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  President Trump Meeting with Crown Prince of Bahrain  CSPAN  September 16, 2019 7:55pm-8:20pm EDT

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obey the emoluments clause, should conduct business with integrity, should not ridicule minorities or handicapped people were aged or anything. -- or aged. we need to restore service to all people. announcer 2: voices from the campaign trail, part of c-span's battleground states tour. back in des moines, iowa this saturday for competing -- campaign coverage of the annual state drug, beginning at 2:00 -- drive at 2:00 eastern. watch the full county iowa steak fry on or listen on the go using the radio and. -- the radio app. announcer 1: president trump is also holding a rally.
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he is in rio rancho, new mexico. watch live coverage at 9:00 eastern on c-span. online or listen on the free radio app. -- he met withe the crown prince of bahrain and talked with reporters in the white house. mr. trump: it is a great honor to be with the crown prince of bahrain. he is a good friend of mine and the country is a friend of ours. we will always be with them and they will always be with us. tremendous economic relationship, trade, and we will be discussing all of those things. we will be discussing what to place over the last two days in saudi arabia. we will be discussing the middle
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east. our relationship has never been stronger than it is right now. that is used on the relationship we have. i look forward to having a discussion. >> thank you, great pleasure. i would like to say thank you to the president for receiving me and my delegation here today. i'm here to convey the greens of his majesty and people of bahrain to strike a relationship based on shared values, where they overlap, ideals. as the president said, we will focus on discussions related to security enhancement and trade. we signed an agreement to purchase additional -- purchase our first patriot missile batteries and it could not have come at a better time. mr. trump: good to have you. >> we seek to strengthen america's ability to trade with the world and have ideas on how to do that. mr. trump: thank you. i look forward to the day and spending time with you. thank you. i will be doing a news
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conference outside the little while, part of the trip, going to new mexico and other places for 2.5 days. many of you will be with us. in particular i look forward to our meeting. [indiscernible] >> have you seen -- mr. trump: it is looking that way. we are having some strong studies done but it is looking that way at this moment. we will let you know. as soon as we find out definitively, we will let you know. iran? ou want a war with mr. trump: i don't want war with anybody. we have islamist military in the world. we have spent more than $1 trillion, nobody has ever come close. the of the best equipment in the
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world, the best missiles and with the patriot system, nothing even close. i don't want war with anybody but we are compared it. it was not the same thing 2.5 years ago. we have totally rebuilt our military in different ways but we have rebuilt it and there is nobody that has the f-35. the best fighter jets, rockets, equipment. with all of that being said we would like to avoid it. >> [indiscernible] have a lot of options but i am not looking at options now. we will find out who did this. we are dealing with saudi arabia and the crown prince and so many other of your neighbors. we will talk about it together and see what happens. >> [indiscernible] i have no meeting
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scheduled. i know they are not doing well as a country. iran has a lot of problems right now. it is hard to believe it has been almost three years. they were causing a lot of trouble. we will see what happens. we will you know definitively. there are ways to see the seven deadly -- to see definitively where they came from. without preconditions? pres. trump: there were always conditions. the sanctions will not be taken off, the sanctions are a condition. the biggest thing you can talk about is the sanctions, and the sanctions are massive. i think they have a tremendous future, but not the way they are behaving. we will see what happens in terms of this attack.
