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tv   Washington Journal Sebastian Gorka  CSPAN  September 15, 2019 7:19pm-8:01pm EDT

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different candidates. because of c-span, i had the be able to film some of this. announcer: this year, we are asking middle school and high school students to create a short video documentary answering the question, mode -- what issue do you want presidential candidates to address during the campaign? include video and reflect differing points of view. we are awarding 100,000 dollars in total cash prices, including a $5,000 grant price. passionate and discuss your view, no matter how large or small you think the audience will receive it to be. know that in the greatest country in the history of the earth, your view matters. announcer: for more information, go to our website. our guess now is sebastian
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gorka, the former deputy assistant to the president and a staff member. good to welcome you back. guest: thank you. host: pictures like this all over the news, this from saudi arabia, smoke pouring from the aramco facility after an attack on saturday. the who the rebels claimed responsibility. the secretary of state here, mike pompeo, views it a little bit differently. he is pointing directly to iran during if that is true, what should the response the? -- be? guest: exactly what the president has been doing. one of the key things we did when i was in the white house is we ended the disastrous jcpoa a ron deal we inherited from the obama administration, continuing a sanctions package against iran. the phrase we have the white house's behavior modification. iran is one of the most dangerous, and it uses the
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houthis to further its mission. host: considering and iran attack that would break the regime's back. guest: i do not agree with the mp. he is a little bit too keen to use military force. that seems to be has reaction. we are seeing that they are desperate. they just said they want to see a complete drop of sanctions. they will do certain measures in the oil industry as a result. they are feeling the squeeze. the economy is on the brink. keep the pressure on current we do not a military reaction right now. right now, the sanctions are working. host: we will put the phone numbers on the bottom of the screen for sebastian gorka. democrats can call (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. independentss, (202) 748-8002. social media, facebook, twitter. if you want to send a text as
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is your02) 748-8003 number. our guest, sebastian gorka, is also the host of salem radio's america first program. when did this come out? guest: it is coming out on, "the war for america's soul," it comes out in two weeks. host: what do you say in the book? guest: how the obama thenistration undermined trump campaign manager what they have done on the left for the last three years with the russian revolution host, it is what working for donald trump was like. 2016 was historic, the first time we have elected a non-politician, and non-general to become commander-in-chief. my conviction is that 2020 will be even more important than 26
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was. host: here is a "new york p clashing over-- sanctions before the iran deadline. what happens, and what is the impact of this departure? guest: the impact will be minimal. the fact is donald trump has a foreign-policy stance. reaction is always nonintervention first, to bring our boys and girls home. we have had general plan, h.r. mcmaster, now john bolton. americathis changes the first policy. john is a friend of mine. i think it is disgusting with the way he was tarred with the brush of being a warmonger. there will be a new security advisor, and we will move on. host: why have the president had three national security advisers in three years? guest: again, do you know how many ronald reagan had in the first two.
