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tv   House GOP Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  September 10, 2019 2:24pm-2:45pm EDT

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>> hi, everybody. welcome back. great to be back. yeah. i could feel that you guys really -- you did miss us while we were gone and we missed you so much. it's great to be back. we just came out of our conference meeting.
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i know they were energized working with constituents who are themselves energized and recognize the stakes we are facing here. it's a significant contrast to to where the democratic caucus is and the extent to which you have had particularly the democratic members in vulnerable seats who have a huge disconnect between what their constituents want, why those voters sent them to washington and what's happening here with democratic caucus. ms. cheney: you have democrats who promised to bring jobs back, who promised who would work across the aisle, who promised they would find commonsense solutions to problems their constituents are facing, and instead what we've all seen is a terribly radical, dangerous agenda coming out of the democrats and one we'll see continue, certainly. we are already seeing that now. both in terms of the kinds of
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substance they are focus on, their efforts to kill fossil fuels, to second amendment, and their absolute determination to go down the path of imimpeachment. and on inpeachment what they're seeing and they are speaking to you, their first effort of impeachment seems not to have worked and now they're looking for another path to impeachment. they have been determined to impeach this president at all costs since he was elected, regardless of the constitution, and they are fundamentally failing to abide by and live up to their constitutional responsibilities, turning impeachment into an absolutely political endeavor. and in this regard, i just want to point out one thing which is republicans en the on the judiciary committee and oversight committee as well ask to bring in horowitz who conducted the -- he's not just the inspector general at the justice department.
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he's also head of the inspector general association governmentwide. he's the one who issued the report on james comey who said that comey failed to live up to his responsibility and set a dangerous example. and the democrats on the judiciary committee will not bring him in to testify. they refuse to do that. and we think that that just fundamentally shows you their lack of substantive concern for issues that really matter when the director of the f.b.i. conducts himself that way because they are too focus on political attacks on the president. we are continuing to fight on behalf of the free enterprise system, on behalf of freedom, on behalf of our constitution and make sure we're doing everything possible to stop the very dangerous agenda we are seeing come out of speaker pelosi and the democrats. with that i'll turn to our whip, mr. scalise. mr. scalise: thank you, liz. welcome back. good to see all of you as well. it was a busy august recess,
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both back home and all around the country. i was able to travel to 18 different states to help meet with other colleagues in their districts, to meet with folks all across the country that you can see a different kind of interest in what's happening in the economy. if you look at what we've been able to see with great job numbers over the last couple weeks, we see about half a million more people enter the workforce, and wages are going up. so when you kind of deal with all the issues we're dealing with, you know, every single day it seems like the democrats only want to talk about impeachment. they're bringing energy bills to the floor this week that would reverse the success that america's h. we are the energy dominant country in the world right -- america. we're the energy dominant country in the world right now. we are reducing our trade deficit, by the way, when we're selling energy to other countries. and what do the democrats say to all that success? they say they want to stop it
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and they will be bringing three different bills to the floor this week that would reverse so much of that success. and the president's issued a veto threat on all three bills. it won't go anywhere. it shows you where the democrats are. when you see the economy doing well, when you see people having effective wages, their answer is to try to stop tanned move it to a leftist, socialist agenda which has proven to be wrong every time. it shows the country the contrast. you can see that when you go to other states, especially these swing states, battleground states. whether it's pennsylvania or michigan or florida, ohio, minnesota, to see so much enthusiasm for the policies that we have bean working with president trump to implement. finally, on a positive note as well, back home in my district, i was very proud to welcome the east bank all-stars from river region, louisiana, who won the little league world series. first time in the history of our state that we had a team go
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to the championship game, let alone win the whole thing. beat occur saw. hey actually were -- beat cure saw. they actually bet them. the girls' softball people from my district as well had never been to the championship game. made it all the way to the championship game. so we were very proud of them too. but it was great weekend for sports. to see that and, of course, the l.s.u. tigers and the saints, if you watched last night, had a great victory. we make a lot of sports analogies, but it's good to celebrate the positive things that are happening, too, so great break. good to see y'all back. mr. mccarthy: thank you, steve. he didn't want me to remind him of the rams-new orleans game last year. [laughter] welcome back. we had six weeks of back in the district listening to our constituents. i didn't hear anybody talk about impeachment. democrats are back with, as liz
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told you about, an extreme agenda. we have a lot of work that the american people expect us to do. before i walk through that, i want to first reflect on what tomorrow is. tomorrow, our nation will pause to remember one of the most infamous days in modern history. the day we were attacked by violent extremists on our very own soil. on that fateful morning, one of our families in bakersfield lost a loved one, betty. a flight attendant who was on american airline flight 11 that departed from boston on the morning of 9/11. like thousands of other relatives that day, loved ones who received the gutwrenching news that day, betty ann's family was in utter shock and disbelief. with time, they came to learn of the crucial role that betty ann actually played. on that flight in her final moments, she was the first voice anyone on the ground heard from that flight had been hijacked.
