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  President Trump Coast Guard Remarks  CSPAN  September 22, 2019 5:40pm-5:57pm EDT

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live coverage on the span. trumpmonday president will talk about religious freedom. at the united nations in new york city. vice president pence is also expected to attend. we will have live coverage beginning at 11:30 a.m. on c-span. trump stopped at the houston coast guard airplane hangar today for a brief on heavy rainfall. he was on his way to an event with the prime minister of india in texas. for leaving the hangar president trump stopped to talk to reporters.
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a+, i give the: coast guard and a-plus and i have for a long time. that started with harvey as far as i am concerned. the big hurricane from a year ago in texas. the biggest dump of water we have ever had in this country, probably so. i was asking the difference between harvey and what happened in the last week.
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harvey it really is in a class by itself. this one stuck out and came up pretty quick. they have done a fantastic job. they have saved close to 70 lives. >> 131. president trump: what was the number with harvey? >> just over 11,000. president trump: 11,000 lives saved. the coast guard is so important to this country. we have ordered new cutters. you have already gotten some and a lot of equipment. helicopters coming out of the budget. we spent $1.5 trillion, you should at least get some helicopters. it will be completely rebuilt with brand-new ships, boats, helicopters. big difference between now and what it was three or four years ago. then totally rebuilt.
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reporter: [indiscernible] nothingt trump: specific. we are doing our own thing with iran and a lot of other places. i think we are doing very well. a lot of progress is being a. china is coming along well. i actually think tremendous progress was made with respect to the question you just asked. we will see. it will all work out. it always does. if it doesn't, sometimes it takes a little longer. are you open to some kind of peace plan during the u.n.? president trump: i have no plans to meet with him but i have no plan to meet. we are doing very well, they are not doing well. i would like to see in the a great country.
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be a very wealthy country because it has tremendous capability and tremendous people. tremendous potential. we will see what happens. nationsy the united week will be very interesting. meetings and a lot of with different heads of state. , theve for the stadium prime minister of india has asked me to make a speech. -- i guess loaded up we will have 70,000 people or something like that. we will have a lot. the prime minister and myself. i look forward to it. i was asked by prime minister come.f i could i asked him what it was about. he said it is a very big deal for india. i'm very close to the folks from india because i love india and i
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have a lot of respect for the great friendship with the prime minister. he said would be possible? i said i will make it possible. i thought while i was here i said i want to see the coast working along with fema has been tremendous. it has been great. local enforcement, first responders, law enforcement, the team has been incredible. i spoke with the governor of texas. we will be making everything available. they have a lot of water in texas. we are making the federal government available. any questions, you will let us know. hopefully now it is going down pretty good. people here fix it up and get used to it. it will be nice if they don't have to get used to it for a little while. we have harvey and then we have this.
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i want to think most of the people, the first or ponders -- responders. i'm here with the coast guard now, very special people. reporter: [indiscernible] we will berump: doing money, and a lot of things. very bigad some very, events in texas. we have gotten and a-plus from everybody. whether it is harvey or any of the other tragedies. they were tragedies but they could been so much worse. the number of people when we talk about thousands and thousands of people, what would've been the biggest catastrophe of its kind ended up being not that. tremendous damage, some life lost but you would been talking --ut anywhere from 10-20 10,000-25,000 lives lost. reporter: [indiscernible]
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that's right.p: the people of texas are incredible. they go through some of these catastrophic floods and hurricanes. the following morning they are out working and making it beautiful. some of the areas you see people cutting their lawn. these are amazing people. the people texas are why i am here today. i am here for this and the stadium. it will be a lot of fun. reporter: [indiscernible] president trump: they have had floods for any years in texas and hurricane for any years. one of the big differences is we have this down to a science now. we have done something nobody has done. nobody has reacted to hurricanes
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and flooding like the trump administration. nobody has helped texas like the trump administration. we have done a good job and i'm happy to do that. very great state. reporter: [indiscernible] worry about that for your own reelection? president trump: i don't think it is for us. you cannot take anything or granted. you have to always be careful. iople think you are ahead like the concept of it is in play. you hear something is in play, that means close, you work harder. i don't see how i could possibly lose texas. they want border security. they want to protect second amendment. it is possible. the only way it is possible is it people think you are going to win and win by a lot. i think we are doing well.