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the idea that people stay in the white house for a long time -- a year and a half is the average. it is like dog years. it is like serving 20 years in of administration. the clinton administration collapsed in the first nine months of the first year. they had to replace key members of the administration feared these are tough jobs, and the president, as someone is way to me, there are people who served with purpose, their time comes, they execute a mission, and then the president moves on. it is really how d.c. works. host: lots more talk about was sebastian gorka. victor, you're up first in maryland on the republican line. the morning, victor. caller: good morning, dr. gorka. guest: victor is one of my regular callers. i recognize his voice. caller: [laughs] good morning, c-span did one of the things donald trump different country is to make us independent
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we do not have to worry about the middle east anymore, because our own oil and we are drilling for it, we are producing it, we do not have to put up with the watermelons that want to get us on wind power, which stops when the wind stops blowing, no electricity, as trumppoints out. i love the way rush limbaugh environmentalhe wackos, watermelons, green on the outside, red on the inside, and during football season, i used to hear them do the environmental football picks, and they were a lot of fun to hear, and i won a lot of football pools because of his environmental wacko football picks. guest: look, victor, the fact is we are energy independent and energy exporters for the first time since the founding of our republic, and the absurdity, the asinine vision of having a democrat candidates in the
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debate this week say they are going to ban fracking, i think alexandria ocasio-cortez saying you need to ban internal combustion engines, no more flying planes, just as we have become energy independent shows the reality of the president's these people,us you're right, watermelons, they are only as green as much as the rind. inside, deep, deep socialist red. host: some type of gun legislation was sent to the hill this week. where are you on the gun issue? what would you expect in terms of the new law? guest: i am a huge second amendment advocate. on my show, we dedicate a whole hour to the second amendment every week. concerns, because there is a pattern in all of the recent shootings, a pattern of young men who live normal lives
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and then all of a sudden kill a dozen people. they have patterns in their lives in which they run into trouble with the law, and the parkland shooting, i have the father of one of the parkland 41 negativey show, interactions with law enforcement with no consequences. known the recent killers in high school to be in possession of a rape and kill li -- i donothing happens not want to see more legislation, because you cannot legislate against psychosis. what we need as local authority to do their job, whether it is high school principals, medical professionals, or local law enforcement. make local authorities liable for the deaths of anybody that is killed in a mass shooting, because they did not do their job. they did not see some action to prevent these kinds of killings. host: to the independent line, henry, in michigan, good
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morning. caller: good morning. sebastian, i do not know why they keep having you on here, because you are so predictable -- guest: in america, it is called the first amendment, my friend. caller: absolutely. first of all, i would like to commend you for befriending and your work with the special ed community. victor seems to be a good project of yours. guest: victor, the last caller, so you werean, making fun of someone with a disability, but that is typical for the plus, carry on. caller: probably in more ways than one. guest: carry on with your insults of americans, go on, henry. caller: sebastian, i would like to first of all say if you think about it, one of the most racist times in american history, if you go to any city, and you stand at a freeway overpass, and of 6:00 in the hours
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the morning until 10:00 in the morning, and from 2:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon, you will see the most racist time. calledon in chief has baltimore "a rat infested city." our cities have problems, but it seems like the worst problem our cities have is we have white suburbanites coming into our city, stealing our jobs, taking our tax money and our revenue, and then running back to the suburbs, there, andeir grift then denigrating our people in the inner-city. do you support the us tariffs? do you support white farmers being ruined and put on where welfare? are you going to talk about farmers like you talk about the people in the inner-city being
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put on welfare? host: let's get a response from sebastian gorka? respond todo you make somebody who made fun of somebody with a handicap, like victor. the idea that we have a racist -- no, we had a racist american when we had obama as commander-in-chief, he saw people only based on their skin color. henry could not care -- we have these are all democratic talking points your we have the lowest black unemployment and generations, lowest in hispanic sense record-keeping began in fairfax do not matter for the left. facts are optional. i worked for donald trump, and he does not see color. he is remarkably colorblind. he wants to things for all americans. you to be safe, and he wants you to be prosperous, a irrespective of
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skin color, and it is callers like you, henry, who insults host: black americans. host: rhonda on the republican line for mr. gorka. hello, rhonda. caller: hello. guest: hi. caller: how are you? a democrat for over 40 years, and i could see that nothing was being done, so in 2016, i changed to a republican, and i am so glad that i did. i think donald trump is doing a marvelous job, and i wish people , you stop badmouthing him know, calling him names and putting him down. let him do his job. i mean, this is ridiculous. democratsck of the always throwing negative things out there about our president, you know, give him a chance. guest: right. caller: he has proven over and over that he can get the job done. host: thanks for calling,
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rhonda. sebastian gorka, what would be your best argument for the reelection proposal? guest: [laughs] the real world you are welcome, rhonda come over to the side of truth insanity. attackings about people because you have no policies. as i talk about in my book "the it isr america's soul," not an accident that hillary --nton intern for solo that she ran her paper at wellesley on him, it is not an accident that the only photo you can find of presiden president "ruless him diagramming for radicals." they have no arguments. when the platform is to keep borders open hand to provide taxpayer-funded medical insurance for illegal aliens, platform, it is
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insanity, so they attack, attack, attack. things are going to look very good for the president in just over 400 days. int: the "washington post," the opinion pages today, if you missed it, bring back the presidential primaries. asked what they have in common, that they are running again, they run many have dates, canceled their nominating contest for 2020, so what does that say. loyalistsat the trump canceled the primaries and caucuses, claiming the president will win by a landslide, and therefore it is a waste of money, but, they write, since when article numbers the basis for deciding whether to give voters a chance to choose their leaders, much like their president.
