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tv   Campaign 2020 Polk County Democrats Steak Fry  CSPAN  September 22, 2019 5:22am-7:00am EDT

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foreign leader who is looking for help from the united states and ask about me and imply things, if that is what happened, that appears to be what happened. we know that is what giuliani did. this is outrageous. one of your concerns was about your family being brought into the race. >> i know what i am up against. is, an what this guy hiser of threat to staying in power, he will do whatever he has to do but this crosses the line. i call upon him to release the transcript of the call to let everyone see what this is an let the house see this. thank you. >> 17 democratic presidential candidates spoke at the polk
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county democratic steak fry. we are going to show you some of the comments now beginning with michael bennet and former hud secretary, julian cstrastro. ♪ ♪ >> thank you, mr. chairman. family here today, iowa democrats, if we do our job, 400 days from today, we can send donald trump back to mar-a-lago long,d, and end, the national nightmare we are facing and save our democracy. i am michael bennet and it is great to be here. thank you. [cheers and applause]
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i am not a career politician. i was in business saving jobs and then was the superintendent of the denver public schools, a large, urban school district where most of the kids live in poverty but have the exact same dreams as my kids. i have been in the senate facing tough elections in a purple state. 10 years ago, when i got back to washington, i thought what i would find is the bedrock of our democracy. the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. and instead, what i found was steve king. and mitch mcconnell. characters cast of who are trying to make barack obama's life and absolute misery, destroying our in this exercise of
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self-government. in the 10 years i have been there, -- since i have been there, nothing has changed except now we have donald trump. someone who says climate change is a hoax but then iowa's windmills are causing cancer. some say he loves the north korean leader but hates our allies like angela merkel. someone told us that mexico would pay for the wall, but guess what? you are. someone finds out they cannot soldase greenland but has the white house to polluters and crony capitalists. he did say he would run the government just like one of his businesses and that is the only promise he has kept. bankrupt. that has anything to do with improving the lives of real
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americans. americans. that is something i know a and that is something i know a lot about. yearsad to sum up the 10 of town halls i have had, it is that people have come and said -- michael, we are working so hard but we cannot afford some housing, health care, education or higher education. childhood education, or higher education. for the families that are working two or three jobs, if they were at my town hall they would say, michael, we are killing ourselves, but we cannot get our kids out of poverty. and we have to fix this. iowa you are hearing a lot of plans from a lot of people. what i hear is how are you going to get it done with other guys back in washington?
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we need an agenda that is going to unite democrats and the nine that-- 9 million people voted twice for barack obama and once for trump. we need to take that agenda to the country, to states like yours and mine and to when tough election so we win the white house, send mcconnell packing and hold onto the house majority. winning -- by winning we can finally fix a broken washington. didn't have to come up with it to run for president. it's an agenda that unites the american people. an agenda that has a real
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tax cut for the middle class and we cut childhood poverty in america by 40%. universal health care through public option we can enact in three years, not in 30 years, giving health care in this country and collecting costs. putting the 70% of kids who never go to college in the position of earning a living wage, not the minimum wage when they graduate from high school, a climate change plan that is not just urgent but creates policy that can last a generation and close over and the broken politics. -- it's good can
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policy and good politics. i want to tell you, we risk losing if you run on the wrong ideas. take health care. for families in this country, the stakes couldn't be higher. think about the hypocrisy of the republicans who kill obamacare. donald trump telik dachshund donald trump's health care is paid for by all of us. mitch mcconnell pot health care is paid for by all of us. yet donald trump is the first president to run for president and be president who is literally taking health care away from millions of americans. democrats fighting for universal health care.
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this's a big difference in race. if you like your health care you can keep it. the party ofme taking away 180 million american . we won the house back in 2018 with democrats running on a public option, not medicare for all. we should follow their lead, that's how they will build a majority. that we need to nominate somebody who runs up races and who says the same thing in the primary that they say in the general election. when i decided to run for president i daughter is standing behind me.
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if you run, you tell the truth and you lose, no one can fault you for it. i said to her caroline, that's good, there is no other reason for me to run. i was so pleased when i saw the headline on the editorial that said michael bennet pounds truth into this campaign area that is what we need, iowa. you are all here today to save democracy. the founder of this country did two incredible things.
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that's called the revolution. they submitted a constitution for ratification by people who would live under it. they did something terrible, perpetuated human slavery. it took americans -- took other americans to do their duty. he ran away, he fled, he got to massachusetts, where he met the abolitionists. the abolitionists were arguing at the time the constitution was a proslavery document. back words exactly -- "you have it exactly backwards, the constitution is an antislavery document, but we are not living up to the word of that constitution."
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the same thing martin luther king says in memphis when he was there for the garbage workers who were striking when he says i am here to make sure america keeps a promise you wrote down on the page. i think our job is exactly the same as that. i think frederick douglass and martin luther king are just like people -- are just like the founders, the people that wrote the constitution of the united states. i believe men and women, especially women who fought for the right to vote, who fought for my daughters. i think that children who marched in the streets in america yesterday to pull our attention to the climate crisis that we face, i think we are founders to. youryou think about what
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responsibility is in this election, you need to think of yourself as a founder. citizen in job of a a democratic republic. trump.ot elect donald we will not elect donald trump again. iowa democrats, you set the course for the country by voting first. don't just send the message. coccus for a candidate who knows how to build a new american dream. that's how we are going to beat donald trump he had thank you, iowa for your kindness, for your generosity, for being here today. [applause]
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>> hooley and castro served as secretary of housing and urban development under president barack obama. the youngest mayor of the top 50 american city at the time. he worked to expand the promise of opportunity all over the nation. and expanded internet access to low income families and public housing. please join me in welcoming secretary hooley and castro -- castro.-- julian
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[applause] >> hello, i'll up. let me begin with a message for our house democratic friends. do yourme for you to job and impeach donald trump. how many crimes has your president commit when congress
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will act an impeachment -- act and impeach him? whether we impeach him now or defeat him on november third 2020, there is going to be life after donald trump. question is, what is that going to look like for a beautiful country? i grew up on the west side of san antonio with a grandmother and a mother and my twin mother that twin brother -- my twin brother. my grandmother had come over from mexico and she was seven years old, along with her sister. she never finished elementary school. as a singley mom parent and my mom raise my brother and me as a single parent.