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she was calm. she was collected. she was direct when she delivered the news to the ground that they had been hijacked. betty ann, like all 9/11 victims, first responders, our men and women in uniform, represent the very best of america and the very best of america excellentism. we have an obligation to not just remember their stories and their legacies but we must continue to do everything possible to ensure americans are able to live a safe and prosperous life. as we move through this week, we should never forget. as we move every day on that floor, we should remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. we should rise to the occasion and do the best to make sure the next century is america's. saying all that, we have a big agenda before us. we have things that were left that could have been done before we departed.
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we had the funding of government. we have the appropriation bills to get done. we have the united states -mexico-canada agreement that will only make america and this continent stronger. as we make the economy stronger, we make the world safer. as we continue to find better trade with canada, in our negotiation -- i'm sorry -- better trade with china and fair trade, our negotiations with china will onlying stronger if we have usmca passed. i am convinced if it comes to the floor it will pass. i am convinced the only discussion inside the democratic conference when it comes to usmca is not, should e move it, but about politics. when i watched judiciary committee talk about impeachment, it reminds me of what chairman nadler promised his conference.
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you see, when you run for chair, you don't campaign for the country. you campaign to your conference. what did chairman nadler promise the democratic conference the day after the election? he promised he would be the very best chairman for impeachment. he made that commitment to the democratic conference. that has been his focus. that's what he spent his time on. even though every road that they went through they hoped they would find something they did not. this country is too important to play political games like that. it is time for the democrats to stop focusing on trying to tear the president down but actually build america up. that's why this month we should vote on usmca. it only makes america stronger. put america first. keep politics out of it.
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mexico has already ratified. canada is just waiting for our action. the rest of our economy is waiting for our action. more than 170,000 jobs will be created. our g.d.p. will continue to grow. more people will work. i think that's what congress is supposed to be doing. i watched reports come forward. every time inside congress when an inspector general has brought forth an important report, he brought it before committee. to actually here what they have found. inspector general horowitz, dealing with the justice department, i think that's appropriate it comes before the committee. maybe that is as disagreement with the promise that chairman nadler made for his political friends that he would just impeach this president regardless of facts. i think the first thinking you'd want to know is what's going on in the justice
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department. after inspector general, in a nonpartisan way, analyzed it with that report coming forward. i hope at least he read that report. and we bring him before his committee. i watched through this last break what's happening in hong kong. millions of people, week after week, crave what america has. we should all remember that america's more than a country. america is an idea, an idea so powerful it inspires people who crave the freedom that we were given centuries ago. every day we should be able to defend it, but every day we should stand with anyone who stands for freedom. this is a moment in time that we should. as i listened to the democrats, and i know they have an internal fight.
