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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  September 25, 2019 10:00am-10:33am EDT

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think you may see some defections on the republican side if in fact we are able to prove any type of abuse of power but certainly if it gets to the extent of quid pro quo. a quid pro quo offer agreement, i think you will see some changes on the republican side of the house. host: congressman vicente gonzalez, democrat from texas, we appreciate your time. we now take our viewers live to the floor of the house for gavel-to-gavel coverage. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. september 25, 2019. i hereby appoint the honorable joyce beatty to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, nancy pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2019, the
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chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties. all time shall be equally allocated between the parties and in no event shall debate continue past 11:50 a.m. each member other than the majority and minority leaders and minority whip shall be limited to five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from georgia, mr. carter, for five minutes. mr. carter: madam speaker, i rise today to recognize the ninth president of savannah state utah, mr. cyrus g. wily. at the time called the georgia state industrial college for colored youths, mr. wily made tremendous strides forward for the oldest public historically black college in the state of
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georgia. he started his term in 1921 anti-first alumnus to become president of the school. in that same year he allowed women to attend for the first time. and he transitioned the college out of its role providing high school programs and into a four-year degree granting institution. nearly 100 years later, the school remains a vital part of the savannah community. they have earned patents in battling alzheimer's and a.l.s., built new science and technology buildings, and purchased new property for a new marine lab. i want to thank everyone at savannah state university, especially president kimberly bowward, washington, for following in mr. wily's footsteps to continue breaking barriers. their commitment to the savannah community and for providing a great education for the students. madam speaker, i rise today to recognize world pharmacist day 2019 being celebrated today. i'm proud that we have a day like this for people all over the world to remember the
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important role that pharmacists play in keeping all of us and our loved ones healthy. there are currently over two million practicing pharmacists around the world. but in each nation pharmacists are combating unique problems. for some countries, pharmacists are at a severe shortage. in the united states pharmacists have been thrown into the frontlines of a critical issue, the opioid epidemic. currently more than 115 people die every day from opioid addictions, and pharmacists will play an integral role in bringing this number all wait down to zero. i encourage everyone to get to know their pharmacist and to thank them for the work that they do. as the only pharmacist currently serving in congress, thank you to all our pharmacists around the world. madam speaker, i rise today to recognize the 40th anniversary of the e.m.d. performance material savannah location. i'm so proud for the work this company has done over the last 40 years providing nearly 140 jobs for citizens in the first
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congressional district of georgia. more than just jobs alone, they bring a prestige to our area that comes with the brand name. at the savannah location specifically, they manufacture groundbreaking liquid crystals that are largely responsible for advancing razor sharp margins in smart phones, laptops, flat screen tv's, and more. e.m.d.'s success is a great example why the state of georgia was named the top state to do business for the sixth year in a rofmente and savannah itself has a strategic location with its connection to a major seaport and interstates. thank you e.m.d. for your work in our area. congratulations on your anniversary. i hope that we will have another 40 years of working together. madam speaker, i rise today to recognize the georgia army national guard whose last unit is coming home this month from afghanistan. stationed at fort stewart in the first congressional district of georgia, the 177th brigade
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engineer battalion is the only unmanned aerial vehicle unit in the entire national guard. because of that expertise they remained in afghanistan longer than other units. their high quality of work has not gone unnoticed. upon returning home, they will be working in a brand new facility at fort stewart for the first time. i'm proud to have this group located in the first congressional district of georgia. thank you for your service to our country. welcome home. thank you, madam speaker. i yield. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. green, for five minutes. mr. green: thank you, madam speaker. madam speaker, and still i rise. because i love my country. and i rise today, madam speaker, to thank the speaker of the for this tanding up
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country, advancing the calls of justice, and taking on the challenge to protect our nation when it is obvious that national security ask of great concern. and i rise because there were persons who made yesterday possible. there are some who say that yesterday was a tipping point, others say that things happened that were the equivalent of a straw that broke the camel's back as it relates to impeachment. but i say that yesterday was a seminal moment in time that has the potential to impact the rest of our time. i say that yesterday was the moment of truth. and i say that there were people who made yesterday possible. and i'd like to read a statement into the record that will address many of the people, not all, not all, but many of the people who made yesterday possible. my statement reads, on behalf of
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people of good will, i thank the first 58 who voted to move articles of impeachment on december 6, 2017. the historic 66 who voted to move articles of impeachment on january 19, 2018. and the noble 95 who voted to move articles of impeachment on july 17, 2019. for their tireless and progressive efforts i would also like to thank by the people, center for popular democracy, citizens impeachment coalition, ommon cause, courage campaign, credo, crew, d.c. action lab, democracy for america, free speech for people, indivisible, lawyers for good government, mariners for accountable leadership, march for truth,
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march for truth boston, move on, national association for the advancement of colored people, our , need to impeach, revolution, popular democracy, progressive democrats of america, revolving door project, social security works, stand up america, and women's march. with nearly 200 members of the house of representatives favoring impeachment inquiry, we have been vindicated. however, our approach is not one that has ended as of yesterday. we need 218 to vote for impeachment. there is more to be done and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. arrington, for five minutes.
