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tv   Washington Journal 09132019  CSPAN  September 13, 2019 6:59am-9:01am EDT

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we will deal with that but we don't waste energy. >> speaker nancy pelosi, we thank you for your time. >> my pleasure, thank you for yours. >> here's a look at our live coverage friday on c-span at 10 a.m. eastern, a discussion about countering iran's a little -- illicit finance network. in the morning on c-span2, house meet forns will the second day of their annual policy retreat and later, the u.s. institute of peace is hosting a discussion on the u.s.-taliban and peace process. on c-span3, the importance of federal stake coordination during a recession and the overall economic outlook and that's at 8:45 a.m. eastern. coming up on today's "washington
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journal," your reaction to last night's democratic presidential debate in houston and later, documentary filmmaker ken burns will enjoys us to discuss the history of country music and his latest project. ♪ host: it's the "washington journal" for september 13. we will talk about last night and get your input on the results of the debate. here are the numbers. you can text us this morning at
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city and you put your state when you do. you can also go to our facebook page. here to break down those initial results from last night's debate and joining us throughout the morning to talk about it is john mcardle. good morning, we will start with the tale of the tapes. this is from "the new york times," their wrapup of total speaking time. former vice president joe biden, the front runner in the race at the most speaking time, 17 minutes and 22 seconds followed by four of the five senators in ,he race, elizabeth warren followed by cory booker, then bernie sanders, kamala harris and there is a jump that mayor pete had 11 minutes and 30 seconds of speaking time and julian castro, amy klobuchar,
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the two candidates with the least amount of time, beto o'rourke and andrew yang. twitter broke down the most tweeted about moments from last night. they include julian castro turning to the former vice president and asking him whether he was forgetting what he said two minutes ago. biden said that parents should make your they have record players on at night in their homes and the third most tweeted about moment was julian castro challenging vice president biden on what he does and doesn't take credit for from the obama administration. this also from twitter -- the most tweeted about candidates -- joe biden number one, andrew yang number two and bernie sanders number three and elizabeth warren number four and kamala harris number five.
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it was about also who was talking about president trump. speaking of the president's camp, one more tweaks to show you, the trump campaign sought to make its presence known in houston last night both with advertisements in the houston and a banner they flew over the site of the democratic debate. this was the tweet from the trump campaign manager saying hey houston, look up at that 4800 foot banner in the sky. host: that's some of the
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reaction from last night from her facebook page. you can tweet us this morning, 202-748-8003. city, and state and keep your comments short and to the point and you can always call us.
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alabama is up first on our line for democrats, what did you think of last night's debate? >> [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] caller: i didn't think too much of itcaller: i thought it was somewhat orchestrated by the media in a sense. one of the things i is a black person, when i look at joe biden, i remember the 1994 crime bill. askeduestion has not been by any of the questionnaires or haven't been challenged by any of the people running for the democratic president. i willu look at the -- just say this, when you look at the 1994 crime bill and you look
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at all the lies of the young, black men, one in every four young black men were placed in prison. devastating to a group of people when you have that many placed in prison and their whole lives and the lives of their family have been ruined. alabama k, that tim and so let's hear from savannah, georgia, democrats line. caller: hello, how are you? host: what to do think of last night? caller: it was interesting to me and i enjoyed it and i will vote for joe biden. host: what was most interesting about last night? he was the vice president with president barack obama and they did real good together. it's interesting that he will do
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.etter than trump i would never vote for a republican because they are liars. the previous callers talked about the vice president talked about his enforcement of the crime bill and he had a criticism. do you have those concerns? caller: everybody does fall short. should be better than it what it is today. host: let's hear from ingrid in washington, d.c. on our independent line. hello. caller: thank you for taking my call. host: go ahead. happy with not too any of the democratic candidates they had on last night. did notn pretending he support the iraq war and bernie sanders backing away from
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talking about foreign policy at all. i'm sorry they didn't have tulsi gabbard on. any standouts in your mind? not really. harrylet's hear from calling from pittsburgh, pennsylvania, republican line. caller: a couple of things, they want to give families $1000 per month. they want to confiscate everybody's guns. go to the south side of chicago one night. go to people's houses and demand their guns. crime, nobiden, no jail time, he's soft about it, it's ridiculous. host: criminal justice is a
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conversation that took place last night. julian castro joe biden's book about that and another conversation was a discussion about health care, here's the exchange. [video clip] >> we owe a debt of gratitude to barack obama and i work for him and vice president biden and i know the problem with your plan is at least 10 million people uncovered. on the last debate stage in detroit, you said that wasn't true when senator harris brought that up. there was a fact check and i said that was true. i grew up with a grandmother who had type 2 diabetes i watched her condition get worse and worse. the whole time she had medicare. i want every single american family to have a strong medicare plan available. ontoey choose to hold strong private health insurance, i believe they should be able to do that but the difference between what i support and you support is that you require them to opt in. i would not require them to opt in.
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they would automatically be enrolled and would not have to buy an. that's a big difference because barack obama's vision was not to leave 10 million people uncovered. he wanted every single person in this country covered and my plan would do that and your plan would not. [applause] >> they do not have to buy in. >> you just said that two minutes ago. >> they would not have to buy it in. >> are you forgetting what you se said two minutes ago? [applause] said't believe that you two minutes ago that they had to buy in and now you're saying they don't have to. you are forgetting that. >> you are automatically enrolled. you have to enroll people whether they opt in not like if you lose your job, his health care plan not automatically enroll you, you would have to opt in but my health care plan would, that's a big difference. i'm fulfilling the legacy of
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barack obama and you are not. if you want to call and talk to us, we will take your calls and comments for the first two hours of this program. more from john mcardle and that debate last night. >> a lot of discussion on that exchange and its included in most of the wrapup of winners and losers from last night. one of the writers from the washington post, one of their political reporters, cited he julian castro as one of the losers in large part because of his attack on biden. several other political reporters sought to break down that exchange. this is an nbc news producer last night going to the tale of the transcript.
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this is what ezra klein said -- the castro campaign did not back away from it. castro saidr julian that, they doubled down. to fulfill barack obama's vision for our country. we have to cover everyone and get rid of the filibuster to do it. also a separate wrap up with the winners and losers last night and in the box column, castro is listed as one of the winners in part because of his attack on joe biden. this is what they wrote and some democrats took exception to that
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as it being mean and to divisive as -- at a time when the party is hoping to come together. polling at 1%,is this could work him. that is from the vox box. said that it is taking on a weird combination of fromrate and mean and this inside elections right after that moment saying castro crossed the line. one more from former obama political adviser david axelrod, hooley and castro is on the -- julian castro is on the attack and accuses biden of betraying the spirit of barack obama on health care, castro is throwing
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long with great risk. goat -- let's go to the democrat line. they are not discussing anything that will concern me. i have a bladder prolapse and everywhere i am going they are telling i have to go to a private doctor and i don't have the money. i worked in oceanside, new york for 30 years and i think i earned it in the united states. host: they talked about health care. caller: that is what i was listening about because i really need it and i am in pain every day because i walk around with of -- with my bladder having collapsed on me. what what could've debt
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could a candidate -- what could a candidate have said that would have appealed to you? caller: that everyone who worked hard in the united states is entitled to get private doctors to do the operations. host: timothee from new york is next on the independent line from harper's bill. hello. hi. i think they are all phonies. they are talking about medicaid and stuff like that. host: what makes them phonies for talking about that? caller: because medicaid doesn't and they keepng on spending money and spending money on things that don't make sense. host: much as what?