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like a lot of your families we knew what it was like to struggle, to be able to pay the rent at the first of the month -- worrying about whether we were able to pay the rent at the first of the month. think, the two generations after my grandmother got here were almost nothing. the other one is standing here asking for your support to be president of the united states of america. that is america. road --a country country we want to create for every single american. i know in the years to come we need to move forward as one nation, with one destiny, and my vision for the future of our country, america will be the smartest, the healthiest, the fairest and most prosperous
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nation on earth. if we are going to be the smartest nation on earth and means starting early. it means paying teachers what they deserve and improving your k-12 education system. jobs require more knowledge and more skilled than ever before. everybody should have access to with jobucation training certification programs. to be thegoing healthiest nation on earth we need a different health care system area my grandmother had type two diabetes. i watched as her condition got worse and worse. that whole time she had medicare. i also believe we need to make sure we have a distinction
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between physical and mental health care and invest in mental health care. then we improve our health care system so that rural hospitals can stay open. if we are going to be a fairest nation on earth, it means reforming our justice system. legalizing marijuana and investing in diversion programs. no matter the color of your skin or how much money you have or what neighborhood you are growing up, you are treated the same. i believe if we are good to be the first nation on earth, we make sure we get equal pay for equal work. to we defend a woman's right
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have an abortion in this country, the woman's right to choose. that we passed the equality act sexualatter what the orientation is we can't be discrimination -- discriminated against. if we are going to be the most prosperous nation on earth, it -- my first executive order on my first day in office will be to reenter the paris climate accord so that we lean and ton sustainability follow that up with a green new zeroso we can get to net and create jobs. nationhe most prosperous on earth means we need to raise
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the minimum wage to early $15 an hour and support unions. we already need to go above $15 to the minimum wage. .e don't have to wait 10 years we need to invest in affordable housing. we need to make sure we have a tax code that rewards people that work for a living. i propose investments for working families and universal childcare, making sure we have good health care and universal pre-k. we also need to make sure that in the years to come that we invest in jobs, not only big cities and suburbs but in rural communities that are hurting in
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iowa and texas and throughout in united states area did 2016 most of us did not think donald trump was going to win. a lot of us were surprised. his campaign was out to his old tricks. tricks is tod scapegoat immigrants. no more kids sleeping on the floor. we are going to keep families together. we are going to put undocumented immigrants on a pathway to citizenship. we are going to make sure we treat people with compassion and common sense instead of cruelty. find safety and opportunity at home instead of having to make a dangerous ifrney to the united states
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we are going to be donald trump, we are going to have to ensure we go everywhere. i have been doing that in this campaign. we need to create a diverse coalition of working people. that's what i'm doing. votes butto get those also get the actual votes to florida. folks have asked me what is the first thing you would do if you are elected president? i said the first thing i would do on the first day assigned that executive order recommitting to the paris climate accord.
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in all honesty my fear moment would come a little bit earlier in the day when it is customary for the incoming president to say goodbye to the outgoing with all of donald trump's staff lined up around the white house waiting in the distance. i can imagine being there with .y wife and my daughter getting ready to say goodbye to milani and donald trump. ready to go getting off to new york or mar-a-lago, or somewhere. will yo -- in some work.
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in right before he leaves. right before he walks away, adios. adios, adios, adios. you can help make it happen, iowa. we're counting on you to register voters and spread the word. two beat donald trump on november 3 and say adios in january 2021. thank you very much. thank you iowa. thank you. thank you. [chanting]
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[cheering] our next speaker is the first female comments veteran for run for president and one of the first elected to congress. representative to alter gabbert gabbard has served for 616 years and has served twice in the middle east. tulsi has served on the armed services committees in addition to serving as vice chair of the dnc. she is running to bring a soldiers heart to the white house. please join me in welcoming congresswoman tulsi gabbard. ♪
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high't no mountain enough" playing] aloha.bbard: in hawaii when we get gentle showers we consider them blessings. lessed, grateful to be here to join all of you today at such an important time. i start our conversation with aloha. we are facing increasing divided times. self-serving politicians in washington who are pitting one group of us against each other, tearing us apart. now i start with aloha not as a way to say hello, but because
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there is a very powerful meaning that inspires us in how we can come together. we greet each other with aloha, what we're saying is i come to you with an open heart, i come to you with respect, i come to you with love recognizing we are all connected, we are all family, we're all children of god. comealoha inspires us to together, bridge those divides regardless of where we come from. regardless of who we love or how we worship or if we worship. aloha is what unites us. i love our country and i love the american people. there is so much that brings us together, the values of the principles and the freedoms enshrined within our constitution. these are the things that bring us together. these are the things we are fighting for. re-readecently,
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recently abraham lincoln's gettysburg address where he spoke very briefly and very clearly about the great sacrifice that was made on those battlefields about the new nation that was born, dedicated to the proposition that we are all created equal of. that weout the best way as people can honor the great sacrifice that was made. must ensurehow mwe we have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. is that the government we have today? >> no. rep. gabbard: it's not. we have not carried out that vision that lincoln had for us. instead we have a government of, by and for the rich and powerful. we, the people, are left behind as a. result we, the people, and of struggling and.suffering as a
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result . willeserve a president who fight for you, who will put your well-being ahead of the interests of profit, put people ahead of politics, put the well-being of the american people in our country at the forefront. i'm running for president to bring these values , the heart of every service members, to restore the principal and integrity and honor and respect to the presidency. as your president i will crack down on big pharma and big insurance companies and make sure that every single american gets the health care they need. i'm going to make sure that education of our kids is a priority, that we pay our teachers what they deserve and we make sure that our kids have every opportunity for their lives. onill end the failed war drugs, end the federal marijuana
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prohibition and bring about real criminal justice reform. in a broken system that is torn far too many families apart and has cost the american people so much. i'll tackle climate change. i first got involved with politics, i first ran for office in hawaii when i was 21 years old running for the state house because of a desire to protect our planet. to make sure that we have clean water to drink and clean air to breathe. together we can usher in a new green century, harnessing all the innovation and technology has to offer us, to make sure we are protecting our planet, creating good just, transitioning off of fossil fuels and truly investing in our future. now, there is an issue that essential to all these other issues and the issue is the cost of war. the cost of war.
