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  President Trump Meets with Pakistani Prime Minister  CSPAN  September 24, 2019 1:40am-1:55am EDT

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>> president trump met with the pakistani prime minister at the united nations, where they spoke relations,-pakistan u.s. policy toward iran, and the nobel peace prize. thank you very much, is a great honor to be with my friend, the prime minister of pakistan. we have some great discussions going on with pakistan about a lot of things, including the taliban and afghanistan and many other things, and i think trade is maybe the most important. we will increase trade with pakistan by a tremendous margin. we do a small amount of trade with them and they want to do larger and so do we viewed i think we should do that very easily. we will double or triple or
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quadruple the trade. they make great progress and so do we. i was shocked when i saw the original numbers from last year and the year before and many years, that the trade with pakistan is not greater. it can be many times the number. we will be talking about trade and many things. it is an honor to be with you. pm khan: i look forward, mr. president, to talk with you about afghanistan. the stability of afghanistan means stability in pakistan. neighbors,l three afghanistan, india, and of course iran. discussed.
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lives in a very friendly neighborhood. [laughter] pm khan: [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: if i can help, i would certainly do that. it will be dependent on both of these gentlemen. one without the other doesn't work if you are going to do mediation or arbitration. certainly i would be willing to help if both pakistan, let's say, and india wanted me to do that. i am ready, willing and able. it is a complex issue that has been going on a long time. but if both wanted it, i would be ready to do it. >> [indiscernible]
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pres. trump: yes. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: i like this reporter. [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] a very fair question. right, you have to have two parties that want to agree. at some point, india may come. i have a very good relationship with prime minister modi, i have a very good relationship with
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khan, and iter think it would be a very good arbitrator. i have never failed as an arbitrator. i have been asked to arbitrate disputes, pretty big ones for friends, and i have done it in a good, successful fashion. if i can be of help -- you know that -- let me know. but you have to have a scent from the other side. >> [indiscernible] a new iran deal. this is the first time you have called for that. pres. trump: i think that's why he is a winner and a man that will be successful. you are talking about boris? he is a friend of mine, and number two he is very smart, very tough, and he does want a new deal. the other deal was ready to expire, a short number of years
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left. all of that money paid and wasted. you didn't have the right to inspect the appropriate sites, you were looking at sites that created -- used to create nuclear, and the ones that were, we cannot look at that. and they were allowed to test ballistic missiles and other things. one of the other things is the fact the agreement will expire in a short number of years. what kind of a deal is that? we are dealing with countries, you have to go long-term. i respected boris a lot and i am not surprised he was the first one to come out and say that. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: i would agree with that. [indiscernible] a lot of dishonesty. people in my position have
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treated pakistan very badly. i would not say pakistan has treated us too well, either, but i think there was a reason for it. >> [indiscernible] people before me didn't but they did not know what they were doing. you know what i do, i trust this gentleman right here, and i do trust pakistan. i have a lot of pakistani friends living in new york. they are smart, great negotiators. among the toughest negotiators in the world. you know what, it is all going to work out, but if i can help, i would like to help. but i don't think you've ever had a president who felt the way i do in a positive way about pakistan, i don't you have. i've looked back and seen where it was. i also have a very good relationship with india, i have a good relationship with both. thatey decide to use
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feeling among both, i think we can help out. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: this is been going on a long time. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: much more to i ryan -- iran. it's the number one state of terror in the world. the agreement we have does not cover that. it was not doing well. now iran is doing very poorly. it is a different place than when i took over. when i took over, when i became president, iran was a real threat to the entire middle east and maybe beyond. now they are having very big difficulties, to put it mildly. >> [indiscernible] i have heard they made great progress, and under
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this leader, he is a great leader, i think he wants to make great progress. there is no solution the other way, the other way will only lead to death and chaos and poverty. he understands it. the prime minister understands that. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: about which? sure, i would like to see everything work out. i want everybody to be treated well. you have two big countries, warring countries, and they have been fighting. i heard a very aggressive statement yesterday. i was there, i did not know i would hear that statement, but i was sitting there and i heard a very aggressive statement yesterday from india, from the prime minister. i will say, it was very well received within the room, the statement itself. it was a big room, 59,000 people , but it was a very aggressive statement, and i hope they are able to come together, india and
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pakistan, to do something that is really smart and good for both. there is always a solution. i really believe there is a solution there. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: go ahead. the outstanding issue of kashmir [indiscernible] pres. trump: they gave one to obama immediately upon his dissent -- assent to president and he didn't know why and that's the only thing i ever agree with him on. >> [indiscernible]
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pres. trump: where do you find reporters like this? [laughter] pres. trump: these guys are fantastic. [laughter] >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: let the american talk for a change. >> [indiscernible] have you looked at pakistan leaders -- pakistanmp: i think will be a great help. i know the prime minister wants to be a help, but we have hit the taliban harder than we have ever hit them in all of the years we have been there, 19 years, how ridiculous is that? they killed 12 people, one of them an american soldier, and one of them a united nations soldier. for the sake of going into the meeting with a little strength,
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and they went in with weakness, and i canceled everything. we hit them harder than we have ever hit them before. >> [indiscernible] pres. trump: we will see what happens, but i will say that the prime minister has been very help and he wants to see something happen, so that is fine. >> [indiscernible] pm khan: [indiscernible] that for 50be said are underllion people siege by 900,000 troops. [indiscernible] i would have asked you to at least lift the siege. it is a huge humanitarian crisis taking place. pres. trump: we will be talking
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about that in a little while. >> [indiscernible] expectations -- president trump has the most powerful country in the world. the most powerful country in the world has a responsibility. mediate,kindly want to andyou also said that india pakistan have to agree to mediation, but unfortunately india is refusing to talk to us. in this situation, i feel this is the beginning of a crisis. i honestly feel the crisis will get much bigger. so we would like to talk about that later. but the united states is the most powerful country and it can affect the united nations security council. we look to the u.s. to put out
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flames in the world. this,trump: i will say out of respect to your prime minister, i will say that many countries wanted to meet with me and us, the united states, during this three day period, and we were unable to meet with many of them. one of the countries i wanted to meet with uzbekistan and your -- uzbekistan and your prime minister. pakistanhonor -- with and your prime minister. it is an honor. our press always tears our country down and your press wants to see something positive for your country. you have a great leader. he has a good man, nice man, happens to be a great athlete, not that that matters. it is always nice. you take care of yourself. thank you. >> [indiscernible]
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>> president trump met with the south korean president monday at the united nations. the two leaders spoke about continuing talks with north korean leader kim jong-un. thank you we are pleased to be with president moon of south korea. we have a long-term friendship and we are making a lot of progress. we are working on a great deal. we have completed a trade deal that is working out well for both countries. that deal is completed now and been in existence for six months. it has been very good. we intend to do additional things on trade. we will be talking about north korea, we will be talking about the purchase of equipment. south korea is one of our largest purchasers of military