senate floor. owe i say to senator mcconnell, are coverage to stand with the working emof kentucky and america. allow that $15 an hour minimum o get to the floor on senate. if senator mcconnell wants to bill that is that your business but you're going here in to explain making less, why they
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do not deserve a raise of $4300 a year. so that is it. home.ome explain to the working people ax breaks for t t billionaires but don't want to a se the minimum wage to wage.g to end your for the on it is time senate to vote. let's be clear. $15 minimum wage is not the only bill that senator mcconnell is
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blocking. ly theonth, very important egislation to cut the funding of earned pension retirees in multi plants.r engine ave worked and given up wage increases in order decent pension. that enincludes coal miners and teachers in kentucky looking at their pensions being cut by 60%. if senator mcconnell wants to
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explain why he's opposed to legislation protect their that is his prerogative. he should stop blocking legislation that i want to vote nate is voting for. it's time for the senate to do it's job and vote. for the bout the need senate to take action we're talking about the need for cconnell to block common sense gun safety
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legislation. it's been three weeks since in el c mass shootings dayton.d the american people also want action. and they want us to do everything we can. murders.hese mass they want to see the gun show loophole eliminated. more and more americans understand the function of weapons style assault is to kill as many people as re americans want to end the sale and distribution assault weapons.
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listen to what the american people want. nra to dictate gun country.n this let us have that debate. .et us vote yes. and had we talk about the need, we're talking about the need to from t other countries ons.rfering in our electi integrity of the america. you may want to vote democrat or republican, i hope you want to
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vote democrat. you want to make sure your vote is properly election system hacked and that the heart democracy american free and fair elections remains intact. the house passed legislation to update our voting equipment to per voting records and eep voting machines disconnected.
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t nator mcconnell blocked tha legislation. i say if you want to vote against it, you can vote against it. but i cannot understand why you elieve that we should do nothing to stop russia and other from interfering. ructionism. allow us to vote on maintaining of american elections. r en we talk about ou responsibilities there is nothing more important than eaving this country and the planet healthy, inhabitable for ur kids, grand children and
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future generations. some of us, unlike the ally believe in science. we have less d us than 12 years to transfer our efficiency.ergy and sustainable energy. boldly our act planet will face moral able harm from a ve we ctive with the lo
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feel for our kids and grand cannot and must not happen.hat to nsibility to respo kind ofe they have that planet. get our act ogether there will be more more disease, more
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human suffering. now. am more than aware that there let me be clear. coal miners, and i speak as a member of the united states senate. enemy.iners are not my that workers nd
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are doing everything they can to take heir families and needs.f basic ners have s coal mi seen health care slashed and isappear. they've developed black lung disease and seen communities destroyed by ceos who don't give a damn about anything but short profits. the reality is that mitch cconnell and donald trump have abandoned these communities. and we're going to rebuild rural
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he process, in t bring we stand with the workers that aren't and ask thatension hese workers get paid as soon as possible. here in kentucky, you if you remember, what i have said in vermont and around the country climate change is real.
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and i agree with those who tell short period of to transfer away from fossil fuel. not abandon communities. those rebuild
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communities. we'll build wind and other sustainable energies our country desperately need. we'll expand broad panned and some of merica introduced i have legislation. is let let's e
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that vote. the i think the question people are does senator mcconnell do what he does? why does he oppose virtually every piece of legislation and cting working families ould cut he say we sh
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social security and education? and the answer has everything to following the money. senator mcconnell received huge amounts of contributions from goldman sacks, city group, jp funds. chase and hedge of eceived huge amounts contributions are interest the industry.e
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raising the minimum taking they oppose lower the outragis drugs in this country what they support.
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they support tax breaks for a billionaire class and large corporations. they support cutting social security and medicare and medicaid. adical idea. a r
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listen to the people in america., in working class fighting for health care and for education. so we've got a lot of work in front of us. what we've got to do is do trump and what do.nnell are trying to they're trying to divide us up ur skin. the color of o
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where we're born and based on our gender. to do. what they want republican governors. le bit a is just a litt different. s that we're going bring working people together.
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and we're going to say to mitch and donald trump and entire corporate elite that their day has come and it is gone. why we're going colleges and free.sities yu yigs it is expensive and meant to crooks on wall
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street. it is expensive to allow for a on system that enables amaz to make $10 billion in profits nickel r and not pay a tax.ederal income housand, we pay for that the way modern tax on wall street speculations. they tried to throw americans care they have.
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care act isfordable lifeline. we say we're going to fair run e to all people. to finally creating a tax system that forces them to stop paying fair share.
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we're the wealthiest country in the history of the world. good standard a f living for our children high gh universal and care.ty child minimum ing teachers a $60,000 a year. we'll create millions of if jobs.g
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brothers and sisters let us go through together and demand that to help ts and courage the working families in this country. let us address the need for the this this country.
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f the recent e o shootings in el paso and dayton, he house judiciary committee will return early from summer three gun arkup violence prevention bills. those ting firearms from deemed to be a risk to hemselves and preventing purchasing a e gun. if you're on the go, give us an radioerage using c-sp app. professor amy tax and conflicts around a piece in the philadelphia enquirer.
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what compared it to ther cultures and we gave some and from the american meeting in san rancisco this is an hour, 35


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