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thank you, madam speaker. i rise today to recognize the good people at park ridge pregnancy medical clinic in lubbock, texas. park ridge a nonprofit pregnancy center is celebrating 26 years of providing compassionate care to mothers throughout their pregnancies and often in the most difficult of circumstances. by providing ultrasounds, medical service, material assist ance, and even ministering to the spiritual needs the people of park ridge are truly and literally saving lives. you see, mr. speaker, they believe like i do that all life is a gift from god. they believe in the orders in our declaration of independence, our founding principle, and fundamental belief that all of us are created equally by god and endowed by our creator with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. but for nearly 50 years now we
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have fallen short of that national ethic. ever since the supreme court erred in row v. wade, we have failed to-roe v. wade, we have failed to protect the sacred right for the most vulnerable among us. rejecting the notion that life at every stage is equally val usual, equally precious, not only in light of the constitution but in the eyes of god. since then over 60 million lives have been terminated through the practice of abortion in these united states. and yet even in the shadow of this darkness we can see rays of hope shining through because of places like park ridge, i believe the tide is finally turning. and in the direction of life. and all across our country the growing momentum for a culture of life is palpable. last week we learned that the abortion rate in america has dropped to its lowest level at any point since 1973, roe v. wade. we have seen states throughout the country taking bold action to defend the inherent dignity of every human life, especially those who cannot speak up for
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themselves. i am proud to have supported every single pro-life measure considered in this chamber from the heartbeat protection act to the pain capable protection to defunding planned parenthood, to the recent born alive protection legislation. i stand behind our president, 100%, in his efforts to reshape the court so that judges adhere to the constitution and to the independent and interpretive role they are supposed to play rather than legislating from the bench and imposing their policy preferences on the american people. this is one of the most important and certainly lasting legacies of this president. and i'm proud to say and excited to say the senate has recently confirmed president trump's 150th judicial nominee. i also recognize that in order to build a lasting culture of life, we are going to need to do more than just change laws, we have to change hearts. in the debate over abortion, the late pennsylvania governor bob casey said, the real question is not when life begins, but when
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love begins. for 26 years now the people of park ridge pregnancy center have been coming alongside these young mothers not in judgment but in joy. not in condemnation, but to comfort. praying with them. loving them. and min -- ministering to them and meeting their deepest needs in the darkest hours. and thanks to the good and godley work they are doing along with countless other organizations like them across america, i hope, pray, and i believe that we will soon see a day in our country when ever child is loved and every life, born or unborn, is celebrated, cherished, and protected. may god bless the park ridge family, may he bless their mission to protect life and promote love all to the praise of god, the author of both life and love. go west texas. madam speaker, how much time remains? of my five minute the speaker pro tempore: you have 1 1/4 minutes left. mr. arrington: i'd like to say
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that i feel like it's incredibly irresponsible and premature and careless for this body, led by our speaker and the democratic party, to rush to this conclusion and allege our president has committed high crimes. i don't believe this is under the auspicious of pursuit of justice and truth. i think it's placating a certain group in the democratic party. i think this is more of the blood lust for impeaching our president not because of high crimes but but because they hate him they hate his personality, his policies, that's no justification. we are better than that as a country. and we should be more responsible in how we faithfully carry out our constitutional duties. and so i look forward to reading the transcript. i look forward to getting the facts, republican or democrat, madam speaker we ought to look
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at the facts and we ought to be very judicious and careful and certainly responsible when wielding our constitutional oversight and certainly that provision of impeachment. that's what i'm going to do on behalf of the good people of west texas and my beloved country. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from alabama, ms. sewell, for five minutes. madam speaker, today i rise to honor the remarkable life and legacy of mrs. juanita abernathy, a selfless leader in the struggle for civil rights whose direction and tireless engagement was an integral part in the movement of civil rights and voting rights in america. she sadly passed earlier this month.