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secretary pompeo and others will be going to saudi arabia at some point to discuss what they feel they will make a statement fairly soon, but they also know something that most people don't know, as to where it came from, who did it. we will be able to find that outcome of figure that out fairly quickly. prepared for aou war? pres. trump: the united states is more prepared than any country in the history -- in any history. if we have to go that way. as tool or -- as to whether or not we go that way, we will have to see. saudi arabia, have a lot in the game also -- they have a lot in the game also. they are willing to do that. i think everybody knows they are willing to do that. we will be talking to saudi arabia, uae, and many of the neighbors out there we are very
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close friends with. where also talking to europe, whether it is france, germany, etc. talking to a lot of different folks and figuring out what they think. i will tell you, that was a very large attack, and it could be met with an attack many, many times largely, very easily bear country, but we will find out who definitively did it, first. why do you say that? i didn't say anybody. simply, it would look to most like it was iran, but i did not say it the way you said it. reporter: do you think it was iran? pres. trump: we will find out in the very near future. .e have exact locations reporter: [indiscernible] pres. trump: they haven't risen very much. we have these strategic oil
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reserves. other countries, including bahrain, other countries can be more generalist with the oil. -- more generous with the oil. we are now the largest producer of oil and gas in the world. a lot of people in the old days, this happened over the last very short period of time, we are number one in the world by far. reporter: yes, you are. pres. trump: i never want to be benefited that way, but the fact is, there are those who say we benefit, i don't view that is a benefit, but we take in more money than anyone else from energy, not even close. reporter: what you think is the responsibility of the saudis? pres. trump: i think it is certainly the responsibility of them to do a big deal with their defense, certainly. i also think it is the responsibility of the saudis, if
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somebody like us, which are the ones that are going to help them, i know that monetarily, they will be very much involved in paying for this -- this is something very different from what other presidents would mention -- the saudis are going to have a lot of involvement if we decide to do something. they will be very much involved, and that includes payment. they are going to be -- they are very upset, very angry. know pretty much what we know, where they came from. we are looking for the final checkpoints. i think you will not be surprised to see who didn't. -- who did it. reporter: [indiscernible] pres. trump: we will be discussing it, yes. we will say. the election
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-- we will see. the election is on tuesday, tomorrow. i would think it would be afterwards. a big election tomorrow. that will be a very interesting outcome, could be close. it is going to be a close election. reporter: [indiscernible] pres. trump: i don't want to comment on that. the relationship is very good, but i don't want to comment on that. i just don't think it is appropriate me for me to comment. reporter: [indiscernible] >-- pres. trump: probably not. i would do it, probably sometime at a later future. depending on what happens, i am sure he will like to come to the united states, also. i think we have a ways to go yet. reporter: do you stand with the workers in the strike against gm? pres. trump: i don't want general motors to be building
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plants outside of this country. they built plants in china and mexico, i don't like that at all. my relationship is powerful with the auto workers, with the people that work doing automobiles. nobody has ever brought more companies into the united states. you have japan, germany, many countries have been bringing our companies in and opening plans and expanding plants. big things are happening in ohio. very positive things are happening. we have many plants that are being renovated or expanded or built new right now in the u.s. many more than we have had in decades and decades. nobody has been better to the auto workers than me. i would like to see it work out, but i don't want jehan building -- general motors building plants in china. i had meetings with the head of
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gm, and i don't want them leaving our country i don't want them building in china, other countries. i don't want these big, massive auto plants built in other countries. i don't think they will be doing that anymore. gm make most of their money in the u.s. they spent billions and billions of dollars outside of the u.s. before i got here. one of the things very important in the usmca, which we have to have approved not only for the unions, for the auto workers and the farmers, everybody wants usmca, it is very important, more so now than two weeks ago. i am sad to see the strike. hopefully, it is going to be a quick one. reporter: [indiscernible] pres. trump: it is never exhausted. in fact, the crown prince can tell you, especially in your
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part of the world, it is never exhausted until the final 12 seconds. you never know what is going to happen. no, it is not exhausted. we will see what happens. i think they would like to make a deal. i know they want to make a deal. but they want certain terms and conditions, and we won't do that. but at some point, it will work out, in my opinion. the deal signed by the previous administration was a disaster, which will be expiring in a short time, also. that deal was a very short-term deal. that deal would be expiring very soon. yes? reporter: are you encouraging israel and the saudis to work together on this issue? pres. trump: i encourage everybody. i want everybody to work together. the middle east is an interesting place. a historically, have not been working together to well, but shows that were working
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with many countries you never thought possible. reporter: [indiscernible] pres. trump: i haven't promised the saudis that. want very much for us to protect them, but i say, well, we have to work. us, was not an attack on but we would certainly help them. they have been a great ally. in ourent $400 billion country. and a halfillion jobs. and the ones unlike some countries, where they want terms and conditions. can we borrow the money at 0% for the next 400 years? no. saudi arabia gave us cash, helped us up from the standpoint of jobs, and they also helped us
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with our gasoline prices. i would call the crown prince and say, "you have to help us out." and all of a sudden, the gas prices are down. no other president can do that. no other president was able to do that, or maybe they didn't try. but i have done it. now, they are under attack, and we will work something out with them. i am not looking to get into new conflict. but sometimes, you have to. reporter: what is your message to iran right now? pres. trump: i think i will have a stronger message or maybe no message at all when we get the final result of what we are looking at. right now, it is too soon to say. there is plenty of time, there's no rush. message, whether it is a strong message or maybe no message at all depending on the result.