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they spend money on illegal aliens and stuff like that. illegal aliens come into the country and they are going to for their ailments and stuff like that. timothee and harper's phil. elizabeth warren talked about using taxes to pay for medicare for all peer here is the exchange. >> what families have to deal with is total cost. they have to understand. families are paying for health care today. families pay every time an insurance company says you can't
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see a specialist. every time they say that dr. is out of network or sorry we are not covering that prescription. families are paying every time they don't get a prescription filled because they can't afford the co-pay. what we are talking about here is what is going to happen in families pockets and what will happen to their budgets and with medicare for all, costs will go up for wealthy individuals and giant corporations. but for hard-working families across this country, costs will go down and that is how it should work under medicare for all. >> you also take on the question about taxes. >> joe said that medicare for all would cost you trillion dollars. betus quo over 10 years will $50 trillion.
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every study done shows that medicare for all is the most cost-effective approach to providing health care to every man, woman, child in this country. i wrote the dam bill if i may say so. it intends to eliminate all out-of-pocket expenses, all deductibles, all copayments. nobody in america will pay more than $200 a year for prescription drugs because we are going to stand up to the greed and corruption of the pharmaceutical industry. need a health care system that guarantees health care for other majors every country does, not a system that billion dollars a year and profits for the drug companies and the insurance
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companies. host: this is bonnie from florida saying i am so proud of other the candidates and their views for the future. they need to take paying for all college debt off of the table. that is absurd. for the future, make it more affordable to get a good education. need totexted people look at the best hope. elect a genius. , weperson who texted us don't know who you are. the texting service is new. text us and when name, city, your and state and keep it brief. let's go to ralph in new york, democrats line caller:. -- line. caller: good morning paired what
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i didn't hear was the lack of a labor policy in this country for working people and in particular raising the federal minimum wage . the most important bill right now for the labor movement is to protect the right to organize. are allcosponsored democrats. 35 in the senate not one republican or president trump has a labor policy in this country and i wish i would've for something of it. host: beverly on the republican line in texas. caller: i have two issues. one issue is the medicare and medicaid, which all of my doctors say that they won't take medicare and they think i am on it. april and to be 70 in
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my husband is working and we have private insurance through aetna and we pay a lot of money for it. the only thing i have on medicare is if i am admitted in the hospital. i don't want medicare because all of my specialist say they will not accept me and all the pcps that are reputable do not want medicare. that is a bad plan. number two, the main thing i is betout the democrats o'rourke. there is no such person here -- person. he is robert and he is irish and he is trying to say he is latino. a lot of what he said is a lie. he is trying to appeal to the betono people by saying
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like roberto is his name and it is not. host: next color. er.ler: -- call about: they keep talking medicare for all. it is not free. i have to pay for it and it only pays 80% of the cost when you use it. this is what i don't understand -- we live in a country where we have billions of dollars to send to other countries but we don't have money to take care of our own. as far as health care, people who have health care let them keep it or people that don't have it, put them on some type of medicaid or medicare. host: are you concerned that if
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one of the medicare for all proposals get past it will affect the coverage you received? caller: it might. so many people are on it. the way it is, everything is messed up. if it is medicare for all, and i am a democrat, medicare for all will make it worse. host: will you support a candidate who advocates for medicare for all? caller: no, i'm not sure who i am want to vote for. host: that is evelyn in baltimore. let's go to alex in grand rapids, michigan, publican line. is --: what i have to say republican line. caller: what i have to say is medicare for all is a good thing. option there is a pay in , people can get the health care they need. it is not that they are going to take away your health care, you
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will have health care regardless and it is a human right that we all need. the last color was concerned that it would affect what she would get. caller: everyone would be covered under the insurance, especially if they have a payment option. host: what assures you of that. caller: what assures me is that i am a dialysis patient. i am on medicare. it covers my health and prescriptions and covered everything i need to keep myself alive. host: that is alex in grand rapids. identifies themselves on twitter that julian castro and, harris embarrass themselves. amy klobuchar looked presidential. one from lansing said that if they heavily text the quote
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wealthy, the wealthy will leave as they are doing in new york, california and anywhere that tactic is tried. alton brown said this is a boring debate. the democrats need to bring back marianne and tulsi gabbard on the next debate because they will bring out more enthusiasm when it comes to african-american issues. stephen of facebook saying i is texan toas he say what needs to be done which is the mandatory buyback of semiautomatic weapons. these are some of the comments off of our social media. debbie is in pennsylvania, democrats line. you are next up. caller: i watched the debate. i was disappointed, there are just too many people up there. second of all, joe is a happy medium here he is doing a great job. of course, he is older.
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amy klobuchar did an excellent job. the other ones are too far to give everything away. we need to fix the aca paired we to fix the10-years health care system. is on top ofen your list? caller: yes, he is the medium and can work across the aisle and work with everybody. he knows the ins and outs of the white house and can get things done quickly. host: what do you think of the crevices -- criticism he is getting from others like julian castro. caller: of course he is older, but you have to give the guy a break. my grandfather at 80 years old was a little slow, so what? fixedws what has to be asap and he knows where all the
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dead bodies are. host: that is debbie in pennsylvania. let's hear about the other candidates. >> the leading 10 democratic candidates on that debate stage last night, here is what the other 10 were doing and saying about the debate starting with bill de blasio, saying during the debate, something was still clearly missing from tonight's debate, someone who has delivered real change for working people. he went on to say, it shows when no candidate spoke up about a credible plan for automation, puerto rico, or progressive proposals into reality for millions of americans. he said the democratic party will only win next november by nominating someone who can ensure it is the party of working people. activiststeyer climate , he tweeted he was responding to some questions being asked
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and said we cannot wall off america from the rest of the world. the health of the economy relies on our standing as a trade partner but who wants to trade with a loudmouth oli? alienateultivate, not our allies. he said climate change cannot wait. we don't get a second planet paired i will declare the climate crisis a national emergency on day one. marianne williamson held a postdebate live chat from beverly hills but was also tweeting during the debate. said an hour in, nice people, nothing transformative, ultimately boring, nothing even close to what will need to happen if you want the seat for president. she invited her followers to join her for the live chat. a wrap up from the los angeles times running to the candidates. congress and john delaney had planned to be in new york for appearances and interviews and
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ohio congressman tim ryan expected to speak at an event in new hampshire. senator mike bennett has an event scheduled throughout yesterday in iowa and also campaigning in iowa yesterday was tulsi gabbard. and afor the first hour half, we will take your calls on the debate. (202) 748-8000 four democrats. for republicans. (202) 748-8002 for independents. in long villa on the democrats line. go ahead. ander: you work for years or put 200 and $300 a month
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more into the social security program. once you get your social security come of 31 years of working, they give me $900 a month. how am i supposed to live and exist on $900 a month after the thousands of dollars i have put in there? host: which of the candidates are addressing that issue for you? caller: none of them are addressing that issue. me and my wife both worked for over 30 years. when she passes away, her social security is gone and i have to get social security for which everyone makes the most. social security is not doing anything for people. you get $255 from social security after all of the money you have put in. who can bury anyone on $255 a month? host: what would a candidate
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have to say about social security that would impress you or change your mind about voting for that candidate? caller: a candidate would have to say that we are going to improve the social security system. we will have to do something. i would rather have them put my money into a bank that they take out. that way i would have my money when i get it here you are not getting nothing at $900 a month. you are not getting anything at $255 to pay for a funeral. host: it was in yesterday's new york times, elizabeth warren proposing a plan to raise benefits for social security by $200 a month. you can see that at the new york times website. ronald in new york on the republican line. caller: the people in new orleans were screaming at biden and had to be removed.