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it is something that, as a soldier, i know all too well in a deeply personal way. i served on two deployments in the middle east and my first appointment was to iraq during the height of the war. i served in a field medical unit where every single day we were confronted with that high human cost of war. i've served in congress for seven years on the foreign affairs committee, the homeland security committee. i understand the importance of our national security. deeply painful the terrible loss is for the of thousands of. families who never got to welcome their loved ones home from these wasteful regime change wars that have undermined her national security, that have cost of such pain-and-suffering in the countries where we wage these wars, and that have caused every single one of us as taxpayers trillions of dollars since 9/11 alone.
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what does that mean? trillions of dollars. every single dollar that has been spent on these wasteful wars is a dollar that has come out of our classrooms, out of our health-care system, it has, out of our communities. where has it gone? it has gone towards waging these wasteful wars and the nation building that has followed. today as we gather here we are still spending $4 billion everything up month in afghanistan. we need to bring our troops home and bring our taxpayer dollars home to rebuild our own nation right here at home. now, unfortunately these are not just things that are happening in the passport for those of you watching in the news, you will see how yesterday president trump secretary of defense announced the deployment of more troops to where? to saudi arabia. to defend saudi arabia's oil, to defend saudi arabia's infrastructure. handing off our sovereignty and
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our military to be used buy another country. that is not why we take this oath to serve. we take this oath to protect and o defend our country. i'm running for president to end this insanity. the most important responsibility the president has is to serve as commander-in-chief. as your commander-in-chief i will end these wasteful regime change wars, make sure we do not start any new ones, worked to end this new cold war we are in and in arms race that would further cost us trillions and more lives and instead redirect those dollars toward serving the needs of our people right here at home. is so much at stake here. we are facing very dangerous times.
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this is why we are here, and this is why i am hopeful because i know that when we stand together, motivated by this love we have for our country, for each other, and for our future, there is no obstacle we cannot overcome. thank you for all that you do. i ask you to join me in our campaign. i ask you for your support to bring about the kind of change we need to put people and our country above all else. thank you all so much. it is great to see you. aloha. thank you. tom steyer is progressive
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activist and former businessman. in 2010, he sign the giving pledge to give most of his wealth to good causes during his lifetime. he has spent the last 10 year successfully fighting corporate lyrical system and organizing and mobilizing at the grassroots level for the good of the american public. please join me in welcoming our friends tom steyer. ♪ hello, good
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afternoon, and isn't it great to be here in such a beautiful day? let me say this. i have been coming to iowa since i was a little boy. my aunt and uncle are from iowa city, my uncle was a professor of constitutional law at the university of iowa. this is my first iowa rainstorm, -- isn't my first iowa rainstorm. i know it sisn't. i know you guys have heard a lot of people talking today and every single one of them is more decent, more qualified and more patriotic than the criminal we have in the white house. you are never going to see someone from this stage separated young child from his or her mother. you are never going to see someone from this stage mock a gold star family. and you're never going to see someone from this stage conspire with the president of ukraine to use american tax dollars for his political purposes. i can promise you that.
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i started need to impeach two years ago because i knew he was a criminal. but i'm not running because of mr. trump. i'm running because we have a failed government in washington, d.c. corporations have bought our government. it is failed because of a hostile corporate takeover, and unless we take back this get backt, unless we to government of, by, and for the people, we are not getting any of the things we want. we're not going to get the health care reit want, not going to get the education our children deserve, not going to get a living wage for working people across the united states. we are not going to get clean air and clean water. but let me talk for one second in iowa about who i am. because when i read about myself in the paper, i sometimes think my first name is billionaire.
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actually, my mom is from minnesota. she ended up working in the new york public schools and in the brooklyn house of detention. my dad was the first generation in his family to go to college. he became a lawyer. he quit his law practice to go into the navy in world war ii. then he prosecuted the nazis at nuremberg. [applause] mr. steyer: they were from that depression era, world war ii generation, were people thought you give as much to america as you get from america. and when i started need to impeach, i was thinking about my father and a nazis, because when you see something wrong in america, you fight it. you don't ask what is tactical, what is good for you, you fight it every day before it gets too strong and that is what i is doing -- i was doing. my mom had an expression.
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" actions speak louder than words." let me give you a. little sense of what i've been doing for the last 10 years when i started the business a long time ago in one room with no employees and no windows, i built it up into a pretty big business. but i stopped it. i took the giving pledge and for the last 10 years, i have been working to form coalitions of ordinary american citizens to take on unchecked corporate power, and we have been winning. look, we took on the oil companies and we beat them. we took on the tobacco companies and we beat them and we gave the money to medical, the health care for the lowest income californians. i closed the billion-dollar corporate loophole and gave the money to fix up the public schools. on the monopoly
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utilities and insisted they get 50% clean energy by 2030 and won. who for the people in iowa don't know, i started something called next jenna merrick at 2013. next gen is on 41 campuses in the state of iowa. largestyouthd the voter mobilization in american history and went into 30 a congressional districts, we doubled the turnout of young people. we flipped 33 districts, including sydney and abbey. so, let me say this. i have done the grassroots. and in terms of business, i know this is going to come down for an awful lot americans trust to keep the economy safe and make sure it
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keeps going and his distributive fairly amongst americans? i am the person with a history of being able to do that in the private sector. i know what drives prosperity because i had to be able to understand it to make it happen. and i will use that, not just to protect americans, but also to expose mr. trump for the fraud and the failure that he is. a fraud and a failure as a businessman. he's a fraud and a failure as a president. he has two big economic policies. one is his tax plan. biggest giveaway to corporate america and the riches americans in american history. it is the worst thing i've ever seen for working americans. that was a disaster for us. his trade policy? his trade war is a total failure. it's specifically hitting iowa ns. his trade war cost iowans, $635 a piece.
