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tv   Washington Journal Michelle Malkin  CSPAN  September 18, 2019 2:52pm-3:23pm EDT

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today the tea party patriots hold a press conference on capitol hill regarding gun control and protecting second amendment rights. live coverage starts at 3:30 eastern on c-span. also watch online at listen live with the free c-span radio app. while we wait for that, a look at this morning's "washington journal." washington journal con. host: michelle malkin joins us from new york city to talk about her new book, open borders inc. what is this book about? what ithe book is about consider the global financiers of the migration crisis, the illegal alien caravans, the refugee resettlement racket that have all colluded together to undermine america's borders and sovereignty in the book is a must 500 pages with 1600 plus
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footnotes and identifies nearly 400 individuals and that i believe are behind this financing. host: who are they and what evidence did you find that confirms they are behind it? guest: as i said the book is heavily cited. people can do their own homework to fact check my facts. thinkof which come from tank studies, original source documents. reporting on this issue as an columnist. this is my seventh book. my third one that concentrates on immigration. and many of the groups and individuals identified are very familiar to people who have been
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researching and care about immigration enforcement. soros ofre george course is probably the most favorite or infamous depending ofyour perspective financier many of the groups that have lobbied for illegal alien ofesty as well as expansion the sort of permanent foundation of things like the refugee resettlement program. but i also identifies some powerful forces and financial interests on the right. i think it's always been my imperative as an independent blogger and journalist and whenrcher not to shy away there are special interests us tentatively on my side of the aisle that are responsible for the negative impacts of illegal immigration. host: let's take george soros first. how has he financed these programs that you talked about and also what did you find that
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he was behind the caravans of people coming from central america? that is one claim that has been made by viewers on this program that george soros was behind that soros -- guest: george is billions of dollars. he said he was going to put $18 billion of that to his open society foundations. the foundation has crated an entire network of legal resources and volunteer what iations and consider radical identity politics groups that are out there undermining the enforcement of our laws and our american sovereignty. it's not just some sort of theory. worke read george soros's
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using thates that organizations like the united nations or the european union or any number of nongovernmental organizations outside of the united states that don't have our own sovereignty in their interest. copious appendices in the books that name many of these soros funded groups that are either allied with him or directly or indirectly funded by him. important thats he couldn't do it alone and there are forces on the other the political spectrum. probably would be surprised if they don't follow these issues closely that the koch brothers and of course david cook recently passed away. the coke institute and many of their organizations are also ideologically aligned with soros
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and his network because they have similar goals. open borders also provide cheap labor for a lot of the big business interests that are on the same side as the amnesty profiteers. nameswho are some other or politicians on your side of the aisle who also contribute to this? are a number of andted members of congress some of them have recently come around to supporting the trumpet enforcement agenda. it wasn't long ago that they also were behind blanket amnesties or pardons for the upwards of 30 million illegal aliens that are here. marco rubio was part of that. lindsey graham at one point. i mentioned the u.s. chamber of commerce. i also tread on somewhat
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dangerous ground because i talk about my own experience at cpac earlier this year which is run theeople who are part of close inner circle and they also have business interests and lobbying interests that show we should have more order and more limitations and in my view a moratorium on immigration until we can get some sort of control over the chaos. the deliberate chaos that has existed for the 25 plus years that i've been covering the issue. johnson and heen was asked about the ways u.s. connect can enact policies about illegal immigration. you have a visa system that reflects the needs of the economies and the families that are here that's
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going to be the greatest incentive for people to come legally. if you give people an option come legally or illegally people are going to choose the legal way. the problem is that the legal pathways in the united states are incredibly difficult if not nonexistent for many categories. when we were building houses in the early 2000's at an incredible rate we needed construction workers to help build those houses. there is no visa available for construction workers. it takes 10 years for them to get a green card. we were daring immigrants to come to the united states to take jobs that we needed. had this help wanted keep out sign at the border and you can't have that kind of schizophrenia. that's what we don't want to fight in the immigration system is our own economy.