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answer, we don't. guest: we have been doing it many, many times, democrats have ve republicans. this is the academy of fake news. is "washington post" publishing an article co-authored by joe walsh, who tweeted out the birther movement. that is fake news. host: a democratic caller, hi, you are on with sebastian gorka. underreportedder fact or i that a person that united states treasury department, who is in charge of the sanctions against iran, happens to be an israeli citizen. not find that problematic, but given the recent article in the "new york times" by ronan birdman, documenting how the israelis trying to drag the united states
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into conflict with iran, i kind of they have this is germane, this kind of conversation, and i remind you of a quote by the late senator fritz hollins in may of 2004, in which invaded toq was secure israel, and everybody knows it. that is a quote. benefit us could with your knowledge in that area. thanks a lot, and have a nice day. guest: happy to. this, again, is so, so disturbing. i do not know if this person exists, but what he has done is demonstrated the innate anti-semitism of today's democratic party. what this caller just did is bring up the harvard, anti-semitic cliché of dual loyalties, just like rashida tlaib did. the fact that you have alexandria ocasio-cortez, rashida tlaib, proud anti-semite in the democratic party, the
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face of the democratic party, supporters of the outrageous boycott, the sanction movement, with basically questioned the legitimacy of the israeli state, our closest ally in the middle east, who actually questioned the loyalties of congressmen and women who happened to also be jewish is where we are today. if you want to see institutionalized racism, anti-semitism,n and he just gave us an example. host: let's head back overseas. the white house says osama bin laden's son was killed in a u.s. operation. what is the impact here? most cases now, now that it is 2019, we are a generation from the september 11 attacks made is less a question of the functional impact, yes, they had a role in fight al qaeda, but it is a symbolic one. this is what i call phase two of the global war on terrorism. you have to attack the hypocrisies of the organizations that do you harm, but most
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important of all, the will to fight, and once you kill osama bin laden's son, who was seen as the heir apparent, you do the deathblow to the proceeds. host: i want to show you the "washington post" magazine, today they focus on afghanistan, 16 years of war, america is finally on the right of leaving afghanistan during the sacrifices and cost seven staggering. was it all worth it? what is your answer? aest: we do not have constant, strategic plan for afghanistan. i visited afghanistan, four different provinces after 9/11, and what we saw is under the bush and obama administration, , the income at 12 months plan would change, and it is hard to win a game if it changes . afghanistan matters today for the same reason that mattered in october 2001.
