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tv   Campaign 2020 President Trump Rally in Rio Rancho NM  CSPAN  September 17, 2019 1:32am-3:12am EDT

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as always, follow the house live c-span, the senate live on c-span 2. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> his rally appearance included several topics. over 90 minutes. [cheers and applause]
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wow, wow, thank: you, new mexico, we love being with you. we love being with you. people.le thank you very much. i'm thrilled to be here in lbuquerque with thousands of hard working, freedom-loving patriots, thank you. [cheers and applause] president trump: we're all united by the same love of our great country. way, our country is doing great. president trump: the same
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family, blessed by the eternal grace of almighty god. [cheers] [chanting usa] pres. trump: good night, to that person. tomorrow they will say massive protests -- well, one person just going home to mommy a little bit sooner.
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good night. but we are bound by these convictions. we will campaign for every vote and we will win the great state of new mexico in 2020. and by the way, you have thousands and thousands of people outside who cannot get in. we love you, we love you, we appreciate it. we tried to get the biggest arena we can get, and they are never big enough, frankly. i always say 2016, i do not know if there will ever be another 2016, but it is like a great tree or a great plant. you plant it and it has to take hold. we have to win 2020. we have to win 2020.
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every day you know as well as i do we are battling against the corrupt establishment of the past and achieving historic victories for the american people. we are winning again, we are winning again, and we are winning big. crucially, for your sake, we ended the last administration's war on american energy. and since my election, natural gas production -- big story today, in new mexico, has increased by 40%. that means great wages and jobs. that is why you are breaking
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every single record in your state's book. crude oil production in new mexico has more than doubled, and going up a lot higher very quickly. and your state's energy revenues are up by nearly 2/3. think of that, 2/3. and that is in a short period of time. give me a little more time, ok? the united states is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world. [chanting]
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pres. trump: this means more jobs, higher wages and american energy independence, which is what we have. you know a few years ago if we had a problem like you saw two days ago in the middle east, we would have been in a panic, although not if i am your president. we do not want to panic. we never panic. but a few years ago they would have been in a panic. today we got a lot of oil, a lot of gas. a lot of oil and gas. we do not have to send too many folks over there. you notice the other day they said we do not see too many american ships anymore. you know why?
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we are as independent as we want and we are now a net exporter of energy. revenues from energy production provide up to 25% of your state's budget and going much higher in the near future and they generated nearly a $1 billion budget surplus in new mexico. thank you very much, president trump. thank you. of r the green new deal all that goes away. it all goes away. you can forget it. no more cows, no more airplanes, no more trips. a single car, make it electric. you are not allowed to travel more than 162 miles.
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they will call us the hermit nation. we will never leave our house. it is crazy, but that is ok. i do not bring it up because it is too early. maybe they will change. think of it for you and texas and so many other places. they want to get rid of your energy? explain that one. explain that. yet every major democrat running for president, they want to abolish all production of oil and natural gas. in other words, the democrats want to completely annihilate new mexico's economy. [booing] pres. trump: the democrats want us to be subservient to foreign producers. they want us to be at the mercy of rogue regimes. that is not happening anymore.
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been a long time. been a long time. it is not happening anymore. democrats will never get the chance because new mexico will never give them that chance. [crowd chanting usa] pres. trump: under this administration, america is working again, america is winning again, and america is respected again, like it has not been for a long time.
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and i can tell you because i meet so many of the leaders and their presidents and their kings and queens and prime ministers, dictators every once in a while. every once in a while you get a rogue dictator. i will tell you they always start off -- today i had the crown prince of bahrain. they come in and say, sir, i would like to congratulate you on what you have done with the economy of the united states. it is a model for the entire world. they all say it. and earlier today -- do we have any baseball fans? you know what i am going to say. earlier today in the white house i had the honor of awarding the
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presidential medal of freedom, that is the highest civilian award, to someone who truly embodies the american dream, baseball legend, the greatest, by the way, greatest relief pitcher of all time, mariano rivera. he was something. yankees won a lot of world series because of mariano. has done so much for charity. fantastic man, fantastic family. it was a beautiful day at the white house. my administration is fighting to empower all americans to reach all their dreams and achieve their potential. we have created 6 million new jobs since election day. the fake news would never have allowed us to say that during the campaign, even as a projection. unemployment recently reached its lowest rate in over 50 years. more than 7 million americans
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have been listed off of food stamps. nearly 600,000 americans came into the labor force last month alone. think of that. wages in your state, new mexico, are growing at a rate of a much more than 3% a year, which is unheard of 20 years ago. i used to say during the campaign -- it is hard to believe i am almost year three years. can you believe our time is flying? i do not know about me, but you look so much better than you did three years ago.
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[applause] pres. trump: you are wealthier. and even with the "me too" movement, we cannot say this, but i will -- you are better looking. including the men. including the men. now you are all looking good. since my election the number of new business applications for new mexico has increased by almost a 30%. more than any state in the united states. think of that. more than any state in the united states. so, essentially that is saying you're are in a certain category, which is a very important category. you are doing better than any state in the united states. how do i lose new mexico? explain that one.
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no. and yet for whatever reason it has been quite a while since a republican won this state, but i think we will win this state. you ought to see the people all the way in from the airport. that is a long drive by the way, 35 minutes. but all the way in we had people who were waving. i did not see any negative hand gesture. no, i think we are going to do great here. we are here for a number of reasons. we really think we are going to turn this state and make it republican. yesterday marked the beginning of the hispanic heritage month. who is hispanic here?
