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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  September 10, 2019 9:59am-10:30am EDT

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wisconsin. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have many policy issues, but i think one of the biggest wants to talk about now is the immigration situation. that very disturbing to me we are simply only talking about fixing the immigration status and situation, but not talking about the root of the problem as it pertains to mexico. as the state department has declared that the five mexican somalia, dangerous as afghanistan, and syria, these are all places that we sent american troops. i am not understanding why we have done this, and in addition, you have mike morgan making statements like we need mexico to do more, we cannot rely on mexico for the national security crisis. negotiatewe seek to with corrupt organizations rather than take matters into our own hands to protect our national security? thank you. our programs it for
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today. another edition of this program comes your way tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. you will be able to text us at (202) 748-8003. we go to the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the order.ill be in the chair lays before the house communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, 10, ngton, d.c., september 2019. i hereby appoint the honorable dingell to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. speaker ofcy pelosi, representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2019, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate
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recognition between the parties. all time shall be equally allocated between the parties and in no event shall debate continue beyond 11:50 a.m. each member other than the majority and minority leaders and the minority whip shall be limited to five minutes. the chair recognizes the mr. eman from illinois, bos, for five minutes. you, madam ank speaker. you know -- mr. bost: thank you, madam speaker. we hear the disconnect between the beltway and the american people. it's usually not intentional. not based on malice but it's real. the perfect example of this found in my district in southern illinois. the nder county is home to lev -- levee along
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the mississippi river. aerial photo here shows just the breach was. it is about 1,000 acres and that iver is trying to cut a new gorge to change the course of the river. in mmediately went to work our office to try to getlin small repaired. owever, the army corps of engineers told us that the levee wouldn't receive federal funding failed to meet the benefit-cost ratio based on flood protection criteria. but the lynn small levee than flood h more protection. it is critical to navigation and mississippi he river. if it cuts through that gorge, of the es the course river and it becomes a rapids. o i introduced legislation directing the corps of engineer navigation along with
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benefits to see if a levee is worth a repair. then -- the corps then informed us there is no avigational benefit to the repair on lynn small so over the months, the floodwaters leaving -- receded nd leaving now being sand and debris. record rainfall into the mississippi floodplain and southern illinois once again the river up. so in august, i toured where the was left and this behind. six barges, not counting the sucked in, and we managed to get all of them out but two. a mile s is 3/4 of inland on a person's farm. yet, they're saying it has problems?ional folks, look, i believe the army gton staff of the
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corps has good intentions. they don't want to hurt people. bad want to make a situation better, and they are trying to balance the needs of he communities across this country. it can't be easy. i appreciate that. the world can anybody look at this photo and say here's no navigational benefit to the lynn small levee? when the floodwaters crested summer, the coast warning.ued a now, another federal agency, what does it say, u.s. coast advisory, june 27, unclassified. the u.s. coast guard has issued to an ety advisory due outdraft at the break in the lynn small levee. the recommended that vessels stay approximately 800 feet off the shore, use extreme sharp lookout, and report navigational hazards to the coast guard immediately. right.
