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Nancy Pelosi
  House Speaker Pelosi News Conference  CSPAN  September 12, 2019 2:13pm-2:40pm EDT

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providing guidance for the committee to conduct an impeachment investigation. she also talked about the u.s.-mexico-canada agreement, gun legislation, and government officials staying at trump properties. >> good morning. yesterday we gathered on the steps of the capitol to hold a moment of silence. later that morning we had, in my caucus, the house democratic caucus, we had a presentation of the situation in afghanistan, a country that we went into following 9/11, to see where we are, where we go from here. the longest war in the history of the united states. some disarray at the white house
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on this subject. but 18 years after the attack, the terror attack on 9/11, we remember the heroism that we saw that day. and renew our solemn commitment to support our men and women who sacrifice to keep america safe. whether it's our men and women in uniform, in the military service, or our first responders. we'll never forget their valor. at that time, and every day. sadly, here we are the president's decision to cancel $3.6 billion for military condition instruction initiatives makes us less safe, undermining our national security and the quality of life of our troops. and it dishonors the constitution of the united states as the president negates powers. ation of
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it is important for the security of our borders and the well being of our children. the president said mexico would pay for the wall. that's not happening. he's taking tead from a school, taking from an air force base in maryland, spend it on the wall. fire station at tin dal air fair base that was de-- station at tyndell air force base that was destroyed by hurricane michael, spend it on the wall. european protection from russian a i gregs, $71.5 million. taking money to deter russian aggression and spend iting on the wall.
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this list goes on and on. it's appalling. i mean, appalling. it's dangerous. it's not right for our children. it's dis-- it dishonored the constitution. it undermine ours security. it takes investments away from ur children. and we will be fighting that again and again. it's silly. just when you think you've seen it all. the children will pay for the president's wall. this week a coalition of education, labor and veterans organizations wrote to the president to express their profound concern about this decision. they write, and i quote, our troops and their families deserve much better for their sacrifices. these brave men and women stand at the ready to defend and protect our nation, they should not be dispracted -- distracted by any concern that their children are being subjected to suboptimal learning environments
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that could limit their opportunities. the president and mexico will pay for his wall. not military families. first of all, in my view, we shouldn't be having a wall but this is some kind of ego thing for the president and he just will make anybody pay the price for him to get his wall. the senate will vote in the coming weeks to terminate the emergency declaration the president is using to steal military funding to pay for this wasteful wall. once the senate passes that, the house will take it up. democrats are hard at work to keep the american people safe by ction to end gun violence. it's about commonsense legislation. passed the house in a bipartisan way. in february.
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many lives could have been saved if that law had become -- that bill had become the lew of the land. one of the first acts of our majority was to pass a bipartisan background checks, h.r. 8, h.r. 8, house resolution 8, named because it was eight years from the time of gabbie giffords' metting with her constituents in a grocery store was assaulted, people died, she survived. she's an ince prigs to us all. h.r. 8. and h.r. 1112, mr. clyburn's legislation. we have celebrated the drum beat of action. we are not stopping until the job is done. leader mcconnell. you have refused to join us in saving live bus the beat will go on until the law is passed. every day that the republicans in the senate refuse to take up our house-passed bipartisan
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legislation, an estimated 100 people are killed in gun violence. a large number of them children, including teenagers. we came back from our august district work period, determined to own august, proud of what we did in the first 200 days leading up to that district work period. to talk about our for the people agenda. for the people, we're going to low they are cost of health care by lowering the cost of prescription drugs, preserving the pre-existing condition benefit. a. b, lower health care costs, bigger paychecks by building the infrastructure of america in a green way. we hope to be able to do that with the president in a bipartisan way. we're still waiting to hear how he would like to make that investment. but we will keep that going. and lower health care, bigger paychecks, cleaner government, i don't have too much hope that they'll join us in the cleaner
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government initiative but we will work to protect our system from all enemies, foreign and domestic. as we protect our constitution in that same way, we protect our electrical system so that goes on and on. we are in conversations back and forth with the administration on the u.s.-mexico-canada agreement . we're waiting for language about enforceability. if you can't enforce the provisions in any true way, then we are not protecting american workers. but i'm hopeful. i support -- supported this first time around, those who didn't are eager to make it better now. in order to be made better it has to be improved greatly in terms of enforcement. but i'm optimistic as we go forward that we'll come to terms
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therest nothing, as some of you are urging us to put it on the floor, there's nothing to put on the floor. we don't have an agreement yet. we're hopeful we will have one. when we get the agreement we'll get the letter enabling legislation to go forward. any questions? reporter: on the other topic of the day, impeachment do, you concede that impeachment of president trump is under way. ms. pelosi: do i concede now? for months we have been saying for months, we have been doing three things. we are legislating. 200 days of legislation leading up to now, even what we did this week to protect our environment. we are legislating. we are investigating, as six committees have been doing for months. six committees have been working four months. and third, we are litigating.