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reporter: [indiscernible] he is a verymp: highly respected man. he is very highly respected. he is loved in india. number.y a record they had 600 million voters. he won by a record number. it was the biggest election victory in india for a very long time. it is very popular. he has been very good to us and made. he asked me if i would come and speak. reporter: [indiscernible] i think indian: india,ns -- people from that like india, love trump. we have seen that in the polls.
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a great relationship with people from india. ultimately becoming citizens of the united date. that is one of the reasons i am here. reporter: were you going to mention vice president joe biden when you do? president trump: i will be mentioning much. he did a terrible thing, the way he what it. i'm not looking to hurt him with respect to his son. joe has a lot of problems. what he said was a terrible thing. it was anmade it -- offer, it was beyond anna. something where he said i'm not going to give billions of dollars unless they remove this prosecutor. iny removed the prosecutor one hour. the prosecutor was prosecuting
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the company of the sun and the sun. you talk about something that should not have been said -- he shouldn't have said it. my conversation was perfect. it could not have been any better. we will make a determination ,bout how to release it releasing it, saying what we said. it was absolutely perfect. the problem is, when you're speaking to to foreign leaders, you don't want them to feel that they shouldn't be speaking openly. you have to be talking to people. you want them to be able to express themselves without knowing that not every single word will be going out all over the world. when i make calls, i know there are a lot of people listening. intelligence people, with my approval. call,ou are making a talking to a leader of a foreign country, it is very easy to assume.
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many people listening, in addition to people on the others. i will talk about it. i love it. to be a little bit shy about doing that. , ukrainenow if you saw put out a major statement last night saying it was the perfect call, and lee, discussed many topics. we have done more for ukraine then president obama. me is thatother germany, france, so many other countries aren't helping. why are we helping and they are not helping? they benefit much more than we do. european countries, that has been a complaint i have had for a long time. feds orit is for the
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anything else, why is in germany doing more? why aren't the european countries doing more? why is it always the united states? we send a lot of money to ukraine. president obama sent sheets and pillows. union in the european doing more? reporter: [indiscernible] president trump: we are looking at that. people don't like that. we are looking at it. the conversation was absolutely perfect. absolutely appropriate. what wasn't appropriate was what joe biden said. i guess you must have thought it was in front of a lot of friendly people. and what heorded it said was wrong.
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i'm not looking to hurt him. he has his own difficulties. i know a lot of people are looking at that right now. reporter: [indiscernible] president trump: i don't want to mention it. certainly i would have every right. we are paying lots of money to a country, we don't want a country we are giving acid aid to be corrupting -- massive aid to be corrupting our system. i have been hearing about the ukraine -- the witchhunt they went through that turned out to be zero. been two years, i have hearing the name ukraine, ukraine. we don't want to let anything having to do with any of that really hurt our country. it would be fine to do it. you will see one of the finest,
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nicest, if we do that. a respectedve it to person and they could do that. it was a great conversation. it was a really great conversation. everybody will say this. unfortunately, what joe biden said was a terrible thing. was just an absolutely terrible thing. he said i'm going to hold back money if you don't do. they did what he wanted and he released the money. you are not supposed to be doing that. withter: would you be ok ukrainian government reversing -- releasing their version? president trump: it would be identical. they did, they put out a major statement last night. they said it was a fine conversation. there was no pressure, no nothing.
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pressure.n i give that was not pressure. inc. you all very much. on monday, president trump will talk about religious freedom at an event called the global call to protest religious freedom at the united nations in new york city. vice president pence is also expected to attend. we will have live coverage at 11:30 a.m. eastern on ceased. >> sarah ferris from politico joins us. the house got the job done funding the government through november 21 but with a september 30 deadline facing congress. negotiations continue off the floor. the senate will take up the cr in the coming week. what are the issues they need to negotiate? sarah: the issues still