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that piece of real estate in never be usedt to execute mass casualties in the u.s. that is the only reason. it is not to build hospitals or finish what not even the soviets could finish, it is to make sure that they could not harbor terrorists. strategic sanity, and this president is bringing it to afghanistan. a lotthe president took of heat for negotiating or wanted to negotiate with the taliban before they called it off. what is your take on that part of the issue? guest: the taliban are bad g uys. let's be clear. there caliphate vision is very localized. the president as a pragmatist, as a patriot, knows that the afghan government has never really functioned in a western sense, the idea that the country, it never did, except for maybe seven years during the monarchy. if you want to bring some kind
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of spaces to afghanistan, you have to have the taliban at the table. your trusted -- remember, what reagan said, trust but verify, but they have to be partners on the arrangement, but when you kill american officers as well, he was absolutely correct in canceling those negotiations. host: just under 20 minutes left with sebastian gorka. grant is calling that in the nation's capital. independent caller. good morning. caller: i did not want to talk about this, but i agree with the previous caller, the question of the office of terrorism and financial intelligence, which itsc lobby to set up, and sort of string of hard-core pro-israel leaders from stuart leavy to david cohen to senegal egalate for -- single man mandecker, so i think it is
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entirely legitimate. i do not think you need to be smeared as an anti-semite to say hey, you know, these people are looking at the treasury. there are a lot of treasury positions that do not allow dual positions to work in certain areas, and that includes the federal reserve system. anyway, my real question is this -- guest: there is no such position in the u.s. government. you just know that, right? you stated a fallacy. sharp' latestemy reports, they talk about the edge that u.s. is supposed to maintain for israel, but they never seem to mentioned that israel has nuclear weapons, and the cia said that publicly in 1974. the dod released a report about the nuclear infrastructure over there. just wondering if sebastian and other pundits believe that it might be good to stop lying by omission and talking about the allocated military edge and are talking about israel as the leading state, and middle east nuclear
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proliferator instead of -- guest: "proliferator"? what are you talking about? you have got to live in the real world, grant. try it. you might actually liv and enjoy it. the idea of questioning people because they are pro-israel, since when is an incentive support democracies in the middle east to our invaluable to our intelligence efforts and to stabilizing that region. again, it is saddening, it is sickening that we have underlyingc frauds the is to c-span. i am pro is really -- pro-israel a. everything i have written is to support the jewish people. the idea that someone in government supports israel, yeah, and we support many countries, israel is one of them, but to question people enlist their names because they have jewish names, only fascists
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make lists of people with jewish sounding names. stop it. robert kagan writes about israel and what he sees as the decline of the liberal order. the rise of nationalism around on world may be reflected tuesday. what is your perspective? guest: again, supporting your nation is not a bad thing. people wantt representative government, whether it is 17 million people in the u.k., whether it is trump, or whether it is people who support bibi netanyahu, the purpose of the government is to serve the people of the nation. one of the proudest moments in my last book, "why we fight," is the speech the president gave the rose garden of torres 17, i absurdus out of this climate accord because i was elected by the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. that is what every head of state
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should say and act. host: riley in ohio, democratic caller. hello. caller: thank you for accepting my call. host: you're welcome. caller: i am a registered democrat, and in this last election, i voted for trump, and i am glad i did. host: why did you vote for the president? caller: because he promised, and he held to that. he stood up to foreigners on the job. he said he would close the borders. that is what took my job, with immigrants come over here and work of these factories, they for together, and they work five dollars, six dollars an hour. let me tell you what happened to me. i lived in kentucky. when the democrats come out with that welfare stuff and giving that -- they just talk about giving. and that don't work. and i was a drunk, and i stayed
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on where fair, i had kids. at 34 years old, -- chrysler hired me at 34 years old, chrysler did. a good job, the government no longer had to give me insurance, no longer had to give me welfare, i stopped drinking, me and my wife have been together for 47 years now. i am 70 years old. things just changed in my life, -- a black, a white, we all in this country need to stick together and work with each other and forget about all and makeiscrimination these companies give you health insurance and pay you different wages. that it goes down -- i was disgusted, because i cannot even support my family in
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kentucky. you work as a backer in the field, and it pays about two dollars an hour. now, who can live on that? host: all right, thanks for calling. let's hear from our guest, sebastian gorka. guest: first thing's first, congratulations on staying clean and staying dry. god bless you. that would be an advertisement. clipcould be a campaign for 2020 that is the message of the president. as ave come together nation, irrespective of your skin color, whether you were born here or are a legal immigrant, and we pulled together to make america great again. god bless you, robbie get i think it is fascinating, paul, that we now have multiple callers who say i was a democrat, and i voted for trump, that is the silent majority that swept into the white house in 26. it has only grown in the last three years.
