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tv   Sarah Ferris  CSPAN  September 22, 2019 12:11pm-12:33pm EDT

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sir ferris from politico joins us. the house got their job done passing a continuing resolution through november 21. negotiators continue off the floor. the senate will take up the cr in the coming week. what are the issues lawmakers have to go shake? -- negotiate? >> the issues still outstanding, the cr package is locked in the senate. of course, the funding fight going into october and november is going to be ugly. i have talked to democrats on the preparations panel, and is in the fight is essentially the same as last year. that is not great news because we ended up in a 35 day shutdown. they don't have a strategy on how they are going to do with
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the border wall. that was the main issue that spurred a shutdown through september and most of january of this year. there are the enforcement powers that ice agents have. these are things democrats are riled up about given the administration's aggressive actions through the summer. democrats are ready to go to the mat on this. republicans are dug in. they are hearing from trump on this. we are staring down the same fight. >> the senate is going to take up the continuing resolution. on the house floor, they are looking at the southern border. lauren underwood of illinois and escobar of texas. you wrote that representative escobar's border bill was pulled in july. what is in that bill? tell us what representative under once bill would do --
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bill woulds do. >> this was a priority for democrats. they wanted to tackle the oversight issue. renewanted to requirements for the department of homeland security when it comes to migrants. in the weeks coming up to this vote, they added more controversial items. they went broader. it was something moderate democrats could not support. decided to goders back to the original bill that was filed by congresswoman escobar. an office ofhes congress on the border. this would go beyond just the agency officials. they want to have their own oversight function. they want more training. worn byt body cameras
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customs and border agents. this bill is not likely to have a lot of drama. it is going to be a much different look from what we saw in july. >> what about congresswoman underwood's bill? >> it has oversight components to this. this is one more way for democrats to take action by trying to have uniform processes for medical screenings. her bill focuses more on medical screening. >> barely a week goes by without some news coming out of the house judiciary committee. the house judiciary committee held what chairman nadler said it was their first impeachment inquiry, hearing from corey lewandowski, former campaign manager for president trump. your colleague has a story that
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reports the speaker said corey lewandowski deserves to be held in contempt. is there any update on that story? are reports that the judiciary committee is looking into holding lewandowski in contempt. it is complicated. cnn said they are looking to take those steps. that is something we will see. there are a lot of things right now. they are having to hearings in the upcoming week. one of them is on the monuments. they are calling this -- on emoluments. they are calling this the trump corruption hearing. there is another hearing looking at his muslim ban. the judicial committee is juggling a lot of different subpoenas and procedures. see if the concerns with
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lewandowski, holding him in contempt, see how that plays out. they have a lot going on next week. >> do you think the strategy on impeachment is any clearer? >> i think the hearing exposed some problematic areas. it was hard to see exactly what the democrats got out of that. hard to see if there was any new information or arguments they were able to make. they are basically regrouping this week. they are trying to reshape their messaging. they want to have it sharper. they want to narrow in on what the trump administration and the president has done wrong. they are looking to focus on something like the emoluments and the corruption. that is easier for people to understand. obstruction of justice was the focus of the hearing with mr. lewandowski.
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they are trying to see what is going to work next in the coming weeks and months as they decide whether to move forward with the impeachment proceedings. sarah ferris covers congress for politico. she is online. thank you for the update. >> thank you for having me. >> president trump is in texas today to speak at an event with the indian prime minister. we were going to bring you live coverage, but due to technical issues, we will record it and show it later in our schedule. as president trump left the white house this morning, he stopped to speak to reporters. >> mr. president. >> good morning. we are leaving now for ellington air force base in texas.
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we are going to spend some time on the floods. we are going to be briefed on the floods. we will make an assessment so we can try to help texas with this terrible flooding. we will be talking to a lot of people and meeting a lot of people. that is going to be at ellington air force base. then we are going to houston. we will be at a very nice stadium packed full of people with prime minister modi of india. we are going to have a good time. hear he is tremendous. that will be in houston. after that, i'm going to ohio. i told mr. platt, if he does something really spectacular, i
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will go and cut the ribbon. he did. he invested $1 billion in ohio. they are great people. it is a great company with a great businessman from australia. they are bringing $1 billion into ohio. i said i would cut the ribbon. here it is. it is a great plant. then we are coming home. we have a lot of work at the united nations next week. [inaudible] >> nothing is ever off the table completely. i have no intention of meeting with iran. that doesn't mean it will not happen. we have no intention. we are meeting with a lot of leaders. we have about 15 meetings set up. iran is not one of them. >> [inaudible]
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>> we had a great conversation. had wasersation i largely congratulatory, all of the corruption taking place. liken't want our people vice president biden and his son bringing his corruption to ukraine. inaine has a lot of problems the new president is saying he is going to be able to read the country of corruption. i said that would be a great thing. we had a great conversation. we have a conversation on many things. i believe ukraine put out a statement yesterday. we covered many different topics. it was a warm conversation. i backed ukraine from the beginning. they are very upset other countries are not doing the same.