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it's more than just the disagreement. it's for the soul of their entire party. i watched new members of their party redefine them. i watched them not even call themselves democrats. they call themselves socialist democrats. those are challenges and debates we will have on the floor, but i hope we put litics aside and focus, if you were in your district and you listened to your constituents on what they asked for. let's solve that problem. let's make the economy stronger. the economy is stronger than we have seen in the last 50 years. new watched the -- if you watched the participation rate 25-54, it's age 76.3%. the strongest it's been in the last 15 years, and we can still do better. this is an opportunity that america's watching that i hope
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this congress rises to the occasion. i will take questions. yes, ma'am. reporter: mr. mccarthy, first, do you think that the federal government should be spending money at the president's resort, especially when he's not staying at them? mr. mccarthy: the president's resorts are hotels that he owns. if people are traveling, it's just like any other hotel. i don't know that's different than anything else. is it difficult if i go and stay or eat at a marriott here or eat at the trump? the president isn't asking me to. he's competing in a private enterprise. it's nothing something he controls in that process. if it's in the process, they can stay there. reporter: ok. universal background checks, do you think that universal background checks would have prevented the shooting in odessa? mr. mccarthy: i'm waiting to get the reports from the police to look at all that. i know when we were in majority, when we watched what happened in texas in a church shooting, that the national
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instant criminal pack ground check, the nics, failed in that instance. it failed because that individual was in the military. dishonorably discharged. that was the first reason he should not have been able to get that weapon. the second is the abuse he gave to his wife the second time. that failed. we took action. we changed and improved the nics program. just like we did before, let's get all the information in. let's work with anyone who's willing to work to actually solve to make sure these don't happen again. i think that's why law enforcement, let them do their job and let them give a hearing. reporter: you were in north carolina with the president. we saw a preview what's probably going to be his playbook in 2020. do think this is a message of trump's race in 2020? what can we gleam? mr. mccarthy: people can write whatever they want after the elections. there are two elections in north carolina tonight for congress. special elections i can read on both sides. i can sit back and i can tell
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you about all the special elections we lost in 2009 and that we won 63 seats when it came for that election. special elections are just what they are, they're special. when i watch and see what happened, does a hurricane change? one of the few places in florida, north carolina is one of the places they touched down ground. that's one of the things we did yesterday with the president. the weather was so bad there yesterday we actually couldn't take the plane. we couldn't take the helicopters over. as the governor came in, everyone was soaked from the coast guard to others and we walked through the damage. elections are what they are in a special election. i know we got a great candidate in dan bishop. i know democrats have an individual that's been running for quite sometime. it's interesting that a democrat that's running, a socialist, and he doesn't really believe in what the democrats believe. why is he a democrat? he's running from his own party. i watched the democrats perform in this campaign, they are just
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trying to play defense. they've been in power for sometime. what is their agenda? name me one thing they have accomplished? name me one problem they have solved? it's a real challenge for them because they have a record to run on now. i feel very confident about where we are. we have fewer seats that we have to win to win the majority than the democrats did two years ago. we have a bigger playing field. meaning, there are more seats of democrats sitting that the president carried than hillary carried two years ago. i watched this democrat presidential campaign that everyone raises their hands to care about giving health care to illegals but wonder and leave homeless and veterans to care for themselves. i think the issue set is going to be very strong. i think we're going to do quite well in the next election. if the election is based upon ideas. when i watched who's still standing in that presidential campaign -- i watched one that
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made the debate. he guarantees a wage foreryone work but is unwilling to. that goes against the core who we are. but that's what this new socialist democratic party believes. yes. >> last question. reporter: so you did spend a lot of time with the president yesterday and you guys have another meeting this afternoon with the president to discuss the agenda coming up. what is your message to him as far as gun control and the aftermath of these mass shootings over recess? do you think there's any chance to strengthen background checks or to move on red flags or any of these other measures that are under discussion, where do you think the momentum is right now? mr. mccarthy: we will meet with the president. whip scalise, mr. mcconnell, mr. thune, senators, will meet as well. we're back in. we are going to talk about the entire agenda. usmca. how we deal with the aprops
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bills, gun legislation, make sure the horrific things that take place will never happen again. i watched the president take action on this before. i was with the president when we went to las vegas. i watched a bump stock had been ok'd through the last administration, i watched what this president did. he took a bump stock away. i watched the president sign a bill when it came to the nics fix. this president looks at the problem and wants to find a solution. this president has sat down, trying to find what is the best way to make sure these are never duplicated again. i think that's what he'll discuss today as one of the ideas, getting all the facts before us. where can we produce legislation that makes sure it doesn't happen? not for the sake of legislation that still allows something to go forward, but what is the problem here and why can't we solve it? we watched in the parkland shooting, not once but twice the f.b.i. was warned. given the name of the individual months ahead of
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time. why did that fall through the crack? we know mental health is a big concern inside our country today. dealing with this and dealing with homelessness. substance abuse and others. i looked at the democratic side, they're focused on one thing, a promise made to their political individuals that they wanted to impeach this president regardless if there were facts or not. i think we should be focus on what the american public sent us here to do. thank you very much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> and on capitol hill today, working on three bills in the house that would restrict oil and gas drilling. specifically in alaska's arctic national wildlife ref unal, and
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along the atlantic and pacific coasts as well as the eastern gulf of mexico. also on the agenda today, a number of housing and banking measures. and under way, a hearing that will be working on a number of gun violence prevention bills. you can watch that live over on c-span3. online at, or you can tune in to the c-span radio app. the house expected to gavel back in shortly. the speaker pro tempore: the house are in order. -- house will be in order. proceedings will resume on questions previously opponentsed. votes will be taken in the following order. ordering the previous question on house resolution 548. adoption of house resolution 548, if ordered.


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