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the u.s. coast guard issued a safety warning to vessels in the avoid the lynn small levee. hey urged ships to use extreme caution and report any navigational hazard. adies and gentlemen, there's a clear navigational benefit to and g the lynn small levee there are huge navigational not taking to action. weeks, months, or years from now this l be right back in situation again. when the flooded land and people ask why their government didn't army oner, i urge the corps of engineers to reconsider is to ortant this levee flood protection and navigation. fixed -- t the lest the lynn small levee fixed. thank you, madam speaker, and i back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair now recognizes the texas, mr. green,
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minutes. green: thank you, madam speaker. speaker, and still i rise. country in my heart, and i must say i rise today, unfortunately, some 146 report ce the mueller was released, some 48 days since testified, some 48 ays for the president to be above the law since the testimony of mr. mueller. above the law since the report was presented to congress. still i rise with a very
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however.essage, i want people to know that there is more than hope. today to say that there impeachment. the president will be impeached. repeating. bear the president will be impeached. there will be a vote taken this week, i am told, for the judiciary committee to official sort of announcement. i rise to say that the president will be impeached in spite of because of others. i rise today to say that he will be impeached because the hands history are piling his ship that e and i believe history will not allow us, the to ers of this august body,
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allow the president to be above the law. if we fail to do so it would make article 2, constitution he meaningless. it would have no application to often m that we quite use, no person is above the law. we will then have to say, no the law, saving at least one person. is cle 2, section 4, if it to have meaning, means that the president will be impeached. i rise to stand here on the floor of the house and announce it will happen, but there is one that is outstanding, bigotry is, whether the emanating from the presidency is oing to be a part of that impeachment. i believe that if the radical 1868 could in impeach andrew johnson, who was bigot of his time, if they
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could impeach andrew johnson, it seems to me we ought to be able to impeach this president for bigotry emanating from the presidency as well. andrew johnson, it was opposed friedman's bureau. he fought the notion that persons who had been freed liberties the same that others in this country enjoyed, and he was impeached. did it.ans radical republicans did it. have eve that we ought to the same standard today that we if we should, i believe that there will be an impeachment. today -- so i'm today g -- announcing there will be impeachment. one final point. after the vote, whenever it the judiciary committee, i will have some additional special statements to reserving them for after the vote. i thank you for the time. country. democracy hangs in the balance. all mustnd justice for all must
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prevail, and if it is to prevail, there must be and will be an impeachment. the hands of history are piloting the ship of fate. and still i rise. the speaker pro tempore: to refrain reminded from engaging in personalities president. the chair now recognizes the from north carolina, ms. foxx, for five minutes. s. foxx: thank you, madam speaker. madam speaker, no american will what happened to us, to our nation 18 years ago. exactly where we were and what we were doing when e watched the tragedy of september 11 unfold. but we also recount how, in the and uncertainty, so many americans acted as themselves ave of for the sake of their country, heir -- and their city to help
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their fellow human beings. the darkness of that day did not prevail, and an attack meant to knees instead brought us together and prompted protectors. of airmen, soldiers, sailors, coast guard, and marines to rise up in efense of freedom and in pursuit of peace. as we commemorate the tragedy of september 11, we pray for the families of the fallen in new ork, washington, and pennsylvania. we give thanks for the bravery who ran responders toward the burning buildings and safety.m en and women.machine and we pray for the safety of men and women still deployed throughout the world on mission that began that day.
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to e we hope never again endure the suffering that day continues to inspire all of us to be selfless for the our country, f which unites us all. in mmend the communities north carolina's fifth district and around the country who are 9/11 and taking up remembrance cts in f september 11 on what has become our national day of service. bless the tinue to united states of america. back.d the speaker pro tempore: the recognizes the gentlewoman from california, ms. five minutes. speier: thank you, madam
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speaker. to honor sergeant staskell andichard to tell rich how much i admire his service to our country. rich has been in d.c. since to members of ng the senate about the critical injustice ofss the the fairest doctrine. oday, he's joined us in the gallery. this will likely be his last washington, d.c. that's because this father, this husband, this marine, army green has end-stage lung cancer, staffer that army medical failed to alert him to, despite tumor on scans. deadly er grew at a
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pace, untreated and undiagnosed, private went to a practice doctor in 2017. stage 4, and his terminal.was despite this devastating development, rich continued his overseas and at home, in not times and bad, until long ago and just shy of his 20-year milestone for full retirement. he also fought this tragedy as a true soldier and tackled the that has let him and is family most vulnerable, the fairest doctrine. it is an outdated judicial active duty ars service members from suing the overnment for medical malpractice. these are not in combat situations. happen hereses that at home at medical facilities on and other services.
