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tv   Campaign 2020 NH Democratic Party Convention - Rep. Tim Ryan  CSPAN  September 8, 2019 5:05am-5:18am EDT

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together, democrats, independents. we are americans and human beings first. show up everywhere for everyone, take no one for granted, and that is how we defeat donald trump and bring this great, divided country back together again. , for you, new hampshire having us. thank you all very much. ♪ [cheers and applause]
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i want us to adopt a policy in the united states where we start building things in this country, we start making things again in this country. one of my first acts will be to appoint a chief manufacturing officer. climate,t to address we need to dominate the industries of the future. my chief manufacturing officer will make sure that we are out building the chinese when it comes to electric vehicles, that
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the american workers are building the batteries and the charging stations and the solar panels and the wind turbines that will make us the new economy. [applause] and i want to lead a party next fall that is proud to stand at podiums like this all across the united states and say we want to make sure that those american workers are in the american union movement so that they can have a good wage. [applause] partyt want us to be the of $15 an hour. for $15. the fight but if we are going to be the party of the future, we need to be the party of $30 per hour jobs, $30 per hour jobs, $50 per
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hour jobs. we need to rebuild the middle class in the united states of america. [applause] i want us to have a new and better education system, and that means we need to move away from the idea that we just want higher test scores. move to ano education system that asks the question how do we take care of our kids? how do we take care of our kids? i want to make sure that there is a mental health counselor in every school in the united states of america that needs one. [applause] sure every kid has access to art therapy and music therapy and play therapy.
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i want to make sure that there is social and emotional learning programs in every single school in the united states of america, need we recognize that we trauma informed curriculum, that we need to take care of our kids. we need to make sure their brains are functioning. we've got to rebuild vocational education in the united states of america so our kids are prepared for the future. [applause] sure that ourake kids can't afford to go to college, and those people who have student loans can renegotiate them down so the banks don't make all the money and the people of america can win again in the american economy. [applause] us to recognize as a country that health care is a right.
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it is a human right to have health coverage in 2019. need some public option for the american people to buy into. 2.5x as much as every industrialized country and we get the worst health care results. but we also need to have a conversation in the united states. we also need to have a conversation in the united states that our health care system is a disease care system. we wait until people get sick and then the pharmaceutical companies come in, the health companies come in, and they make a ton of money. if we are going to fix this issue in the united states, we need to move to a health care system that is based on prevention. [applause] business oft the
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reversing chronic disease, which accounts for three quarters of the health care costs in the united states, where we use prevention, we use food as medicine to reverse things like type two diabetes in the united states. that is a modern, new health care system that we can build together. [applause] and if we are going to fix climate, if we are going to fix the issue of global warming, we need to move from a monopolized industrial agriculture system to a system based on regenerative agriculture that sequesters carbon and can put money back in the hands of the farmers of the united states of america. [applause] not left to right, but new and better. not left to right, new and better.
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and i'm from ohio. and i'm asking you for the ,pportunity to be your nominee to campaign in wisconsin and michigan and ohio and western pennsylvania, where i come from and have won my congressional 2003,ct with 68% since where i know how to talk to these workers about building things again, about being a part of america's future, about rebuilding the forgotten community in the forgotten families in the united states. i promise you that if i am your nominee, i will send donald trump's desk back to mar-a-lago. [applause] maybe we will send them to greenland. [laughter]
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say i am ready for the fight. i'm irish. you know the old irish saying, is this a private fight or can anyone get into it? [laughter] let me tell you one quick story. we took a caravan down to see mitch mcconnell in louisville to pass gun violence legislation, and we were at the muhammad ali center, and muhammad ali used to live in kentucky. said i saw onee of your fights, and he said great. you got knocked down in the third round. he said it wasn't my fight. he said my dad took me, it was this great father/son experience, but you got knocked down in the third round. he says, wasn't my fight. he said i've never been knocked down.
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i'm either up or i'm getting up. new hampshire has never been knocked down. new hampshire is either up or getting up. the democratic party has never been knocked down, it is either up or it is getting up. the unions of the united states of america have never been knocked down. they are either up or getting up. america has never been knocked down, america is either up or america is getting up. tim ryan for america. let's win this election. [applause] ♪ announcer: president trump holds a campaign rally in north carolina on the eve of the special election for the ninth congressional district in the state. watch live monday at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2, online at
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watch our live coverage of the presidential coverage of the campaign trail and make up your own mind. c-span's campaign 2020, your unfiltered view of politics. announcer: we continue with speeches from the 2020 democratic presidential candidates at the new hampshire democratic party convention in portsmouth. [applause] ♪ >> thank you. thank you.


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