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tv   House GOP Leader Mc Carthy Weekly News Conference  CSPAN  September 26, 2019 11:45pm-12:08am EDT

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continue to move forward on meeting the needs of the american people and making progress for them. that is what is important to them. what we do and how it effects their daily lives. that's our responsibility. at the same time, we take an oath to protect and defend the constitution. we can do both. thank you. >> house minority leader kevin mccarthy held a news conference. this is 20 minutes.
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mr. mccarthy: good morning. what we witnessed today was a perfect example of the democrat majority and how reckless they have handled this significant responsibility. in fact, i want to use chairman schiff's words, a parody. if you watched chairman schiff this morning to use a fake dialogue between president trump and the president of ukraine and shows how unfearless they are -- how unserious they are about getting the facts. for them, it's not about the narrative, nor is it about the truth. but we already knows this. speaker nancy pelosi holds the office of speaker, third in line to the presidency. she opened an impeachment inquiry without saying one word of evidence. in what world is that
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responsible? it may be one place that we expect a freshman member of congress to say we need an impeachment inquiry, this is the speaker of the house. without one bit of evidence opening an impeachment inquiry. opening an impeachment inquiry. even her own members questioned did she move too soon. when the evidence was released, the democrats and many in the media twisted to what they wanted to believe to fold into their political narrative. it really goes to show what their impeachment is all about, it's just politics. but not the politics the american public expects congress to act. this is the people's house. this is the body where the voice should be heard. not one voice in the speaker, but the voice of the millions of americans who lend it to their representative. consider the last time the house
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looked at impeachment of a sitting president. it first passed a resolution that recognized the importance of a full house vote. i want to read to you what the house said. because the issue of impeachment of such overwhelming importance, the committee decided that it must receive authorization from the full house before proceeding on any further course of action , and went on to say because impeachment is delegated solely to the house of representatives by the constitution, the full house of representatives should be involved in critical decision making regarding various stages of impeachment. that is why we saw the resolution brought forth. as we depart for a two-week recess, every member owes it to their constituents. the constituents led their voice
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to the members for two years and they should be very clear on where they stand. and if speaker pelosi refuses to seek the whole approval, which has been a long standing practice of this body taking the importance of what we are looking at today, i will give all members the opportunity to go on record. i ask every member to take this vote seriously. america's too great for a vision so small of just impeachment and investigation. the democrats promised they would be different if they trusted with the majority. they have failed the american public. they have gone against the rules of this house, similarly -- simply for one thing, their own politics. we had a speaker of the house move to have impeachment inquiry
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without one word of evidence , before she ever read it. now the evidence is out and i think she owes the american public an apology. reporter: you said a lot about democrats, but what you didn't do is defend the president. is the president defensible in this case? mr. mccarthy: yes. what in this case arises to impeachment? the president of the united states that had a conversation with a leader in another country. never before has a president had to put forth their conversation. the reason he had to put forth his conversation, a whistleblower, who did not hear the conversation, did not have any primary source of anything else, and now he released it not just to the members of congress but to the entire world. that weakened america's national
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security. for every president in the future. and when you read the transcript, tell me one thing in there that is impeachable. tell me one thing. that is impeachable. the speaker of the house moved for impeachment without the full body vote for it without one bit of evidence. reporter: whether or not it is impeachable -- mr. mccarthy: it's very clear that it is not. reporter: can you comment on the president asking zelensky to investigate joe biden? mr. mccarthy: the president did not ask to investigate joe biden. what he asked the president of ukraine to do is what transpired -- is to participate in what transpired in 2016. that is lawful. for us to look for another government to actually
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participate in an open investigation of what happened in 2016, because we want to make sure that never happens again. reporter: he also asked mr. zelensky if he could look into the former vice president and his son. this was about events previous. we all know he might run against joe biden. -- theout the priority propriety of him doing that and what about the investigations? mr. mccarthy: what you are reading, you are misstating when he said i have to ask for a favor. 540 words before biden comes up. the president does not ask anything. what he says is what a lot of us have concerns with. ukraine has a challenge with corruption. you have the vice president openly saying he withheld a
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billion dollars and six hours to fire a prosecutor. you have the president's son being paid from a company that is being investigated. i think everybody understands that should be looked at any time you are moving forward that ukraine is able to clean up their corruption. but let's be very clear. when you read the transcript, the president, when he says favor, that everyone is misquoting, to participate in an open investigation by the attorney general which is totally lawful. something that transpired in 2016. nothing about a further election. nothing about biden in the further election either. reporter: what do you think about the whistleblower that they stored this in a more secure location?