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our economyeds of with legal ways for people to get here and you won't have to spend so much time enforcing immigration because people will come legally. host: your response. guest: let me unpack that. i don't believe that the almighty dollar and profits and low wages for workers should drive our immigration system. anniversaryed the of the september 11 attacks and in large part it was because prioritizing the economy over our security and sovereignty lead to such catastrophic events and we have already the most generous system when it comes to legal immigration whether it's the kind of work visas that the lawyer was talking about and a number of them that have been exploited to our detriment. one of the last books i wrote was called sold out and it was fascinating because when i
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appeared on c-span there was unanimity among the left, right and center colors that those kind of programs were being abused and were not protecting american workers and resulting in i.t. workers here in america of all backgrounds who were being forced to retrain their cheap foreign replacements before they got their pink slips. that is not the way that a sovereign nation should conduct its immigration system. >> we will go to calls. art in michigan. question or comment for michelle malkin? caller: you got me on the wrong one. i was calling in for the gun violence. host: let me go on to george in hudson, florida. republican. caller: good morning. michelle, you are my hero.
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you are the best conservative public -- pundit out there. is thision to you hearing yesterday with corey lewandowski, the fake impeachment hearings. it's just a bunch of baloney. i'm wondering what's your opinion of that hearing and what's going on with the house judiciary committee and especially jerry nadler and sheila jackson lee and johnson, that joker from georgia. no idea what he's talking about half the time. it's just crazy. you need to go in front of that .ommittee guest: i appreciate that. thank you to the caller. it was quite a circus.
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i do have to give credit to the democrats for having a laser focused and drumming their narratives over and over and over again. looks like chaos, it is controlled chaos and they have incredible message discipline. if only many of the establishment republicans in the swamp could exhibit the same kind of discipline when it comes to issues of immigration and immigration enforcement. we should be having those one minute speeches in the house at do inht like we used to the mid-to-late 1990's hammering and dangerousy consequences of immigration chaos. i was in montgomery county last 1000where nearly grassroots patriots were calling attention to how sanctuary city
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policies were endangering pearls women. the republicans could be doing so much more to make this as much of a focus. impeachmentrd, not invasion and how it has metastasized in every city in america. host: have you been to the southern border? what was your experience? guest: many times. i have 10 documentaries from their. to el paso. private citizens who are doing what the government has failed courseor decades and of i started out my career in los angeles. just the siege that has been played at the southern border but our northern border as well and the neglect, the national security implications
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of basically having orange rubber cones protect us from any number of malefactors who could just traipse across the border. the problem is that every town now is a border town because of the spread into the interior and sanctuary policies that block local and state law enforcement officials from communicating with federal ice agents who have been increasingly demonized by the media, by hollywood and every mainstream democratic presidential candidate. go to anthony next in new york. democratic caller. i wanted to ask michelle about the open borders. with the open borders, the democrats are probably benefiting from it. because of the drugs, the trafficking and all the illegal immigrants coming in.
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with that and the socialism. will the illegal immigrants help them go from socialism to dictatorship? guest: there are a lot of special interest involved on both the left and the right and people always ask what to the democrats get out of this. don't they care about the preservation of their country and the rule of law? there used to be democrats saying on this issue, barbara jordan who is an african-american texas congresswoman lead and immigration commission that talked about the importance of being able to debate rationally what the numbers of people should be that we bring into the country. theyvalues, what traits have. and if they don't belong here, what kind of orderly process we have in place to remove people who don't belong here. and that part of the debate has been completely obliterated on
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the democrat party. that's just illegal immigration. a lot of open borders inc. also talks about the refugee resettlement racket. we have resettled about 3 million refugees into the country, redistricted them in pockets all over flyover country and there's very little if any input among these communities who have their own domestic and and are beings hijacked by a small group of government subcontractors, mostly religious nonprofits that are making literally billions of dollars off of this scheme. we look at the transformation of places like the twin cities which has a massively large population of somalian muslims, .any of them on assimilated and department of homeland security officials have now identified the twin cities as the terror recruiting capital of the world.