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there's never been a bill, hearing, a er been a vote in congress, but that is he fairest doctrine, and that has been what has been the law of the land for 70 years. members' spouses and families, civilian federal convicted and even parishioners have the right to sue for negligence, but not our service members. . only rich and our brave service members are denied this right by the ferries doctrine. that means rich and other service members and families have been denied justice in their greatest hour of need. it also means there are not consequences for botched procedures and few incentives for military providers to improve care n this fight to achieve justice for his family and spare others what they have endured, rich has met with democrats and republicans in the house and senate. he testified before the armed
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services military personnel subcommittee, which i chair. the media has taken notice. the house has taken notice. the ndaa has addressed it in the house. the question is, will the senate? at a time when rich should be able to spend his remaining days with those he loves, he has answered the call to fight. rich, as i promised you when you testified before the committee, we will never forget your commitment, your honor, and sacrifice. and i will keep fighting to fix ferries as long as it takes. congress is responsible for allowing ferris for standing for 70 years but we can correct this failure and do it now. the house passed ndaa contains the sergeant first class richard act of 2019. it would create an exemption that would give service members and their families the right to sue the government for medical malpractice in noncombat settings.
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the ball is now in the senate's court where it seems senator mcconnell would rather help corporations than our brave service members. i hope he will make an exception for doing the right thing and for rich. because rich deserves us to know that after all his years of coming through for this country, when it really counted, this country will come through for him. rich deserves to know that his efforts, his life, his sacrifice mattered because he made life better for those who will come after him. and rich deserves to know that when his time comes, his wife and their two young daughters will not be left alone. they, like so many military families, have sacrificed so much so that we may sleep at night. they have forfeited unknown years of happiness with a father and husband that they would move heaven and earth to keep with them. in honor of rich and his family and all those who serve, i
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implore the senate to join the house and pass the sergeant first class richard act of 2019. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair would remind members that the rules do not allow references to persons in the gallery. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from minnesota, mr. emmer, for five minutes. mr. emmer: madam speaker, i rise today to congratulate father columbus stewart for being named the 2019 jefferson lecturerer in the humanities by the national endowment for the humanities. during my time in congress i have had the honor of meeting with father columbus stewart in his role as the executive director of the hill museum and manuscript library in st. john's university in minnesota's sixth congressional district. i learned about his work rescuing religious heritage from sites across the world and the incredible mission he's carried out to preserve the religious
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art, literature, and cultural artifacts for the preservation of our shared history. father stewart's work has taken him to war-torn countries which earned him the moniker, the monk who saves manuscripts from isis by the atlantic magazine. he has dedicated the last 15 years to finding and preserving the important religious documentation that built our world history. thank you, father clum -- columbus for all your great work and congratulations. madam speaker, i rise today to recognize minnesota recovery connection, september is national recovery month. all year long they strive to support care and provide the resources needed for individuals to find freedom from addiction and remain in long-term recovery. minnesota recovery connection's mission is to strengthen the recovery community through pier-to-pier support, public education, and advocacies. they work to eliminate the stigma that prevents treatment and this month it's important to remind everyone that recovery is possible. every year minnesota recovery
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connection hosts walk for recovery which is an important event to bring people together from all over the state to celebrate long-term recovery. it's the largest all recovery gathering in minnesota. minnesota recovery connection, thank you for the work you do to support long-term recovery for individuals struggling with addiction. thank you for being there for everyone in our community and for bringing people together to celebrate recovery. madam speaker, i rise today to recognize amanda lawrence of saint cloud, minnesota, this year at the age of 22 and only three years of training she's earned the coveted title of champion of champions from the international power lifting federation. during her debut at the 2019 world class power lifting championship in sweden, she broke world records for the squat and dead lift. amanda's discipline and commitment to train and compete make her a champion. we understand amanda son her way to the u.s.a. power lifting nationals on october 19 in
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lombard, chichifment good luck in chicago, amanda, you have made your community so proid already. -- proud already. madam speaker, i rise today to recognize brigadier general johanna clyburn for earning the rank of major general and becoming the first major two star general in minnesota's national guard. for 30 years brigadier general clyburn has risen through the ranks. she did this while having a family, earning a law degree, and becoming a successful attorney. the example she's set for other women in the military and beyond is a legacy to be proud of. i was honored to have her participate on a panel for our annual young women in leadership program for high school students in minnesota. her leadership and life experience inspired not only the participants but me and my staff as well. congratulations, brigadier general cly born, on your outstanding achievement. thank you for your decades of service to our nation and being such a great role model for
