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tv   Interview Olivia Beavers  CSPAN  August 30, 2019 1:21pm-1:30pm EDT

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videos, reports and all kinds of interesting information. we hope you will visit there often. thank you very much. [inaudible conversations] journalist and former white house officials examine the relationship between the media and the trump administration in a disgusted -- russian. that is that 2:00 p.m. on eastern -- two-car p.m. eastern on c-span. bernie sanders will hold a town hall and ice cream social. live coverage is sunday at 3:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. coming up monday, presidential candidate senator elizabeth warren will meet at -- with reporters in new hampshire.
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you canreminder that follow our coverage online at or listen live for the free c-span radio app. >> with me now is the hill reporter, olivia beaver's. the house judiciary holding a markup of anti-gun violence legislation. what is driving the chairman to call the committee back to take up these gun bills a week before the full house was scheduled to return from their summer recess? chairman was kind different offices on the committee following the dayton and the a paso shootings, trying to find a date where members could come back and address intervention. intohile he was running members being out, in ended up being the week before members
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are coming back to capitol hill. this is a statement more than anything else. they want to show that democrats are taking it seriously and they went to ride the momentum of action byd wanting quickly moving to pass legislation on gun reform while also highlighting senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's lack of action on popular bipartisan measures like background checks. >> in your recent article, you write that the bills include a ban on the use of high-capacity ammunition magazines and limiting who can possess firearms. can you give us some of the details in the bills and who are some of the key members in the committee should watch for the markup on wednesday? the congressman from florida is one who has introduced a keep americans safe
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act, which would ban the high-capacity magazines. he argues they are used in a series of legal -- lethal shootings and by removing them, they are making assault weapons less dangerous. he is a member of the committee and certainly someone to watch your the other one is the congressman from rhode island who was behind the harm act. he wants those who have been convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime, prohibiting those individuals from assessing firearms and stronger background checks. also one who has supported reinstating an assault weapons ban that expired more than a decade ago.
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he has, in support of that even though other democrats, including speaker pelosi are saying, hold on, we want to make sure we can get bipartisan measures to the house to address gun violence intervention. this one will probably not get through. the third one is to watch congressman falwell while his legislation is not being considered, was someone who was candidate for020 2020 making gun violence prevention. your three democrats who have legislation calling for reform and they want to show that they are trying to make an impact with guns and reform on wednesday. earlier thisw,
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year, the house approved universal background legislation democraticthe top priorities. eight house republicans voted with democrats on the bill. what are you hearing from house republicans about these gun bills that will be marked up next week? olivia: i'm hearing a range of reactions peers some are saying they have passed prior legislation and that they should focus on getting that passed before they turn to new legislation. other republicans have also been saying this needs to end. congressman michael turner, whose district includes dayton, has come out supporting gun reform legislation after the shooting. he is saying that he would support legislation that prevents the stand -- the sale of military style weapons to civilians. he has also come around
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supporting red flag legislation. you have seen some improvement whether or not you get a huge boost of republicans that notort the bills really is a likely event from what i am hearing. olivia: while congress has been out, we have heard calls from democrats and republicans to bring the senate back early background bills up. senator mcconnell responded after the shootings in el paso and dayton to call on three senate committees to consider anti-gun violence legislation. what is the senate likely to do on this issue when they returned during the second week of september? olivia: i think you will see that there are republican senators who are interested in gun reform. there is a senator who said that the chances will be better than they have ever looked before for
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passing new legislation around background checks, but mitch mcconnell has a reputation of where bills go to die under his to these and prior past two deadly shootings, he has also refused to take up the background checks bill which had bipartisan support. is on willie move forward a ride out the pressure as time keeps going past? hearing aboutu president trump for his support of this issue? olivia: the president has flip-flopped on this issue before. senator chris murphy said the white house made it clear they are open to working on gun violence prevention but there have been reports about private phone calls with the nra and him basically coming out and saying the democrats are trying to
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.ickle -- take away your gun it is very unpredictable what he is going to be doing. >> if you would like more information on the upcoming markup, you can follow olivia's report. thanks for joining us. olivia: thank you. >> in the wake of the recent shootings in el paso, texas and dayton, ohio, the house judiciary committee will return early to mark three gun violence invention bills which include banning high-capacity ammunition magazines, restricting firearms for those deemed by a court to be a risk to themselves and preventing individuals convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes from purchasing a gun. live coverage begins at 10:00 p.m. eastern on c-span and if you are on the go,


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