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latinos for trump. thank you. incredible people. but we have much to celebrate. unbelievable when you think of the unemployment for hispanic americans is right now at the lowest level ever recorded in the history of our country. hispanic american poverty reached a brand-new all time low in history. and after years of stagnation that you know very well, wages for hispanic americans are rising very fast. up nearly 8% since my election. those are unheard-of numbers. and median income for hispanic
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americans to pass, $50,000 for the first time ever. that is your median. that is not bad. that means you are wealthy and getting wealthier fast. i want to tell you it is an honor. i am on the big stage against one of these far-left democrat radicals, whoever it may be. they start telling you what they will do to you, but you say we have the best numbers every category we have ever had, hispanic americans. excuse me, new mexico as a whole. african-americans, the best numbers we have had in the history of our country. asian americans, the best
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numbers we have ever had in history. women, the best numbers we have had in 71 years. we are working night and day to deliver a future of limitless opportunities for a nation and hispanic american citizens, including many extraordinary mexican americans, doing great for our society, strengthening our country, serving in our military, and contribute immensely to our shared american family. i want to tell you mexico is doing a great job for us on the border. i want to thank the president of mexico. it is very interesting.
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[chanting] i hear everybody screaming. you know, we are building the wall. it is going up. and if you think that is easy with the democrats who control the house -- we have to take it back, but if you think it is easy -- we will have almost 500 miles of wall built by the end of next year and it is making a big difference. 500 miles. we won a big case two months ago and the supreme court to allow us to do what we are doing. this has been -- i will tell you what. another president would have given up a long time ago.
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we do not give up. so we are building the wall. the army corps of engineers are doing a beautiful job. it is a great structure. you are going to have to really want to get over that wall to do it. but you know, it was very interesting. not too long ago i saw where the hispanic american, the hispanics wer up with me in a poll, 17%. people said, how is that? up by 17%. i will not tell you what the final number was, because they will not believe it. you will see the final number. you know why? because the hispanic americans understand they do not want criminals coming across the
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border. they do not want people taking their jobs. they want to have that security. they want the wall. they want the wall. we have a man in the audience who is i think the best dressed man in this entire place, including me. look at him. look at this guy. and he has been to a couple rallies, too, haven't you? we had a group of people the other day -- you know we had a victory in north carolina the other day, two of them. one was going to be close. here is another one of my friends. i love that beautiful red you are wearing. two victories, north carolina. one was 17 points down three
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weeks ago. we got involved, started sending out lots of different social media messages. we did a couple little robo calls. the big thing, we did a speech the night before. the turnout was beyond belief. instead of being down by 17 points, we easily won the election, 4000 or 5000 votes. thank you, dan bishop. greg murphy was up a couple points and ended up winning -- i asked the media -- what did he get? he won by a lot. i would ask, but we are not going to get a straight answer. they were not happy. they were not happy. i will tell you tuesday night the fake news was not happy.
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they had their studios all built. cnn had their a-list talent. they do not have a-list talent, but they had their best. they said this will be the end of trump. but he turned out to be tough and smart. in all fairness, i helped a lot, too. toward the end of the night they started dismantling that studio. probably had been there for four weeks. we had two great congressional victories tuesday night and it was something. one gentlemen won by a number they did not think possible. another won a race he was way, way back.
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i should not tell you this, but my geniuses, my people, some standing right there, some of them said sir, do not get involved in that race. you cannot come back from 17 points, sir. but i set i really like the guy, i think he is great. let's give it a shot. they said sir, if they lose, it will be worse. i said i know them very well. whether i help them or don't help them, it will be a disaster, so let's help them. we campaigned and we worked hard. they said, don't do it, sir. please don't do it, sir, it will be very embarrassing. i said i do not mind being embarrassed. we are also very proud
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unemployment among native americans has reached the lowest rates in nearly two decades. and we are building an amazing future for citizens of every background, race, religion, color and creed. that is what we have, race, religion, color and creed. but the radical left democrats want to demolish everything we have gained. they want to raise your taxes. they want to bury you in regulations. they want to take away your health insurance, 180 million americans. they want to erase american history, crushed religious liberty, indoctrinate our students with left-wing
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ideologies. left-wing democrats want to confiscate your guns and eliminate your god given right to self-defense. i will never take away your dignity, your social security. i will never, ever allow them to take away your sacred right to keep and bear arms. the left tries to threaten, bully, intimidate americans into submission. they use democrat prosecutors and phony congressional committees whenever they can.
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they will do whatever they can to demean you, to libel you. they try to blacklist, coerce, cancel or destroy anyone who gets in their way. look at what they are doing today to justice kavanaugh. look at what they are doing. did you see the new york times? did you see what democrats -- they are calling for his resignation. they are calling for his impeachment. the woman involved said she did not know anything, but they still -- the new york times had to put out a major apology and change their story. woman said, i do not remember
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that. and they still want him to be impeached. and i just put out a statement -- he is a great man, by the way. a great, brilliant man, brett kavanaugh. i just put out a statement on social media that said -- i do not think they will do it, but they should, for the good of the nation. i called for the resignation of everybody in the new york times involved. and while you are at it, the witch hunt hoax, which is just as phony a story. they have taken the old great lady -- the new york times, the old great lady, so prestigious. they have taken the old great lady and broken her down, destroyed her virtue, and ruined her reputation. she can never recover or never return to greatness under current management.
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the times is dead. long live the new york times. i do want it to live, but they have to change their ways. think about this. they wrote a story about somebody and said, she does not remember this. can you believe it? yet these radical left crazies on judiciary committees set up to hurt the country. with all that we have going, with saudi arabia, with iran, with china, trade deal, with russia, with north korea, with all that we have going -- look at the cards we have been dealt. lucky we won the election in 016, believe me. with all we have going, they say, let's impeach justice kavanaugh, one of the smartest, most brilliant students.
