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tv   Vice President Pence at House Republican Retreat  CSPAN  September 13, 2019 3:19pm-4:02pm EDT

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leadership from hitler's, no gas chambers, and the last point is that this was all made up by jews. eastern, at 5:00 discussion about shakespeare's influence on u.s. politics. at 6:00 on american artifacts, norman rockwell museum traveling exhibit on fdr and the four freedoms. explore our nations passed on american history tv, every weekend on c-span3. vice president mike pence spoke today about the white house agenda. this week congressional races in north carolina, and the 2020 election. he addressed the house republicans annual retreat and more. -- in baltimore. pence: how are y'all doing? appreciate you coming out to hear me speaking at lunch, it's a treat. [laughter] >> i know most of us did not get the opportunity to watch the
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presidential debate last night because we were watching the current and future president of the united states, donald trump, talk to us about the great things we have done working with him to get this country and economy back on track and the great things we will do not only with donald trump in the next term, but with the republicans in the majority in the house in the next trump administration. you can applaud that, too. while that was going on, the democrats continue the radical move toward the socialist left and we are about to hear from somebody, as you are looking at the people on the stage, one of them may be the democratic candidate for president of the united states, whoever they put up on that stage, their big challenge will be they will have to go up against the gentleman i'm about to introduce, and that is our dear friend, a man of the house, mike pence of indiana.
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you remember when mike served in the house. a lot of you were not there when he served in the house. kevin and i were. during that time, he served in a lot of different roles. i am proud to share that we were both former chairman of the republican study committee, a role that mike had from 2006 until 2008. it was after that that i really got to see and know the mike pence that we know today as the vice president of the united states. and that is when he served as our conference chair. during those first two years of barack obama's presidency -- a top time for the country -- but a time when republicans really have to figure out how to fight to preserve the things that we believe in while you have a president trying to take our country in a different direction. it was during those two years that you saw mike pence shine on a national stage, where so many more people around the country got to see the mike pence that we knew in the house of representatives, as a conservative battler for the
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prisoners also does principles we believe in, but he was a happy warrior, in a time when it was not easy to be a happy warrior. he helped show the country the contrast of what barack obama was doing, to where we are and what we believe in as conservatives. and he has continued to do that. he went on to be a great governor of the great state of indiana, for our friend here from indiana, you know how great of a job like did when he was governor. ,e created jobs in the midwest especially in an area of the country that was depressed. a lot of the rust belt where they were losing jobs, mike showed how to create really good jobs. to fight fornued those conservative principles that are so important to our country. and he did such a good job that he got the attention of a guy that we now know as the president of the united states. there are a lot of people that donald trump could have selected
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as vice president to be his running mate, but i thought it said a lot about donald trump, for all of those people that said you have to pick from a a swingere maybe it is state, you need the electoral votes, you should pick based on this and that, and they're all of those brilliant minds with the conventional wisdom. knew herump said, he was somebody that came out of politics, had never served in elected office before, he was a business leader, a successful heiness leader at that, but wanted to select somebody who had experience in the governmental arena, somebody who did not own a great job as a member of congress, so he knew the house, was respected by people of congress because he walked the halls of congress, was an effective legislator, but also somebody as an executive running a state successfully, running a state that knew how to make government work or people, because that has really been the heart of the success of the
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trunk-pence administration. they are fighting for the forgotten men and women of this country, and they are actually delivering results for the hard-working families of this country who have felt like because they were left behind for the previous eight years, and he has done the job incredibly well. he has been not only a trusted -- a trusted guide for the president to lean on, but also somebody who has been incredibly helpful to us. we saw him the last few days going around the state of north carolina with those two special elections. for the president came in, mike pence was there, too. he has not only been by the president side, he has been by our side helping us along the way. no better trusted ally than the president of the united states than the man i'm bringing up on stage right now, the vice president of the united states, mike pence. ♪
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vice president pence: hello, house republicans! it is great to be here. scalise,carthy, whip conference chair cheney, and rcc chair, leaders, it is great to be here at the house of republican conference retreat, elect16 days from when we a republican majority in the house of representatives and reelect president donald trump
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for four more years. [applause] i want to thank you all for the warm welcome. i bring greetings from a friend of mine, who i spoke to this morning, who spoke to you last night. i have to tell you, i hope you saw the enthusiasm and support. i'm here to tell you once again as he told you last night, president trump and i are absolutely committed to seeing a republican majority back in the united states house of representatives after 2020. [applause] and we love this leadership team, we really do. these are all friends of mine. as steve said, i served with so many of you in this room, i have served with you in this capacity now, and i just admire each and every one of the men and women in this room. but i tell you, if there is anyone in america that has
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worked harder for this republican majority, the majority and the congress in united states, then kevin mccarthy, i cannot think of it. can we all just join in and thank leader kevin mccarthy for all that he has done to fight for the ideals and values that we fight for. take a bow, kevin, would you please? [applause] we all know the man that the president likes to call the legend from louisiana, but the on his extraordinary depth station of personal courage, through incredible travail, i have come to know and you all have witnessed in your minority whip steve scalise, a man of principle, a man dedicated to the conservative agenda. he is doing a phenomenal job for this congress. let's hear it for steve scully's one more time. [applause] -- steve scalise one more time. for the whole leadership team, i had a chance to visit with you.
