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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Ro Khanna  CSPAN  September 24, 2019 12:28pm-12:57pm EDT

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the beginning. talking] ous [inaudible] reporter: 13% of americans war with iran. [indiscernible] president trump: we will see happens. think iran is going along well. [indiscernible] national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] > president trump speaking in new york this morning talking about the whistleblower complaint. candidate joe biden will deliver a statement in and what he talks about president trump's ongoing abuse of eastern.
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eastern.30 we plan to bring it to you live here on c-span. democrat ro khanna joins us, a member of the house oversight committee. we are hearing reports that nancy pelosi has called a meeting of the caucus at 4:00 p.m. today to discuss the issue of impeachment. what will you say? guest: we will probably have a full attendance, and it is a serious issue. i will talk about our founders. hamilton talks about foreign interference being the largest threat to our republic. our founders were concerned about interference from written and france -- britain and france. this is not a partisan issue. this is standing up for our constitutional republic and saying it is wrong for any elected official to get close to the line of seeking foreign assistant.
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host: where do you think the caucus is on a morning we see seven democratic freshman with an op-ed about the issue of impeachment, seven members of the military intelligence communities before they came to congress? guest: i saw that op-ed and i said to a friend, this is a game changer. these are extraordinary members of congress. they have the most credentials when it comes to national security. many are in districts that trump carried. for them to come out and say this justifies an impeachment inquiry has changed the tenor in our caucus. a number of aggressors -- progressives who called for an inquiry, now you have moderates calling for it. i cannot think of something more significant than that op-ed. host: significant enough to move
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the speaker? ifst: i would be surprised she doesn't officially endorse impeachment investigations at this point. you would have to ask her, but given the breadth of support, that would be my expectation. impeachment investigations are proceeding. jerry nadler has started the investigations. you may get a more formal statement from leadership. host: last weekend this week with the dni acting director coming before the intelligence committee on thursday about the ukraine phone call, but the house oversight committee is working on an investigation in that round. -- realm. guest: what we did is go over the process. when you have a whistleblower who makes a complaint to the inspector general, the inspector
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general needs to determine whether it is urgent and serious. ,he inspector general did that and has an obligation to refer it to the agency head, the director of national intelligence. the director of national intelligence has to provide that complaint to congress within seven days, since 2010, since the status was set -- statute was set up. congress has gotten the complaint even in cases that were not urgent, and you have the director of national into intelligence -- national intelligence and blatant disregard refused to give this to congress. when i was asking the inspector general was, has this ever happened before? he said no. is it normal? he said no. host: congressman ro khanna with
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us. democrats, (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. --ependents, (202) 748-8001 (202) 748-8002. accomplishmpeachment if republican senators line up hind trump? guest: the constitutional duty to stand up for the principles of the founders, it exposes what is going on and the corruption, and puts members of congress on believeaying, do you foreign interference is acceptable in our democracy? do you believe what hamilton wrote? do you share the concerns of george washington, john adams, that the biggest threat to our democracy is foreign power?
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we do not think about it much because we are the most powerful foreign power, but this was a preoccupation of our founders. that is why the grounds of impeachment originally were treason and bribery. colorado, keith is a democrat. caller: good morning. we need to stop playing games. i am a diehard progressive and a democrat. there is one word for my party right now and it is feckless. feckless and in fear. the way you allowed corey lewandowski to attend that hearing and disrespect every member of congress, that was
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incredible. now you have proof of the president obstructing justice in real time. impeachment is not a debate. it is obstruction. the inspector shall -- which means must, it is a law. there is no debate. if he does not turn in the complaint, the transcript can come later, if you does not turn in that complaint and you do not hold him in contempt or take action, you are failing and don't deserve to be in office. guest: thank you for sharing your frustration and much of your point of view. i agree, this is not optional. if the director does not answer the complaint, he should be removed. inhas violated the statute
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disregard for what congress wanted. impeachment an inquiry months ago. jerry nadler has started the preceding, but we need to unify the house caucus so there is no debate or equivocation or ambiguity. host: brad is a republican, international falls. caller: quite a deal going on now. it is really sad they turned it up to this point. this is as far-fetched as telling the people that a spontaneous attack on an area that was attacked twice previously, but on this the youngwer deal, lady that was here a couple weeks back, she did not even
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listen to the conversation. how can a whistleblower be a person who never heard the call? host: we are still waiting to find out more information about the whistleblower complaint. where do you get your information? caller: it is the writing on the wall. they know what is in the horwitz report. they are doing everything they can to muddy the waters because then they will stand and say, you did not do anything to trump. host: ro khanna, do you know what is coming? but we can have the president release the transcript of the call and we can have the whistleblower complaint go to congress so people can evaluate it. if there really is nothing to hide and these reporting has been an accurate, the president can clear up any ambiguity.