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i didn't hear went -- what they were saying. can you tell me that? host: let's looking -- let's look into that we will try to find out what they were saying paired why is that a concern for you? host: i am just curious what they were yelling about. i wishes carries about what they were yelling about. host: what did you think about the debate? caller: i was sorry that the most interesting candidates, tulsi gabbard and marianne williamson were not there. host: why are they most interesting to you? tulsi gabbard because .er experience host: this is janine in crescent
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springs, kentucky on the debate saying free is not free democrats paired what happens when you run out of other peoples money? karen says while the candidates were fighting each other, the president and the house gop and senate gop have no intention of improving our health care and ensuring system. tillman off of twitter is saying tulsi gabbard is stronger than all three of them. i don't know the other candidates he was referencing. teresa,ependent line, columbus, ohio. caller: i appreciate c-span for this. what really concerns me in the debate last night was no one was really talking about what they were going to do for the working class. needed automation and we to have the companies work hand
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in hand with schools to do apprenticeships because we have older workers that are staying on because they can't get younger people to do these jobs. we are all standing around saying, what are we going to do? especiallyricans, want to keep their health care. we don't want to lose it and we have paid a lot of money. to $300 in it. host: democrats line. caller: hi. host: you are on p go ahead. -- you are on. go ahead. caller: i have no problem with my insurance. i worked for the school system for years.
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i make a monthly payment. i don't know why -- i don't know if this policy thing will interfere with my job, but i have no problem with my medical care through my school system. host: so when you hear from candidates medicare for all, what do you think? .aller: not really i still have to pay taxes and different things like that. i am just saying that i don't feel i should. i worked and have never been on any government program except for medicare. i have always made a payment each month. we still have to make a payment on your medicare. host: that is jamie in wisconsin. we had a view or ask the protesters. here is the response.
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viewersreciate the giving us some homework. on the protesters, let's listen to the brief moment where they did try to interrupt the vice president. [chanting] that was the moment last night the viewer was referencing. time magazine delving into it and who the protesters were. they write to viewers that it was not immediately sure what they were saying but the director of advocacy organization confirmed that the group was chanting about the different action for childhood arrivals. it was tweeted that the protesters were chanting we are daca recipients, our lives are at risk. she also wrote that some protesters got onto the stage. davidson told time via twitter
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that she was on the front row near them and watched them be escorted out. another person tweeted video of a man wearing a shirt that rand -- read defend daca, abolish ice, citizenship for all, who was also escorted out. host: elaine out of north carolina texted us saying it appears the media is very protective of joe biden. often.use the phrase let biden defend himself. this is randy in michigan. mayor pete had a strong showing for being the vice president and the future president. just some of the people taking advantage of texting us. pennsylvania, republican line, we will hear from charles. caller: good morning. i watched the debate last night and none of them please me one bit. i am republican.
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no one is talking about where this money is coming from talking about all the stuff they want to do. unless theyyland, have an idea, i don't think it is going to work. host: elizabeth warren has been talking about taking from wealthy americans in the united states paired what do you think about that? caller: how much can they really get from them to pay for all of this health care? the people aren't that rich. we are looking at billions of dollars. .t ain't going to happen they are fantasizing. host: did you learn anything new from watching last night? they all fight against each other and not one of them knows what they are doing. host: mary is in fort washington on the line for democrats. caller: good morning. to the last color, that sounds
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,ike something from -- caller that sounds like something from fox. host: what did you get from the debate? caller: it reminded me of 31 years ago when i had my daughter, i didn't have to pay anything out of pocket. that is when it worked. for the lady who said she wouldn't vote for anyone who advocated medicare for all, they need to explain it better. they are talking about no out-of-pocket costs for anyone. it will be the same as in europe but improved. all of the people who don't understand, you have to look it up. host: why do you think that system would work in the united states? caller: when we get around to informing people what it is about, definitely it will wear
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-- will work. like i said, 31 years ago health care worked. they decided to change it and change the rules. host: why do you think the system that senator sanders proposes will work in the united states? caller: it would work because it would be a small tax out of our pay and that is how it would be paid for and that is how it is paid for in england and france. let's go to north carolina in charlotte on the end line -- on the independent line. caller: i started watching the debates last night and when the big pinocchio came from joe on therom his very mouth
7:41 am
obama-biden administration did not separate children from adults and did not put children immediately the biggest lie of the night. anda-biden built the cages obama-biden separated the children from the adults for their own safety. if we are going to tell the truth, let's tell the truth if we are going to lie -- i finally had to cut the thing off. another thing about the medicare and on, i am on medicare medicare, i have to pay 20% of whatever my bill is because i do not have enough income to go into another program that will pay a partial amount on that 20%. doctor.'t go to the
7:42 am
i don't go to the hospital because i can't lose everything i have over medicare. so stop with the medicare nonsense and tell the truth about the borders. host: that is charlotte north carolina. health care one of those discussions taking place yesterday and the other about gun control, especially towards beto o'rourke. >> how would this work. >> if it was a weapon designed to kill people on a battlefield. if the high-impact, high velocity round when it hits your body shreds everything inside your body because it was designed to do that so you would bleed to death on a battlefield and not get up in one of our soldiers. when we see that being used against our children and that the mother of a 15-year-old girl shot by an ar-15 and that mother watched her bleed to death over
7:43 am
the course of an hour because so many others were shot and there weren't enough amulets -- ambulances to get them. so yes we are going to take your ak-47s. i want to say this -- i am listening to the people of this .ountry the day after i proposed doing that, i went to a gun show in arkansas to meet with those selling ar-15's and ak 15's and those who were buying the weapons. you might be surprised there was common ground. folks said i would willingly give it up and i don't need this weapon to hunt or defend myself. it is a weapon of war. let's do the right thing and bring everyone into the conversation. up with that,g here is more with john. john: a bit of a controversial moment last night on twitter in
7:44 am
the wake of that statement by beto o'rourke. here is a story of the guardian newspaper, a republican state representative from texas caused a stir by saying my ak 15 is from aor you after that work. what waswas taken down labeled as a death threat saying it violates our rules for threats of violence, according to a company spokesperson. a follow-up tweet saying that you are a child, robert francis, directed at o'rourke. the staff and campaign not backing down. they released a link to a t-shirt you can buy, hell yes, we are going to take your ar-15, o o'rourkeat the bet
7:45 am
website store. elizabeth warren tweeted "that's a wrap." then there was this from andrew yang's camp showing the scene at the after party having fun and thanking the yang gang for being here for us. andrew yang showing off his dance moves. host: this is renee from indiana. caller: thank you for taking i call. i watched the debate last night. i appreciate them talking about the gun violence. young, i got shot at by a boy. so what if he had that weapon? that some people are getting caught up in the fact
7:46 am
that, oh, they are taking my guns away. they are not taking all of the .uns they are just taking the ones that are used in war. those weapons are designed to kill. don't have to worry about them coming back because it is designed for that. so i am in favor. o'rourke a topo candidate for you because of what he set about the guns? host: no, he is not. my top candidates are the two women, elizabeth warren and kamala harris. i like kamala harris right now because she has some things that she has done and has actually
7:47 am
california. againstthat if she goes can attack him in many ways. she lies about things. i would like to make a comment about what obama did with immigration. host: i apologize, we will have to leave it at the point you made because we are trying to get to other people. from the republican line in tennessee, richard, go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call and when i saw the interview this morning on msnbc o'rourke, he was pressed on what would happen if people did not voluntarily give
7:48 am
up their guns and he wouldn't come up with a really good answer. effectivelyas nailed his coffin shut when he said he is going to start confiscating guns because once you start, there is not going to be an ending point. for some reason, i envision charlton heston raising his rifle above his head about taking his gun out of his cold, dead hands. host: independent line from michael in new york. go ahead. caller: i just wanted to see if for a righth out insured by a development of social insurance of workers, employees at state expense. free medical service to the working people and the provision of wide network of health resource for the use of working people. host: how does that apply to the
7:49 am
debate? caller: they want to get free health care but that is article 120 in the russian constitution. host: how does that apply to yesterday? caller: they would like to give away free health care appeared why don't they go ahead and admit they are socialists and want to go along with what the ussr has already put in their constitution. host: mary and las vegas is next, democrats line. caller: i liked pete buttigieg. he is smart. in the buy-in to medicare. he speaks seven languages and served in the military. soon orthink it is too for one candidate because there are so many on the stage and we are eight months out.