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germany should be spending much more. france and all of the european union. why are we spending money and they are not? they are spending very little by comparison. >> [inaudible] i would have no problem. to see the same thing as a lot of other people with respect to ukraine. ukraine has had a tremendous corruption problem. they were involved in a lot of things. hopefully it can be straightened out. the new president, we had a very good talk. the new president got elected based on the fact that he would and corruption. >> [inaudible] whistleblower, it sounds like it is not a whistleblower. you cannot have that happen to a
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president of the united states. the conversation was absolutely perfect. it was a beautiful, warm, nice conversation. it was put out last night also by ukraine. you cannot have people doing this very you can't have people doing false alarms like this. when the president speaks to the head of another country, he has to be up to speak to those people. those people don't want to know that they are being recorded. you don't want to have to hear that. you cannot do that to a president. you cannot do that to other countries. with all that being said, we had a great conversation. very honest conversation. biden come up? >> whenever i speak to a foreign leader, i assume there are many people on the line. many people are on the line.
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sometimes they are taping calls. sometimes they are doing a stenographer. i also assume many people are on the line from the other side. to anotheraking country, they also have people on the line. i will say this, i said absolutely nothing wrong. listen to me. listen to me. listen. listen. listen to me. i assume many people are on the line. i know people are making calls. you have intelligence and everybody listening. it was a perfect call. what was not perfect was the horrible thing that joe biden said. he said he never spoke to his son. give me a break. he already said he has spoke to his son. son?ould not speak to your
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of course you would. he made the mistake of saying he never spoke to his son. more importantly, what he said about the billions of dollars he would not give them unless they fired the prosecutor, and then he bragged about how they fired the prosecutor. it's not a stop at all. i am very busy. the floods are very important to me. climate change and everything is very important. today i'm going to texas on the floods. then i'm going to houston on the big rally. it is a rally for prime minister modi. he asked me to do it. i look forward to it. >> [inaudible] >> not only ukraine, take a look
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at china they took a tremendous amount of money out of china. he would sell us out. look at all the money he made in china. the some new nothing. she is making hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. he did the same thing in ukraine. he knows nothing. this is a very dishonest thing joe biden did. he said he never spoke to his son, he also said long before that he did speak to his son. he lied. what he said was that he would not give i think it was billions of dollars to the ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor who was looking at his son and the company his son worked with. that is a very dishonest thing. i'm not looking to hurt biden. i am not even looking or two holding him to it. he said a very bad thing. on the other hand, my
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conversation with the new president of ukraine was perfect. they put out a statement last night. they said the same thing. it was a warm and friendly conversation. there was no quid pro quo. it was a perfect conversation. >> [inaudible] >> because i want germany and i want france and i want the european union to put out money. we paid to the best of my knowledge. listen to me. i gave so much more to ukraine that obama did. go back and check your records. can you tell us what anybody should be able to buy a gun without a background check? looking at it very
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hard. we are studying. it is an issue where congress is wasting their time on nonsense. if congress would ever get back to work, we could work something. congress is doing all of this nonsense with this garbage that they are doing. they don't have any time. the democrats in congress are doing nothing. they are going to lose the election. why? they are not doing anything. we are working very hard with some democrats. the problem i have is that jerry nadler and all these people, they keep wasting time in congress over nothing. they are studying nothing. the molar report was perfect. corey lewandowski was magnificent. everybody was perfect. they are wasting time. they cannot accept the molar report. they cannot accept the fact that we have the best economy we have ever had. we may be hitting another all-time high in the stock market.
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we are looking at a lot of different things. the problem we find is the democrats. they are wasting their time. you take a look at what they are doing. it is a total waste of time. they know it. [indiscernible] >> we are working with joe manson and a lot of people working on this. we will be seeing it over a. of time. the problem i have is the democrats in the house, they are totally unavailable to talk. overhave hearings all day something that has already been one by us. they made up this story. it was a false story. it was a hoax. we have to get to the bottom of how it started. they are wasting all of their time on a hoax.
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you said jay powell was a bonehead. then you said his comments stay. >> he's got a job, and i could do things if i wanted to i don't want to. we are so strong despite jay powell. jay powell is not helping us. other countries have low interest rates. it is very simple. he lifted the rates to quickly and he lowered them to slowly. it is a shame. not too many. not too many boneheads. i tell you what, we really have a great administration. we have a great cabinet. our cabinet has done a great job. >> [inaudible] >> he is a great gentleman.
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he is doing a fantastic job. he is only going to do what is right. he is only going to do what is right. just so you understand, the conversation i had the president of ukraine was absolutely perfect. people better find out who these people are who are trying to subvert our country. these are bad people. the conversation i had with the president of ukraine was perfect. what you have to do is look at the corruption on the democrat side. take a look at how the whole witchhunt started. now they want to try to find another witchhunt. this one is reverting now to joe biden. he has done some very bad things. i'm am not even looking to hurt him. he needs all the help he can get. i'm not looking to hurt him or his family. the corruption and what he said
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is a terrible thing. >> [indiscernible] >> on monday, president trump will talk about religious freedom at an event called the global call to protest religious freedom at the u.n. in new york city. vice president pence is also expected to attend. we will have live coverage beginning at 11:30 a.m. eastern on c-span. wheelernistrator andrew and transportation secretary elaine chao held a news conference to announce their effort to


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