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the burdennt, he has to show there was nothing improper. reporting about him pressuring the ukrainian president eight times about hyden, he tweeted -- biden, he tweeted that was not the case. let's prove it. host: comparisons between congress' reaction to the mueller report and the whistleblower complaint, ukraine is different because the mueller investigation carried out through indictments over two years. the ukraine story has unfolded in less than a week. what has that meant? guest: i don't think it is just the amount of time it has unfolded in, but the fact that this is forward-looking. ugly andwas such an divisive election, there was
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part of the country that wanted to move on and did not want to relitigate even though there were severe violations. the country said, i don't want to have that campaign go on. it is different when you have , thesive allegation president for 2020 maybe soliciting. open toking 2020 foreign interference? that is why there is a stronger reaction. point,erbie in moss mississippi. theer: why are you doing american people like this? it is tit-for-tat. obama could not get anything done. trump is trying to get something done and the democrats are doing the same thing.
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they are trying to prosecute trump. bush took us to war and whistleblowers came out, they used colin powell and these people. they are coming out after these lies and obama did not do anything. a gentleman said the other day that china has not had a war since 1979 and they spend their money on the economy and their people and they are doing wonderful. host: on the whistleblowing process and what this ukraine complaint means for the future of whistleblowing? your thoughts. guest: let me first answer one of herbie's points. right, absolutely president carter said china has 1979 andn a war since that we have been in 40 conflicts. i agree with you.
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this is a different issue. who has a whistleblower evidence the president of the united states may have asked a foreign country to tarnish and investigate his political rival. whistleblowers need to be protected and make sure there are not repercussions against them, and that they can come through this process without a fear for their safety and employment. that is why we have a statute that is a step-by-step process. this is not a partisan issue. if the whistleblower complaint was partisan or lacked evidence, the inspector general would not have forwarded it to the director of national intelligence. you had an independent person appointed by the president who said this complaint merited moving forward to congress. maryland,m,
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independent. immigrant from the soviet union and i became an american citizen in 2005. a couple of points, i think c-span is bad toward democrats. that is obvious. union, im the soviet can see all those lies from the republican side and democrat side. the iraq war, you cannot trust a war that comes out of the intelligence community that is lying. that is why they are called spies. i want to ask the democrat representative, what does he know about joe biden, what joe biden was negotiating in china
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when his son got 1.5 billion dollars from the chinese? a question that nobody is caring c-span, it islly much more important what obama knew and what biden knew when got 1.5 billion dollars. what biden and obama negotiated. the money to biden and obama's accounts? did anyone try to investigate this money? host: got your question. guest: frankly, that is afensive, and i say that as cochair of bernie sanders campaign. where youof politics are launching attacks on vice president biden, who dedicated
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his life to public service and or $400,00000,000 of life savings, and you have no evidence, that is what happens .o the american politics montreal, canada, richard, a republican. micer: obama was caught off moreg he would have flexibility after the election. i wonder why they do not like to talk about that. guest: the issue was not one of president obama asking the russian president to do something to interfere in presidential politics. if the president had a conversation with vladimir putin
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or xi jinping about foreign policy, and i disagreed with what he said or his judgment, i might criticize that, but that would not be a legal issue or an issue violating the constitution. we have an allegation the president is asking a foreign government to interfere with the election. engaged inhat he is a form of negotiation i might disagree with. host: alyssa wants to come back to the politics of impeachment -- will be held areas, either she tamps down there -- hilarious, either she tamps down orre hopes for impeachment she moves forward to the big fail. lawyers doing everything they can to avoid impeachment. i don't know a person who is
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president of the united states saying, i want one of the first paragraphs saying i was impeached. usually people who run for president have extraordinary ambition and want to be well regarded, and do not want to be in cheech. host: -- impeached. host: jeffersonville, kentucky. caller: i would like to ask this himhave him and all -- if havell the others on this a higher enough security clearance to sit in with the president and all his leaders? caller: no, certainly, i do not have permission to sit in on the president's calls with world leaders, nor do i want to. it would be highly inappropriate , and i totally respect the president having the privacy to
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do negotiation and congress sitd without the media sitting in. but that is not what we are talking about. we are not talking about the president making a deal with north korea that i may disagree with, or the president criticizing the iranian leader for a policy i disagree with. a presidentng about allegedly pressuring a foreign leader to investigate his political rival. that is something that no president should have the authority to do. an independent from new jersey. caller: i am going off on a slight tangent. it is about impeachment. democrats go through with it, the majority leader of ,he senate has outrageous power and mcconnell would not even
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allow a vote to happen. i know the representative spoke , and in theefore constitution from what i , if it goes through and that happens to pass the vetoesand the president it, it needs to go through again for a vote. thatof the criticism is why are they going to that process unnecessarily? identifiedy would be who voted for yes and no, and be held accountable. what is the situation with the majority leader having so much power?