7:50 am
host: but he is top of your list? caller: he is a contender. as immigration goes, we were at a 50 year low when president obama left office paired as far as jobs go, we have law -- office. lostr as jobs go, we have jobs because of the trade wars. host: that is mary in las vegas. mayor pete talking about policy regarding afghanistan. >> i served under general dunford, way under general dunford in afghanistan. , september 12, 2019, means that today you could be 18 years old, old enough to serve and have not been alive on 9/11. we have got to put an end to
7:51 am
endless war. the way we do it is see to it that country will never again be used for an attack against our homeland and that does not require an open-ended commitment of ground troops. i would say something else because if there is one thing we have learned about afghanistan from afghanistan is the best weight not to be caught up in a list war is to avoid starting when in the first place. president, and authorization for the use of military force will have a built-in three having your sunset. congress will be required to vote and a president will be required to go to congress to seek an authorization because if our troops can summon the courage to go overseas, least our members of congress should be able to do is summon the courage to vote on whether they ought to be there. we also have a president right now seems to treat groups as props or tools for his own enrichment.
7:52 am
we saw what was going on with flights being routed through scotland so they can stay at his hotels paired as a military officer, the first and that goes through your mind when you make eye contact with someone you are responsible for in uniform is do not let these men and women down. this resident is doing? he that. i will not. host: carol off of facebook says i find it amusing the top three contenders have been in washington for years with no major accomplishment. why would folks want the all talk career politicians? off of the tech service, michelle says no candidates are talking about addressing debt and none will have my vote until i start hearing a sensible plan to address it. from miami florida, republican line, diane. hello. caller: good morning. o taking away the guns reminded me of castro murdering
7:53 am
100,000 unarmed citizens and then hitler's murdered 6 million unarmed citizens, then stalin murdered 50 million unarmed ao killedand m thousands of unarmed citizens. in first president washington stated we citizens have to be armed, even against the government that wants to take them away. is the ceos of stated no kmart have guns are allowed in the stores. armed willls who are come into the stores knowing
7:54 am
that there are no guns to protect the customers. host: ok, let's hear from michael in connecticut, democrats line about last night's debate. caller: i have been going to the doctor for years now. i am 33 and i talk to them about everything and they are open with me. they say the reason why they won't accept the medicare-medicaid stuff is the government doesn't pay them on time. they don't want to wait five months to a year to get paid for services while they take on more and more customers that have free health care. they are not getting paid for it and meanwhile they are taking on more and more people and not getting paid. host: how does that apply to last night, specifically some of
7:55 am
the proposal some candidates have? caller: i think it is great they all want free health care and it is about time america has it, but they are only giving us the headlines and not telling us how they are going to fix what is will applyhow they new things. if they told us what the new regulations and how they are going to fix what is oaken, the people would be more palatable -- is broken, the people would be more palatable. host: here is john. eight focus on the -- a focus on the republicans, his campaign putting out a tweet. a government socialism would force a government takeover of health care, eliminate private insurance, provide free health care to illegal immigrants come and kill millions of jobs, disarm the american public and
7:56 am
raise taxes to pay for their radical agenda. president trumps record easily eclipses these candidates. thank you to abc and the democratic party for another infomercial for president trump. if you more comments from twitter. brad from the trump campaign says this tweet after the debate , after the conclusion of the debate, we are taking away your health, guns, your paycheck. a vote for any of these democrats is a vote to eliminate your freedom. ofew republican members congress tweeting outlaws during the debates. on --ngressman of errors of arizona saying biden telling the same old lies, if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. one more from congressman mark walker in north carolina says if elizabeth warren were ever elected president, the economy would fall faster than joe biden's recent poll numbers. no tweets from the president yet this morning.
7:57 am
we will keep you updated. host: here is rochester, new york, independent line. caller: i want everyone to look in the mirror and see this. mom, dad, grandpa, i am a democratic-socialist now to destroy everything you have ever scraped and saved and sacrificed and hoped for your future generations and your children. anyone who would vote democrat does not realize they are a front for united nations, for the new world order, and have been infiltrated as a front to destroy this nation for a one world government. host: how did you pull that from last nights debate? caller: i have been pulling that since trump took office. host: we are talking about last night's debates, so how do you relate the two? caller: it is just their overtones. eto o'rourke couldn't get a job
7:58 am
cutting cheese in a restaurant wants to take guns. as soon as you give up your guns, they will be pointed at you. .e have an unofficial army they are looking to destroy this nation. you will see in the green new deal, how stupid can you be? host: let's go to brian on the democrats line in pennsylvania. caller: there is a lot of talk about people trying to ban guns. the fact is, i am all for gun safety, but american gun owners were never surrender in this country. i think andrew yang has the best proposition for gun safety. he talks about smart gun technology. host: one of the other topics that came up last night, the topic of trade.