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top at yale, incredible life, incredible family. let's impeach him with made up stories. let's impeach president trump. the mueller report came out. hink about this. this crazy mueller report came out. 18 trump-haters. liberal democrats, some worked for hillary clinton. they found nothing. after two years they found nothing. hey spent $40 million. there is not a person in the room i could not find it on with that. think about this, they found nothing, no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. to stop the campaign of destruction you must vote
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republican and you will get the hance very soon. we are joined tonight by many terrific republican leaders. one of them has done an ncredible job. she ran michigan for me. as you know for the presidential races michigan had not been won in decades. she kept saying, could you come back, sir? i did not know who she was. who the heck is the woman in michigan that keeps asking? it has not been won in decades. and i won michigan. remember that, that great, great night? donald trump has won the great state of michigan and they were going crazy on television. that was not a good night for ertain people. remember the couple of people that were crying?
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remember the couple of people that were crying? i guess they don't like a strong ilitary. they don't like cutting regulations, they don't like low taxes. they don't like right to try. all of the things we have done. for the vets, we got choice, we got choice for the vets. choice. everybody said it was impossible. we have rebuilt our military. i told the story for the first time today, a general came into my office and my first few weeks, you remember, it was dangerous out there. president obama left us with a few beauties, right? and i said to this general, you had better be prepared, because his is looking like it could really be a conflict. he looked at me and he said, sir, we have very little mmunition.
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i said, say it again. and i want to tell you, the words very little, he didn't use because it was less than hat. i said, i never want to see a president in a position like that, where we may have conflict and a general looks at him and says, we have very little-no ammunition. i never want a president of the united states to be in that position. since then, three years, $700 billion we have spent and $716 billion, and now, $738 billion and our military is by far the greatest in the world. here is nobody bigger. >> usa!
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usa! president trump: so anyway. no president should ever be put n that position. by the way, no president should ever have to go through what i have gone through, either. that should never happen. what happened is a disgrace to our country. no president should ever have to go through. i tell you what, 99% of them would never have been able to take it. they wouldn't have been able to take it. but we won the great state of michigan and now we are doing really well because we have moved a lot of car companies, ike in japan, sorry, big eficit with all of these countries but you got to get caught her companies -- car companies, they won't be leaving or other countries including
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china. including mexico. they will be staying home and they will pay you a lot of money and everybody's going to be happy. but michigan is doing great. and ronald mcdaniel was the republican party chair of michigan, so when we won the election, i said, let's get the woman from michigan to run the rnc and she has done an incredible job. thank you. a great gentleman who loves the republican party, cochairman tommy hicks. tommy. what a job. new mexico republican party chairman steve pearce.
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my friend and a really talented guy, he just gets the hell knocked out of him all the time, brad par scale -- brad parscale. great job, brad. great job. another great friend of mine, someone who was on cnn and they didn't like him because he was too positive on trump, can you believe it? he happens to be hispanic. he happens to be hispanic, but i have never quite figured it out because he looks more like a wasp than i do. i haven't figured that one out. but i will tell you what, there is nobody that loves his country more or hispanic more than steve cortez. steve. thank you, steve. nobody loves the hispanics more. who do you like more, the country more or the hispanics? he says, the country.
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i don't know, i may have to go for the hispanics, to be honest with you. we got a lot of hispanics. we love our hispanics. et out and vote. you know, just before the last election, the cubans from miami, where we got a tremendous percentage of the vote, close to 90%, they gave me the bay of igs award. can you imagine? the bay of pigs award. the venezuelans and cubans are all for trump, i will tell you that. hey like what you are doing -- what we are doing. with the help of, steve, i went to thank you very much, by the way. you were incredible on cnn and now you will get a real job, k? steve, not only was it not big enough for you, their ratings are not good. with the help of everyone here tonight, we are taking power out of washington and giving it back to the great people of our country and to the people of new mexico.
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we have cut a record number of job killing regulations, saving the average american household three thousand dollars -- thousand dollars. we passed the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in american history. what that means is, a typical family of four in new mexico making $75,000 has seen their tax bill reduced by more than $2000. it is one of the reasons that as the world is not doing great, ou look at europe and you look at asia and china is not doing too well. must be honest with you, worst year in 57 years, i would say hat is not good. i hope they still like me. and we have taken in tens of billions of dollars worth of tariffs.
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we have given those tariffs, and by the way, china is eating the tariffs. it is devaluing their currency. the prices are similar. they are eating the tariffs. out of the tens of billions, we ave our great farmers, because they were targeted by china because china knows, very smart, that the farmers love trump and trump loves the farmers. i said to our, i said to our secretary of agriculture, sonny perdue, i said sunny, how much did the farmers get hit by china targeting them and pulling back and doing all sorts of hings? he said, 16 billion dollars. i said, that is ok. we will take $16 billion out of a much, much, much larger number, we will give it to the farmers so they can, and i tell you, the farmers do love
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trump. and to keep gnomic -- new mexican farmers and ranches in the family, we eliminated the unfair estate tax or death tax o you can now give your farmer your -- your farm or your ranch o your children. if you don't like your children, don't do it. but when it is your time to kick the bucket, you worked hard. you have great kids, you love your kids, they are taking care of you. you really love them, it is a great thing. f you don't love them, don't even listen to the last line because it won't matter. don't leave it to them. if they are not good, leave it
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to charity, leave them to someone else. i know a guy who can't stand his children, they are horrible human beings. they are old are now. why would you leave them? they don't even like you. on the assumption that you love our children, you will be able to give your farms and ranches and things, you will be able to leave them to your children. your children won't have to go out and borrow a fortune to pay tax. they won't be losing it five years later. we got rid of it. that is a big deal. thank you. thank you. our shared republican agenda is pro-work, pro-jobs, profamily, pro-growth and 100% ro-american. or many decades, our leaders ut global trusts and special interests ahead of your interests. in new mexico, you know what i
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am talking about. people came in and took your jobs. they had no border control. look at what is going on now, how we are doing. honestly, i mentioned to the president of mexico, we have today 27,000 mexican soldiers on the border protecting our country. nd i will take it. because our laws are so bad, so pathetic, and the democrats could change these laws. they could change them so quickly. we could change them all in less than an hour. whether it is asylum, whether it is any of the laws, we have so many of them that are so bad. how they got there, it took years and years to end up, but we have the mexican soldiers out there, you see them and they are stopping people, the numbers are plummeting down. i want to thank all of the representatives of mexico. amazing.