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how did this happen? follow the money. find the truth. you respond to the archbishop, joseph kurtz of louisville kentucky when he writes, we must call our elected officials, we must call our elected officials to live up to the ideals of this nation and welcoming and treating humanely those vulnerable persons fleeing violence and persecution. guest: i believe our asylum system is very precious and for legitimate claimants of ethnic, political persecution or otherwise, it is very imperative that we protect that system and make sure that we are discriminating and i mean that not in some sort of pejorative way about who we are allowed to benefit from it. the problem of course is that the asylum system has been deliberately exploited and undermined by an entire system of people who manufacture claims
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because they know once they show up at the board and make such a claim cooked up and fraudulent and coached that they will turn around and be released never to be found again. works inho actually the immigration system knows has the asylum program become a lottery basically. also have a very important chapter on the role that the vatican and the catholic church have played themselves from profiting off of the refugee resettlement racket invoking scripture, providing it and i think diluting a lot of rank-and-file catholics into thinking that the imperative should be to open the floodgates and the border to every last person outside the world when that's nothat oucountry was poem and amhe the's
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a lazarus are not the guiding ourciples and law behind immigration system. the constitution is. section fourour specifically says that it is the role of the federal government to protect states against invasion. host: larry is in madisonville, kentucky. caller: mine was mainly on the gun violence. i'm 54 years old and i have been involved in finding some of the that for every 10 that are found there's 100 more being built. in high school i can remember deer season being in and every truck in the high school parking lot had a shotgun or some kind of weapon and i said i'm 54
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years old and we never had school shootings when i was in school and there was a gun in every car in the parking lot. more of ak it's cultural than it is done. guest: i definitely could come back and talk about guns. what i will do is recommend another book that was released by a man greatly in admirer. he is somebody who has been very vigilant about commemorating his daughter's legacy by actually proposing a reality-based solutions to the problem that
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don't solely rely on gun control radicalism. why meadow died is the book. host: independent caller. you are next for michelle malkin. happy to see that you have expanded the undocumented in this country to 30 million. i wonder if you have some actual ,acts about or the employee's what is the responsibility for employing illegal workers and how many times has that been the thirdr law create thing is could you describe the of that group that started in the 1960's and their actual agenda for everybody. guest: there is a very important
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section that i included in the and theen borders inc. stagnant static estimate of the number of illegal aliens has always somehow been decided frozen at between 11 and 13 million which is an old figure from the pew research center. the really updated figure actually comes not from any right-wing group but from princeton researchers who had a much more accurate count of upwards of 30 million. and those figures are all footnoted if you want to check the sources on that. the second question was about employer sanctions and we have been very lousy. this is a failure of the federal government. you can't blame all of the illegal aliens who are simply responding to incentives and when there isn't full enforcement against employers who are breaking the law u.s.
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code chapter eight section 1320 four and 1325 against aiding, abetting, harboring, employing and sheltering illegal aliens of course people are going to do what they are incentivized to do. of targeteda number enforcement actions. plans in coke complete the south but we need enforcementf e-verify as well. the third point was on the national council and i talk a little bit about their history. particularly their role in weaponizing language against anyone who criticizes open borders. they were at the heart of that which led to the southern poverty law center going after immigration enforcement patriots. it's a very important chapter because it talks about the confluence of the war on our borders and the increasing work
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on free speech being enabled by silicon valley. host: let's go to eric in fort myers, florida. caller: i'm a democrat and i have followed your career for about 10 years. i don't think very much of you but that's ok. the reason why i'm not thrilled about you is because most of the asian women that are your age all follow you which is kind of annoying. you always want to attack and you just said about five and its go in your program, how when you talk about immigration you go right to 9/11 and all these islamic attacks and you are wrong about muslims and foreigners assimilating into this country. we are the number one country where people assimilate. you have been wrong about lot of things like giving unemployment benefits would keep
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joblessness going. our employment is doing really good even after obama paid everybody food stamps and welfare for a long period of time. my question is you keep on wanting to harp on muslims, terrorists and then say, immigration. where do you connect those two? guest: the first book i wrote in 2002 was called invasion and it talked about how tolerance for open borders paved the way for the 19 hijackers to blend in among these upwards of 30 million illegal aliens and i talk about the direct this in the beltway swamp where you had sanctuary cities and counties on both sides of the swamp in maryland and in fairfax county and arlington were several of the hijackers intersected with illegal alien day laborers at 7-eleven's who took them to dmv's to obtain id that allowed
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them to board planes that were driven into the world trade center in shanksville pennsylvania and the pentagon. and the failure to learn those lessons endangers all of us. have aa that we should strict immigration enforcement system is not because i hate muslims were because i hate people from central america or mexico. i think it's that sort of onomaniacal concentration redefining policy criticisms as quote and quote hate it has led to the paralysis that we have and this is very deliberate on the part of groups like media lab -- matters which labeled me a white nationalists without having a single specific criticism or reputation of anything in the nearly 500 pages of the book that i just -- anyed but alone evan of the seven total books that i've written including the others on immigration.