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guest: i agree. the majority leader of the senate has way too much power. i personally believe we need to get rid of the filibuster and restore a sense of democracy in the senate. you made another good point which is everyone should have to have a yes or no vote on the issue. there is something you learn in politics after 435 of us in congress, 100 senators, of course, the president, and i do not control a lot of things in the process. if i worried about how every would bends, i paralyzed. all i can control is how ivo and how i represent my constituency. and that is what every member has to do and not try to game out how the process will and. host: mitch mcconnell was brought up. this was mitch mcconnell yesterday on how the senate and congress is treating the whistleblower complaint. [video clip] friend sarah schumer is
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working to have been get the inspector general and the intelligence community inspector general before the committee this week to discuss the matter. it is extremely important that it is handled in a secure setting in a bipartisan fashion, and based on facts rather than leaks to the press. it is regrettable that house intelligence committee chairman schumer have chosen issue.ticize the can assistittees matters in an appropriate manner. host: your thoughts in the majority leader's comments yesterday. guest: if i were guilty and i
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needed a lawyer, i would hire mitch mcconnell. the person who is obstructing the process is not adam schiff. it is not senator chuck schumer. obstructing the process is the director of national intelligence who refused to give the complaint to congress. if he gave the complaint to congress, none of this would have been public. wasrepresentative schiff left with no choice because it was the director of national intelligence continues to be indirect violation -- be in direct violation of the law. host: phone lines for democrats, (202) 748-8000, republicans, (202) 748-8002, independents (202) 748-8002. you brought up being a national cochair of the bernie sanders campaign. i wanted to talk about the story in "the washington post." bernie sanders has a problem and her name is elizabeth warren. guest: i disagree with that
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premise. bernie sanders has a campaign that is focused on working families, working parents, and now they have been left out of the trump economy. how eez going to help them with helping the kids go to college, he has an extraordinary grassroots base. senator warren is running a strong campaign, but frankly, more of bernie's expanding coalition is going to come out of the vice president boat, and i believe he will be the nominee. host: are you concerned about the news of the cnn des moines poll? guest: i'm not. everyone will say it is a three-person race between warren, biden, and bernie sanders. he has been an underdog before. i still remember the days i was for howard dean, but john kerry
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was 2% or 3% in the polls at this time and he won. a is very early and he is in good position. it is going to be a tough, hard-fought race between him, senator warren, and biden. his focus of economic issues and working americans for people trump betrayed, that is what is going to win it for him. in pawtucket, rhode island. republican. caller: how are you doing? i am not really a republican, i do not like either party, but i want to make a couple of points and i would like to hear your comments. biden was on national tv bragging about how he pressured the ukrainian president then, not giving him a billion dollars and less he fired the prosecutor. the second thing i would like to hear is -- you cannot have trump give out the transcript of the phone call because all the heads --state will trump
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trust trump about this call which the whistleblower did not even hear the call. it was secondhand. in a yes, he said it was urgent that congress sees it, but he also says it was not from the original person. host: you brought up those two points, let's take those on. guest: first of all, the vice president pressuring ukraine not to have corruption is totally different than what the president isi accused of having done. as if vice president biden pressured ukraine to look into mitt romney's finances. that is the appropriate analogy. obviously, foreign presidents that pressure countries -- american president xi pressure countries to and correct -- american presidents pressure
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the corruption, and nobody would have a problem with it. but that he tied allegedly our that isaid on that, and the concern on the abuse of process. we still do not know who the whistleblower is. we have not gotten the information of how he found out about the call, and where his evidences, and that is why congress should to the complaint. host: roberts, portsmouth, virginia. democrat. caller: good morning. guest: good morning. caller: years ago when our forefathers were running the country, it was a little bit -- who has the transcripts in person? who physically has the transcripts? guest: good question.
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i don't know whether the transcript are kept in the white house, national intelligence, archives -- i don't know the details. i do know the president can make sure they are released to congress. host: that is all the time we have with congressman >> well, this week the acting director of national intelligence, joseph mcgwire, about the y whistleblower complaint involving president trump. live coverage from committee elect thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. reminder, you can follow all our programs online at the free c-span radio app. president trump is in new york united nations general assembly. earlier he met with u.k. prime johnson.boris


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