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but we've got to get rid of the loopholes. the word is loopholes. the democrats could do it fast, but in the meantime, we are doing really well and as the wall goes up, it becomes less and less of a problem because as the wall goes up, people aren't getting through. you have to be a world-class paul volcker or a world-class -- world-class pole vaulter or a world-class mountain climber to get around it. it is doing the trick. the failed liberal establishment in washington squandered your tax dollars, shipped away your jobs, sacrificed your sovereignty, and bogged us down in one foreign war, debacle, call it what you want, after another. and that is changing also. you see is -- what is happening. when these rich countries think we will pay for their military every year, billions and billions and billions, and they are rich and they take our
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business and we are supposed to want up of everything else, i could tell you stories but i am going to save them for the campaign because to be honest, this is a little earlier than he campaign. later this campaign starts, i was telling brad and a few of the folks, one of the things i don't want to do, michael, back there, michael. hello, michael. i am telling them i don't what to do this too early. the pocahontas thing, i did that and it was before. right? it was before it's time. too early. 024. that means i have more indian blood than she has and i have none. unfortunately. i would like to say i have a lot. that would get me another 4%. maybe another 10%.
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but i was early with her, and frankly, it's coming back, don't worry. but those days are over. under this administration, we are finally putting america first. utting it first. >> usa! usa! usa! president trump: we are reversing decades of calamitous trade policies that ravaged our industries and devastated communities all across our and. you see the factories, empty buildings, empty hulks, some have been demolished, some have been converted into senior
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citizen housing and housing, but all of those jobs are gone. we are bringing them back. they are coming back like almost never before, probably i can say they are coming back like never efore. people are coming back now because they want to be where the action is, and this is the country where they have the security and were they do have he action. in my first week in office, i proudly withdrew from the last administration's job destroying, and this was a catastrophe, you know the transpacific partnership? tpp. this would have destroyed the automobile business in our country. now, new mexico, you know that you were totally devastated by another disaster known as nafta.
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your state lost 33% of its manufacturing jobs after nafta was signed. this was one of the great catastrophes. and now, we are replacing nafta with the brand-new u.s.-mexico-canada agreement, usmca. think of the song ymca. think of the song. usmca. that is u.s.-mexico-canada agreement. it is growing strong bipartisan support from all across your state and all across the country. it is amazing. want to just, yeah. the county board of ommissioners, all democrats, just unanimously endorsed the usmca and urged congress to pass it immediately. thank you very much, commissioners. all democrats. hopefully they will put it up
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for a vote. nancy pelosi, they put it up for a vote, it will be very popular. the republicans love it and frankly, labor loves it, unions love it, farmers love, love, love it. and everybody wants it. your farmers, your ranchers, everybody wants it. it is an incredible agreement and mexico is already passed it and candida is ready to pass it as soon as we do. maybe they don't trust us. that is why. why aren't you passing it now? they say, we will pass it. they will pass it as soon as we o. past leaders invited china to reely loot and pillage the united states economy. china has been taking out from 300 billion to $500 billion per year, billion, not million, billion. think about what $500 billion is. we have rebuilt china.
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now, it is a different ballgame. somebody had to do something with china. president obama should have done t. president bush should have done it. president clinton should have done it. they all should have done it. frankly, they all should have done a lot of things that we are doing right now. so if you look at it, nobody did it, so i am doing it and that is what is going to happen. we are doing well. now, we are taking in billions and millions of dollars from china, when in the past, we never got $.10. we never got money. we never got anything. we got unemployment and osses. and some cheap pencils. more than we needed.
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you could do with one less pencil. following decades of outsourcing and off shoring, our jobs and factories are coming back home where they belong. if foreign companies don't want to pay our tariffs, there is one very simple solution. comment make your products in america. come and make your product in ew mexico. and by the way, i'm just seeing this great group of people, the spirit. is there any place in the world that is more fun or more exciting than a trump rally? eally? and when you think about it, t's not about fun.
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it's about achievement, because what we've achieved in the last almost three years is unparalleled. there's never been an administration that in the first two and a half years, has done what we have been able to do or achieve. in a few short weeks, we will be up to 180. sounds impossible. federal judges, including court of appeals judges. because president obama did us a great favor when i came in. i said, i assume i have no judges to a point. no, sir, you have 138 judges. 138? didn't put them up, couldn't get them approved. i don't know what happened, but
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we started out with 138. now we are up to 180. i just signed my 150th federal judge and court of appeals judge. and we already have two great supreme court justices, gorsuch and kavanaugh. great men. so think about. you know, you come in and i have always heard the most important thing a president does, i disagree with this, by the way, but that is ok. i disagree with a lot of things. i think the most important thing is our military and protecting our country, right? but if you listen to the so-called washington elite, why are they elite?