7:59 am
senator kamala harris of california addressing that. sen. harris: we have a guy in the white house who has been erratic on trade policy and does it by tweet from his fragile ego. it has resulted in farmers and i'll with soybeans rotting in bins and looking at bankruptcy. when we look at this issue, my policy would be about exporting american products and not american jobs. to do that, we have to have a meaningful trade policy. we need to sell our stuff and that means we need to sell it to people overseas and we need trade policies that allow that to happen. you asked earlier about china, it is a complicated relationship. we have told china accountable. they steal our products include our intellectual property. they need to be held accountable. we need to partner with china on
8:00 am
climate and the crisis that presents. we need to partner with china on the issue of north korea. i am the only person on the stage in the homeland committees and we need a partner on the issue of north korea. the bottom line is donald trump in office on trade policy, he reminds me of the guy in the wizard of oz, when you pull back the carton -- curtain is a really small dude. host: that is from last night's third democratic presidential debate. we will get your thoughts on it in the next hour. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. republicans, call (202) 748-8001 , independents can call (202) 748-8002. state and aity, short statement. .ou can tweet us
8:01 am
here is john mcardle. john: last night's third democratic debate in houston was just under three hours long. some viewers might wonder how many words you can get under three hours. 538 decide to count the number of words spoken by the candidates. joe biden had the most speaking time, he got the most words and, 3361 words. cory booker had about 2800 words, elizabeth warren had 2600 near, kamala harris was 2400 words. amy klobuchar had close to 2000 words. bernie sanders, 1891. words,rourke had 1700 andrew yang had the least amount of speaking time and least amount of words.
8:02 am
moments,weeted about this from twitter, they have been pretty nice out after the previous three debates. they wrote it was julian castro turning to joe biden, asking if he forgot what he said two minutes ago. the second-most tweeted about moment, joe biden singh parents should have record players on at night in their homes for children to listen to. the third-most tweeted about moment, julian castro challenging joe biden on the obama administration's record and what he was and was not taking credit for. the most tweeted about democratic candidates last night, no surprise, joe biden in first. andrew yang had the least amount of time but was the second-most tweeted about candidate. john is in montgomery city, missouri. he starts us off on this second
8:03 am
hour. independent line. go ahead. caller: how is it going? host: fine, thank you. you are on. caller: i wanted to add on the lack of yang, his opportunity to talk. moderators to for give time to each candidate on many topics. they invited every candidate to speak except for yang. i don't think that qualifies as a debate. he said about 1500 words. -- gangf his yang gna on twitter, i can see in the end , he, joe biden, elizabeth warren and sanders and i like against of yang
8:04 am
70-year-olds. over the other candidates? caller: i have never donated to a candidate other than him. following him was inspiring. i think it will work. he is not a politician, which is why donald trump got elected, he was not a politician. host: hold the line for a second. let's play a little bit from andrew yang from last night. [video clip] everythingca today, runs with the almighty dollar. it is why we don't trust our institutions anymore. we have to get our country working for us again instead of the other way around. we have to see ourselves as the owners of this democracy, rather than parts of a giant machine. when you donate money to a presidential campaign, what
8:05 am
happens? the politician spends the money on television ads and you hope it works out. it is time to trust ourselves more than our politicians. i am going to do something unprecedented tonight. my campaign will give a freedom dividend of $1000 per month for an entire year for 10 american families. if you believe you can solve your own problems but are than any politician, go to yang2 and tell us how $1000 a month will do just that. host: about that proposal, what you think about making it during the course of the debate? i was at work at the time and i caught some of the debate on my break. family into his proposal online. according to the hill, he is
8:06 am
that 5%, just below biden, sanders and harris. i would not rule him out despite the media blackout he has been receiving. i appreciate it. host: let's go to the democrat line in maine. almost had a mass shooting our walmart. a woman from new york actually stopped it. the reason why she stopped it was because she was watching facebook. online and she stopped it. not president trump, not homeland security. we need to stop thinking about guns in terms of mass destruction and that we need those weapons. we don't need those weapons. host: how does that apply to the debate last night? caller: in terms of gun control,
8:07 am
i agree with them. guns off anyt person that has them and i think you can do that when you register it. host: kevin is up next, republican line. caller: how are you doing? host: fine, thanks. go ahead. caller: i watched the debate and it was the same thing. they were bringing up china and how they rip us off. it is funny, they were in office for eight years and you never heard about how china was ripping you off. i know donald trump is not a politician and it seems to me, i was a steelworker many years back and watched the jobs leave, nobody was talking about bringing jobs back and making things here in america again. at least someone is trying to do something like that but it is never covered and i can't believe the media is closing all of this out. host: about the debate last
8:08 am
night, do you think any of those candidates serve a formidable challenge to president trump? guy i: really, the only can really think is, what is his name? the military guy. he seems very smart. host: pete buttigieg. caller: all of these names i am trying to think of. worn, booker, whatever. one other thing i wanted to bring up about the guns, these people who shoot other people, they never bring up about how these people have serious illnesses and problems in school, these are kids. there are problems with guns, -- it is like they override they gave a guy four misdemeanors before he went out
8:09 am
killing people. there is so much stuff being hidden off to the side that the need to bring up. host: i suppose things you heard about last night about guns, did that because you some concern? 15, i: yes, since i was took a safety course. it is all common sense and it is said. where are the parents? have a father and mother, a father figure. commissioner of the city police. people in tolot of do things with kids off the streets. he made the comment on the cities with rats infested, where is all that money going? when my kids were little, i
8:10 am
have been down there a couple times, i don't understand it. where is all the money going? host: that is kevin in maryland sharing his thoughts. yesterday, even before the debate, we had a chance to sit down with nancy pelosi, the house speaker with a conversation about a variety of issues. you can see the full interview tonight at 8:00 on c-span, see spent at work and our radio app. and our radio app. [video clip] as a member of congress, not so much with ronald reagan, because that was the end of his term, with president george herbert walker bush and with george w. bush, two republican
8:11 am
presidents, they believed in governance, so you could work with them because they believed. there is a public rule in the lives of the american people. this president does not believe in science and he does not believe in governance, so it is hard to get anything done if you don't believe in a way to get it done or the reason to do something. this is quite different. have always respected the office of the president and the presidency, and i would hope they would respect article 1, and it was much different to work with the other presidents. >> let's focus on some other issues. >> it was much easier to work with them. host: that full interview available tonight, go to c-span for that or
8:12 am
next,ven, connecticut is democrats line. watched the debate last night and i do have some people that i am thinking about voting for, biden and warren. there are other candidates i like, castro. we have to see what is going to , see how manyw on people vote for them. i do want to say something about guns. i go to walmart about three times a week and when i heard that somebody was killed in walmart, that is frightening. written,un laws were gun laws were written, they did not have a police department in every city.
8:13 am
why do you need to carry guns? host: what did you think about the topics of gun control that took place during the debate last night? they should be taken away. there should be gonna lot -- there should be gun laws. they do it in other countries. doing, trump and the republicans are allowing the nra to control what they do. host: texas, republican line. caller: hello? host: hello, you are on. caller: good. i am trying to talk about people coming over here from other countries. until we can take care of our own homeless, and the people who are needy, we don't have a right to try to help other people.