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mr. mccarthy: a whistleblower who had no primary sources. reporter: what if it was true? mr. mccarthy: what if it was true? you have the entire transcript. so is there a concern what is going forward. could i see you want to put it on a more secure forward knowing -- more secure server knowing that a conversation with another leader with australia and i watched the "new york times" anonymous editorial working within the white house trying to undercut him. in the world of technology what, people should secure is going forward. if there is a doubt, like that was a misdeed, you have the entire transcript. you have the entire phone call. reporter: you see no risk for you and other republicans and the president on this and has anyone come to you and say, we
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have a problem with defending the president? mr. mccarthy: we are at a point in time, i don't think about political risks. i think about the fiber of this nation. we are not talking about something small. think about what we are talking about and the democrats have done to this country the last week and last two years and talk about impeaching a sitting president. the leader of the free world. they have an individual, the head of the judiciary committee that campaigned on that position based on impeaching the president. it goes beyond politics. this affects every american. it affects the world. it affects our strength as a country and affects our economic ability. you know what the democrats asked the american public to give them the majority.
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they promised they would be different. states,the united mexico, canada agreement, they have already agreed to this. canada is waiting on us and guarantees more jobs, we have a crisis along our border but we cannot do anything about it. we have surprise billing where people go into a hospital that is fine and walk away with a bill they shouldn't have received. we cannot do anything about that. we have the ability to lower prescription drugs. we can't do any of that. you know why? the democrats are playing politics. i don't care about politics. i care about this country and the fiber. reporter: you are saying everything is defensible? mr. mccarthy: the president has released the entire transcipts and nothing that rises to impeachment. the national security intel committee chair laid out in this
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hearing to talk about impeachment on parity. -- parody. he made up the fact. this is the same chairman that lied to the american people. how long did we forget about that? and what nightmare did he put through this country? how many millions of dollars did we spend. the f.b.i., everybody else we have done through. -- gone through. why do we continue this? it goes to the heart of your question. it is about politics. there is a moment in time that people should put the country first. reporter: the whistleblower says he or she spoke to multiple officials with direct knowledge of this incident. i am wondering what you make of that? clear despite what you
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said about the white house releasing the transcript, it was not a transcript. there was a verbatim word for word transcript that has not released. would you support releasing that word for word verbatim transcript? mccarthy: this is the transcript. it will show you where it was taken. you asked about a whistleblower who was not on the phone call. everything i read about the whistleblower, which is now unclassified for the entire world to read, not one thing he brought forth is from a primary source, it's hearsay. well, that was just put to rest by having the transcipts. the transcipts gives you what president trump or the president of ukraine said and for the american people to see. there is nothing in there that
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is impeachable. reporter: as this moves forward, are you opened the possibility that he has committed high crimes and merchandise or is your mind made up? mccarthy: i am different from the speaker of the house. i'll base it on facts. i have the facts of the phone call. that prior to even one word of the phone call coming forth the speaker of the house has said that the president violated the law, she then went on to say we will have an impeachment inquiry and breaks the rules of the house with no vote on the floor taking away the voice. the phone call is now put forth and there was nothing in that phone call that raises to the level of impeachment. reporter: did he do anything rong? mr. mccarthy: the question the democrats are not asking -- they have raised this to impeachment.