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we do better than they do. e are smarter than them. we have better houses, we have better everything. they say they elite, that means you have the super-elite. i have always taken offense when somebody said, president trump is tired of listening to the elite. i said no, i am more elite than hem. right? i mean, if we go by the old tandard, better houses, better schools, made much more money. live better, had everything oing, then i decide to run for president. and i'll be honest, what we have
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to put up with these people, and others, it's incredible, but it's the greatest single decision i've ever made, because our country is turning around so rapidly. i could not be happier, despite what they put us all through. after years of building up other countries, we are finally building up our country. isn't that nice? it's time to finally take care of our own. and we are also aggressively combating the opioid epidemic, which is horrible. and as a result of our nonstop efforts and billions and
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billions of dollars invested, last year, we saw the first nationwide decline in drug overdoses deaths and it was a very big decline. n nearly three decades, 30 years. and at the center of america's drug crisis, this is where the hispanics know it better than anybody, people said the hispanics want like a wall. i said, i think they are going to love it. they won't like border security, i think they're going to love it. you know why? you understand it better than ther people. but at the whole center of this crisis is the drugs that are pouring in, and you understand that when other people don't understand it. the border crisis, every day, dangerous criminal cartels smuggle vast quantities of lethal narcotics across your southern border, including heroin, meth, cocaine, and entanyl. we are stopping them now.
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you see the kind of numbers, we are getting millions and millions and millions of dollars worth. we have some shipments that could kill half the country. some of the fentanyl and some of the bad, really bad stuff, if it were distributed, could actually have the power to kill half the country. this is a warlike situation. this is why you are liking trump, because you don't want to let that happen. if you want to stop the drug smugglers and the human traffickers, how about the human traffic? and they traffic for the most part in women. that is what they traffic in, it's women. they are not trafficking in men. they capture women and they bring them across the open borders, and they don't go through ports of entry. we have guards standing there with guns and rifles and everything else.
2:28 am
they go out into the desert areas and they hang a left or they hang a right and they come in. but now, when you have a wall, they can't do that, right? and so many of these democrats that are against the wall, it is common sense. you know what i saw the other day? where the democrats are having their convention, the national convention, they just gave out a tremendous contract. you know what it's for? they are building a big wall around the building. hey are building a big wall. and massive wall. we should tell them, "is. let anybody come in. -- we should tell them, open borders. let anybody come in. and a few years ago, almost everyone of these, they were on tape. that is the problem with politics.
2:29 am
three years ago, they could say i saw senator schumer, nancy pelosi, i saw all of them, they said we need a wall. we must have a wall. we must, president obama, we must have a wall. we must stop people from coming nto our country. illegally. we have to stop it. we need the wall. now a few years later, they don't want a wall. do you know why? because anything i want, they want to do the opposite, and that's ok. hat's the only reason. but if you want to stop the drug smugglers, human traffickers, and vicious ms three gang embers which we are taking out every year by the thousands and getting them the hell out of our country because of ice. and if you want to stop all of
2:30 am
these people from threatening our communities and poisoning our youth, you know, it is poisoning our youth. it is nothing other than that. it is very simple. they are poisoning our youth. you have only one choice, you must elect republicans, and to be honest with you, you've got to elect president trump. we need four more years. president trump. how about these phony democrats? they started with russia, russia, russia. that turned out to be a fraud. that turned out to be a fraud. then, they went to race. to boot -- do you believe that? i am the least racist person in this room. then, they went to recession. there's going to be a recession. please, let there be a recession, please.
2:31 am
because we have a better chance of defeating him if there is a recession. unfortunately, the stock market is only a few points from its all-time high, which we broke on i think it is let -- well over 100 times, we broke the all-time record. and now they have a new one. and i'm enriching myself. let me tell you, by doing this and taking this particular job, which i love, it will cost me billions and billions of dollars. but if someone from the middle east that i never saw before comes in and stays at one of my hotels for the evening and pays $439, and emoluments. nobody ever heard the word before. and emoluments. nobody ever heard that word. moluments. he is enriching himself. if somebody buys a tank of gas in scotland from an airport that don't own, and they happen to
2:32 am
go to a hotel, he is enriching himself. ike 20 people. i'm going to lose billions of dollars and that's ok. i expected to do that. i didn't know what would happen if i lost. can you imagine? supposing i lost and we would've had the same basic rhetoric. winning was great. supposedly i am doing the things, supposing i didn't make it. i would have lost billions. then i would have really been unhappy. but i tell you what. i expected that when i did this, in terms of opportunity, in erms of certain places, they can never do as well when you have this kind of rhetoric. so i will lose billions of dollars, always expected. they say i enrich myself because somebody's going to stay at my hotel. it doesn't work that way, folks.
2:33 am
these are very, very dishonest people and they know it so they have given up. you know it, you get it. the democrat agenda of open borders places vast burdens on your communities and your schools and your hospitals and public safety. all at the expense of hard-working new mexico families. and throughout our country. sheriff sent commissioners from nine mexico counties recently sent a letter to your states' congressional delegations, egging them to vote for strong border security. they want that in new mexico. they don't want open borders. they don't want criminals ouring into your communities and doing what they do, and we won't even talk about that. they want strong, these are people that are with you in many cases, it -- democrats. they write letters, we need trong border security.
2:34 am
in san diego, california is very difficult, always complaining, not doing great. they wanted a wall in san diego. a good mayor in san diego. they wanted a wall and i said, et's build it someplace else because california, you know, once we build it they will complain. i said the people are pouring in. they needed it. they are pouring into san diego, going a lover the place. people that had houses, they didn't like people running over their gardens, coming in from he other side. so we put up a wall and i thought everybody would be happy. as soon as it was finished, the day it was finished, i was notified, we didn't want the wall. why did you do the wall? i will tell you, it is all a ame. i would love to take the sucker down and move it right now to ew mexico.