8:14 am
host: let me ask you, before you go too far, is this what you heard last night? caller: some of them were i aming on immigrants and native american, but part immigrant from arland. host: what did you think about what was said last night? caller: we can't keep bringing people over here. it is like putting one million people on a pin head. can'tare some areas you build on. you can't build in the grand canyon, you can't build in yellowstone. addressedwas that last night and how does that concern you? caller: they are not addressing the real problem. we have a lot of homeless
8:15 am
people. until we can pay and help the people that need help here, we don't have a right to bring more people here, taking funds away from people who needed here. host: let's go to dayton, ohio, republican line. go ahead. one more time. in newo to charles jersey, independent line. go ahead. caller: good morning, how are you doing? host: fine, thank you. caller: i want to tell you about the health problem in america. host: can we start out with the debate last night? caller: if republicans and democrats would tell the truth about the food they have been feeding to us and about the things we eat, half of america
8:16 am
would not be sick. ism 81 years old, my wife 67. we don't take medicine. the doctors today are nothing but pimps. host: how does that relate to the debate last night? caller: that is what the politicians should be talking about last night. let's go to john mcardle. john: a lot of talk last night about former president barack obama, including in the second-most tweeted about moment, the exchange between julian castro and former vice president joe biden, a recap of what they said for our viewers. of biden, he said wants to take credit for obama's work but not answering any questions and then joe biden saying he stands with barack
8:17 am
obama, all eight years. the former president came up so listed asck obama was one of the winners. the story noting the amount of times barack obama came up was much more than previous debates, candidates from every wing of the democratic party went out of their way to praise obama's record. it was not over whether obama's record was good, rather the argument was over who could build on the 44th president's accomplishments. this was in line with what actual democratic voters think the story notes. joe biden not backing away from barack obama last night, embracing him even more so in an instagram advertisement he put out yesterday. here is the advertisement. [video clip] >> maybe we should step back and say something we don't often say
8:18 am
enough. barack obama is an extraordinary man. [applause] character, courage and vision. someone our children could look up to. he was a great president. i was proud to serve as his vice president but never more proud than the day we passed health care. [applause] ♪ host: fort lauderdale, florida,
8:19 am
republican line, you are next. caller: good morning. i really didn't see a good presidential candidate on the stage last night. towas kind of embarrassing watch these presidential candidates feel like they had to obamahe rings of barack before they could start speaking. each one seemed to eliminate themselves quite well. i will go one by one and you can tell me when my time is up. host: start with the top one in your mind. he messed up and he got called on it and did not handle it very well. he raised his voice. the guy looked like he was in a panic attack. host: you are speaking about joe biden? caller: joe biden, yes. host: go ahead. caller: elizabeth warren basically admitted she would
8:20 am
raise taxes on the middle class. she was asked if she would raise taxes on the middle-class class, her answer was not know, her answer was you have to take the total cost into consideration. yes, i language for, will raise middle-class taxes. the old guy, very old guy -- host: senator sanders? caller: sanders, yes. he could not explain how he could afford any of this stuff he wants to do. warren. back to she would create the worst recession known to mankind with all of the taxes she wants to put on people. she said these tariffs are raising the cost of goods for the united states. corporations pass along corporation taxes. her corporation taxes are going to raise the price of goods far more than tariffs ever could.
8:21 am
host: ok. that is some insight from florida. democrats,om kentucky, robert, you are next. caller: i think that, first of trump,. trump, president -- on, mr. biden is old gun control, if you put a black man on the street with an obama shirt and in ar-15, mitch mcconnell and mr. trump would take every weapon away. host: what did you think about what the candidates said about gun control last night? hader: america has always guns, they always will have guns, it is the idea of these
8:22 am
assault weapons, they are made for killing animals in africa. they are not made to be around humans. have if a good thing to you want security. anyone withr authority would be outnumbered if they did not have a weapon. georgia,'s hear from independent line. i am 65 years old, i have never owned a gun in my life until five years ago. for security, i purchased a shotgun, i put cameras all over myself and i have dogs because gangse had such a rash of doing home invasions all over georgia. the criminals have the guns.
8:23 am
they come in gangs, attacking houses. i had to buy myself a shotgun, and cameras and dogs just to secure my home. host: what did you think about the approach the candidates took the guns last night? caller: the horse is out of the barn. host: meaning what? caller: guns are everywhere. mostly in the hands of criminal types. able tors need to be protect themselves against attacks. host: you don't support the policies some of the candidates talked about last night? caller: they definitely need to get rid of the assault rifles, which are meant for war and they should only be for the military and police. otherwise, for protection, people should be able to, now, i
8:24 am
feel, be able to protect our handgunsh the regular or shotguns, that sort of thing. host: we are talking about the democratic presidential debate for the next 40 minutes or so. you can make your comments at democrats,000 for republicans can call (202) independents can call (202) 748-8002. us, in cincinnati texted saying in the event the president is not reelected, senator amy klobuchar is my choice for the next president. klobuchar last night talking about a variety of issues, including her record as a criminal prosecutor. [video clip] >> there were dozens of incidents where black men were
8:25 am
killed by police. too often you sided with police in these cases. a director in minnesota said you showed no interest in racial justice. do you wish you had done more? >> that is not my record. we are here at a historically black college and i think as an alum of the college and what she wants a set, what the people want is simple. they want a country as good as it is promised. for theng can be said criminal justice system. the way we handled these police shootings, i took a stand to make sure outside investigators handle them. i took on our major police chief that they were handled by the grand jury. that is how they were handled across the state. i believe it is better for accountability if the prosecutor handles them and makes those decisions herself.
8:26 am
that aside, i am proud of the work our staff did. the cases that came to us from the african-american community, they said there was no justice for their kids. there was a kid who was shot on his front porch, nobody bothered to figure out who did it. when i came into office, we worked with committee groups, put up billboards and we found the shooter and put her -- put him in jail. one girl was shot through the window. what changes did we make? we diversify the office in a big way. worked with the innocence project to make sure we do better with eyewitness id. as your president, i will make sure we don't just do the first step act with criminal sentencing, we moved to the second step act. 90% of the people who are incarcerated, let's reduce the
8:27 am
sentences for nonviolent offenses let them vote when they get out of prison. host: that was from last night. with more, here is john mcardle. plenty of action on the stage last night. an interesting moment during the commercials. perhaps our viewers saw this commercial that ran from the new faces gop. it is a group -- a republican , aiming to elevate the next generation of republicans, according to its website. the advertisement starts with a photo of alexandria ocasio-cortez bursting into flames as she said this is the face of socialism. new faces gop tweeting about the let aocement, will we be the face of our future or will we have new republicans
8:28 am
lead us? plenty of reaction to that, including from congresswoman howe exam drill cost seal cortez, herself, -- from alexandria o'connor seal cortez, herself. she said life israel and plenty isother -- she said life real and there were plenty of other reactions. new jersey, independent line, we will hear from edward. hello. i would like to understand, how do people justify that health insurance ceos are making $14 million? do people think it would be better if these people made $500,000 to run private insurance?
8:29 am
anre are people died because insurance company denied him coverage. this does not make any sense. host: are the candidates addressing that issue for you? caller: it should be government run. should be a nonprofit industry to take care of health insurance. biden, when he made the statement this is america so health insurance is going to cost more, what base is he trying to talk to when he makes a statement like that? people in this country can't afford a $500 bill. caller is from pennsylvania. caller: good morning.