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that's the question that is taking place. that is a serious question. i know you write a lot of stories about what happens in congress. this is different than almost anything else we do. you are talking about changing america on its face. you can have your likes and dislikes of people, but we are clear of what rises to the level of impeachment. but today, we have a speaker who is the judge and jury before any facts are brought forth. as i said before, america is too great for a vision some small in only impeachment and investigation. reporter: a few members from your own conference [indiscernible]
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mr. mccarthy: i haven't had a member come to me yet on any challenge on this. i have had members who i would suspect could and they have a whole different belief. they are frustrated with what the democrats are doing by not basing it on any facts. reporter: it is clear from the transcipts of the call that rudy giuliani had a role here. are you concerned that the president was asking his personal lawyer to get involved in foreign relations with ukraine and would you have any objections with giuliani taking questions publicly from congress on his role? mr. mccarthy: rudy is the taking a lot of questions everyday. personal attorney. that's a question for him. reporter: with the impeachment threat, should the republican party taking more seriously about open prime mares or
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-- open primaries or challenging trump? mr. mccarthy: that's an interesting question. if i looked at this on a track, -- if i looked at this based on facts, the democratic party, i would be concerned about the former vice president who is leading them in the polls, because he has a lot of questions to answer. hunter biden, no experience, on the energy company. at the time, his father is the vice president to represent america with ukraine. hunter biden flies on air force two and comes back and his brilliance inside energy, which i didn't know he had experiences, gets $1.5 billion from china. he also gets a $50,000 payment from ukraine from the company that is being investigated. his father is vice president of the united states and tells the
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president at the time of ukraine, you have six hours to fire a prosecutor who is investigating that. $1not, you don't have billion. the president of ukraine goes back at him and says you captain -- you can't say that. president obama has promised you that. he says no, i have the power and i'm leaving in six hours. former vice president brags of his ability of getting him fired. i don't play politics with this, but if you want to ask a political question based upon a party, that is a party i would be afraid about. i want to know where the democrats are wondering about that question. answer me this. would hunter biden get those contracts if his name was hunter smith and if he flew united to china, i think not. reporter: the financing claims.
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the whistle plore claims that -- the whistleblower complaint says that was held up by the president and didn't go through the normal channels in the executive branch or congress. in the transcript, there is a comment by the president of ukraine about aid to ukraine that directly precedes the president's mention of a favor. can you talk about the president withholding that funding and the mention of a favor. mr. mccarthy: the fact shows that the president of the united states gave funding prior and after the time we are talking about. if you watch it prior to this, you are taking the word of a whistleblower who says they went on the phone call and everything the alleged they heard from somebody else. now we have people with primary sources. take senator portman. inside you take the president
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himself, the word he gave to the american public that he is concerned about europe and what their responsibility is to help ukraine based upon the leags to europe and others. we get the transcipts and what the president told the american public. the president of ukraine says the exact same thing. so based upon all the facts, i'm not concerned at all. senator portman who made a phone call to president trump, he gave the exact same conversation that he had with the president prior to the transcript coming out. if i take the primary source, the president, president of ukraine, senator portman, there becomes a point in time that you have to accept the truth and the facts. reporter: do you support the whistleblower coming before and
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testifying before congress? mr. mccarthy: i don't have a problem with the whistleblower coming forward. i would like to see a lot of questions. who this individual is. the i.g. says it is political bias, he or she. everything the whistleblower brought forth was nothing that the whistleblower witnessed personally. take the players out of it. put yourself in a situation that you would be in a jury and someone is going to come forth saying i heard this and i heard this. and another person says i witnessed it all. it was contrast to what the person who told you they hurt a lot but did not witness anything. where would you weigh the verdict? all we ask is that the democrats give the same respect they give american to this
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president of the united states. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> returning from new york, president trump reacted to testimony from the acting director of national intelligence on the whistleblower complaint. the phone call to ukraine's president.


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