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host: we have about 15 minutes with our guest, sebastian gorka, who was on the trump administration's white house staff. host of america first on salem radio, and have a book coming out called "the war for ."erica's soul that last caller touching on economic themes makes me want to ask you about china and the president' current postures. first question -- what has been the damage so far in the trade dispute? the president said he would consider an interim deal with china, rather than a comprehensive deal. what is your take on this whole trade dispute? guest: i came into the white house as a strategist mostly expectation thatatio because that is what i did in the defense department. once you read the analysis, i t opened my eyes. we will deal with iran and
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russia, there is one strategic threat to this nation today, and it is kind, and i discussed that in all of my recent books. the only damage done in the trade war with china is to china. i think it is so telling that this week, what do china do? for all of the bluster of the preceding months, they said we are going to drop the tariffs on american pork and soy. as a friend of mine said, when you cannot feed your own population, it is hard to get into a trade war with the most powerful economy in the world. so this is the threat. the president understands it. he has a plan. right now, xi jinping thinks he can still play the president. foolish position for him to have, but sooner or later, they will buckle. at the heritage says, "when we sneeze economically, china catches the flu." we do not need them.
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it will be tough for a little while, but we can do without china. they desperately need us, and that is the ultimate measure. host: moving on to ryan, on the republican line in michigan. go ahead, sir. caller: a very little known farm town in southwest michigan. host: good to have you. caller: good morning, mr. gorka. it is a special privilege to be with you. i listen to you on breitbart news daily. i have been listening to you for a couple of hours. i do not normally listen to c-span, but one thing i have heard from democrat callers repeatedly as criticism of the president for really conflicting reasons, and to your point, mr. you have been talking about how the president will fight for any american, all americans, no matter where you spectrum, and how important it is for us to work together and support our president and the administration and the congeniality of getting
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along with foreign powers, the it iss of foreign nations really important because apparently the democrats do not want the president to take us to war, but they do not want the president to get along with foreign leaders, either, and that just does not make any sense. i do not have a question for you, i just wanted to say that i appreciate your voice, and thank you for having me on today. host: thanks for calling. caller: thank you, ryan, and thank you to everyone in baroda. dissonance istive high to it we have been told for three years, as soon as he became president, of course, it was not the case, but the industrial complex has said donald trump is a racist and then what do we have? we have multiple callers to c-span saying oh, who are these
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pro-israeli people in the trump administration. well, which is it? s, that havemear no founding, or is it that this president is the most pro-israeli president sense, perhaps, the founding of the pro-israeli state. this is the cognitive dissonance. as my friend says come of reality for the left is optional. host: democratic caller, nita for sebastian gorka. good morning. caller: good morning. it is such an honor to be able to talk to you. i had a few points, not the last caller from michigan, but the one before that is obviously a tlaib supporter, and i think he should be monitored, like she should. klobuchar would not announce anything, as omar did, and she is from minnesota, but she should not even be allowed on a debate stage.
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nothingt trump has done but good things, and to see them ,n the debate stage, democrats and how they reacted during the impeachment hearing the other day is disgusting, and just keep up the good fight. i would love to see you some more in a lot of different places to keep this going, keep us strong. thank you. host: thanks for calling. act, settingiciary up rules for the impeachment inquiry. will it play into the president's favor in 2020? guest: absolutely. look at the figures out there. people see through the lies of jerry nadler. a man battling a compromise, "we are setting the rules for impeachment or co- when the speaker says we are not going to impeach the president, when they say this is a bad idea, on the left, look, it is on the one hand laughable, but also it demeans the congress.
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you cannot take congress seriously, especially a democrat in congress, when robert mueller's investigation, $45 million, came to an understand standstill and collapsed like a house of cards, and now they want to increase the president. it is saddening, but that is the democrats today. host: on the campaign trail, is there one democratic concerns you about a head-to-head matchup with the president? guest: i am not really concerned, as long as they talk about taxpayer-funded medical insurance and illegal aliens and taking away your ar-15's, you know, most of americans see through them as sort of demi demagogues and totalitarias. when the "washington post" in one week and npr attacked biden, he is over. his campaign, they may as well get a fork and stick it into them. he is done.