8:30 am
i am concerned about joe biden. i was for joe until last night. he did not finish his sentences. to --bled on when it came i forget what he was talking about. he said to put your children to bed and turned a record player on. know hasking, nobody i a record player anymore. his thought pattern scares me. maybehinking about putting my support behind i noteth warren, except my taxes are going to go up if i do that. let me ask you something, how come on c-span, lately, there has not been one mention -- fbierday they said the assistant director was going to be indicted. talke not heard c-span
8:31 am
about that subject. this is scary to me as a democrat. i think they are sandbagging and six months before the next and that bill barr group will come out and drop all kinds of indictments and they are going straight up to the top. they say they were meetings in the white house. story that came out yesterday, grand jury taking a look at that, as well. today, because of the format we have, we are taking a look at the debate. maybe we can find a couple of stories for you to read on that so we can cover that issue. florida, republican line, hello. caller: hi. i was listening to the show this morning and people need to stay on topic about the debate last issue, i amun
8:32 am
thatised people think taking everyone's guns away, we have been hearing that from the republican party forever. they want to take your guns. nobody wants to take everybody's guns away. everyone has a right to protect their home and person. nobody is coming into your home to take the guns. assault rifles is what they meant. that is what they were talking about last night. say herourke did not wanted to take your gun. there is a difference between that and assault rifles. host: you are ok with beto o'rourke's approach, focusing on one type of weapon? caller: they have already had a van on assault rifles in this country, just let it lapse. it already happened and mass murders went down. it is a factual thing. going in and swarming people's
8:33 am
,omes, i am a passionate person he is passionate about what he talks about and i understand his passion might get away from him. he made it sound like they were going to send out armed individuals to confiscate weapons and that sounds hysterical. i did not like the way he said it, but at the same time i understood his concept. a better concept and he is more,, we will buy back the weapons but it will be mandatory. i believe there should be a band on assault weapons. a viewer asking about andrew mccabe. because we dedicated this time to looking at the debate, here is john mcardle with an update. john: i believe the caller who called in was from florida. usa today is available around the country. federal prosecutors recommended
8:34 am
seeking criminal charges against andrew mccabe. the former deputy director of the fbi and a frequent target of criticism by president trump. the u.s. attorney in washington recommended moving forward with unspecified charges against andrew mccabe. decisionr appealed the to deputy attorney general jeffrey rosen who rejected the request. the story notes the decision clears the way for prosecutors to ask a grand jury to indict andrew mccabe, but it is unclear if that would happen. host: from twitter, he said it comes to candidates joe biden will be the nominee. yanger tweet says andrew offers capitalistic principles with a social framework, putting
8:35 am
money in the hands of people to rebuild. rebecca said mayor pete gets my vote. another viewer, bob from rhode island, said mayor pete was excellent. his line i would like to see mr. trump make a deal with xi jinping. candidate we need for real change and to you not a country. independent line, we will hear from tina next from massachusetts. caller: hi. thank you so much for taking my call. i want to say first that i agree with the previous caller from florida in terms of the gun control. i really appreciated beto's comment yesterday. one thing i would ask people who are afraid of what beto said is 47's -- ak-47sar
8:36 am
and ar-15's? we -- our police forces who are currently investigating nonviolent drug offenses and perpetuating the war on drugs, we could very easily solve the issue of the bad guys always getting the guns, anyway. tocould allocate more forces combating that. we would not have to worry about having these crazy assault gunss and all of these that cause massive destruction. host: were you surprised that beto o'rourke said what he said about those type of weapons last night? caller: i was not surprised. tragedy really horrible happen in his hometown.
8:37 am
i agree with what he said. he was speaking from the heart. anwas also speaking on intellectual level. there is no reason why we need to have ak-47s and ar-15s on the street. it is a big business. the gun industry is huge. i think people want to get bigger and better guns all the time but you don't need them. host: let's go to eric and north carolina, democrats line. you are on, go ahead. caller: thanks for taking my call, i love the program and the debate. , yout wanted to express know, when people are not being paid a living wage, people are
8:38 am
going to do desperate things. they are going to resort to criminal activity. everything.ation is when you are paying somebody the federal minimum wage, which is a and when you take the taxes out of it, you are walking home with five dollars per hour. it is simple math. it is by design, i think, that the wage is such that it is causing people to do things they would not normally do for self-preservation. host: which of the candidates is best addressing the issue? caller: i don't think they are. way, all of them are, but when you hear people calling in that are fortunate to , and the costre of health care is just outrageous.
8:39 am
at the end of the day, if you are making five dollars per hour, how can you afford these ridiculous medical bills? you have to give people a chance to survive. host: would you advocate for something like medicare for all, which some of the candidates have proposed? caller: i would. republicans right now -- i don't even want to say that. i am just an american. i don't want to pay for somebody else's situation. else finds himself in a precarious position, i can't afford this and i am losing this and i am losing that, there has to be some type of -- we all have to get together and help each other out. sad that is what we have come to.
8:40 am
line,texas, republican dennis, go ahead. caller: good morning. one thing i always like about you is you always seem to come back at the callers. i wish one time at these debates that all of these ideas the democrats are coming up with, why doesn't one person asked them how do you expect to get just one thing through the senate? the answer is zero. none of these things will ever be approved in america. there might be some tweaks, but not one of these ideas that any of these candidates ever make it through united states congress and nobody ever asks that question to them. can i get your opinion on what you think, if any of those would ever get through? host: let me ask you, with what you hear about proposals from the democratic candidates, can any of them be modified enough
8:41 am
to make it through the u.s. senate in your opinion? caller: look at what is going on now. we can even do simple gun laws. we have been working on this immigration think for 20 or 30 years and all of a sudden we are going to go to a massive extreme for these people overnight. it is not going to happen. let's go to john mcardle. john: no tweets yet from the president this morning. he spent yesterday evening talking to house republicans at the house republican strategy retreat. some tweets from some candidates who were on the stage last night, including from the camp of senator kamala harris. this is from the communications director for kamala harris, showing a picture of kamala harris with cory booker. two of the hardest working people in showbiz. we see cory booker every single
8:42 am
morning after the debates. after the debate, kamala harris with the criticism about questions that were asked, sing the debate was three hours long and not one question about abortion or reproductive rights. a democratic congressman from california asking why do we have an entire democratic debate without a question about raising pay? as democrats, we cannot forget that. some praise for candidates and the questions. a senator from connecticut, an active member of the community tweeting if you are part of the anti-gun violence movement in this nation, you should be filled with pride. gun policy was front and center at the democratic debate. that is because our movement cannot be ignored. a tweet from a democratic house member, black women are four times more likely to die from
8:43 am
preventable pregnancy complications than white women. we have a health crisis in this country and i'm glad to hear beto o'rourke raise this public health issue and tonight's democratic debate. host: tampa, florida. democrat line. hello. caller: hi, thank you for taking my call. i listened to the last three of your callers, whether they are republican, independent or democratic, i believe in what they say. gina had an excellent point with gun control. lastised beto o'rourke night, even if he's not my favorite candidate. what he said, you can see in the way he delivered it, he is passionate, he is serious and he means what he says. to me, we should have that in every candidate. those who get up there and promise something that we know as everyday average americans,
8:44 am
that yeah, yeah, you say but it is not going to happen. the other caller said you will never get it to the senate and i agree. we need to address that situation. don't make promises you know will not come forth. we noted -- we need a better way of doing this. i agree with the other caller on health care. it is ridiculous. i was a working woman, i have been working since i was 14. i became disabled at age 50. i lost everything. i can't afford to do half of the things i need to do. host: who is your favorite candidate? caller: right now i am stuck between three of them -- elizabeth warren, beto o'rourke and pete buttigieg. i was disappointed in joe biden last night and julian castro for attacking joe biden the way he did.