2:35 am
and if i did that, they would go crazy and they would say, please don't do that. please, please, the same people saying we don't want a wall. why did you put up a wall? i knew that was going to happen. i told my people that was going to happen. but they are very happy with their wall. most of them want say it. hey love it. it only stopped 99.9% of the eople coming in. and the only reason i'm not moving into new mexico -- moving it to new mexico is that it would cost more money to move it then to brick -- build you a brand-new beautiful walls while give you a brand-new one. t is true. i actually priced it out. these contracts, all my life i
2:36 am
have been dealing, they can find a way to make money. will cost more to move the wall then build a new one. they have it. the commission, your commissioners wrote, i quote, our communities do not have the resources nor the budgets to handle the massive influx of immigrants we are xperiencing. this is your commissioners, writing to us in washington. our scarce resources are in danger of eating rapidly depleted, to the point that we will be unable to effectively care for our own citizens, you, and our existing homeless populations, many of whom are american veterans. right?
2:37 am
so democrats put illegal aliens before american citizens. republicans believe that we must take care of our own citizens first. i'm sorry. that includes millions of hard-working, lawful immigrants who waited in line, follow the rules, and came into our country legally. among those hardest hit by illegal immigration are hispanic americans who obey our laws, pay their taxes, contribute to our communities, and play by the rules and they are the ones who ant to see something done. and we are doing it at a level that nobody else would be capable of doing. whether you are a first generation or sixth generation, every american citizen deserves a government that defends your jobs, your safety, your family, and is always loyal to you, your politicians haven't been loyal o you. they have been loyal to themselves. the democrats are also trying to turn every city in america into a sanctuary for criminal liens.
2:38 am
and that's one of the very good reasons we went on tuesday night to north carolina, because they let people out of their sanctuary city and what those people did, i will not tell you tonight, but it wasn't good. the democrats are also trying to turn every city in america into a sanctuary for criminal aliens. and that's one of the very good reasons we went on tuesday night to north carolina, because they let people out of their sanctuary city and what those people did, i will not tell you tonight, but it wasn't good. it is one of the reasons we had big victories, two of them, in north carolina. sanctuary cities. and plenty of people, even in california where they have sanctuary cities, they don't want sanctuary cities. the politicians do. but they don't want them. right here in new mexico, democrats are trying to turn you into a total sanctuary state. creating a safe harbor for dangerous criminal aliens and gang members, that sanctuary policies release from jail.
2:39 am
think of it. they want to make your home state a sanctuary state. so when ms 13 comes in, and i told you before, we take them out by the thousands and they are tough. they are tough. but our ice folks are even tougher. but your i would say naïve but maybe it is worse, they are naïve, these politicians. the naïve politicians, they don't want ice to come in. but your i would say naïve but maybe it is worse, they are naïve, these politicians. he naïve politicians, they don't want ice to come in. they do want to take the criminals out. if you don't take them out and they are in new mexico, i got to tell you something, folks. you got problems. you got problems. ou got big problems.
2:40 am
republicans believe our cities should be sanctuaries for law-abiding americans, not for criminal aliens. and republicans will always support the heroes of ice, border patrol, and our great law enforcement. the democrat party, do you know this? always say the democrat party. before i came, they were democratic because it sounds better. it does, it is much nicer. the democratic party is much nicer than the democrat party. but their name is the democrat party. and i'm not looking for them to some nice.
2:41 am
i want to give their name. so while we say the democrat party, but that's their name. the democrat party. they should probably change it. but the democrat party has never been further outside the ainstream. every major, that is a nasty fly. i don't like those suckers. i don't know about you in new mexico but i am not into flies or mosquitoes. i don't like snakes too uch. we have plenty of them in new york and washington, a different variety. i don't like snakes, either. we got a lot of snakes in washington dc. we got a lot of snakes in new ork. i don't like either kind of snake. i think i like the kind on the ground better than the ones we have in washington. every major democrat running for president supports a massive government takeover of health care that would destroy medicare
2:42 am
as we know it today. my administration will protect medicare and defend your right to choose a plan and the doctor that is best for you. and we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions, the republicans will always do that. our ambitious campaign to reduce the price of prescription drugs has produced the largest decline in drug prices in more than 50 years. you don't hear this because the fake news doesn't want to write about it. you know, sometimes i will have a news conference about something that is so good, and i will say, you know, i will call my wife, the first lady lady. eople love our first lady. i will say, when you see television tonight, we did omething was so great. we did something so great and it won't be on.
2:43 am
but if there is something that is slightly negative or even if it is good that they turn negative, that is what they like best. say something good and turn it negative. we have breaking news. we have breaking news. these are phony people, but that is ok. but when you think of it, i'm president and they're not. you know, sometimes i'll be in the oval office and i will be with my people, we have great eople, and i will say, you know, and it is very calm in the oval office. you don't he rebounded because you don't you're about it too much. but we have great calm,
2:44 am
considering there is wild stuff going on in the world. they don't treat us right. they don't treat us right, it is not fair, it is not this. then i will sit back and i will say, but we are in the oval office and they are not. it is pretty amazing, pretty amazing. and when you have the democrat party and the press, the media, the lame-stream media, the fake news and their partners, they are partners. the member the word manufactured? they use the word manufactured on something, never in used for that thing and every news says, the manufactured, the next one, the many fractured crisis. everyone of them used manufactured. they know what i am talking about. that is called collusion, folks. hat is real collusion. you have that and you have the democrats, you have the media, they are partners. then you have the deep state, we are getting rid of a lot of them come i tell you. we are finding them left and right. we take a look, i tell you what. you take a look at what we are doing with all the things come i on't get into detail but you
2:45 am
know what i'm talking about. clean the swamp, that is the ultimate cleaning of the swamp. then, i hate to say this but we have some republicans, they are not good. you call them a rhino, they are rhinos or worse. ome of them are worse than the obama people, worse than the obama people, worse than the clinton people, but there aren't too many of them left. they are pretty much on respirators. they are gasping. they are gasping for air. but we do have some bad people that you wouldn't believe. didn't hear you, what did you say daca -- what did you say?