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harris come out of the gate very thirsty, very hungry, but she was shut down because of her very troubling record in san francisco and california. as a result, badly, another socialist is probably going to get the nomination, as the president said when he launched his reelection campaign. 2020 -- a very simple decision. you can choose between socialism or liberty. it will be that binary. host: in philadelphia, a caller named ruben. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call, c-span. i was listening to sebastian gorka earlier talking to one color, and he said it was un-american for him to talk about the handicap. what about when president trump openly mocked the reporter on the campaign trail, with that on american? guest: he didn't. you really should not be a victim in a hostage to fake news. go out there and do a little bit of research. the president has used that gesture on numerous people,
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including that reporter, before reporter,that rightfully so, for his covers. the idea that he was doing it because of that person's physical condition -- it is a lie. you should look things up for yourself and not be a victim. host: ruben, anymore? caller: yes, did you get my point about how in my being anti-semitic if i am pro-israel? and what about the birther movemen? many people thought that it was criticizing our only african-american president, starting with the birther movement. guest: it had nothing to do with race. they had done it with the late, he had done it was senator cruz, they have done it with mitt romney. are any of those people black? thank you. host: let's move on to jim. caller: i had a question for
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your guests, and then i remembered something about him while i was on hold. this man wore a pin on his jacket inside of the white house that represented a military unit his grandfather or something was a part of, that joined forces with the germans to attack russia. is that true? guest: no, again, guys, do your homework. on the inauguration ball, i wor fatheral inherited by my , he was awarded the medal because he resisted the communists, was arrested at the age of 20 after having been doubled as a british agent, was tortured, and given a life sentence. again, primary sources, my friend, jim, please do your homework. thank you. host: down to our last call or
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two, south florida, pompano beach, trip, good morning. caller: good morning, guys. pleasure to be on the show. we are quite frankly dealing wit a modern -- there is no george washington, no donald trump, there is no america. -- they have a problem with his masculinity as well. he is a guy's guy, a man's man. he is dealing with the biggest rehab center. good luck. guest: he is right. i think a lot of the hatred, a lot of this against the president is because of his alpha male characteristics. they hate it. he is not a man of manhattan. people like to say he is from manhattan, no, he is the kid from queens, and he is real starting american -- reasserting american leadership. on the right, they love tradition, and the left cannot take it. host: ronald if they are from
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west jefferson, north carolina, democrat. hey, ronald. caller: hi, how are you doing this morning? host: i am fine. caller: thank you for your show. i enjoy watching. host: thank you. caller: the question i have for mr. gorka is about fuel energy exporting more fuel come almost, right, at this time, then we take from other countries. i was just wondering, you were talking about fuel efficiency dependency, and so i was wondering, how does the fact that we export more oil than we import, how does that help us here, when this tragedy that happened in saudi arabia, with the drone strike on their largest refineries, how will that make our fuel prices go up, if we are exporting our fuel to other countries? why don't we just use the fuel in our country and not import
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from venezuela and saudi arabia and iran or wherever else our fuel comes from? host: thank you, ronald cured all economics. a good question there. guest: thank you, ronald. it is not a zero-sum game. ourre independent for energy needs for the first time ever since our founding, and it that we have a surface can sell, so these are not dichotomous. e have our own energy supply, whic is incredible, which insulates us from the instability of the geopolitical environment, and we can also sell it. it is a win-win game. again, this is the difference between the left and bright clear the left is happy to divide up the pie. real worldive in the always realize is that wealth is being expanded and created. that is what has happened to our energy sector. host: we are out of time.
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gorka,st is sebastian former divisor to the president advised the visor to the trumpet meditation, host of the america first program on salem radio, and the author of the latest, his book called announcer: washington journal, with news and policy issues that impact you. monday morning, we preview the week ahead in washington with political reporter robert costa. discusses hers documentary on flint, michigan and the contaminated water supply. watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern monday morning. join the discussion. next on q&a, malcolm gladwell talks about his book, talking to strangers, about how we make judgments about people we know.
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