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from montgomery bus boycott to the marches from selma to montgomery and onward to washington, d.c., and beyond mrs. abernathy played a key role in our nation's proudest instance of civic engagement. she fought alongside her husband, reverend dr. aber natty, and her dear friends and fellow act text of the movement, reverend dr. martin luther king jr. and mrs. coretta scott king. while many male leaders of the civil rights movement have rightfully become household names, the women of the movement who struggled and sacrifices were equal and participation was necessary, have not enjoyed the same recognition. . she was a brilliant, courageous leader in her own right and oday we recognize her remarkable and distinct contributions. mrs. abernathy was born on 1, 1931 in union town, alabama. eight the youngest of
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children born to alexander and ella gilmore jones. she met her grade future husband, reverend dr. alph abernathy, who wrote in his memoirs he was impressed by er audacious spirit and inherent dignity. n 1952 after mrs. abernathy completed her b.s. in business administration from tennessee she and dr. abernathy were married. he moved to montgomery, alabama, where she became the secretary for the alabama taught of the naacp and high school courses on business
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i prevailed because of her personal courage and sacrifices
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way for future generations of black children like me to succeed.
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lust for the president politically that does not serve our nation well. the high points. there is no quid pro quo between resident trump and president zelensky for anything, much less military aid. eight times of reference to joe biden. "the wall street journal" will have a good deal of retracting today. fact, president zelensky out of out the rooting corruption. zelensky said we here in the ukraine are trying to drain the swamp much like you the swamp in drain the united states of america. this isn't a call about leverage. threats.t a call about this was a mutually appreciative call between two leaders who are to cleanup some of the garbage in their respective countries that is polluted politics. the president does ask for a favor from president zelensky
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on behalf of is our nation. the favor we seek is cooperation his government and attorney general bill barr as we work to determine what the ukraine may have been in any way involved in 2016, not 2020, but in the 2016 efforts to interfere with election. states the president even references get strike, attempting to to the bottom of these improper actions which, again, may have the ukraine and john solomon with "the hill" has great deal of reporting on that question. zelensky ran against corruption. t's appropriate in a conversation about that election victory they would discuss and eference what are obviously mutual goals between the united states and the ukraine to have the world safer for democracy. now, the president also mentions mayor rudy giuliani. be clear about this. mayor giuliani has every right try to the ukraine and
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ascertain whether or not activities in that country were harming his client as a result corrupt connections, which may have existed between in d.n.c. and some elements ukraine. i feel like we've been here before. it was mocrats told us all about conclusion. we had to wait for the mueller report. falls he mueller report on conclusion, then it's all about obstruction of justice until robert mueller comes and and that falls flat. then, it's all about abusive go to ntil the democrats court and are unable to make the case in court that there's been abuse of power. lo and behold, it's all about the ukraine. i saw this movie as it was related to russia. i didn't like it much. will like the cheap ukrainian knockoff. the speaker has embraced these fear her embrace of impeachment does great damage to the house of representatives time e there may be a where we have to solomonly exercise our impeachment powers
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there's true crime or corruption and the speaker's actions have embarrassed the they states congress and harm our entire country. resident zelensky in this call indicates he will conduct an investigation into corruption. a promise he made not to president trump but he made to his own citizens, and in that president zelensky said any investigation will be both candid. open and candid investigations of corruption, of election meddling. i sure would like to see that level of candidness and openness house of representatives and certainly my greatest hope is that the attorney general's into the corrupt origins of the efforts to smear of the united states will be exposed and those responsible will go to jail. we restore honor to this house. that is how we solve some of the great -- and heal some of the great wounds that were inflicted on this body by the speaker yesterday.