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young women. we are lucky to have individuals like you devoted to the safety and security of our nation. madam speaker, i rise today to recognize kathy coles. she recently earned her eighth muree dan black belt in song kwan taekwondo. this is an amazing achievement, especially considering the perseverance required. each increased degree in black belt rank takes roughly the same number of years to achieve. for example, a second degree would take approximately two years. a third degree, three years. kathy plans to test for and earn her ninth degree which should take about 8 1/2 years. congratulations, kathy, on doing what no other woman has done. good luck on earning your ninth degree black belt. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman
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from ohio, mr. turner, for five minutes. mr. turner: thank you, madam speaker. i rise today to pay tribute and congratulate my good friend particular church on his retirement. dick church has faithfully served the city of miamisburg as mayor since 1992 and as a city councilman for four years prior to that. he is the longest serving mayor in miami's -- miamisburg history. he's transformed it into an economic powerhouse. thriving downtown and safe and stable neighborhoods. in addition, his legacy has been the cleanup of a former u.s. department of energy cold war era defense production and deep space energy site in his community known as mound laboratories. mayor church has worked to make the mound facility viable for businesses again, continuing the
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facility's legacy and southwest ohio's spirit of innovation. the mound business park is now home to 15 business that is conduct important research and development. the mound business parks development could not have come to fruition without dick church's crucial work. dick church has been a hands on mayor. in many communities almost everyone can say they know the mayor. in miamisburg, the mayor can say he practically knows everyone. congratulations, dick church, on an incredible career as mayor. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair now recognizes the gentleman from indiana, mr. pence, for five minutes. mr. pence: thank you, madam chair. i rise today in strong support for the army national guard's proposal to station a cyber battalion in indiana's sixth district. the indiana national guard's existing capabilities, programs,
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and infrastructures make the hoosier state an ideal location for a cyber battalion. home to the department of defense's only live, full-scale cyber range, the complex boasts cutting-edge technology that is only a stone's throw away from national experts at the crane naval war center. i am thankful for the opportunity to have visited the camp a few weeks ago and i hope that soon we are able to welcome the next cyber battalion to the hoosier state. i rise today in support of the federal motor carrier safety administration hours of service proposal to improve safety and increase flexibility for truck drivers. over 80% of hoosiers depend on the trucking industry to keep their businesses moving. reducing these burdensome regulations will help hoosiers
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and all americans. as a member of the house transportation and infrastructure committee, providing flexibility for our truckers is my top priority. thank you, secretary ciao, for supporting commonsense proposals to increase the safety of our nation's roads. i rise today to reiterate my commitment to passing the usmca, a deal that will lead to strong economic growth for hoosiers and the american people. the usmca will generate tens of billions of dollars and create jobs. 5,000 new american why won't speaker pelosi act? this agreement would rebalance trade for american manufacturing, increase market access for agriculture, and level the playing field for our small businesses. while back in my district i met with hoosier farmers and manufacturers who told me the same thing, congress needs to
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act now. pass the usmca. i urge my colleagues to put partisan politics aside and ratify the usmca on behalf of our farmers, ranchers, businesses, and all american workers. i rise today to thank the u.s. department of agriculture for standing with hoosier farmers. they have faced hardship due to adverse weather conditions. indiana farmers experienced prolong rains negatively impacting their ability to plant corn and soybeans before crop insurance deadlines passed. just two weeks ago secretary perdue declared 74 counties across the hoosier state eligible for federal assistance. on behalf of the indiana's sixth district, i want to thank the secretary for assisting farmers faced with a shortened growing season and a small harvest with access to this critical help.
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i rise today regarding an issue impacting constituents in every corner of indiana's sixth district. my district ranks among the lowest in the nation in regards to broadband access. according to the fcc, 42% of hoosiers in rural areas of my district are without high-speed broadband internet. that puts almost half of my constituents in rural communities at a disadvantage. this is not unique to my district. over 16.le million rural americans across this -- 16.8 million rural americans across this nation are lacking adequate access to broadband connection. we must ensure rural america is not left behind. we must close the digital divide. thank you, madam speaker, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess until noon today.
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>> position he's held since october 2017. he had previously served as vice


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