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thank you for what you are doing for america. i know it is a challenging time to be in the minority. when i was in congress, i was in the majority, in the minority, then in the majority again, just like you all will be. we are truly grateful to each and every one. it's a joy to be with you today. it is a special joy to be here with someone who i know is the the house.r pence in she just met with the wonderful spouses gathered here today. a tireless champion of military families. she is actually a marine corps mom yourself, and also the second lady of the united states of america. please welcome karen pence and thank her for all that she has done. [applause] karen and i do this as 18 -- a team, just as all of you do.
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if i could ask all of the spouses to stand up and show you how much we appreciate. the spouses that are standing with us every single day. thank you for what you do for america and god bless you. it really is incredible to be with you all, it really is. steve introduced me, said i am a man of the house. in those years of serving in the house of representatives, we are not only finding years in my life, but they were the culmination of aspiration. as a little boy, my only dream was to someday represent my hometown in the congress of the united states. by god's grace and the generosity of the people of eastern indiana, have the opportunity to do that. i know what a privilege this is for all of you, and i know the challenges that you have for you and your families. i just came to say thank you. ,hank you to this entire team
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and to say to each and every one of you, on behalf of the president of the united states, his vice president, our entire team, we are with you today, we will be with you tomorrow, and we will fight every day through election day for a republican we have a little foreshadow of its this week. the first person i spotted in the crowd is the newly elected congressman from north carolina's ninth congressional district, dan bishop. congratulations. we are proud to see you join this team. [applause] what an incredible day. i was out there campaigning early in the day. i had a rally early in the day. it literally drew hundreds of people. [laughter]
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then that night, tens of thousands of people turned out for this good man and this president. they turned out because president donald trump promised and house republicans delivered on an agenda that is causing a safer and more prosperous america every day. it was fun for me to watch in the media that night. i think they were thinking there was a different outcome coming down. even when we posted two great , there was actually a headline and one of the charlotte newspapers that said, republican victories bode ill for the gop.
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[laughter] ok. i'm not tired of winning yet. i'm here to say how grateful we are. when a republican held a majority in the house, you all stuck together. you have been standing together for the american people and for our agenda. .ou stood with this president holding democrats accountable for their application of leadership.
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failing to produce a budget. we have called democrats in congress up for their reckless, baseless accusations against americanident and the people are grateful for your voice of the rule of law. you have stood behind this president. with an agenda that is causing this country to be safer and more prosperous every day. --n i came to the king i wasssional retreat talking about an agenda that all of you have talked about. rebuilding the military, reviving the economy,
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strengthening the constitutional foundations of our courts. here we were standing together in early 2017 an opportunity to do just that. president trump promised and house republicans delivered. i will soon be the father-in-law of a united states navy pilot. i want to say thank you for standing with this president and rebuilding the military and the united states of america. we have increased military spending by the largest amount since the days of ronald reagan. we restore the arsenal of democracy. [applause] with that renewed american strength, america is respected in the world again.
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we see states like north korea coming to the table to discuss peace. it is not about security and common defense. it is about reviving this economy. the most powerful economy and the history of the world had only grown by less than 2%. because of house republicans in that majority in the last two years, we were able to cut more federal red tape in two years than any administration in american history. we unleash the american energy. exporter of net energy for the first time in 70 years. board taxes across the for working families and businesses. we created 6.3 million new jobs all across this country.
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[applause] you see the progress we have made. unemployment is at a 50 year low. lowest unemployment ever recorded for african-americans and hispanic americans. for women, it is at a 65 year low. those are the results that house republicans made possible because oflowest what your majoy meant in the first two years. it is remarkable when you think about what we have been able to accomplish. compare that to what people saw on the debate stage last night. in a booming american economy where people's 401(k)s are , where unemployment is
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at 850 year low, millions of new jobs created for the first time ever recorded, there are more job openings than there are , therelooking for work was not one single question in the debate last night about the economy. not one single question. before i lost interest, i was trying to keep track of what was going on. i heard my predecessor said that he was answering a question about his years in the white and he said i am the vice president of the united states. let me be clear, i am the vice president of the united states of america. [applause]
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we got that out of the way. [laughter] did you check that agenda last night? when they weren't talking about socialized medicine, they were talking about open borders. when they weren't talking about higher taxes, they were talking about gun control. you had candidates talking about taking firearms away from law-abiding citizens. people deserve to note that this president and this vice president and this house republicans will always stand for the second amendment right to bear arms. [applause] the truth of the matter is, this democratic party is advancing a radical agenda of the likes of which i thought i would never see in my lifetime. it has really fallen to our party to stand for common sense
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principles. a strong national defense. and accountable, limited government. a program agenda. it falls to all of us to do that. i know this house republican conference. i know this president. you look at what we have done beyond the economy and beyond national security. i cannot be more proud that this president promised to bring , to end at our border the crisis on our southern border.