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do you really think iowa can afford $2500 for the ego trip of a failure and a fraud? i don't think so. i would stop this trade war on day one. this, let's talk about something else that is going on in iowa that we all know. we know that there were records like this year. we know that a levy burst north of council bluffs this week. climate israel. -- is real. i have spent 10 years fighting on climate successful. we've taken on all this companies. numbersaid this is my one priority. there is no one else in this race will say that. my number one priority -- i establish a state of emergency the first day of my presidency. understand what it
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means to do this, that we have to do a but as a business person i can tell you, we can do it and cheaper better jobs. we can do it and be healthier. i know what this means in terms of runoff from nitrates. i know it is a local pollution problem, too. it is not jobs or the environment. it is jobs and the environment. this, climate is the perfect example, the poster child for the corporate takeover. companies would rather risk our health and safety. the health and safety of every single american then lose the tens of billions of dollars in profits they make every year. i don't care about their profits. if you look at gun violence, 90% of americans have wanted background checks on guns for decades. we don't have it. why? the gun manufacturers do not want us to have it. i'm telling you we have to undo
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this corporate takeover of our government, and i have said t erm limits on congress. nobody else is going to say that. 12 years senator. power corrupts. i'll give you six words to explain term limits. mitch mcconnell, lindsey graham, chuck grassley. they'd be gone. national referendum. look, if we had a national referendum where we got to put it on the ballot and citizens get to vote it in, we would have mandatory background checks on guns next week. and we have to get rid of the fiction that corporations are people. i know the supreme court has said it, but they have set a lot of really stupid, wicked things over the last 240 years. this is where the corporations hang so much of their control, is corporations are people. let me say one thing last and that's this. we act and people sound as if
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this is a failed society. this is the most successful society in the history of the planet. we have real challenges. if we do just these two things -- break the corporate stranglehold on our government, stabilize the climate -- ae that isn a position better than any people in the history of the world. what we want, we can have. we can have health care as a right for every american. every other advanced society does. we can have the education system our children deserve. we can afford it. other places have it. we can have a living wage for every worker. one job should be enough. airwe can guarantee clean and clean water for every american, because no one has the right to poison you or your family to get richer. . that's just wrong. so, i am here.
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actions speak louder than words. i'm asking for your vote. but i promise you, i have delivered on everything i have promised in my life. look, io back and started a business when people thought it made no sense and i delivered on it. when i took on the oil companies, no one wanted the job, because no one thought they could be beat and we beat them. when i took on the tobacco companies, no one wanted the job, but i beat them. when i started nextgen, no one thought it made sense to organize young people in the united states because they thought it was too expensive. expensiveit was too not to have a democracy and not to organize them. and two years ago, when i started the need to impeach movement against mr. trump, everybody explain to me we cannot afford to do the right thing. and i said, we can't afford not to do the right thing.
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astly, when i started working on climate, people told me it is not a political issue. nobody cares. this is not something you should spend your time on. i said, is too important not to spend your time on it. let me promise you, when i said i would do something, i've delivered. and i promise that if you give me your vote, i will deliver every single day. i will never forget and i do not care one bit about those corporations. they have to do their business but they cannot run our government, and i will never let them do it. thank you very much.
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> serving throughout the world and rising to the rank of three-star admiral. following his daughters better with brain cancer, joe ran for congress fighting to provide families with the same quality of health care he received in his to families time of need. he was called the most productive legislator of his class and was reelected by 20 points in his 2-1 republican district. admiral joe c stack is running for president because he believes this nation must have a president and a commander-in-chief that can beat current occupant and also unite this nation by be accountable to all americans. please join me in welcoming admiral joe sestak. ♪
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[tom petty's " won't back down" playing] admiral sestak: thank you very much for having me here today. i'd like to do something just a little different if it's all right. onoe been living in an ec lodge ofr 77 of 90 days. i flew in in june into des moines after my daughter's brain cancer had come back. it finally went into remission. she was in a safe harbor. i came here to announce my candidacy for presidency of the united states of america. it was about the time the corn had begun to sprout. and it was knee-high by the fourth of july. last week we had a harvest moon. so, i decided it was time, maybe i could tell you what i learned from iowans. in those 77 days iran around --
6:12 am
i ran around the stating came back tonight to an econo lodge. he actually did about 235 events, including press engagements. put in those with 13 parades where i shook over 30,000 hands. because i learned in iowa parades are pretty special. as a woman taught me when i called her and said, how many do you expect on the troroute? >she said we have not had a parade in four weeks so we expect extra to be there. but we also passed out about 100,000 brochures and to willing hands and underneath unwilling car windshield wipers. you might have even got one as you walked out of hyvee. but over 17,000 miles i traveled throughout the state since late june. that's like going across america about six times. i learned the history about iowa. where john lewis was
6:13 am
born, that great labor leader who put unions on the map in the 1930's, the 1940's and the 1950's. wade o'reilly came from, the wonderful man from "mash." i met and learned that great characteristic of people of iowa . some call it iowa nice. naw, it is a lot more than that. there is a respect for others wherever i went around the state. didn't matter whether it was a woman in a laundromat or whether it was a republican in a parade. it was respect for others. you may just call it iowa nice, but it is a lot more than that. it. is a lesson to the capital of this nation. but i saw it most particular earlly in the respect they had r veterans.
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and you go to waterloo and you see that wonderful museum to the five brothers, the five salomon brothers. even in the navy today we have a ship named after those iowans. who lost their lives in world war ii on the same navy ship, fighting nearby was my father in that second world war. lodge, that road named for merle hay, the first american killed in world war i in iowa. i saw it every day when i ran went back andnd forth and shook hands, and they had a brochure with my picture on it. as i ran up to them and ouitt of foure of ou iowans would shake my hand. i met individual iowans. thatarmer i stood next to pointed at his soybean crops and said one out of four of those rows, i will not be of the plant
6:15 am
next year. i might be out of business because our customer china is no longer buying from us. i met a position of grotta miss. -- agronomist. she has done her job of making sure that those fields were precisely measured. making sure the tractors wouldgone. marine corps veteran o who worked in a factory. he started at a certain wage. last year anybody who started at that factory started at the same weight. i spoke with people who had talked about medicaid in iowa. last year, this year they were thosea 8.6% raise,
6:16 am
private companies. i saw throughout all of those counties throughout beautiful iowa how 2/3 of them are losing population as rural hospitals are disappearing. and who will set up a business where there is not a nearby health provided? it reminded me of how i had walked 422 miles across pennsylvania one-time, when i wa s running for the united states senate. from the border of new jersey all the way across to ohio. i met coal miners who were losing their jobs and many more will but they do not have the money to learn a new skill. as those small businesses when away. ed across the keystone state where i grew up, i got two calls. one was from a republican because i was in my flight jacket. and he recognize me as i was
6:17 am
walking past his car dealership. he yelled at me, hey,, admiral i'm republican but i love what you are doing. then i got another call from the head of the democratic senator who raises the money for the democratic senatorial campaign, said, stop walking. go back to your office and fund raise. i kept walking. and followed that republicans advise. it cost me. as my the party leadership put in for that committee more millions against me than they put in against mitch mcconnell. many have lost sight that it is always about people. aboveparty, above self, any special interest no matter the cost. come aboard to an aircraft carrier i commended in my battle group. as i launched off afghanistan, seven had been in the first gulf war.