8:45 am
the other thing i wanted to say is all of the people -- i am trying to stay away from party. all of the americans who think we should not have any gun control because they are worried about their second amendment right, what about the right to live? said before you go, you beto was not your favorite candidate, between elizabeth buttigieg, who has the edge? caller: elizabeth warren. host: why? caller: i think she is vibrant, intelligent, she has the fire in her belly to fight and work for the things she is saying she has a plan for. if we can get together and put away the republican and democratic party fighting, maybe we could come together and find a common ground and solve some problems.
8:46 am
tweak them where the democrats want it, tweak them where the root publicans -- where the republicans wanted so we find common ground. host: wisconsin, independent line, good morning. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. i was wondering, when obamacare was installed congress voted to opt out of it. i wonder how many of these voted to opt out of obamacare and what they will do if medicare for all is installed. if they will have a separate insurance policy for the politicians. thank you. , republican florida line, you are next up. joe in tampa, florida, hello? we will move on to nick and paterson, new jersey, independent line. caller: i agree that a living
8:47 am
wage is one of the most important issues that will face the american public. we have a stifling debt being acquired from medical costs, horrendous stories of people for two fingers being severed in an accident and they have to pay over $1000 to be fixed and only being able to pay for one. medicare and the lack of it will cripple most american homes. there are people working three jobs in this country and the only candidate that is consistently speaking about this medicare for all program is bernie sanders. elizabeth warren also talks about it, what the problem is americans need to understand who the campaign contributors are. this is very important. you need to look at who is funding the candidates because
8:48 am
that money will affect what they do in office. host: tell our audience who is funding those two campaigns in your mind. you cannot in my mind, look up who is giving money to each candidate. host: give us examples of each. caller: elizabeth warren has been in talks with people in the former clinton camp and insurance companies who stand to lose in the case of bernie presidency, such as blue cross blue shield and other corporations like that, who have been giving to certain candidates. host: like senator sanders? senator sanders, no insurance company has been giving to his campaign. if elected, he would stand for the american people on that platform. host: one more candidate to hear from. this is senator cory booker, who
8:49 am
spent part of his time during the debate talking about the criminal justice system. [video clip] >> our criminal justice system is so savagely broken. there is no difference between races using drugs and dealing drugs, but if you're african-american you are four more times more likely to be arrested. we have a criminal justice system the treats you better if you are rich and guilty that if you are poor and innocent. we can now show there are 17,000 people unjustly incarcerated in america and all of us should come forward and say when we are president of the united states, we will release them. i lead in the united states senate the only major bipartisan bill passed for criminal justice reform. it has led to thousands of people coming out of jail. of the u.s. senate city sentences are too long and
8:50 am
we change it but did not make it retroactive, we could literally point to the people in jail unjustly right now. everyone on this stage should say we will give clemency to the 17,000 people and i challenge you, don't just say big statements, back it up with details for the people in prison looking at one of the ideals of this nation, liberty and freedom. we need to reform the system and we must do it now. [applause] california,d, republican line. caller: good morning. i wanted to point out this morning the article became yesterday the wall street journal where they said elizabeth warren's plan, she is going to decimate the american economy, she is going to ruin everyone's retirement plan, the lifetime savings of everyone. she is going to tax us to death and then say i did not mean to
8:51 am
do that. host: you are concerned about her being one of the top contenders in the race? caller: oh, yes. yesterday she dodged and dodged. she would never say how she would do that. at least bernie sanders said he would tax us to death. elizabeth warren would not go there. host: independent line, steve from connecticut, hello. caller: good morning. i wanted to make a couple of comments, one being on this term gun violence. a gun sitting on a table somewhere loaded is not really violent. it is people violence. we need to change that term to people violence. start to tiptoe around the fact that there are people who are upset in this country and they do these
8:52 am
horrible things. it is not actually the guns. host: what did you think about the candidates' approach to it less that? caller: i think they were off the mark. i think many of them are somewhat hysterical about it. it really needs to be termed people violence. host: let's hear from eddie in georgia, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. everybody wants free health care. health care costs a lot of money. you have people who smoke cigarettes, who overeat, who drink and think they should have free health care. health care is something you have to earn. you can't have all these people with these unhealthy lifestyles coming up looking for free health care. host: what you think about the
8:53 am
proposals from health care from the candidates? caller: i don't like any of them. host: why not? caller: if everybody would take care of their health, health care would not be as expensive as it is today. host: let's go to john mcardle. john: there will be a lot of attention being paid to the polling coming out of this third democratic debate. it lets our viewers know where things stand. there average of all the polls out there. the polling average shows joe biden is slitting bernie sanders by 9.5 points. berniebiden is leading
8:54 am
sanders by 9.5 points. we will see how that changes. to give you a sense of where things stood historically, with 417 days to go before the primary voting begins, -- 417 days to go before the election, that is. this is the washington post twitter page, which looks at this date in history. primary008 democratic at this point, hillary clinton obama by 19.3rack points. in the 2008 gop primary, rudy giuliani led senator john mccain by 4.8 points. ink perry led by 10.5 points 2012 but mitt romney went on to
8:55 am
win. in the 2016 democratic primary, hillary clinton led by 21.4 points and then went on to win the race. primary, donald trump led by 10.5 points. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. because buzzer ready you are going to cut me off. you keep asking about the democratic policy on health care, did you forget what was promised by the president and every republican that ran? we are going to repeal and replace. did you forget that? host: we are addressing what the candidates said last night about health care. you can apply what you are saying to that, go ahead. caller: why are we still talking about it? president trump made the
8:56 am
promise, we are going to repeal and replace. they did nothing for two years while they had control of the house and senate. host: what about the proposals like medicare for all? thank you. the senators away health care for life, you will see a change. that is what i said before and i am saying it again. lobbyists that were on, sitting there getting paid. that money should be going to the american people. everyone gets free health care. host: let's go to north carolina. hi., independent line, caller: good morning. what i got from the debate last night is what fools the candidates think we are. the government has promised for
8:57 am
years and done nothing. host: you can elaborate if you wish. batch ofhen the first immigrates -- immigrants were made legal. host: how does that apply specifically to last night's debate? caller: they are playing us for a bunch of fools. the government has done nothing for the people. years, walmart employees have not had insurance because they were not paying employees enough to afford it. host: the house will move into a pro forma session in just a few minutes. line, bill,mocrats go ahead. caller: what i am talking about on the gun control, here we have trump not willing to do anything
8:58 am
on gun control, which is killing thousands of children and adults. kids, hes killed some is ready to ban the whole thing. if the nra was defending the vaping thing, he would not be banding it. host: the democratic debate, what you think that was said about gun issues? caller: i believe the need to ban assault weapons. stop any further purchasing of assault weapons, those are word guns, maybe we have a chance somewhere down the road. host: college park, maryland, democrats line. caller: i am calling in about gun control had been to all. as far as gun control is concerned, to me -- additional
8:59 am
background checks and stopping the assault guns should be done immediately. it is, from what i understand, a fact that most of the percentage of people who are dying through illegal guns are from background checks, no background checks. i think that should be done. make on can a company the expense of other people's lives? host: is there a democratic candidate who is best addressing that for you? that is best addressing that issue for you? caller: no, not really. somewhat, but not entirely, no. they say that they want gun control. you understand that they have these bills in congress. host: apologies, only because
9:00 am
the house of representatives is coming back in its cook for -- pro forma session. when we come back, and a session about country music with ken burns.


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