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host: mark. independent. the problem we have in this country is that congress is not working. they can't do things bipartisan. they've got to fight each other. withhis that's going on impeachment and on this other stuff is taking away from immigration issues. nobody wants to work on anything. you can't just have open borders. ms 13 is a very dangerous organization. are out to take over the united states. you've got these left-wing don't like us.t they are looking to harm us. they are going to send us all
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their garbage. sending us the undesirables. we do need to increase our population in this country. we do have a shrinking population. bottom line is we've got to know who's coming in this country. we have to fix this immigration system. these sides keep on fighting we are never going to have a resolution to this. guest: i totally agree. yes. the lack of focus as i mentioned earlier is appalling when you think of just one issue where we should have complete agreement across the board. criminal aliens do not belong in this country. and they are terrorizing not only american citizens and butabiding legal immigrants other people in the so-called migrant community who have no voice and my, co. is a perfect example of that. we now have local law enforcement there leaking
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information that is being -- it wouldby the rather sacrifice 6-year-old-year-olds and 11-year-olds and 16-year-olds who have been allegedly raped by at least 10 criminal alien suspects. people who have been through the revolving door of catch and release. that's a deliberate policy of mug, county -- montgomery county. you have these cities and counties and states that are colluding and in large part it is being supported by this infrastructure of open borders inc. it's not an accident that you 500 --e spread of nearly if we don't stop it we are going to end up in a sanctuary nation
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instead of a sovereign one. >> president trump and first lady melania trump will host the second state dinner of his administration as he welcomes australian prime minister scott morrison and his wife jenny morrison. our live coverage begins friday at 6:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. online at, or listen n the free c-span radio app. >> c-span is back in des moines, iowa, this saturday for live campaign 2020 coverage for the coverage of the polk county where -- fish fry steak fry, watch live on c-span, or listen live on the
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go using the free c-span radio app. >> it's really, really valuable to me. >> student cam had a huge effect on our lives, helps us grow as people. >> for past winners of c-span's student cam video documentary competition, the experience sparked their interest in documentary production. >> i currently attend drake university in des moines, iowa. the fun part of that is i get to be right in the middle of caucus season. because of c-span i had the experience in the equipment and the knowledge to be actually able to film some of them. >> this-year war -- this year we're asking middle and high school students so create a documentary answering the question, what issue do you want presidential candidates to address?
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include c-span video and different points of view. we're awarding several cash prizes. >> to be able to express your view no matter how large or small the audience will receive it to be and know that in the greatest country in the history of the earth, your origin doesn't matter. >> for more information and to get started go to our website, >> today the tea party patriots will be holding as preconference on capitol hill regarding gun control and protecting second amendment rights. live coverage starts at 3:30 eastern here on c spand and you can watch online at or listen in live with the free c-span radio app. this morning, "washington journal" talked with a reporter about what congress is doing on gun legislation. ys to reduce gun violence in a minute. joining us


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