6:18 am
one of them had never been off the carrier deck, not in combat before. she was 26 years old. she was the one that disobeyed orders that night, not to dive below 20,000 feet until we had time to check who might be endangered below. but eight spatial forces had been ambushed. four died immediately. some asked permission. that young woman, that brand-new pilot, felt she could not wait. she dove three times and those four special forces who still dead picked up their comrades and came home tonight. exactlyan demonstrated what this country is looking for an yearning for today. she was and willing to be accountable to them, the troops, the people, above self, at the risk of her own career never mind her life. no mateter the cost to her. i honestly believe that we must
6:19 am
bove donald trump a anything else. i can't wait to stand there and say, you know, donald, we have something in common. we both went during the vietnam era for our physical then i flunked it also. i came back the second time because i memorize the eye chart on the way out. i represented a nearly two to one republican district, the second democrat since the civil war. i had an f from the nra. i had 100% from national organization of women and an f from the human rights campaign. reelected by 20 points and i did not spend a penny of the $3 million i raised on one single campaign ad. we somehow had learned to -- to
6:20 am
agree on certain things and where we disagree, it was not exactly iowa niceness, but we respected one another because they knew they could trust me. i was always accountable of us party, self or any special interests. that is our houses shores. -- hobson's choice. withal this country's soul someone who actually can again be able to get policies through and no longer have to have a president that can only do executive orders, or how else to we meet the defining challenges of our time? take climate change, the most catastrophic threat to mankind. the, we must at home pass ability to have a carbon dividend, fee stephen and and we must stop all fossil fuel andidies for oil companies others and move them to green energy. and we must stop all drilling offshore as well as in the arctic and in sacred native american lands, but we also have to have health care through that senator. yes, we must move toward
6:21 am
single-payer, i get that, particularly with my own health insurance from the military, they gave us a $300,000 bill to try to save my daughter's life. only 8% of kids has ever survived it and she has done it twice. i voted for the public option. how could you not? in the military you learn piss poor planning gives piss poor execution. those ruralt in counties, why don't you have a motto like the v.a.? a government owned hospital is equal to or better than any other health provider private or public. and then, yes, can we -- reduce student loans. ande is a program that says government if everybody we make
6:22 am
it mandatory and make it grandfather and universal, you do not have to pay back any more than 10% of your student loan. if you are lower income, forgiven after 20 years. who do i want to focus on? the clinton and the trump supported. 65% of america's to not have a college degree. we are democrats. that coal miner who lost his job or the man who used to drive that tractor and the farmer. when she loses her farm. why don't we have a program i wrote about in 2015 in my book -- still have six copies, where it is called "training for a lifetime," like they do in the military. the air force committee college. you learn the f-22. technology is going to transfer haveickly, we have to those 11 million americans who no longer are in the labor participation rate back into the workforce by retraining them over a lifetime.
6:23 am
finally, restore u.s. leadership to this world. no longer do we have democrats, republicans alike who do not understand when they voted for that tragic misadventure in iraq, the military can stop a problem. they can never fix the problem. and our president today had better understand with iran, you had better know how it is going to end before you begin. thank you very much. ♪ >> looking forward to meeting marianne williamson's for weeks now. marianne williamson is a best-selling author, lecturer, and activist. she has worse with thousands of individuals and large and small groups in transforming crisis into opportunity. for 35 years she has been helping people heal from
6:24 am
problems that in many ways have been created by the irresponsible political establishment. pleassee join me in welcoming marianne williamson. ♪ train"]phens "peace ms. williamson: thank you. i don't know where this clock is people say i can see somewhere? i'm sorry? ok. hi, everyone. i've been listening to a lot of great candidates here today. i don't think of myself as running against anyone. i think of myself as running with a lot of really great people. and i've heard a lot of plant articulated -- plans articulated
6:25 am
and i agree with the majority of them. i'm in the left wing of the democratic party. there is no question but that we have the democrats the best plans. but not of those plans are going to be brought to fruition until and unless we have another plan. that is what i want to talk to about today. my plan for defeating donald trump. plan fore don't have a how we are going to defeat donald trump it is all just thought. we're already having too much talk in a vacuum. once i'm elected i will do this. i will do that. so, i want to talk to you about how we are going to do the first thing that most important thing that we must do. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is not just to defeat donald trump. we have to do more. we have to do more than not jump over the cliff.