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we are taking the work of the committee into the courts. we've won in two instances already. they've appealed, we're waiting for those decisions as we wait for decisions for other litigation based on what our investigation in the congress have called for. so i stand by what we have been doing all along. i support what is happening in the judiciary committee that enables them to do their process of interrogation and their investigation and i salute them for that work. i also salud them for what they did this week, earlier this week. they took up, marked up three bills to make america safer in terms of gun safety, commonsense gun safety. to legislation, investigate, litigate. that's the path we have been on and that's the path we continue to be on. >> if i -- reporter: if i may, is specific
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language not important? how should the american people understand if they feel differently about it. ms. pelosi: you are the only ones -- reporter: that's not true. ms. pelosi: i travel the entire country and you should listen sometime. i hear with the american people are saying. they understand that impeach suspect a divisive measure. if we have to go there we have to go there we can't go there unless we have the facts. we'll follow the facts and we will follow the obstruction that the president is making, getting the facts, and make our decision when we're ready. that's the only question about this subject. and there's nothing different from one day to the next. we're still on our same path. reporter: we have heard from many of the members of your caucus who have been very open in saying that they're getting mixed messages. those mixed messages sometimes translate to the american people. if you've long said that public sentiment is an important factor
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in deciding what you're going to do there. shouldn't you set the record straight? ms. pelosi: i have said what i'm going to say on the subject. we are legislating. we are focusing on the work that we're here to do for the american people. and part of our responsibility is to honor our oath of office, to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. and in doing so, we are getting, seeking the facts. i'm not answering any more questions on this subject. that is what we had said all along. that is what we continue to do. and again, in the american public, when i go out there, people are saying it's good to be careful about how we proceed. once we make a decision about this, whatever it may be, we want the american people to respect that we were careful, we were methodical, we were accommodating of the needs of a court, and of the ability of the president to exonerate himself.
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if you have exculpatory information that proves you're innocent, let us see it. if not, you are obstructing our access to what that information may be. and that is where we are. next question on any other subject? reporter: on the election results from -- ms. pe he see: and by the way i'm very pleased with the path we are on and the progress our committees have made, not just judiciary but other committees. we are, from a timing standpoint, where we need to be. reporter: actually, on the timing standpoint is there a deadline on the investigation? but i also wanted to ask you about the election results from -- on what you just said about the timing -- ms. pelosi: i'm not answering any more questions about possible inquiries and investigations. i said what i'm going to say. i'm proud of our members. they've gone out there and
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expressed themselves for what they believe in. on the basis of what they know. i'm proud of our committee work. and i'm -- people are impatient about it moving more quickly. we can't go any paster than the facts. did you have question? on another subject? reporter: thank you, ma'am, i did. on the election results from tuesday night. do you have any concern about the games the -- gains the republicans seem to be making in rural areas? ms. pelosi: no, i think they should have concerns about the gains we're making in suburban areas. that was not a good news night for republicans. i'm proud of dan mccreedy. he's a great patriot, an independent voice for the district he represented. it's too bad he's not coming here.he did a great job. actually, he came out 10 points higher than our presidential -- excuse me. presidential candidate. he won the campaign, he didn't win the election. but he won the campaign.
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and really reinforced energized for us out there. de that district much more democratic for any statewide or local purpose. reporter: are you concerned that your message is not resonating? ms. pelosi: not not -- not at all. we fully intend to win this lerks by this november. the republicans did not have a happy day on tuesday. and as i said, i think the results indicate that in the pockets that you have to look at that are very useful to us across the country, the democratic enthusiasm is high. as was the turnout. it's a very, very tough district. president obama got, what, 44 point something percent, 45% the other time.
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secretary clinton lost by 12 points, he lost by two and that's not to put down what they were able to do in the district but to praise what he was able to do. reporter: could you spell out, when you talk about your vote in 1993 for nafta, could you talk about what you see different about the construct of the usmca, having enforcement built in in concrete term, what that would look like? and do you think it's from a -- that sition for the that could be built in? ms. pelosi: it's not a question of waiting for the letter. we need to finish the back and forth. we made an offer they made an offer, we sit down and find common ground. i voted for nafta then and had my own disappointments about how it was implemented. all trade agreements need to have strict enforcement or else
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you're just having a conversation. you're having a press release. you're not having any process. so i appreciate your question because what i've said is this cannot be the old and a half to -- nafta with a little sugar on top and say we renegotiated it. if it's not going to make the difference it needs to make in the lives of america's working families. that's what our priority is america's working families are not served well by the suppression of workers in other countries. to the hat just draws other country the other workers are not respected or paid. what is making progress. reporter: what does the enforcement look like? ms. pelosi: you'll see when we come to it. it has to be enforcement in the agreement. the difference is, if you have a sidebarletter that says we'll
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have enforcement, that doesn't have the force of a treaty. you have to have enforcement in the body of the treaty. and that may -- it may require surgically, not for opening it up for any and all, but clarity, having more more standing on what the enforcement is within the agreement. i feel confident that it is possible to do so. i don't think it's fair to the american workers to pretend we did something different when we had good things to say, and there are good things to say about the agreement but not if they're not enforcement. so one word, enforceability. and i think that it could be -- it can be achieved. reporter: there was a "washington post" poll that shows the top five democratic contenders beating president trump in a head-to-head.