2:46 am
virtually every top democrat also will now supports late-term abortions. ripping babies straight from the mother's womb, right on until the moment of birth. that is why i have asked congress to prohibit extreme late-term abortion, because republicans believe that every child is a sacred gift from god. it's true. it's true. right? i see it. just like mom, i see it. democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion and socialism. the republican party as the party of the american worker, the american family, and it is the party of the american dream.
2:47 am
we have achieved record funding for the u.s. military. all of that money, trillions and trillions of dollars spent, all produced right here in the good old usa. >> usa! usa! usa! president trump: and i have to tell you, new mexico, i know you like this. a lot of those trillions, because when you do the seven -- 716 billion dollars and the 730 billion dollars, all of a sudden you are in trillions and i can save a lot of lines when i say trillions. a lot of that will be spent on the state-of-the-art military equipment that is being used at holloman air force base, white sands missile range. kirtland air force base.
2:48 am
nd many other vital new mexico military installations that are going up as we speak. that is also jobs, but more importantly than even jobs, it is incredible what you have done for the military, new mexico. it is incredible. we are pouring a lot of money into new mexico. that means a lot of good hings. and we are investing in our nation's nuclear security, ncluding right here in new mexico, and sandia national laboratories and loss elements -- los alamos national laboratories. to protect america's security, i went through the united states from the horrible one-sided iran uclear deal that was no good
2:49 am
and we opposed sanctions -- we imposed sanctions on the iranian regime. watch how that works out. i recognized israel's true capital and opened the american mbassy in jerusalem. and don't forget what i did for israel with respect to golan heights. don't forget, right? for years, you watched as your politicians apologized for america. now, you have a president who is standing up for america, and we are standing up for new exico. and you must never forget, get out there and vote and get ready and get everybody. we need it, because we are fighting a lot of forces, including facebook, i saw, and
2:50 am
google i saw, did you see oogle? he said i may have lost 2 million to 10 million votes according to this character that worked at google. and we still won. how the hell did we win? everybody was against us. how did we win? this is a google executive. rom 2 million to 10.5 million, and we won. i will say this. that happened and people came from the valleys, they came from everywhere, they came from places that nobody's ever talked about before, and it was the forgotten men and women, but the truth is, i know these men and women, and they are the most incredible men and women in this country. they really are. they just never had anybody they really wanted to vote for, or at least for a long time. they wanted to get out there and they said, is this the best they can do? i don't want to go to early
2:51 am
here, but look at the field. did you watch the debate the other day? we got the most 350 million people. i will take it. that is the best i can do. we will see. you never want to get too cocky. somebody said in the great state of texas, donald trump is down two points to buttigieg. ut it judge. -- buttigieg. they are phony polls. they are phony polls. i told the story the other night, for six months, i was hearing that i am going to lose the state of texas, friends of mine from the state of texas who ooks just like these guys. they might even be better looking.
2:52 am
they look just like, and they said i don't about you, but i know a lot about texas. and donald trump not going to be losing the state of texas. remember that? they don't say it, they are too smart. they say texas is in play. and you talk, they said, was in play. in play means we could lose them. it is a better term because this way they can't get skunked, but they can get skunked with me. on that beautiful election, wasn't that one of the greatest, coolest nights ever? well, you know, they can never call a victory unless you absolutely have it. and unless you are winning by a lot. this is six months, texas is in play. he could lose texas. i keep saying, i go to a stadium, we sellout thousands of people, lines a mile long. every friend of mine says he will win by a lot. they announce, 8:00, whatever
2:53 am
time, the polls in texas are closed. donald trump has one the state of texas -- has won the state of texas. the polls in utah are closed. donald trump has won the state of utah. they don't even take a breath. now, if it is close, like it is in play, you wait 2, 3, 4, 5 hours to see what it is, but they don't even take a breath because they are called suppression polls. they are no different than all of the dishonest reporting that ou people see. they are no different. they are suppression polls. i tell you what. we're going to win the state of new mexico, and i will be so surprised -- cheers and applause]
2:54 am
we are going to win new exico. when i came here during the last election, came here a little, i was always told it is very hard to win. i came here little i saw great spirit. but i didn't really have a track record because i never did this stuff before. so i thought i was going to cut your taxes. i did. i said i was going to cut your egulations, i did. more than any other president in history. they have been there for many years. and i think the regulation cutting, like the waters of the u.s., that was another beauty where you couldn't build a house, you couldn't farm your and. what we have done on regulations is incredible. i have rebuilt our military, i have taken care of our vets. look how happy are vets are with choice. instead of waiting for two months to see a doctor or two weeks or three days, they now go
2:55 am
out, if there is a wait, they go out and get a private dock. -- a private doctor. we pay the bills. for the first time, they tried o get that for 45 years. i am good at getting things. you must never forget. the 2020 election is about one thing. what's it about? it is about you. t's about you. i am doing a good job as your messenger but basically i am a messenger. i know what you want. i understand it. it is about your family. it is about your future. and it's about the fate of your country, for your children, for everybody. it's about the fate of your country. it's about the future of our great country. no matter what label they use, a
2:56 am
vote for any democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the american dream. that's what it's about. look at venezuela. venezuela, 15 years ago, was one of the wealthiest countries in the world. today, very sad, no food, no water, no nothing. socialism. we begin this campaign with the best record, the best results, the best agenda, and the only positive vision for america. and it's not just a little bit positive. our country is going to be greater than it ever was. that is where we are headed. together, we will help millions more citizens know the dignity of work, the pride of a paycheck and the satisfaction of a job really well done. with your help, we will elect a republican congress to create a
2:57 am
safe, modern, fair, and very lawful system of immigration. and were going to have a lot done anyway. we already do have a lot done. you saw the figures last week. we are doing at the hard way. it would be so much easier with a little stroke of the pen. e will an act trade deals that ensure that more products are probably stamped with those beautiful, beautiful words, that incredible phrase, made in the usa. we will achieve new breakthroughs in science and medicine, finding new cures for hildhood cancer and ending the aids epidemic in america within 10 years. we have already started that program. t will happen.