6:26 am
we need to get out of the vicinity of the cliff. we need to defeat an ideology. we need to so inspire a new chapter for the democratic party and for the united states of america that they cannot come back in 2022 or 2024. so, we have to think big. think big with me. we're talkingho to when we go on and on about how bad donald trump is, because if you're talking about people who cannot stand the agenda of donald trump, i think it is fair to assume they're voting for the democrat. people who are so excited about donald trump are going to vote for donald trump. they are going to vote for donald trump. the point is, ladies and gentlemen, if we have one group they' vote fory
6:27 am
any democrat andl we put that upl against one group that is so excited that no matter who else is running they will vote for donald trump, that is way too close for comfort. what we have to do is talk to all those millions of people who did not vote. what we have to do is talk to all of those way too many people who voted th party, and we need totalki, please hear me, what i believe are millions of people who, yes, they voted for donald trump but they are disturbed. but i'll tell you something, if all we do is talk about how bad donald trump is, we are shaming them, we are making them wrong, and we will not make them inspired to vote for us. we hadve to -- have to have a new chapter in the democratic party that is way wider, which is speaking to something much deeper than i am a democrat and you are a republican. we need to speak to the heart of the matter. we need to speak to those values about which all of us care, not because we are democrat or republican, but because we are
6:28 am
american. we have to transform this country not just change policies. if all you do is change presidents they will come back in 2022 and 2024. if all we do is change policies, then the next president will simply take away the good ones we got in place. this country needs to transform. country needs a president, and this president should emerge from a party that is ready to go deeper, go some trutht real, do telling, talk not just the truth. every democrat running is talking the truth. but ladies and gentlemen, we need to do more than talk the truth. we need to say the whole truth and nothing but the truth. the whole, if we talk truth and nothing but the truth, america has some painful truths to look at. america has to look at how many ways we are not behaving like the country that we purport to be. or the ways in which we are not
6:29 am
aligned with the principles on which we claim to stand. in a country where the government at this point does more to advocate for those who are already rich so that they can get richer and to advocate less for those who can hardly make it at all, we're not the even behaving like a democracy. we are behaving like an aristocracy we repudiated in 1776 and we need to repudiated again. we need to face how much our necessary human suffering has resulted from this. -- unnecessary human suffering has resulted. we have to face there are millions of american children living with chronic trauma and, yes, they are in iowa, too, who go to schools where they do not have the school supplies with which to teach their child to read. if a child cannot learn to read by the age of eight, then the chances of high school
6:30 am
graduation are drastically decreased, and the chances of incarceration are increase. the democratic party should not be a part to simply normalizes the despair of his children. party all the democratic is talking about is increase funding for schools and preschools and free college, all of which i agree with, ladies and gentlemen, we need to get the bear. we have children in this country who are traumatized before preschool. we have hungry children in america who go to school. we have 13 million hungry children in america. we have children who go to classrooms in this country and ask the teacher if they have eat.hing to we have millions of american children who are experiencing a level of chronic trauma that psychologist say is no less severe than the trauma of afghanistan and iraq veterans from war. ladies and gentlemen, we need to get real about what is happening in this country, get real about
6:31 am
race in this country. we need to do more about the paternalistic race-based policies. we need to do more than just having another commission to study it. would need to realize that with 250 years of slavery, plus another 100 years of institutionalized violence against black people, it is time to pay a debt that is owed. it is time to pay reparation, and it is time to take compare -- reparative measures regarding native american justice in this ,ountry, including here in iowa because whether you are a country or an individual, you will not have the future you want and leisure willing to clean up the past. are willing to clean up the pass. the democratic party needs to be talking about a world war ii level globalization to do with the urgency of the climate crisis. so intends that if we do not take radical action within the next 10 or 15 years, we could be talking about a civilization
6:32 am
collapse. we could be talking about food shortages, mass starvation, hunter is possibly of millions of refugees -- hundreds of millions of refugees and social collapse that we have not talked about in the modern era. and need to talk more about ben and liz preparation for war -- endless preparation for war. bring the boys home. we should be talking about waiting peace, -- waging peace. we cannot just deal with the guns and just deal with the military budget, we also need to have a u.s. department of peace, department of children and youth, we need to pay reparations, we need to get real in this country about the things that we need to get real about. donald trump has ushered in an era of political theater. and we will not be going back. ladies and gentlemen, it is not just a politician. he is a phenomenon. and the only way we will defeat
6:33 am
them is if we create a phenomenon of our own. and a phenomenon of our own is not an individual but it is an arousal, an inspiration, it is a motivation among the american people that will not occur with the same old same old. this is our plan and this is how we fix it. when he to have something that is so real and that people all over this country know that's telling it like it is and that is the moral values about which proud to beay, i'm an american. i might be a conservative, i might be liberal, i might've been a republican or a democrat but you know what? that woman i s right. ladies and gentlemen, i know what you have been told. marianne williamson she is not one of them. don't you get it? i challenge the idea that only those whose careers have been trans- -- entrenched in the decade in the system could d
6:34 am
rive is out of it. women's suffrage did not come from the government. people rose up and people stepped in. civil rights did not come from the government. it started because the people rose up in the people stepped in. ladies and gentlemen, it is time once again for the people to step in. time i hope you'll look at my website and at least consider deep in your heart next time somebody says, you could never win. you might want to think of saying, actually she might be the only one who can. thank you very, very, very much. not the only one but we will make sure the democrat wins. i appreciate it. god bless you.
6:35 am
>> hey. >> who are you voting for, teddy? >> he said the meeting is called to order. if you cannot tell he is a county chair kid. attorney general tom miller is serving in his tent four year term as the attorney general of iowa. no, you can't do it. the longest-serving attorney general in american history. he has done so much to help hundreds of thousands of iowans, reducing telemarketing crimes. this is a terrible idea. and helping people all over the nation. he was a leader in the multistate settlement agreement that resulted in the tobacco industry paying billions of dollars to states in changing the way conducts its business. he is not running for president. although as iowans we wish he was.
6:36 am
he is here to introduce governor steve bullock. join me in welcoming attorney general tom miller. >> hello. [applause] >> hey. hey, welcome. hearty iowa democrats. bullock for 12 years since he first became attorney general of montana. here is what i know about him and is also the reasons why i am supporting him for president. he is a man of immense integrity and character. he is a person of extraordinary qualities and abilities when it comes to public policy and serving in government. he has an enormously good judgment on how to make decisions. he's roughly the same place i am i wouldssues, which describe as mainstream liberal, mainstream progressive, not a moderate nor on the left. but what stands out in my mind is his ability to connect with people and voters.