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now we'll have the top 10 on the stage for the first time. what are you hoping to hear from the candidates? do you want them to focus on issues that are close to your agenda? or do you think they should focus on attacking the president? ms. pelosi: appreciate your question. we're very proud of our candidates, on the stage and those who didn't make the cut this time. i admire their stamina, their courage they confidence, their humility to put themselves forth in a debate or a competition, whatever, about who will be the next president of the united states. we're very proud of each and every one of them. i myself would say they're not asking for any advice. they're running for president of the united states. they have that confidence about their why. why they are running. what they know about their subjects. how they intend to achieve them. so what i'm looking for is how these leaders will emerge as the
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list, perhaps get small eric maybe it won't, but as we proceed, who among them will connect to, not just one person, who among them will connect with the american people? because the election is always about the future and what that future means to america's working family. if they were to ask for advice, which they haven't, but if they were, i would say, the model we used in 2018, the for the people agenda, lower health care costs, bigger paychecks, cleaner government, with a very successful model -- was a very successful model, we won seats in the most gerrymandered, voter suppressed arenas you could find. it worked. i myself did not encourage any of our members, in fact, i discouraged members and candidates from ever even mentioning the president's name. so i would -- i know that part
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of the debate is who can contend with him but i think more importantly for the american people is who can really connect with them, identify with their hopes and dreams an aspirations and apprehensions. nd that they, all of this, position, knowledge, judgment, strategic thinking, are here. but they have to show people what's in their hearts and how they connect with the american people. so that's what i'll be watching. reporter: do you have a personal fave result? ms. pelosi: do i have a personal favorite? 10 or 20. my favorite button i see across the country is democrat for president. that seems to be -- to have blossomed across the country hich i travel extensively.
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reporter: the house minority leader said the other day there's not much difference between government officials saying or -- staying or eating at a trump property or a marriott, for instance. what's your view on whether government officials should be spending money at trump properties? ms. pe he see: you know, mr. raskin has his legislation -- ms. pelosi: you know, mr. raskin has his legislation on the unit, the committee chaired by mr. cummings has an investigation of federal dollars being spent at trump-owned properties. this is beyond appalling. but what -- how can anybody be appalled? we've seen it all. in terms of integrity, it seems the administration is having a limbo contest with itself to see how low it can go. o divert transportation, whether it's the vice president or military and the rest, to trump-owned properties, this is not right. and then for it to be from
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foreigners which is prohibited by the constitution, that's really what mr. raskin's legislation is about, it's about the money that is coming to trump-owned properties from foreigners as an emolument that is forbidden by the constitution unless congress approves. i don't know if our republican congress want to approve of foreign money going to the pockets of the trump family. reporter: are you uncomfortable with the term impeachment inquiry? is there another term we should be using? ms. pelosi: we are on our path. where it takes us is where we will follow the path. that's what it is. why don't we spend some time going over to see mitch mcconnell and asking him why he doesn't want to save lives? why he will let every day go by, where 100 people, large number of them children or teenager,
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die from gun violence. why is it that you're hung up on a word over here when lives are at stake over there? thank you all. reporter: madam speaker. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> house republicans are attending a retreat in baltimore today. minority leader kevin mccarthy will be giving an update to reporters the afternoon at 2:50 eastern time. and this evening, the president will address the g.o.p. house members attending the caucus retreat. watch live coverage here on c-span. online at or listen ith the free c-span radio app.
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saturday at 6:00 p.m. eastern, on the civil war, the 1863 campaign in tennessee. >> the night of the 26th, bragg orders everyone to concentrate on this area. the rest of the campaign, after they leave behind at this point is somewhat anti-climactic. ready with -- bragg is to fight it out there. >> at 8:00, emery university professor debra lipstett on her lawsuit against holocaust denier david irving. >> the base irk -- basic arguments of deniers. no plan, no six million no leadership from hitler no gas chambers and the last point is that this was all made up by jews. >> and sunday at 5:00 p.m. eastern, a discussion on shakespeare's influence on u.s. politics. and at 6:00 on american artifact the norman rockwell museum
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traveling exhibit on f.d.r. and freedom. explore our nation's past on american history tv every eekend on c-span3. >> in his new book "talking to strangers," author malcolm gladwell details why he thinks people make inaccurate judgments about people they don't know. >> you can step on that. >> ypt to step -- >> step out of the car. >> you said -- >> my own car. >> get out of the car. >> she's imprisoned because -- for resisting arrest. she hangs herself in her cell. you know. a tragic and unexpected result. but the whole -- that exchange that we saw which by the way goes on and on and on and on. we saw a small snippet of it, is -- that was the kind of, when i first saw that online, that was when i realized what i wanted to write about.
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if you break that exchange down, miami by moment, you see multiple failures of understanding of, of empathy of course a million things. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's "q&a." >> this is ted, he's the chair and c.e.o. of the climate leadership council here to talk about a proposal they have. a pt carbon tax. good morning. who backs your organization? guest: we were founded by who's who of business as well as opinion leaders from across the spectrum. it is an odd bedfellow coalition looking for bipartisan solution. host: how much of that backing comes from oil and gas companies? guest: this shows the founding members of the council, and i