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we have a crisis on our southern border. president trump promised to address it. you stood with the president through a government shutdown. we spent the entire christmas season on capitol hill. i was shuttling back-and-forth, talking to the leadership of the democratic party. we were trying to get them to the table. they were all to nine that there was even a need. you were there to support the president when he declared a national emergency on our southern border and house republicans hit the airwaves to
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hisort this president using executive authority to redirect federal funds to build a wall. once democrats figured out that there was not a manufactured ,risis, it was actually real you stood strong with us. we made it clear to mexico that things -- they needed to step up. thanks to president trump's stronghip and your support, apprehensions at our southern border are down by 60%. mexico is doing more.
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2 the truth is that we have done -- made progress on our southern border. even in the minority you have been out there. you have been making an incredible difference for the country. could talk about what you have .one for veterans all you have done to stand up for the values that make this country great. i could talk about our absolute commitment. we heard last night all of the talk about socialized medicine. republicanlect this majority and this president, we will meet the health care challenges of the american people. we will not grow the size of government.
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we will not have socialized medicine. free marketd on the health insurance system that has created the greatest health care system that the world has ever known. now the fight lies ahead. now it is time for us to go tell our story. here to do. i came first to say thank you to you and all of your families for all of the support you provide. and the progress we have provided for the american people. i want to thank you for work you are about to do. i know it will be house republicans that lead the way for passage of the united states-mexico-canada agreement.
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momentum, thiss is a president who would like us here to believe in free trade. we engaged in negotiations with our neighbors to the north and south. it will be the largest trade deal in american history. it will create 200,000 new jobs in its early days alone. republicans are in the lead on that. we have so much more work to do. is, weth of the matter have to lay out a republican agenda in the days ahead. an agenda that makes our neighborhood safer, are middle-class bigger and more prosperous than ever before.
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yet to come. we have to put out that positive vision. back when i was in the house of representatives, i used to say, if you cannot communicate, you cannot govern. you represent some of the best communicators in america today. you are on the airwaves at home, nationally, and i encourage you to let your voice be heard. talk about what we have done for the american people. ask about what you have done a principal majority, standing up for the rule of law. moving this country forward. make it clear that as i stand , republicansmore and this president are willing to work with president --
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democrats to improve the lives of cities of baltimore. we will fix this broken immigration system once and for all. .e will secure our border we will put american workers first. we will be the party that provides for the common defense today and tomorrow. americaensure that remains dominant on the earth and the land and the sea and the sky. and in the vast expanse of space. we will launch the united states space force. just be ready to let your voice
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be heard. let them know that beyond all of that, we are just getting started in getting this economy moving again. one of the most amusing things i hear traveling around the the presidentll to keep going forward. there are a lot of things that you might have to say to president trump. but you never have to tell him to keep going forward. indiana, allack in the reverse is stripped out of that pickup truck. it only goes forward and we will fight to make this economy more prosperous than you can possibly imagine. [applause] but we need a republican majority to do it. just need to be that plane about it in the next year and a half. talk about what we did in those first two and a half years.
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i have been through a few presidential elections. i have seen different presidential candidates. you have a president who believes in a team. what we will do for the american people, for greater prosperity and security and more tax relief and more regulatory reform and more energy independence, we will do together. by reelecting president donald trump for four more years and of electing a republican majority and the united states house of representatives. that is how we will do it. haschoice in this election never been clearer. the stakes have never been higher. democrat party today is dominated by left wing liberals who want higher taxes, open borders, free health care for
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illegal immigrants. the green new deal. .ate-term abortion it is astonishing. they are out of step with the american people at a level i've never seen before. they openly advocate an economic system that is impoverished billions and the last century and robs the liberty of generations. i watched that question last night that bernie sanders got about venezuela. he went on to defend what he called democratic socialism in
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the wake of the abject poverty and deprivation and our own hemisphere in cuba and in venezuela. truly is astonishing. we don't have to just when the next generation. we have to explain to this that it was freedom, gave us them, that most prosperous nation in the world. not socialism, that ended slavery, 12 world and has america stand as a beacon of hope for all the world. the moment america becomes a socialist country is the moment of america ceases to be america.