6:37 am
of all the people i've seen come over decades,ses he and barack obama connect with people better than anybody else. and the reason i say this is they both respect everybody equally. everybody is important. he goes everywhere, rural, urban areas. he listens to people. he empathizes with people. he connects with people. him tockage has allowed win in montana, a very difficult state. win in rural and urban areas, run 24 points ahead of hillary clinton. those kinds of qualities will allow him to be, i think the best of the candidates in iowa. when we have such difficult fights an important fight for the senate, for congress, for the iowa house. he could help our candidates. the same reason why he would run y hetrong in iowa is wh would want so strong in
6:38 am
wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan, and other places. this is the man that can lead us to victory. and the same qualities i have talked about are the kind of qualities that we needed a president as well. so, iowa democrats, take a good look at this man. and think about him. my friend, steve bullock. tom.bullock: thank you, thank you, iowa! look, about this time of year you got all kinds of visitors trying to make some distant connection to your state, so i'm not going to tell you my great great grandparents settled henry countyi in 1850. because that is not why we gather. we gather for the sake of our nation, for the sake of our e world and for the sake of the america we will pass on the next generation. make sureto donald trump is a one term
6:39 am
president. you know, it is more than just that. it's soundly rejecting this behavior he has normalized, the lies, the abuse of power, the dividedness of race and gender and geography. for goodness sakes, we expect more out of our preschoolers than we do the president of the united states. as democrats we win when we offer something better, when we show up, we listen, when we vote the challenges of everyday americans. i was raised in a single-parent household, paycheck-to-paycheck. only knew there was a governor's house because i delivered newspapers as a kid. i've made it literally four blocks in life. but i worked my way through college. i borrowed my way through law school. never forget that day when my wife and i paid off $175,000 in today's terms of student debt. you know what, though? when i growing up 90% of 30 year olds were doing better than her
6:40 am
parents were. today it is only half. 60% of americans have not had a pay increase in 40 years. 2/3 of the county's loss businesses over the last decade and you should not have to leave your church, your school or your community just to make a decent living. when you go from delivering newspapers to the governor's house as a kid, to now actually raising our family and it, you've lived the american dream. you got a recognized for so many folks in this country that fair shot at a better life, no longer exists. for far too many that shot never did. yeah, this is about winning the election. but it is also about making sure the economy in washington, d.c., is finally working for working people. first things first. we need make this a single issue election and that single issue is kicking donald trump out of the white house.
6:41 am
the only democrat in the country to win a statewide reelection the state trump won. to 35% of myr, 25% voters voted for donald trump. this election is about math. we need to take back 270 electoral votes. path to our maker does not just go to the coasts or through the urban areas, it goes to the places like iowa. a third of your counties voted obama, obama, trump. this election is about the state house and the white house. dark secret is we spend a lot of time loving you all to death. and then bye-bye. come february, we all leave and you are left with a legislature that is gutting health care, stripping away rights from women, from workers. we need to make sure we have somebody at the top of the
6:42 am
ticket that is actually going to help out all throughout the ticket. i believe i am the best candidate to carry that message to all of america. i refuse to see the votes of r ural america as the folks that work the land, feed the world and pass the plate on sundays somehow are forever wedded to a lying -- with orange hair and a golden toilet. i have won three election and a red states not by compromising our values by by getting stuff done. -- but by getting stuff done. even with the legislation that is a more republican than yours, we actually passed health care for 100,000 folks. we made it so we had mental icked darkity, we k money out of our elections and we froze college to and more and we have done that with ever once -- without ever once
6:43 am
compromising woman's right to make her own health care decisions. union side labor lawyer we have done that without ever once taking away a worker's right to organize and collectively bargain. the only democrat left in this race, the only governor left in this race and somehow i have not made it through those dnc debate role so far because i only got in four months ago. and is set up chasing donors, i was actually working with our republican legislature to get and save health care for 100,000 montanans. signed by last bill on monday, announced on tuesday and by thursday i was in iowa. trying to they are do, but if we really are the party of the people, we ought to actually prioritize not chasing donors but actually saving people's lives along the way. most important election certainly in all of our . lifetimes
6:44 am
yeah, it is about beating donald trump, preserving a 243 year experiment called representative democracy. we need to be able to win back some of those places that we lost along the way. 135 days from now is when you all, you voters start making the decision, taking a big field into a small field. i've learned a lot about iowa nice. you are somewhere on my list. i ask you take a good look over the next 135 days. put me at the top of my list because i can bring those places and because there is something else. it is not just donald trump that is on the ballot. experimentust a 243 called representative democracy that is on the ballot. indeed, the american dream is on the ballot right now. big problems in this country. remember how united we were as a
6:45 am
nation after 9/11? we came came together with purpose, compassion, unity. we need that now. we need to be able to bridge some of these divides. we need to be able to heal some divisions and challenge the greatest thing that is happening right now -- and that really is that so many folks in this country do not feel they can live the american dream, have a fair shot at a better future. we can do that. my most solemn vow when i take the oath of office, to preserve, protect and defend the also thaton, yes, but american dream, to make it real for the next generation. i ask you to take a closer look, go to steve this will not be the last time you see me in iowa. thanks so much for being here today. thanks for what you will do over the next 135 days. take care. >> believe in steve! believe in steve!