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reporter: [indiscernible] pres. trump: i'm not concerned at all. personally, i am not concerned at all. we have military power, the likes of which the world has never seen. i'm not concerned at all. i would like to avoid it. when i came here three years ago, they told us we were very low on ammunition. i said, that is a horrible thing to say. i'm not blaming him, anybody, but that is what he told me, because we were at a position where a certain country, i won't say which one, we may have had conflict. he said to me, sir, if you could delay it, because we are very low on ammunition. and i said, you know what, general? i never want to hear that again from another general. no president should ever, over here that statement, "we are low on ammunition." have morew -- now
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ammunition, more tanks, more jet fighters. when i came here, more than 50% of our jet fighters did not like. they weren't bad shape. -- did not fly. they were in bad shape. now, everybody wants to buy them. which one? >> the f-16. pres. trump: you have good taste, that is a great one. it is a story i have never told before -- breaking news -- we were very low. i could even say stronger, i don't want to say no ammunition, but that gets a lot closer. i said, i never want to hear that again and i never want another president of the united states to hear that again. than that, stronger but i will not go there. that is what i was told. i said i'd never want to be in a position like that again. he said, could you delight if you do -- could you delay it if
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you do something? that is what i inherited from the last administration. in all fairness to president obama, two administrations before president obama. that is what i got stuck with and we fixed it and fixed it good. understands,nce $700 billion, the next year $718 billion, then $738 billion. that is a lot of money even for bahrain. and bahrain has a lot of money. reporter: how does that affect the timing of your middle east peace plan? pres. trump: we will have to see what happens. i can't tell you what is going to happen. we are going to have to see what happens. that is a big election. reporter: [indiscernible] pres. trump: certainly, he has a good chance. it is a 50-50 election.
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a lot of people look at the polls and everything else, they are going to be very close. we will see what happens. the polls are off-the-wall. reporter: [indiscernible] pres. trump: i don't want to talk about that, but certainly it is something we are told about they would like to do. i don't want to be talking about that. too soon. reporter: why was the decision taken yesterday? pres. trump: just in case we ran a little bit low on oil. we have so much. we are the strategic -- we have the strategic reserves. we can fill them up really quickly. one of the things i am doing also is approving the pipelines of texas. we have tremendous pipeline systems being held up by various agencies for a very good reason, going through the normal process. we will have to avoid the normal process. if we do that, texas is a message distributor, producer of
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oil. far bigger than anybody would have even thought five years ago. what i will do is expedite a pipeline approval. several get us another 25% -- that will get us another 25% additional energy. i know this is exactly the opposite of the democrats, they want wind am a solar, and make-believe. -- wind, and solar, and make-believe would be the third one. wealth ine greatest the world, and we want to be able to capitalize on it especially when it comes to safety. thank you all, very much. reporter: what is your plan for baltimore? what are you trying to do to help the city? infested cities? pres. trump: we created opportunity zones.
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i did that with tim scott. a tremendous guy. it was his initiative. he came to see me. they are having a tremendously positive impact on the inner cities, including baltimore, including a lot of other cities you wouldn't necessarily think, oakland, california is an example. we are having tremendous success in the inner cities because of the opportunity zones. criminal justice reform, i was the one that got it. nobody else. a group of extremely liberal democrats get into the office and said, we cannot get it. president obama was unable to get it, as you know. president bush, they were all unable to get it, and i got it. and i got it with some very conservative senators and people that wanted it to happen, and nobody else could have done it. it is sort of interesting because they don't like mentioning mining, although -- mining -- my name. we got it done.
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we formed a coalition with some very conservative people than people very far-left -- and people very far-left, and we did something called criminal justice reform. something nobody thought, the crown prince has thing this, nobody thought this could happen. we did that, the opportunity zones. our job numbers for african-americans are the best in history, even better than they were two months ago. hispanic, the best in history. asian, the best in history. overall, the best and 51 years. -- in 51 years. the economy is doing great. that is the best thing i can do. reporter: [indiscernible] pres. trump: we flew over, but we also know we have some sections that need a lot of help. what people don't know -- i had a great meeting with elijah cummings very early in my tenure. it was a meeting on drug prices.
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i saw him get emotional talking about drug prices, seriously emotional, and i was really impressed, figured about it. i would certainly be willing to meet with elijah. we worked hard and actually have the first year and 51 years were prices went down, but we can get them done much further if we can get the help from congress. i think we will do much lower drug prices over the next year, and if elijah cummings would want help, i am here. but i did see him at a moment that was actually, i thought a very beautiful moment. i talk about it often, because i see the political rhetoric once in a while, that is not the same guy had in my office. wants toaring man that cedric prices lower. i look forward to working with elijah.
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-- drug prices lower. i look forward to working with elijah. the opportunity zones have been tremendous for the city and criminal justice reform is something we are very proud of. thank you very much. i don't think i have to do outside now, do i? can i go directly? can i go directly to the helicopter now? i will stop by. thank you. thank you. [indistinct chatter] announcer: at 9:00 p.m. eastern, we will have president trump at a campaign rally in rio rancho new mexico -- rio rancho, new mexico. he spoke to reporters outside the white house as he left. here's a look at what he had to say.