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for the next 416 , as the president said in his state of the union address america wille, never be a socialist country. we will not allow it. [applause] you were there when he said it. it echoed across the country. every time the american people are given a choice between more government and more freedom, they choose freedom every time. we strengthened our military.
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nearly 150 new conservative of points -- a pointed to our courts at every level, including justice neil gorsuch and justice brett kavanaugh. [applause] we have to go tell the story. know that we will be with you every step of the way. i'm incredibly proud of the efforts this president has put forth. he and i stand out all across the country over the past two ways and fought our forward. we will continue fighting. all the way to electing a republican majority in 2020.
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it will be rough along the way. there will be bumps. inn i was campaigning kentucky, it was a tough race. a lot of people counted him out. he pulled it out. president trump and i were proud to stand with him every step of the way. [applause] not that it was always easy. rightl never forget, after we did a little event, he said, the you want to stop by this one horse farm and see a triple crown winner named american pharoah? incredible horse. i grew up in indiana watching the kentucky derby. i thought, that will be great. and i like horses. karen and i like to go horseback riding every chance we get. so we went over to this very fancy kentucky farm. this you chores, american pharoah.
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this huge horse, american pharoah. i said, let me hold him. we were standing there posing for all of the cameras. and at american pharoah bit me so hard on the arm, i almost collapsed. [laughter] smiledgrit my teeth and because, in our line of work, you're going to get it sometime but you keep fighting forward and we did. [applause] he brought it across. we are going to be there. be using.all going to -- easy. we know the other side is going
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to come hard. it gets rough out and politics. sometimes i get up in the morning and i turn on the television with a stick. i don't even know what is going to be on there. in the midst of all of it, it is voices like yours that means so much to this president and this vice president. to know we have principled men and women willing to stand in the gap, for a president to is putting everything on the line to turn this country around. who delivered for the american people every day since he was elected. you have been they're not just on the floor of the house of representatives but on the airwaves of america. it has made an incredible difference. want you to know how grateful people everybody across the country are for all of you. i want to encourage you to stay
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after it. i truly believe the american people are with us. whatever you are hearing in the public debate and the national media, everywhere i go, i hear that. the gratitude the american people feel for the progress this president has been able to make. thatabsolutely convinced if all of us do all that we can in this 416 days that lie ahead to support this president and keep this company -- country moving forward, if we reelect this great republican majority in the house of representatives and the senate and reelect this president to four more years, , withsolutely sure republicans back in the majority in the congress and with president donald trump and the help,house and with god's we will keep delivering for the
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american people. we will make this country safer and more prosperous than ever before. help, you're strong and courageous stand, his leadership and with god's help, we will keep america great. thank you. god bless you for your service. god bless america. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] jill biden will be in dover, new hampshire this weekend to help open a field office for the campaign. you can watch that saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern. you can also follow coverage and with the free app. congress is back next week. five u.s. senators have announced that they will not
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seek reelection. retiring along with democrat tom udall of new mexico. of the houseverage here on c-span and the senate on c-span2 when they return next week. >> and a new book, malcolm thinksl details why he people make inaccurate judgments about people they do not know. step out of the car. i will drag you out of here. get out of the car. is imprisoned for resisting arrest and two days later she hangs herself and her cell. a tragic and unexpected result. that exchange that we saw, that goes on and on and on, we saw a when inippet of it,
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first saw that online, that is when i realized what i wanted to write about. downu break that exchange moment by moment, you see multiple failures of understanding, empathy, a million things. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern. saturday, on book tv, at 11:00 p.m. eastern, neil gorsuch discusses his book. >> madison knew this when he wrote the constitution. those are just promises. he did not think we needed a bill of rights if we got the constitution and the structure and the separation of powers right. he knew that men are not angels. the key to your liberty is keeping power separated. >> then on sunday, at 9:00 a journalist reports on
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how labs in china manufactured drugs. >> in the old days, if you are a scientist at a university, you publish your paper and it went into some university library. pretty obscure. but in the internet age, all of these papers were published online. >> and publicly available. >> exactly. chemists began looking for these files specifically for these papers to go through them and appropriate the chemical formula to learn how to make these new drugs. >> at 10:00 eastern, a firsthand account of migrant families on the southern border. thatvocates have said
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hundreds of boys had been separated and warehouse and walmart. i want to find out about it. they decided they did not want to see what was going on. they called the police. the video went viral and all of the sudden all of america was hearing about cages and secret warehousing of migrant children. >> watch book tv every weekend on c-span2. next, representatives from the banking and financial security and consumer protection industries testify about consumers digital identities. this task force on artificial intelligence is 90 minutes.


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