2:58 am
we have the medicine. nobody even knew that. the aids epidemic in this country will be gone within 10 years. we already started the process. it has been funded, it has been unded. cool would have thought that? honestly, when iran, i didn't know that we have now the tech knowledge he -- the technology, and what they have done with respect to aids is incredible. what a terrible time the world went through, but we will have attended within 10 years. we will defeat the effort to drive up the house of caused -- the cost of houses, cars, health care, light bulbs. they took away our light bulbs. i want an incandescent light. i want to look better, ok? i want to pay less money to look etter. oes that make sense?
2:59 am
you pay much less money and you look much better, and on top of that, with the new bulbs, if they break, it is considered a hazardous waste site. it is all gases inside, and you are supposed to bring it back to here you bought it in a sealed container. give me a break. i asked the people, the professionals, what do people do when it breaks? because they break all the time. what do they do? nothing, they throw it away. so a lot of people didn't know, they didn't understand, you get much better light at a reduced cost and it is much safer. when the other bulbs break, they really are dangerous. when the other bulbs break, they really are dangerous. the gases come out, they are dangerous. these are little things i have to explain other people said -- otherwise people say what the hell are you dealing with light bulbs for? we are dealing with the same thing with cars. cars have so much junk on them to save a tiny little fraction of gasoline.
3:00 am
they have so much junk that they are less safe. what i wanted was the following. under our rules and regulations, the cars are environmentally terrific, but they are safer and $3500 less to buy. right? and the reason they are safer is because they could be a little heavier. make sense, right? they could be a little bit heavier. i mean, they make them know like papier-mache. someone touches them in the entire car collapses. when somebody hits me, i want to be in as close to an army tank as possible. they are made out of papier-mache. they weigh about three pounds. if you got hit by a bus, it is over. what happened to that car? think of it. it is safer, and it is less expensive by $3500 on average.
3:01 am
california wants you to do the other cars, and we don't. we will end up in a big litigation and i am fighting for you. look. look. it's not the kind of thing most presidents would be fighting for, because they say, let them pay more. let it be unsafe. listen to the environmentalists. i am an environmentalist. i want the cleanest water on the planet, i want the cleanest air, i won a lot of things. right now, we have the cleanest air we have ever had in this country. but what are they going to do about china? and india and russia? and other countries that are spewing stuff? what are we doing about them? we are going to keep our nation clean but you know, the universe is so big that when you talk about china, the usa, india, you talk about these different
3:02 am
places, where a lot of bad stuff comes out, it's so big that it's right next which other. does that make sense? it's right next to each other. we want to have the cleanest and the cleanest air. we will defend privacy. we will defend free speech, free assembly, religious liberty, and we will always proudly defend your second amendment. and we're doing it now. and above all, we will never stop fighting for the values that bind us together as one america. we support, protect, and defend the constitution of the united states. we stand with our incredible heroes of law enforcement.
3:03 am
we believe in the dignity of work and in the sanctity of life. we believe that mothers and fathers, not washington bureaucrats, know best how to raise their strong, beautiful families in their loving and wonderful communities. we believe that children should be taught to love our country, our history and always respect our great, american flag. and we will always live by the words of our national motto. nobody will ever take it down. we will not allow them to take it down. and god we trust. [cheers and applause]
3:04 am
we are going to be better than ever before, and it will not even be close. we are right there. our ancestors crossed the oceans, settled the continent, tamed the wilderness, revolutionized industries, pioneered scientists, defeated fascism and communism, put a man on the moon and built the most exceptional country in the history of the world. and every day of my presidency, we will never forget that we are
3:05 am
americans and the future belongs to us. the future belongs to each and every one of you. with your help and your drive --
3:06 am
that is too bad. he did it right in the crescendo. how do you top that? a big, beautiful crescendo, and this character is going home. massive protests at the trump rally this evening. [cheers and applause] [chanting usa] pres. trump: with your help, your devotion and your drive, we are going to keep on working and
3:07 am
fighting, and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning like never before. we are one people, one family and one glorious nation under god. america is thriving like never before and ladies and gentlemen of the great state of new mexico, we love you. the best is yet to come. thank you, new mexico. and together, we will make america wealthy again, very, very wealthy. we will make america strong again.
3:08 am
we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, new mexico. ♪
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>> members will consider whether to go to conference with the senate to negotiate a compromise between differing legislations that sets 2020 defense policy and programs. the senate has executive nominations on their agenda for positions at the state department and treasury. senators may consider a house passed spending package covers several federal agencies including education, defense, and health and human services. follow the house live on c-span, the senate on c-span2. next, a discussion comparing international terrorism and domestic violent extremism. the center for strategic and
3:12 am
international studies hosted two panels on the evolving nature of terrorist threats in 2019, as well as solutions to help law enforcement combat such threats. this is two hours and 10 minutes.


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