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next time the radical left will wait for the facts before reflexive a fact-free impeachment. i yield back. the peaker pro tempore: chair recognizes the gentlewoman from ohio, ms. kaptur, for five minutes. kaptur: i thank the chair. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to insert in the record materials related to my speech. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. ms. kaptur: i rise to provide some background on why the onversations between president donald trump and newly elected of ukraine zelensky are so vitally important to nation's nd our national security. no more important strategic alliance for liberty our military than
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america's membership with allies in nato. ur dependable trans-atlantic allies who stood at our side through so many battles for the we share. the blood lands of europe irectly influence the very founding of our republic, our democracy ideals of nd nato today stands ready every hour of every day to defend our liberty. ukraine today is the scrimmage liberty, for its defense on the european continent. a u.s. president olds back military assistance to ukraine, through nato and instrumentalities, ongress must insist on
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transparency on any conversations that relate to our cooperation with the nation of ukraine. lease let me remind, after the collapse of communist russia in the officially known as union of soviet socialist ukraine became a free nation. had a chance to be. ukraine had been occupied for history by russia its jagged path forward to the free world, a been torturous, setbacks,ith dangerous on ill be a permanent block american history that certain americans, including president manager, paul n manafort, and others were the ved in supporting
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corrupt, pro-russian political operatives in ukraine and doing earn money, millions and kremlin of dollars from allies. liberty.bomination to since ukraine's revolution of ignity five years ago, the ukrainian people have bravely demonstrated their resolute to their their nation's democratic future. the latest example is the recent historic presidential and parliamentary elections in international observers lauded as free and fair. progress. ukraine has managed to make critical reforms, despite the pressure of russia's illegal invasion of ukraine in hich 13,000 poorly equipped ukrainian troops have lost their lives and many civilians that the pathway. 30,000 have been injured, and 1
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ukrainians have been dispossessed of their properties displaced. so tragical lieu crane is at at -- tragical lieu crane is war and must fight a war against and one from the enemy from within aided by kremlin llies every minute of every day. while ukraine has sought to shake off the vestiges of soviet ukraine's -- oligar oligarch class stole and planneder from the people of to -- planneder from he people of that nation to support their corrupt moneyed interest. it might surprise people to hear ohio the e state of ukrainian oligarch that owned that madesion station the current president of ukraine famous, that that oligarch is
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largest commercial real ohio. owner in cleveland, worth of over $1.2 billion, he is one of the oligarchs in ukraine but travels between ukraine, cyprus, was on here, his own son the basketball team at cleveland state. oligarch ran the show servant of the people that zelensky to sident stardom so the question for istory is -- will president zelensky be his own manor -- his own man or will he stand for liberty and will the people of his country and this house who are the representatives stand for liberty against repression? back.d the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman's time has expired. the chair recognizes the oklahoma, ms. m horn.
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ms. horn: thank you, madam speaker. safe to speak about the banking act. later today, we will consider of right tant piece sized pragmatic legislation that our es problems facing communities. h.r. 1595, the safe banking act, bill that isan confronts the problem that has arisen from the conflict between and federal law and is currently endangering ommunities as well as inhibiting small businesses from growing. . currently, 33 states, including my home state of oklahoma, have passed some form of legalized canny bass. due to the schedule -- can bass. due to the schedule 1 status it is illegal for banks across this country to work with can even in - cannibas
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states where it is legalized. this prevents businesses from using banks banks to deposit their revenue, pay bills, financial capital improvement projects, and makes it challenging for them to file their taxes. his has also created a serious afety hazard for canny bass -- cannibas, and increases the licklyhood of tax evasion way which has been historically prevalent among cash only businesses the. the safe banking act resolves these issues by creating a legal pathway for banks to serve cannabis related businesses without fear of federal sanctions. importantly, this bill defends states' rights by allowing banks in states where cannabis is legal to serve these businesses but does not force banks to serve them and does not force it in states where it is illegal. last year, oklahoma legalized
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medical cannabis and since then oklahoma's industry has become one of the fastest growing in the nation. just this past april, oklahomans spent more than $18 million on medical cannabis and the oklahoma medical marijuana authority has licensed 1,00 dispenseries, and 2,700 commercial growers in the state. this industry is bringing revenue to our state, creating small businesses, and helping those suffer with physical illness to relieve their ailments. the safe banking act supports this growing oklahoma industry, our banks, and works to keep oklahomans that work in and around this industry safe. i encourage my colleagues to support this pragmatic legislation that makes our communities safer, protects states' rights, supports small business, and grows our economy. thank you, madam speaker. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 12-a, rule 1, the chair declares the house


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