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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Press Availability at Hawkeye Area Labor Council...  CSPAN  September 2, 2019 6:43pm-6:54pm EDT

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earlier today, former vice president joe biden spoke with reporters before his visit to the hawkeye area labor councils labor day picnic in cedar rapids, iowa. we will show you that up next. after that, the former vice president speaking with voters at the picnic. mr. biden: right here. how are you all doing? come on up. you all know jill. president, one of your opponents on the democratic race was using profanity to give everyone's frustration with the lack of action and the shooting. what do you say to americans who do not believe the political process will be able to do anything? mr. biden: it is about time the president of the united states does something. they both came to a head this weekend. one is climate change. it is an existential threat.
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this guy can no longer deny the science. for elections tomorrow, not because we are in good or bad shape, but because we cannot wait another 18 months for something to happen in terms of climate. gabriel to come down and say hey, this is a real problem? the largest storm in the atlantic -- anyway. the second one is on the dealing with firearms. it is an app -- it is a rational what they are doing -- it is irrational whether doing. i think itxt day, was up to five killed. we are talking about loosening access to have guns be able to take them into places of worship. i mean, it is absolutely irrational. totally irrational. it is all about special interest. and it has to stop. it has to stop. the idea that we do not have elimination of assaults type
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weapons, magazines that can have multiple bullets in them is absolutely mindless. the secondolation of amendment. it is just a vow to the special interest of the gun manufacturers and the nra. it has to stop. reporter: your ability to get a progress on this, and also to work with mitch mcconnell. how do you get mitch mcconnell to take action? mr. biden: i worked with mitch mcconnell where we can agree. on this one, he will not agree because he is where the president is. we have to beat them. has never beena more stark. i saw a poll, i don't know which one is accurate or not, on the national news saying it was close to 90% of the american people thought something has to happen with regards to weapons, guns. i'm. . going to say it again this is not -- i'm going to say it again. this is not in violation of the second amendment. the second amendment does not
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say you can have whatever weapons you want. if you are able to do that, why can't you go up by out an f-15, a bazooka? you can't. it is irrational. having assault weapons on the street and magazines carrying multiple bullets is irrational. and yourno need for it second amendments are in no way violated. reporter: is there any compromise to be made? mr. biden: none. i think there is no compromise. this is one we have to push and push and push and push. the fact of the matter is as i think it will result in seeing defeat. >> go possible solution to deal with this gun issue? reporter: there is -- mr. biden: there is a solution. i have seen nothing care the president has no fortitude to deal with this. he knows better. his instinct was to say yes, we will do something. let's do it. come on. this is disgraceful. is disgraceful what has
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happened. reporter: the current vice president, mike pence, is in contact with the attorney general. and is in part of gun violent legislation that will include expediting a penalty for mass murderers. what is your stance on that? mr. biden: it is irrelevant. this is what we have always done before in the past. what you do when you cannot get something do is rational, you increase the penalty. do with theng to with rational gun policy. death penaltyhe would stop the white supremacist who killed everyone in texas? i don't think so. reporter: you are here on labor day. workers have more federal labor law protects which -- protections, should be allowed to unionize? mr. biden: the answer is i think they should. what is happening here and iowa and across the country is that
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non-union personnel are really getting stuck to them by having have heard, and i'm going to continue to say it, nationally over $1 billion that was denied in overtime for people for roughly 4 million people last year in the united states by being classified as management. what is going on in terms of a whole range of other things, making people sign noncompete agreements, it is all designed to suppress wages. there is no other rationale. and benefit the wealthy. it's wrong. it is simply wrong. that is why i think they will see organized labor. is, i amof the matter with organized labor. the only reason why anyone -- any of you have any rights is
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because of organized labor. they are the reason we have a labor day. everybody forgets, they say we want a national holiday to celebrate labor. that is what this is about. there would be no overtime pay. employee whoverage has never thought and terms of the union before is all of a seven thinking whoa, this is wrong what is going on. i'm getting really nailed. i think we are going to have a participationof in making sure that worker rights are protected then we have had in the last 10 to 15 years. reporter: you will be on the stage for the first time today. do you feel like having a shorter debate stage, will that be helpful to you? mr. biden: they will not be shorter, it is still 10 people. and it is still one people. tell me your life story and one minute. [laughter] i know, i think everybody knows
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these are not debates. these are one minute assertions. they may up that time. i'm looking forward when we get to the place i'm assuming i'm there that we have a real debate, like we had with the vice president when we were trying to get the nomination into thousand eight. reporter: is it better for you to have fewer candidates in the race? mr. biden: i thought -- i don't think it is better or worse, but i think being able to actually debate is better. if that meant you have more debates split up, that would be better so we have a chance to find out what we really think about things, and what we will do. this campaign in my view should be about the future. the future. not going back and deciding who was doing what and how you voted, and what party you belong to in 1979 or 1981, or 1982. what are you going to do today? the existential threats that
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exist today relating to first and foremost, climate change, and working your way through workers rights on the rest, those are the things, what are your plans? how will you grow the economy? and what do you do, god forbid, if he continues down this road of decimating the economy he inherited? it is going to take a lot. a lot is going to have to be -- the next president has to stand on the world stage and command the respect of the rest of the world because you will not get anything done on climate change without bringing the world together. you will not get much done on trade without bringing the world together. you will not get much done on virtually any of the things that are of consequence to us in terms of national security. the more we can debate who is best prepared to do that, the better off we are. reporter: [indiscernible] mr. biden: no. reporter: not to allow virtual
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caucuses? was not the right decision and does it change how you are approaching iowa? mr. biden: i will still go to every county i can get to. i'm going to compete for every vote in the state. that is a decision that the dnc has to make. the more people that have access to vote, the better. and i understand, believe me, i understand not only can the impact on if you make it too accessible, so that is above my pay grade. reporter: thanks so much, guys. in a story you told on the campaign trail, the central place of your story stood. but do details worry -- matter? mr. biden: they matter in terms of whether or not you are trying to mislead people. and i was not trying to mislead anybody. there was a young man up on,
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that i did pin the metal on there was another met -- young man in the carmel valley who was heroic as well and it turned out rodriguez pinned the pin on him. my point is i was there, the fact -- the point i was trying to make i will make again, the valor and honor of these warriors are as significant as any warriors we have ever had in the history of the united states of america. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> sign my cast! me.biden: you're kidding >> yeah. mr. biden: it's a great day. >> how are you? >> thank you, vice president biden. nice to meet you.


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