6:46 am
believe in steve! believe in steve! >> it is not easy to give a speech in the rain. let's have another round of applause for governor steve bullock, who we all love so much. our last speaker is here just before the rainstorm is really going to pick up. congressman tim ryan is the u.s. representative for ohio's 13 district. he has served in congress since 2003 and represents traditionally blue-collar towns from youngstown to akron. he is a vocal supporter of unions and has led the charge on lost a crackdown on currency manipulation by foreign
6:47 am
countries. a fiery and impassioned speaker, he is also an advocate for a more balanced life. he has authored books on meditation and healthy eating. he actually closed down our first steak fry revival in 2017, and by the look of the draw, he gets to close it down and bring us home again. please join me in welcoming my friend. congressman tim ryan is our last beaker tonight. [cheers and applause] -- our last speaker tonight. [cheers and applause] representative ryan: thank you, io. thank you so much. this is great. we don't stop playing football if it rains, do we? so we don't stop politicking
6:48 am
when it rains. my name is tim ryan. i have been in the united states congress for 13 years. i represent the state of ohio, northeast ohio, and we have a tragedy in our community, one of our communities several weeks back in dayton, where we saw a terrible act of violence where a bunch of young people who went out to go have a few drinks one mass ended up watching gun that somebody should not have had. these young people literally watch people bleeding out on the iteets of dayton, ohio, like happens in so many other communities across the united states every single day, so i want to be very, very clear here with you in iowa today. mitch mcconnell needs to get off
6:49 am
s and passed the comprehensive background check till that is sitting in the united states senate that will save lives all over the united states. i don't think we can take this issue lightly or any other, but i am running for president because i believe we have to get away from the current left/right divide. we've got to get away from the left/right divide. i want to tell you, i'm prepared for this. i got my progress iowa hat on here. let me just say -- let me just say a couple things. one is we've got to get away from the left and right as a democratic party. we have got to be the party of new and better. new and better ways of addressing the issues around the economy. new and better ways of
6:50 am
addressing the issues around health care, new and better ways of addressing the issues around climate change, and i want to share a couple of them with you -- thank you, my brother. give this gentleman a hand. [cheers and applause] representative ryan: this is where my wife would say, you run for president, you get spoiled. this would be an example of that. i want to talk to you about a few issues. we only have a few minutes left. we got to come up with new ideas that are going to solve our problems. one of the first things i want to do is appoint a chief manufacturing officer. we need to make sure we start making things again in the united states, and if we are going to fix the issue of climate and climate change, we need to build our way out of this, and that means we need to build electric vehicles. we need to build solar. we need to build wind,
6:51 am
batteries, charging stations. this is a multitrillion dollar opportunity for us here in the united states of america, and right now, china dominates electric vehicles. china dominates batteries. china dominates solar. when i am president, those products will be built by american workers here in the communities that have lost so much over the last 30 or 40 years. i believe we have got to have a new conversation around health care. of course we all believe that health care is a right. of course we all believe everybody should have access to it, and there should be a public option, but the conversation we are having today around health conversation around a broken system. it is around a disease care system, a sick care system, and $3.5 trillion a year is spent on
6:52 am
chronic diseases that are largely preventable. i want to be the president that shifts the health care system to a system where we reverse chronic disease in the united states of america, where we adopt things like food as medicine, where we are literally today reversing things like type 2 diabetes using food and medicine and other intervention. i want us to play offense in rural america. too often, the democratic party has forgotten rural communities. i have an agenda for us to move into rural america and win, and there is not a better opportunity because president trump has screwed the american farmers in ways they have never had to deal with before. i want us to convert our farming system away from an industrial agriculture system to a system of regenerative and sustainable agriculture.
6:53 am
[cheers and applause] want ustative ryan: i to build a system where we get rid of algae blooms in our lakes, where we heal our planet, heal things like the dead zones at the mouse -- mouth of the river -- at the mouth of the mississippi river and we literally can start sequestering carbon so we can deal with the issue around climate. the is the best part of regenerative agriculture movement. that farmers can finally make money because they are reducing all of the pesticides, they are reducing all of the fertilizer that they have to buy in a broken system that they are trapped in. we can go to rural america and say we are going to rebuild downtown, renovate that theater, build a river walk, build an amphitheater, make sure we have housing in the downtowns. we are going to build community
6:54 am
again. i represent a lot of small and midsize cities. i will tell you as your president, you will not be forgotten. we are going to rebuild small towns in the united of america again. i lastly want to talk about education. in order to build those vehicles, we are going to need to rebuild the vocational training and all of our schools. one of the worst decisions we made in this country was getting rid of vocational education, so we need to make sure we do that, but if we do not shift the conversation away from how we get higher test scores to a conversation that says how we take care of our kids, how we trauma-informed care, how we have social and emotional learning, how do we have art therapy and music therapy and play therapy -- if we don't heal the trauma, our kids will never be able to learn, and we have learned more about the brain and
6:55 am
the last 20 years then in the previous 200, and we know when the brain is traumatized. we know when there's violence in a community or in a household that the child's brain literally is not working. education,ot reform i want to transform it. i will be the education president in the united states of america. we are going to get this country going again. let me say -- we've got to compete. we've got to be healthy. we've got to be educated. we've got to heal our earth and heal the trauma that our children and people in this country have experienced. we've got to stop the ravages of things like the opiate epidemic that have taken so many friends and family members from us so that we can compete in a global economy again. that's the kind of president i want to be. we are a strong country. we are a smart country. you may not be able to tell when you turn on the television set,
6:56 am
but you can tell in the communities across the united states, we are ready to explode in this country. we have so many good ideas, so many goodhearted people, and what you will hear over the next few months from me is how we engage everybody in this country to help rebuild. who is going to be the next generation that is going to go in and do the regenerative agriculture? who is going to be the next generation of teachers that will go in these schools and heal our kids like my wife does every single day in her first grade classroom? who is going to go in and invent new ways to capture carbon or the next wave of energy efficiency. who is going to develop that? we cannot do it with an attitude that is hostile to business. i'm for raising taxes on the rich. i'm against increased inequality. i'm against the concentration of wealth, but if we are going to get out of this mess, we have to all come together and that means working with the business
6:57 am
community in the united states of america. i'm going to tell you one last quick story about muhammad ali. the champ was walking down the road in kentucky, and someone came up to him and said, when i was a kid, i saw you fight. and ali said, "great." fight,d it was a great but you got knocked down in the third round, and ali said, wasn't my fight. me tod said my dad took the fight, it was an amazing event, but you were great, but you got knocked down of the third round. and all he said wasn't my fight, i ain't never been knocked down. he said i'm either up or i'm getting up. i'm telling you that the democratic party has never been knocked down. or getting up.p progressives in the united states are never knocked down.
6:58 am
we are either up or getting up. big 10 country is never knocked down. we are either up or we are getting up. let's rebuild the united states of america. let's get rid of the left and right divide. let's move to new or better. our citizens deserve it. let's go to
6:59 am
all the time, i defy you to say you care more about poor people than i do because you do not. i defy you to say you care more about access to health care than i do, because you do not. care more to say you about educating poor kids than i do because you do not. we have very different solutions about how to get there. lifey cole james on her and work as president of the heritage foundation think tank tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. morning, a reporter's roundtable discussion on campaign 2020 and political news from capitol hill with politico's daniel strauss and julia manchester from the hill. later on, notre dame university professor emeritus robert schmuhl discusses his book, "the


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